Final Fantasy XIV update 3.2 goes live today, adding brand new features

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New dungeons, raid, quests and the Mentor System among the new additions

Is it time again already?! The next big patch has hit the servers today, and players around the world are excitedly logging into Final Fantasy XIV to check out the large-scale update that has just gone live!

There’s a lot of new content for players to try out upon logging in! The continuation of the main scenario quest line, two new dungeons, one of which will turn your expectations on their head, an epic new raid within Alexander, a fierce new primal threat that promises to delight old-school Final Fantasy fans, new beast tribe quests, and so much more. After players have had a chance to try all of that out, we’ll be introducing Patch 3.21 a few weeks later that will deliver a brand-new PvP experience to Eorzea!

Following the events that took place in Heavensward, the first expansion pack for FFXIV, the citizens of Ishgard have been rattled by uncovering an alternative history that was withheld from them, their motivation behind everything they believed, fought, and died for, for over a thousand years. Will change find its way into this once isolated city-state, and things finally settle down?

What gears will you set in motion?

Continue the epic main scenario about betrayal and faith!

After the deception by the Holy See, the citizens of Ishgard yearned to rebuild everything they’d lost. Truth and peace might foster reformation and lead the wave of change so desperately needed, or at least this is what Ser Aymeric had in mind when he became the acting ruler of the Holy See of Ishgard. Some of the citizens, however, still cling to old beliefs…


Conquer the latest expansion of the high-level raid dungeon – Alexander: Midas!

Grab your friends and dive ever deeper into the iron fortress Alexander to eliminate the threat posed by the Illuminati! Will you and your fellow adventurers be able to stop them before they are able to realize their plan?

The first of the Warring Triad, Sephirot, the Fiend, is here!

Sephirot, the Fiend, was a deity once worshipped by a tree-like race native to Meracydia. Brought into being for the sole purpose of repelling the Allagan invasion, Sephirot inflicted ruinous losses upon the imperial army before finally being subdued and imprisoned in the central facility of Azys Lla. And now, millennia later, this immensely powerful entity threatens to awaken, his vengeful dreams disturbed by the careless ambitions of Archbishop Thordan VII. Topple the first pillar of the Warring Triad, or wheresoever his colossal shadow falls shall be visited by unthinkable catastrophe!


Explore the Antitower, but hold on to your hat!

The Antitower is a brand new dungeon that will make you reflexively cling to your belongings, as you find yourself exploring the ceiling of this upside-down dungeon that was once the workplace of Sharlayan researchers looking into the deepest depths of the unknown. What ancient revelations await adventurers in this abstruse upside-down construction?

Dive into the Lost City of Amdapor to seal a new evil!

You’ve banished Diabolos from Amdapor, but something new and terrifying seems to have awoken in its dark and withered heart, scaring every adventurer away that dared to enter what were thought to be the peaceful ruins of an ancient city. Are you brave enough to face this new threat?


Introducing the Mentor System and the Hall of the Novice!

Imagine that you’re new to the game, or maybe you’ve only ever played damage dealer roles and want to check out what it’s like to play as a tank. Who would you turn to for advice? A mentor, that’s who! Check out our exclusive PlayStation Blog Q&A [link to last week’s post] with FFXIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida to learn about this new system that that allows seasoned players the opportunity to assist new adventurers! Players can also visit the new “Hall of the Novice” to learn about the different roles (tank, healer, DPS) via various challenging trials. There’s lots to learn when starting an MMO and the Hall of the Novice is here to help!

These are just a few of the many exciting additions to the game with Patch 3.2 today. For more details, make sure to check out the extensive patch notes on the Lodestone!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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