New discounts on PlayStation Store: Call of Duty franchise, NBA 2K16, more

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New discounts on PlayStation Store: Call of Duty franchise, NBA 2K16, more

Plus, Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours and Trine 3 among new digital discounts

We’ve a number of new promotions going live for you today. First up, our regular deal of the week is acclaimed sports sim NBA 2K16. Then we’ve got a huge price blitz on the ever-popular Call of Duty series for FPS fans, and a fresh batch of discounts on digital-only titles, including savings on Trine 3 and Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours.

See below for the full list of titles on sale this week.

Deal of the Week (until 24/02/16)

Call of Duty Zone (until 02/03/16)

Digital Discounts (until 02/03/16)

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Hm. Not much for me but I gotta go let my friend know that DariusBurst ain’t so silly-priced this week so he’ll probably get that.

    • yep. i’ll be grabbing the PS4 version now that it is a better price. Finally.

    • I’ve been busting for DariusBurst but I’m not buying it based on no crossplay. If it supported crossplay between PS4 and Vita I’d have paid full price. First got into Darius on Saturn but even at sale price the lack of crossplay is putting me off.

  • Actually I may pick up the Giana Sisters games too. Even if just cos they have music by my fave video game musician ever Chris Huelsbeck (he of Turrican’s awesome tunes)

    • ok maybe not dream runners then it’s got bad reviews. I wish Twisted Dreams had 2 player mode at least. I’d like another decent multiplayer platformer to play with my fave lady and Rayman Legends refuses to let me even use Shareplay never mind include proper online play.

    • I just love Activisions’ concept of sale (/s), when placing prices on old CoD games…

      For them it must be: Oh! It’s that time of the year we must decrease our digital prices to match the retail. [DELETED]!

      For example, the good old CoD4, MW2 & Black Ops all hit the essentials\greatest hits line for the PS3, which meant their retail price (new!) was dropped do 19,99€ in EU. Nevertheless, they continued to sell them at 29,99€, 29,99€ and 49,99€ respectively on the PSN store…

      With these discounts, they are at 14,99€, 14,99€ and 19,99€…

      Guess they will continue this sadly trend with their PS4 games. They must be one of the few publishers (if not the only one!) that doesn’t really drop the prices on the store to meet retail value, let alone sales. Yet, they continue to sell like hotcakes!

  • May I ask why aren’t you listing the prices anymore?
    Did I miss something?

    • Because they are shamefull about the bad sales prices.
      What a crap sale…

    • because they are trying to scam people but showing people they made people realize they were getting ripped off.

    • The reason they gave was:
      That in the EU department of Playstation there are too many currencies. Up until now they only had Euro and British Pounds (Or is it called sterling or something? Can’t remember you know what I mean). However by doing that they could potentially mislead people with other currencies like in Denmark (Were I live) we currently use Danish Crowns as our currency. They said they possible could get in trouble for misleading. They had two options:
      Don’t list prices at all
      List all currencies
      This is called the EU blog, not UK blog so they have to think about all the other countries in EU. I know this blog is pretty much mostly for UK customers mainly the way the writers write the articles and stuff like that, however the real thing is they need to think of the rest of EU.
      I know some people may try to say that other countries got their own blogs, however not that many does actually.

    • Surely it can’t be that hard to detect your locale. If you’re not signed in, no prices. If you’re logged in, you get the prices from your localisation of the PS store…

  • Truly awful. Please never fill up a sale with COD again, and throw the vita a bone with some sales.

  • Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours (PS Vita) has a PS+ discount on the UK web store (£16.69) but none on the native Vita store (£19.99). If these PS+ discounts can’t be reliably applied, cant you at least tell us if they are supposed to be there or not?

  • Soldner X and X2 are also on sale, but i’m not 100% sure if they’re supposed to be there. If they’re discounted, GRAB THEM.

    Also, grab DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours. I’m having a blast with it on PC. There’s a lot of content in it.

  • Getting worse with every passing week..

  • I have a revolutionary suggestion: maybe, just maybe actually put something on sale that hasn’t been a few times before? I mean, people that didn’t buy it last time it was on sale and the time before that so it could really possibly don’t want it. I know, it sounds totally crazy, but it could be worth a try…

  • We had two weeks of an EA sales which mostly consisted of shooters (BF) and sports games, with DA on the side. Now there’s a COD week and NBA is deal of the week… Nothing wrong with putting these things on sale but the “flow” of these deals is not exactly varied? That’s a whole month of “shooters and sports”. The scheduling could be a bit better. Or something that would have helped is if it was an Activision sale instead of COD-specific sale? I mean it’s not like COD needs the highlight/promotion cause it wouldn’t stand out otherwise in Acti’s other titles, is it?

  • Again?

    I understand that Call of Duty is the most popular series, but come on… you put it on sale every month.

    For example Call of Duty: Black Ops III was on sale on:
    1. 27.11.2015
    2. 19.12.2015
    3. 24.12.2015
    4. 17.02.2016

    It’s been just 4 months since it was released… and it was already on sale 4 times. Not to mention that it’s not even good price to begin with as you can buy it at random shop for the same price… and it’s not even a discounted price but normal one.

  • So….ummmm….PlayStation Store discounts! Something for everyone!

  • love how black ops vita is on sale for twice the price it was on sale for back in july last year. shouldnt sale prices decrease as time goes on?

  • Cod, Bf and Ea circle of “discounts”…
    Console (my, after 4th comeback) is close to selling, platform for leaving.
    No good will from you and publishers to help, after long and painfull contact forms instead of simple emails, short answers “no”, or even without any answer.

    They only want money, lot of it!

    Globally, way too many games, if they are only brand new, but no, swarm of “hd editions”, remaster is too strong word.

    Why this?
    Bcs im heavy dissapointed!

  • Ahh! The Bi-monthly Call of Duty-“sale” which has absolutely nothing to do with Sony’s timed exclusivity-deal with Activision. Submerged and Trine 3 were tempting for a minute until I realized that they were overpriced at release and 33% discount makes them just normally priced little games that last for a few hours.

    Yep! Sony’s “sales” suck and blow and it makes perfect sense why they don’t show the price of the sale item when they claim it is on sale.

    Remind me when the next generation comes to not go near Playstation any more.

  • Too bad, I was hoping for a discount on Hard Corps: Uprising, for which there was a good sale in the US this weekend. Also hoping for Infamous: Festival of Blood. That doesn’t even have to be a discount – adjusting it to the regular US price of $4,99 would be fine too ;)

  • Asking that much for them cod games and dlc is stupid and cheeky I bet not a single person buys a single one! Ridiculous. I mean £15 for a game you can get for £2? And the dlc ugh!!! Why ask so much and sell nothing? I just don’t understand those silly prices why not ask like £2 and actually sell some? By far the worst sale you have ever done you should be embarrassed

    • SCEE’s main market isn’t Europe but Russia and middle-east (maybe South Africa too?) where gamesharing is the norm and they sell their (what we see as heavily overpriced) digital copies like hotcakes (to be shared).

      This is their business decision and we as consumers either accept that or go elsewhere.

    • What’s not to understand it’s Activision after all they charge silly prices for the same recycled garbage.

    • Stop talking nonsense. They don’t ask this much because people gameshare which is against Sony’s T&C… They ask this much because of Activisions stupid prices. Non of the other sales are this overpriced. This is an EU sale no an African sale so don’t know what you are talking about as that has nothing do with this. Oh and isn’t Europe but Russia? Errrrm Russia is part of Europe.. You don’t half talk rubbish

  • NBA 2k16 costed 25/29€ on Steam last weekend and I didn’t buy it because I prefer to play sports games on console. When I saw this blog I was pretty excited, but then I saw the “discounted” price is 39.99€. I checked Amazon out of curiosity and the physical game costs 30€… I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but you guys really need to step up your game.

    • …and in Russia/mid-eastern market 20€ (40€ shared between 2 accounts ) is the best deal available and this where SCEE makes profit.

  • Here’s how it works. You give us useful info and we read your blog posts. A blog post about sales necessarily includes the discount as a percentage as a minimum.

    You don’t give us info and we stop reading your blog.

  • Any Trine fan tempted by Trine 3? Do yourself a favour and forget it.

    I grabbed it at a Steam discount — it’s a mess of a game.

  • I think I would come with some feedback to this “sale” or rather “discounts”…

    First of… Call of Duty… Again? I will admit the first couple times you had CoD Zone discounts, I found it pretty funny. Not because I want them nor because it was a good discount, it was the opposite. CoD games may be really popular however they are so overpriced on the store. You don’t even bring them down to retail price. Also the price on the DLC… Come on. I know, I know, it’s Activision that sets the prices and such, however you can choose not to have CoD Zone discounts so often.
    Another thing we have just had two weeks with mainly EA shooters and sport games… Now even more shooters, and another sport game (NBA).. Like what.
    I will be brutal honest here, the sport and shooter franchises that have had discounts withing not so distant past and now are just boring and the same thing in the long run. At least in my opinion. I once loved the sport games, however forking out full retail price year after year for a game that really doesn’t change much is pure stupidity. The same with certain shooters like CoD. I will admit they do have different studios to produce them over a longer period of time now.. However it’s still the fact that a title gets pumped out every year, at such a price. If they dropped the price more or even gave discounts to people who owned the previous instalment in the franchises then it would have had been different.

    Anyway enough of that.
    There are probably 2 maybe 3 small games in that list that I may consider.

    Another thing that I stumbled upon on the store “DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours” isn’t that game just a tiny bit overpriced? It uses an overused format that really is old school as f***. I don’t have anything about old school type games, however the prices also needs to match. I can’t really say how much time or money they invested in the project however asking about the same or a little less than current AAA games (on retail prices) then I think it’s too much.
    In the Danish store it’s 450 KR -> 254 KR. Roughly 60 euro -> 34 euro. I think that is a bit too much to ask for such kind of game. That’s just my opinion though.

    Anyway hope next week will offer a better Deal of the week and in like 2 weeks from now that you offer us some more variety. Spreading out so most of your consumers feels like they can pick up some good deals. US store does that often, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

    Anyway have a nice day.

  • Lot’s of complaints (and for the most part I agree) but the Cod Sale is great, I’ve been meaning to go digital with these games for ages, and being able to get MW1, 2 and 3 for £10 each is fantastic.

  • So whilst America get the ps2 classics reduced again (GTA series) we get these rubbish, we didn’t even get a GTA trilogy until the other week also discounted in America yet we’re still being asked for full price as for the rest they are all pretty rubbish. May check out The Fall but can we have some reduced ps2 classics next time only need San Andreas now caved in on other 2 but then got the platinum in GTA3 not paying full price for San Andreas tho

    • damm i wanted to get that last time it was on sale, about a month ago i think, it was $10.49 and all i had in the AC was $10, ain’t buying it again for full price, i mean ps2, then on ps3, anyway i read our version is inferior to the US’s pal one, so want it from US store anyway, crazy thing is the $10 in my US AC was a gift from scea, only ever ‘bought’ demo’s off the US AC yet i get a ‘have $10 on us’ email from them, although i have had it over 5 years so perhaps they chose me out of pity lol, still when thought about i spent thousands on my main AC over the years, liked the little framed plus plaque they give me but will bet a few ppl reading this will wonder whats happening, US giving credit away, cheaper games/better sales, EU squeezing us all dry, then through their ‘friends’ telling us to be grateful!, day scee crashes and burns can’t come soon enough imo.

  • Even the Firewtch bundle with theme was guff as you could buy it separately for cheap only 40-50p but still buying them individually Cheaper than in the bundle?

  • Hurry up with backwards compat so we can play CoD4 on PS4! After The last load of CODs, COD:4 Will always be the greatest.

  • Ratchet & Clank discounts return would be more welcome since a remake is coming soon…
    I’d gladly buy the trilogy in HD to compare the original and the new game :)

  • One of the worst sale I’ve seen in a while, sorry.

  • £35 for a game that’s been £20 on Amazon for the last two weeks ( Yeah seems like a saving

  • Was interested in MW3 DLC’s, but not at £30. Thats a joke.

  • CoD the game that gets re-released every year, the IP that sells the most copies at the highest retail price, sells the most expensive DLC, its the game where the price never drops – wait 5 years and you’ll still be paying pretty much full price unless they have a discount on, which still feels like a rip off as that’s the price that should have a 30-60% discount.

    CoD, Cash of Duty: Give me your damn money.

  • pretty sure black ops 3 is still £20 on amazon with steelbook. for psn to have a “sale” and charge £35 for a digital copy is beyond a joke.

  • Long time reader, first time poster. Almost bought the 50,000 VC dlc for NBA 2k16 as prices look good and would never pay too much for whats essentially pretend currency. Turns out some of those are for ps3 not ps4 by looks of it? If thats the case it really needs to be far more clear in your blog post as I would’ve been annoyed if I bought it!

  • Guns, Gore and Cannoli was tempting but then I saw the trailer and it said local co op. So no online co op, I guess? What I’m paying PLUS for..

  • Activision’s discounts are so pointless.

  • Whoa, shooters all the way. Not exactly my cup of tea. How about some variability,sony?

  • I only come to sales threads for the comments these days, don’t even bother with the weekly release posts.

  • You should put Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on sale…is almost a year that isn’t on sale….

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