New cars, features, events & Trophies due in free Need for Speed update

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New cars, features, events & Trophies due in free Need for Speed update

Manual transmission, hot rods and drag racing are among the new additions

Hey everyone! As always, it’s a pleasure to be amongst you and today I’ve got some hot news about the latest Need for Speed update, due to arrive this Thursday (3rd March). Did we mention it’s free?

New feature: Manual Transmission

It’s a feature we know many of you have been asking for and we’re really pleased to be able to confirm that it’ll arrive as part of the Hot Rods update next week. Experience a totally new side of your car as you make the switch over to Manual, giving you all the control you could ever need.

New cars: Hot Rods

Arriving fresh into Need for Speed are two brand new Hot Rods. Starting with the 1932 Hot Rod which will come with four unique Bodykits. Each of these bodykits has the potential to transform your Hot Rod into a great new look; Soft Top, Coupe, Sedan and Pickup.

The second Hot Rod being added into Need for Speed is the Aaron Beck ‘BeckKustoms F132’. This is an absolute monster of a ride and defines the word ‘custom’. When you take the shell from a Ford 1932, gently massage it into a fierce Formula One style chassis and strap in a high performance NASCAR engine, this is what you get.


New events: Drag Racing

If you mix up Hot Rods and Manual Transmission what do you get? Drag Racing! Inspired by the Drag Events of previous NFS titles, these new events are the perfect place for you to get your speed fix.

Unleash a burnout on the starting line to prime your wheels, align in the start box and time your revs perfectly. Think wisely about the use of nitrous, as it may just influence the outcome of the event.

New feature: The Warehouse

If you’ve been running out of garage space then fear not. Within the Hot Rods update comes the Virtual Warehouse, a new extension to your already existing garage taking your combined garage space up to ten cars in total.

Perfect for those eyeing up a new ride and no excuse now not to take a Hot Rod for a fun-filled spin around Ventura bay.

Wrap Editor improvements

It’s no secret just how much we love the wraps you’ve been creating and with the addition of the Hot Rods update we’re making a few changes to the Wrap Editor to make it even better.

The first of which is a coordinates system which will allow you to position decals with a lot more accuracy. This information will now be shown in a panel below the selected decal in the edit decal menu and will update in real time when the decal is transformed.

Writing on your car also becomes even easier as we introduce Text Decals 2.0 and selectable fonts. Simply select your desired font and a popup will appear where you’ll be prompted to input your desired text.


New Trophies!

There are three new trophies for you to go out and unlock:

  • Drag Queen – Win five Drag Race events
  • Wrap it up – Download a shared Wrap
  • Kustom kar – Buy your first Hot Rod

The Hot Rods update arrives this Thursday on 3rd March and is free to all Need for Speed players.

We’ll see you on the streets!

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2 Author Replies

  • Making it even high on my ‘to play’ list!

  • Love this game and always great to see another free update!!! Keep up the good work :)

  • I bought NFS a month ago after seeing how much you’ve been updating the game. It’s a shame it’s still quite a rare thing in games but I think this is a vital way to not only keep a community engaged but also it fosters a long term relationship with us.
    Slowly this is becoming the definitive classic Need for Speed experience, although I’m still a big fan of the ‘Hot Pursuit’ type NFS.

  • About time we got manual transmission. Thanks for listening to us but it should have been there from the start really. An auto F40? Auto drift cars? Massive oversight!

    Great to see free updates rolling too. Looking forward to some hot rod action.

  • I love how they keep ignoring requests about wheel support for the game given the PC version is getting it.

    • Exactly. Manual support is best with a wheel. This would have been one of the better NFS games if it had wheel support.

  • That’s very laudable, but what would be even nicer would be to fix the stuttering.
    It’s annoying as hell when it happens in the middle of a drift run.
    Other than that, great game, great updates policy.

  • Yeeeesss!!! More cars finally!!! Keep up guys!

  • Really disappointed there’s no 350Z in this. It’s a NFS staple!

  • Even though i’n not that much of a fan of driving/racing games that much I felt that NFS was a pretty good reboot of the series. I’m glad you guys at EA and Ghost Games are adding more and more to the game as time goes by. I’ll be happily coming back to the game every month to see what’s new and what’s changed. I’ll also enjoy hunting for more trophies for this game. =-)

  • Honestly one of the best NFS games I have ever played, if not the best. The only downfalls would be the small glitches in the vinyl creator, sometimes there are patches that delete a part of a vinyl on a car very noticeable especially on the GT86 platform. Not that many cars in the game also, maybe in future you guys would add car DLC’s. Other than that can’t wait for the standard transmission and hotrod update. Will keep playing this game no matter what. Keep it going guys great work.

  • Hi i live in australia and have been reading that there is an nfs update for hot rods, but when i select options then click on check for updates it says it is up to date? whats going on?

  • and it says the update is due to come out on the 3rd of march 2016. thats the date it is today.

  • Uggly game, What’s the reason why NFS (RACING GAME!!!) for PS4 don’t support wheels? Are you kidding?

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