Coming to PlayStation Plus in March: Broforce, Galak-Z, more

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Coming to PlayStation Plus in March: Broforce, Galak-Z, more

Super Stardust HD, The Last Guy, Flame Over, Reality Fighters also join the service

This month saw the epic return of Vote to Play that gave power to you, the players, to choose the game you wanted to join the monthly games roster. You voted in your masses to support your bros in what could very well be called a MMBRO (massively multi-player bromance).

Here is the full list of uber-cool games that await you on 1st March:


This manic-action 2D shooter beat off two incredibly formidable opponents to become the Vote to Play champ, so hail to the power of the bro! Get ready to gang up in a team of four as part of the excessively overpowered yet underfunded paramilitary organisation; BroForce. Your job is to save the world using your primary skill; excessive force! When you are done kicking evil’s ass, use your bro force against online players in the many crazy destructive modes. There’s no such thing as overkill in the name of freedom, so ready your force, Bro.


It’s like your favourite Saturday morning classic anime come to gaming-life in this arcade-gaming adventure medley! Are you prepared to die to find out the secrets of the Galak-Z? You better be, because the road to becoming an Ultra pilot isn’t easy and there will be many bumps along the way. You’ll explore hostile environments in deep space battling an array or warring enemy fractions, and while the challenges may feel at times relentless, so is the fun!

And that’s not all. Over on PS3 and PS Vita, it’s bleak times for the future of the solar system in Super Stardust HD (PS3), the people of Earth have transformed into hideous monsters in The Last Guy (PS3), save the day in fast-paced fire-fighting thriller Flame Over (PS Vita) and be a heroic warrior in the unique fighting game Reality Fighters (PS Vita).

Last chance!

You have until 29th February to download this month’s games – what are you waiting for? Boot up your console pronto!


In celebration of our Vote to Play winner Broforce we have an extra special challenge for the community this month! Design a trailer for Broforce using the latest Sharefactory feature: ‘time bender’. There are awesome prizes up for grabs including game codes for Vote to Play runners up; Action Henk and Assault Android Cactus! Visit here for more info!


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  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this ps+ update.
    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • >> you kidding us, right Sony?

    • I honestly can’t remember a worse month.

      PSP invizimals, Dragon Fin Soup, Woah Dave, Aaru’s awakening, Nova-111 & now Reality Fighters. I wish I could get my money back to be honest.

    • I even forget the “are” in my post above and the March line-up is still the worse thing here!

    • At the time that I’m writing this, there 21 users that enjous this month, and 300 that don’t enjoy it.
      That makes a 93,5% of disgusting users of your Plus politics.
      Sony, maybe the next generation will not be that easy for you. Players remember.

    • … disgusting users? YOU are disgusting! :P (jk)

    • Hahahaha, sorry, using mobile. Disgusted* There are* enjoy*. And maybe others fails :D

    • those few people who voted as they enjoy it are Sony employees or the devs who made these games.

    • Jesus! Not even the 10%!

    • Everybody is ranting, but I see the + symbol in their user!! STOP support this terrible service, to force them give something good.
      Maybe it is a good time to DEMAND an online play only service.

    • The real vote is with the wallet and I will be voting as soon as my ps+ expires. They think they have won this gen but ps+ is a subscription service and those get cancelled, if they keep shoveling crap at us.

    • @McRenasGR
      If it makes you feel better, I have no Plus anymore. And furthermore I didn’t purchase any Playstation game or product for several months now.
      Sony has sent a clear message in the past 1.5 years about how much they appreciate our feedback. Sales didn’t improve, sale of digital games on other stores and platforms is a sham, Plus went from great to mediocre at best. They pretty much left me no other choice than to abandon them. All hail the PC!

    • This month the results speak very clearly.

    • Congrats Sony. You earned a trophy for Worst Month Ever!

    • I have actually cancelled my PS+ renewal after this announcement. I should have done it few months ago. I don’t know what I was waiting for.

    • What garbage. They make hundreds of millions a year from plus subs and this is all they give out.

    • Cancelled my subscription renewal as well. It already renewed for another three months due to negligence this time, but this was a sharp reminder to not let it happen again.

    • I’m actually sad : / Usually, if at least one game is to my liking I don’t complain, as the PS+ price is farily ok for a mediocre (or better) game a month, but this month is reaaaallyyy bad… I was having really high hopes for the voting system – thought it would limit the amount of games for PS4 from two to just one, but from bigger, better games. Instead, we got this… And, well, most of us won’t be able to drop off the PS+, as we use it for multiplayer (FF XIV in my case).
      Come one Sony… I know you can do better…

    • Sony won the platinum trophy to the game of arrogance and shame. If this company has any dignity left, has to distinguish the online games service from this tragedy named Playstation Plus. Until then… off!

    • This is the worst user rating I’ve ever seen on this site. It’s a shame Sony doesn’t actually do this themselves, then we’d know if they’re actually looking at it or not.

      Sure we can click the faces for “Did you enjoy this?” but most people don’t notice them and the statistics are private.

    • Other than Broforce, nope!

    • @RYUU1222

      Psst FFXIV is on PC

    • is this the most dislike votes on the ps plus release blog, seems to have got very high very quickly, think even people who have defended ps plus before have had enough

    • @RYUU1222

      Actually FF XIV doesn’t require PS+ in order to play the game, you have to buy only game time. Only TESO requires it as it doesn’t require to buy prepaids.

    • @X_Blood_Curse_X I always can remember a worse month. May 2012 is hands down the worst month I’ve ever seen on PS+ but PS+ was mediocre from that month and earlier. It was basically Awesomenauts (amazing game) and erm…. a load of crap basically.
      If it ever gets that bad again I don’t even know. But that was the final month before they changed over to the Instant Game Collection format.

      @RYUU1222 Only games you buy that don’t have their own subscription fee require PS+ to play online. Free to play games (Warframe) and games with their own subscription (FFXIV) do not need PS+ to play online.

    • >> I enjoy likes, please like me.

  • Where is my popcorn, i love the ps plus updates every month :)

    • Right? I wonder if these two games takes the PS4 to its limits or something. What a terrible terrible line up. Dear Sony. Remember, you can ALWAYS loose customers.

    • Broforce and Galak-Z both got cancelled for PS Vita. Pattern? Greed? Suckas.

    • @Triforce-1976 Great aren’t they? Everyone acting like they speak for all subscribers and loads of ignorance of great review scores just because a game is indie.

    • @Bad-MuthaAdebisi I sympathise but the cancellations are understandable given the relatively small market, they take more of a risk on recouping development costs.

  • i wont even download one of those games.

    • I doubt the PC players would even pirate them.

    • muahahaa…. you saved my day

      these games are a slap into my face…. but you know what? see you next month for another slap :D

      but there is one good thing about those games:
      I have enough time for “Lords of the Fallen”

    • Ditto.

      Had PSPlus since PS4 launch and Rocket League, Super Meat Boy, Magicka 2 and Helldivers have been the only games worth downloading in all that time for me (Walking Dead is a great game too, but I already owned it and it was super cheap of them to give out Season 2 instead of Season 1.)

  • Adaptation of Intro of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of Patriots

    ==No offense, just for fun ==

    PS+ has changed. It’s no longer about 3A titles, great discounts or exclusive contents. It’s an endless series of indie games made by SCE’s favorite producers. PS+ – and its consumption of money – has become a well-profit machine.

    PS+ has changed. Angry subscribers carry despondent emotions, use despondent words. Dissatisfactions inside their hearts trigger and express their conflicts. Hate indie games. Hate unknown PSN games. Hate old 3A titles. Hate the titles already purchased. Everything seems not worthy and not deserved under hatred.

    PS+ has changed. The memory of wonderful times has become the memory of pains… All in the middle of huge success from sales of PS4 consoles. And SCE who controls the console market…controls their fans.

    PS+ has changed. When market is under total control…PS+ becomes meaningless.

  • Thank god I’ve got enough games to be playing for the foreseeable future!!

  • Most of the times I have something positive to say, but this month… You should be ashamed…

    • We need to take action. Hit them where it hurts, they clearly couldn’t care less about us… It’s all about the dollar bill.

      Mass subscription cancelation and social media awareness would do the trick.

      PS: great avatar

    • But we need PS+ for the online multiplayer which is EXACTLY why they’re giving us poor games, they know they have us by the balls. It all went downhill when PS4 launched.

    • I’m sure you’re capable of being critical without using ableist slurs.

    • I’m sure you are able to PC police elsewhere.

    • @NamelessGamer505 If by PC police you mean stand up for being a decent human being then I think Envirasu is to be applauded.

      It’s all very well not speaking up but don’t criticise thoae that do. You’re one misplaced blood clot from being what Ikuxion calls a tard yourself.

  • Flame over is cool. I will enjoy that – assuming it isn’t cross buy with the PS4 version?


    Xbox One players have Lords of the fallen and Sherlock holmes this month, which puts the PS4 offerings to shame.

  • this month is crap, the best you offer is an indie game.
    Even PS3’s are crap, and vita… well, you have made clear you dont support vita anymore…

    come on sony, you are losing the goal, this is not 4theplayers, this is 4themoney, XBOX is doing far, far better… think about it… (it’s not too late for us to change to microsoft, you know it, dont you?)

    • Lords of Fallen
      Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments
      Supreme Commander 2

      Everyone of the a full retail game, Everyone playable on XBO, all “ecclectic” as you said when you turn to crap the IGC games, a shooter, a RPG, strategic and adventure… fulfilling every taste!

      We have

      Pixelated Contra (and that’s the best!)
      Pixelated shoot’em’up
      Asteroids wannabe
      google maps pacman
      Pixelated filmation game
      2d crap fighter

      almost the same… yeah…

      Lords of fallen alone is worth all the IGC games from last and next month…

      And remember, we choose Broforce, not for being a brilliant indie game, but because it was the lesser evil…

    • Everyone forgets two things about XBL though.

      A) Most (not all) of the “good” games XBL offer have been on PS+ in the past.
      B) PS+ have been doing this a lot LOT longer than XBL. In a few years you can all but guarantee XBL will be offering the same absolute pie-toss as PS+

      It was in PS+’s interest in the first couple of years to offer the best games possible, as it’s in XBL’s interest to do the same.
      Eventually, that wont be the case.

      The two services therefore are totally incomparable. If you own both, great! If you don’t, you’ve missed the boat with PS+ and XBL are just emulating PS+ from years back.

    • @BluSpykz

      So? Why would PS4 only users care what games they offered in the past? At least on the Xbox One they get to play those games due to the backward compatible system they have.

      And those “predictions” means nothing, it reminds me of when the fanboys were saying “Oh, you just need to wait a year or two so that they can offer AAA titles on plus”, here we are and they’re still on low budget titles and even worse, they’re putting garbage on the ps vita and ps3.

      Honestly, as a ps4 user, i don’t think this is a bad lineup, i’m interested in playing Bro Force and Galak-z looks fun but that doesn’t mean that Sony isn’t cheaping out on ps+, if Microsoft can put AAA titles on GwG then there isn’t any excuse for Sony not to do the same, especially now when they’re giving GARBAGE on the PS3 and Vita.

      The truth is that Sony knows that they have this gen on the bag unless something big happens, it doesn’t matter if 100 (if much) people are complaining in a blog or forums, millions of others need ps+ to play online so they don’t even care about what is given or not, no one needs to make excuses for a corporation…

    • The Last Guy isn’t Pac man with Google maps (it’s closer to snake or even a herding game) there is nothing in that game with 8 bit techno music and eating little yellow pills

    • Well said, CyraxPT. Wake up these silly fanboys from their slumber.

    • I’d take the fun intense shooty fun of Galak-Z and BroForce over the turgid tedious Lords of the Fallen, thanks. :)

    • You know Galak-Z and Flame Over aren’t pixelated, right?

      I agree that this is one of the worst line-up’s in a while, but Galak-Z, Flame Over and Broforce are truly excellent games. Indie or otherwise!

    • @CyraxPT

      I think you missed the entire point of my post! None of it is to make excuses for a corporation – neither Sony, nor MS. It highlights that the levels in the past aren’t sustainable, and both will go the same way.

      Whether I – or you, or anyone – enjoys this month, last month, next month, or hates them is irrelevant. It’s a formulaic method of stopping people comparing current PS+ to current X1. As they’re incomparable, being years apart.

      (example; Comparing Pele NOW to Messi NOW.)

    • Lol, so the number of ps + users keep increasing and now it’s not sustainable? I remember something about half of the ps4 userbase using ps+, it was around 30M so let’s say that 15M people are ps+ subscribers, 5€/$ x 15M = 75M each month, are you telling me that they can do better deals than this?

      They’re using INDIE GAMES because they’re CHEAPER to make deals with, it doesn’t have anything to do with sustainability it’s about making MORE profits.

    • @LordRastan “And remember, we choose Broforce, not for being a brilliant indie game, but because it was the lesser evil…”

      No I didn’t, you’re quite wrong on that.

  • Shocking value for PS3 owners. PS4 selection is nice, though.

    • Are you for real? The Ps4 owners, as usual, are getting the worst of it again. Sony really don’t care for their userbase at all.

  • This is one of the worst months I can remember. I struggle to recall a worse 2 games picked for the Vita in some time.


    Reply to this post with your most wanted PS Plus titles for PS3/PS4/PSV. Last time no one gave a clap, let’s amp it up a little!

    Mine are Split Second for PS3 and more Koei Tecmo games for Vita.

  • All support acts and no headliner.

  • The “big” link to Galak-Z takes me to the “The Last Guy” store site.

    BROFORCE! Stop complaining, Broforce will give you hours, and hours, and hours of insane fun! I heard Galak-Z is pretty good, too.

    When is Knack coming?

  • Oh god those vita games.

  • Bbbffffff no coments. Is pure garbage

  • Nothing to download this month… yet again.

  • How about instead of using fillers in the ps plus games announcement videos you include footage from ps3/ps vita games?

  • Gwg not always great but my god this is worse than their weakest ever offering by a million miles

  • Aww it’s not even funny, it’s just pathetic

  • Congratulations to Sony, you have just presented the worst PS Plus month in the entire lifetime of PS Plus.

  • Here is the list of uber-cool games that await you on April: Amy (PS3), Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta (PS3)

    • Nice one!)) I wish in next month: Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, Godzilla,
      Rugby 15.

    • I would like to see some quality games for Vita ;)
      I wish for Aabs Animals and Call of Duty: Declasified.
      Maybe some old [DELETED] PSP games, like Pimp My Ride etc.

    • That incomplete Unearthed game I bought for around 60p…so I guess that is a viable future plus title. Amy if I recall has been on sale for less than £2 so that’s an option as well. Some other options…Learning with Poyo’s and Test Yourself Psychology (if its picking out the least expensive games to be released with plus.

      I suspect that back when we had IGC with yearly titles, a lot of those titles were from THQ and it was more a case that THQ was trying to make as much money as possible before other publishers started buying their franchises.

      There was also the bonus of other companies to promote games in a series by giving the early games in the series as a means of hooking sales into those franchises. It use to be one could accuraely predict the games coming to plus based on what games would be releasing in their near future.

      Maybe April the PS3 games will be Magus and Toy Story Mania, Vita – Burn the Rope and Sunflowers and the PS4 (they’ll release Wander in SCEE territories) and Flustercluk or whatever its called.

  • A nice “big” title, triple-A (Black Flag, Knack, Killzone, Murdered etc.) would have been nice, soften the blow of backing one of the losers on the vote.

    So not only do I not get the voted game I wanted, I get an Asteroids remake (that’s what it looks like in the video) for my money, great!

    Oh wait, we get “exclusive” access to the Hitman beta, yay!!! /sarcasm

  • ON November, I bought a PS4 bundle with a code for One Year Plus Subscription. Until now, I haven’t activated it because I want wait some good month with worth games. As you can see, maybe my code will expire without I could use it. It has 1 year for activate from the purchase.

    Sincerely yours, a Plus service old subscriber.

    • You do know that once you purchased a code for a subscription (if it came with a console it was somehow included in its price, if it’s a standalone code the price was upfront) they don’t care if you activate it or not, they already have your money. I’m assuming you may think you’re making some sort of threat, when in reality you’re just telling them you fell for their trap. For my part, I’m not gonna renew my subscription when it expires later this year. Multiplayer be damned. I’ll just revert to buying single-player games, physical copies. And if that’s going to get harder and harder, I’ll jump ship. Maybe Xbox, maybe PC. Tired of this mockery I’m receiving for my hard-earned cash. And remember Sony, this is your own doing. You must’ve known people will express disgust toward what has become of this once-awesome service. All that remains is for those people to act. So ACT ALREADY guys.

  • PS3 and vita choices are terrible.Budget games.I love my indies but seems to be scrapping the barrel.

  • Worst PS+ Month in almost 6 years of service…and every month is getting worst !

  • Great, more garbage for PSVita like always. Really, Flame Over and Reality Fighters (A LAUNCH TITLE don’t forget!) and a PS3 game released from what 8 years ago??

    This isn’t 2008 anymore. Will give credit for good PS4 titles though.

  • Sony have our cash, why should they bother.

  • AHAHHAHAHA, wait…..this isn’t a joke?!

  • Forget this I’m playing super Pokemon mystery dungeon you’ve made me buy a 3ds I hope your happy.

  • I’m not one of those whingers who wants a AAA game every month in PS+. Really, I value good games over their RRP and perceived value, so I’ve actually been happy most months, and when I’ve been unhappy it’s because a great game I already purchased has been selected for PS+. But that’s fine, because I at least know that Sony are being good curators so I can look forward to something good in future months.

    But even I can’t defend this lineup.

  • Looking forward to Galak-Z and Broforce! Last month was also quite good with Helldivers and Persona 4 Ultimax Arena imo.

  • So glad I have an xbox one as well. It helps with the pain

  • Yeah… I’m usually a great defender of PS Plus but this is terrible. You’re not even trying with the PS3 and Vita titles any more. Do you honestly think 8-9 year old indie games offer good value to subscribers? If this is the dregs we’ll get for PS3 from now on, how about you just scrap the PS3 and Vita games and concentrate on giving us decent PS4 titles?

    • Hopefully that’s the indication of the PS3 and Vita sections getting progressively worse, that they’ll soon be scrapped. On the other hand, you never know with this service, it could just keep getting worse.

  • What the actual dang is this?

    Thank you for the laugh Sony!

    And this concludes PS+! Rest in Pieces!

    I had a good laugh, but I really feel for these PS+ members who await for something good! I’m really sorry for you guys!

    It seems that Sony became really greedy after all these sales they got!

    DID YOU REALLY GAVE GAMES THAT COST 7.99 EUR and and 5 EUR! Oh my god! :(

    Anyways, Sony I will have fun in my Xbox playing some REAL games and not junk.

  • Reality Fighters has a metacritic user score of 3.9. Waste of memory

    I could have sworn that Super Stardust HD had been on Plus before… maybe it was one of the Hack Welcome Back games? I certainly own it already without any recollection of having paid for it

    • You can check in wikipedia, just to be sure of that!

    • Yes it was a “sorry we got all your CC details stolen” apology game

    • It was one of the games given to all customers (not just plus) after the 2011 hack – well from the choice of games they offered.

      It’s also been on sale so many times that if people wanted it they could have bought for a pittance. There may be some confusion as I think the vita version was either given on plus or was another game that was on sale for around £2 like the Motorstorm RC one.

    • “Reality Fighters has a metacritic user score of 3.9. Waste of memory”

      Well they did remove the sentence on the PS+ subscription page that stated the games would have meta critic of like 70+ (Not the user score though)
      So now they can hand out all the games that no ones want.

  • It would not hurt to throw some big games on the list every now and then?
    Tbh I don’t really care if some of the games are fun to play.

  • Arguably the WORST month in history for PS PLUS

  • LOL

    “Uber Cool”


  • Not the best line-up by any stretch of the imagination! I’ve not played any of the games so can’t comment personally on whether I’ll enjoy them, but they all have the feel of quick ‘filler’ titles.
    I was also apparently the only one to not think BroForce looked the best game of the 3 on vote! :/

    Flame Over reminds me of Rosco McQueen (one of the first games I ever played for the PSOne) so will certainly be playing that, and Galak-Z doesn’t look too bad.
    In some ways I like a full line-up of titles I wouldn’t go and buy on release myself as it gives me something different to play I ordinarily wouldn’t, but it would be nice to have a more recognised title, just 1 standout (not that that always guarantees fun I know).

    Still, glass half full ‘n all that…

  • Normally don’t log in to comment but really, PS3 offerings are dismal this month. Two PSN games from 2007 and 2008, one of which was offered in the “Welcome-back” package after the hack? Terrible offering, plain and simple.

    Was mooting Flame Over when it was released, so yay for that at least.

  • The worst month. This is unacceptable!!!

  • I try to stay positive about PSN+, thinking that they are building up to something good but its not going to happen is it? Not even at Christmas.

    Maybe its time to just drop the free games completely? Would save Sony having to scrape a list together and stop all this monthly moaning.

  • Oh wow. Galak-Z is amazing, go play it. That game alone makes this month a winner.

    • They don’t know it. Really. PS+ is needed for multiplayer anyways so I don’t really get their complaints. Also those games are quite good but people only see CODs or crappy ACs. If you don’t like the offerings then don’t play them, they are optional.

    • People are looking at what XB1 is getting and comparing like for like.

      PS+ is getting destroyed now.

      Absolutely legitimate complaint I’m afraid.

    • We’ve had ACIII and Borderlands and Sherlock Holmes on plus.

      Some of us who have subscribed to plus for years are upset about the changes as plus wasn’t originally about paying to play online. We were / are in effect paying for game rental.

      It’s not about AAA games (although quite a few have been offered in the past). If I want a AAA game I’ll buy it, most games I want I buy. The problem appears to be that whoever is putting the plus games together isn’t thinking or doesn’t even care. It’s cobbled together probably at the last minute by someone who can’t even respond to customer complaints or feedback about the service. Plus was better back in 2011 when we knew what we were getting 3 months in advance and minis and psx titles were part of the offerings. I don’t mind them giving PSN only digital games it’s just that seemingly the incentive is to drive people away from the service.

    • @Mardolina That’s the thing, that it’s needed for multiplayer in the first place. You former Xbots just can’t seem to apprehend that..

    • Stonesthrow, exactly…well, people are getting more and more forgetful nowadays…

    • Mardolina their not optional their part of your service that you paid for were they optional you could choose weither you want AAA or indie. and for me the games are the main reason I’m subbed I look at this month coming and am highly disapointed in the igc a.k.a the indie garbage collection, I think an older cod like ghosts, knack ,killzone shadowfall, sleeping dogs difinitive edition, warriors orochi 3 ultimate, final fantasy x HD collection, last of us remastered, GTA v, AC unity or black flag should be given now it’s time, Indies are all well and good every once in a while but fo ps4 and vita people have had enough of this and I can’t blame them especially if like me they don’t really care about online play they just sub for the games and discounts.

    • I don’t cry about PS+ monthly games much. But for PS3 it is a awful month. As much as I like super stardust hd. The game is 9 years old. PS4 offering is decent. Vita is okish.

      However I honestly hope. One month soon Sony listen to all the people demanding AAA titles and just dump Godzilla or Tony Hawks Pro 5. Or even Singstar Ultimate Party 3 of the worst rated AAA on the PS4 to date.

      Apparently highly rated titles don’t matter. As long as the game is sold on disc and sold in retail stores. Or cost a few million pound to make.

    • Mardolina

      Some of us subscribed years ago on PS3. The whole situation about PS+ and Instant Game Collection was a world of different back then. It wasn’t needed for Online play, so they actually had to give us the subscribers value of our money.

      Since the release of PS4 the quality of the service has been dropping a lot. Mainly because of the fact that Sony doesn’t have to keep offer us any value as now it’s required for Online.

      So put it like this:
      Before – Optional – Higher Quality > Now – Needed – Lower Quality

      Know the history of a service is a good thing, especially if there is something that later on changes it’s whole structure.
      Before they actually had a set of “guidelines” for IGC like the games had to meet certain standards like MetaCritic and stuff. Now that it has been removed they can choose low sellers, or even high sellers as they won’t lose anything.

      What Sony is doing is pretty basic if you have studied economics. They aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. They are the top dogs at the moment compared to Microsoft’s Xbox division. Last generation Sony was behind so they had to up their game, now it’s Microsoft.
      Both companies are doing the classical mistakes in this industry. When they become the top dogs, they get lazy. Laziness = losing.

      In the end this isn’t really about the games they are offering however the whole service that Sony is offering is going downhill. Sony’s financial situation over the years means that they can’t afford to screw up now, however they are close, very close.

    • @Mardolina if you pay for ps+ how is the games free? So if people pay for a service they are in there rights 2 complain, your in a small percentage that like these crap low budget games, just coz u like them dont mean most overs have 2

  • Omg, again 80’s going back… The throne under your ass is getting weaker, every time you throw this sh+t in our face, Sony. Last year I bought ps4 for my birthday, on march, now I thinking to sell it and ps3 for buying xbox and upgrading my pc… I see that it is now #4themoney…

  • Absolutely disappointed in you Sony. The power of playstation dwindles

  • Worst month ever, will let my ps+ run out and not subscribe again.

    • I must subscribe to play online … I mean I don’t want to lose my CoD online play, Battlefront online play, Driveclub etc … But yeah. If I wouldn’t be playing online I could care less about the PS+

  • While the line of sold ps4’s goes up the selection of plus games goes down. What a crap collection of crap.

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