Uncharted 4 multiplayer open weekend starts this Friday!

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Uncharted 4 multiplayer open weekend starts this Friday!

Jump in and help Naughty Dog fine-tune the game prior to launch

“Update: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has an updated release date of 10th May, 2016. Read more here.”

The multiplayer team here at Naughty Dog wants to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated in the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta this past December. It was really productive for us, and we’ve been poring over all the data and feedback we received.

But we’re not done yet!

We need your help to do all we can to have a smooth launch of our online multiplayer mode. We will be hosting a multiplayer open weekend this weekend where the goal is to get as many people as possible playing in the Uncharted 4 multiplayer mode to test our networking, our matchmaking and more.


Uncharted 4 multiplayer open weekend:

  • Starts: 4th March 2016, at 5.00pm GMT/6.00pm CET
  • Ends: 7th March 2016, at 7.59am GMT/8.59am CET

Please help us create the best multiplayer experience possible and participate in the open weekend before launch. Also, and this is really because we want as many people playing as possible, a PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to participate.

The Uncharted 4 multiplayer open weekend client is available right now on PlayStation Store so you can basically preload the game and jump straight in as soon as the servers go live this Friday! Please understand, this is strictly a stress test and by no means represents what the final multiplayer experience is going to be – we still have a lot to share between this stress test and launch.

If you are unfamiliar with Uncharted 4 multiplayer, or want a refresher about some of our features, be sure to head over to our multiplayer FAQ for more info on how to get started.

Join us on our Twitch channel on Friday 4th March at 7.30pm GMT/8.30pm CET and 5th March at 1.00am GMT/2.00am CET, as we’ll be hosting a couple of streams that day with some special guests! Full schedule and information will be posted on http://www.twitch.tv/naughtydog.

Download the Uncharted 4 multiplayer client from the PlayStation Store today and we’ll see you online in a few days!


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  • Can’t seem to find it in the store, says page unavailable.

  • The page isn’t loading :(
    Can I just download the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta I had from the one in December?

  • Really good news, the first beta was one of my favourite MP gamers to date!
    The movement and traversal feels so good. Not totally sold on the mysticals, but hopefully there’ll be a vanilla mode for people who just want to do shooty, shooty stuff.
    Shame it’s not a bit longer though…

    • I’ve been missing it greatly since the beta in December. Uncharted 3 was ‘my’ PS3 multiplayer game and the most played thing on my PS3. I can see the new one being the same on my PS4 (though it’s gonna take a while of playing it to get my total hours exceeding all the hours I already spent on Rocket League) :D

  • Yay finally a chance to sample some MP action.

  • Awesome, guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend :)

  • Awesome, guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. (I copy pasted from ShonaMac cos it was the exact same thing I was thinking.) :D

  • Say what you will, but Uncharted 4’s MP feels so archaic in 2016. Even co-op (which ironically was entirely absent in The Last of Us) is incredibly prehistoric comparated to modern offerings like The Division. I’m still cautiously optimistic about the solo campaign, but Naughty Dog has lost me a long time ago as far as online is concerned. It’s a shame — Uncharted deserved so much more than this.

    • Felt absolutely fantastic to me. Even though I still love the multiplayer in the older Uncharted games, it feels very fresh and updated in the Uncharted 4 MP beta and I cannot wait to get back into it this weekend. Always been pretty much the only multiplayer action game I really enjoy.

    • So there is co op? :o Haven’t tried the beta since I want the finished game to be my first hands-on experience but have been wondering about co op ever since they announced the game. Is is like the co op in the previous ones? Surival against waves of AI and the more story related co op that has you progressing through the maps? Love the co op in this series with its awesome controls and animations.

  • Will we be able to party up?

  • Looking forward to test it.

  • Zajebiście :) już pobieram.
    Blisko 11 GB do ściągnięcia :)

  • Is this the same client the U4 beta used?

    If so, I won’t have to download a bunch of GB again, which would be nice.

  • I’m so glad for this another opportunity, I had so much fun last time.. and I’ve missed all that action ever since.

  • As i played in December i will again but i hate the fact that we get beta by preorder whatever the game. It should be free as it was years ago. because this is a service that the people offer in order for the game to work, that is my opinion. By the way the beta was great and lag-free. Also please consider to keep the menu music as it was on the December beta!(Great atmospheric match)

  • Nice great news I hope to see any new map can’t wait for Friday

  • Out of all my time spent with multiplayer fps/3rdps games, only 1 game I could spend more than 12 hours at 1 sitting, and that was Counter-Strike 1.3 to CS:S. Now there is a 2nd game and that game is Uncharted 4 MP. Everything was so fast and furious, yet smooth and, balanced! I cant wait to play again, and am grateful that they brought the beta out once again.

  • do You need ps plus?

  • Ps plus is not needed

  • Can’t wait! Done the pre load last night, Roll on Friday

  • I can’t download the dam beta is it the same download as before

  • Ok i download uncharted 4 multiplayer and it fails to installize wow no rush everyone

  • It’s been live for half an hour now, but I keep getting a “error initializing session manager” message. I was able to join a few matches in the first few minutes after it started, but when the match started the screen just went black and I got kicked out of the match. Anyone else got these problems? Overloaded servers maybe?

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