The Hitman beta goes live today

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The Hitman beta goes live today

Got a pre-order? If so, now’s your chance to take an early look at the game

It’s time to unpack your gear and start downloading. The Hitman beta launches today at 10.00am GMT/11.00am CET for those of you that pre-ordered the game.

This is one of those moments where every single developer at Io-Interactive is keenly focused on what’s happening out in the world. We’ll be watching as you progress through the “Prologue”, as we call it, and take notes on everything that happens along the way to make sure everything is shiny and ready for the 11th March release of the first episode of Hitman.

Earlier in the week, we published a Beta FAQ and released our beta launch trailer, giving you a first look at what’s included in the Prologue.

The “Prologue” features two missions from Agent 47’s past. They represent that key moment, 20 years before the events that take place in Hitman, when Agent 47 meets his future handler Diana Burnwood and becomes a part of the International Contract Agency. During these two training missions, hosted at a secret ICA training facility, 47 gets to show the directors of the ICA exactly what he’s made of.

With 50 challenges and many inventive ways of getting rid of your targets, you’ll have your hands full over this coming weekend. In addition to challenges, the beta also introduces the new opportunity system, which allows players to discover some of the more elaborate kills the game has to offer. If you feel like discovering everything on your own, opportunities can be disabled and you’re left to find clues and hone in on the right moment to strike all on your own, of course.

Let’s make this a party

Square Enix will be hosting a live stream of the beta today at 6.00pm to 9.00pm GMT and we’ll be along in the comments watching as our friends in the LA and London offices take the beta for a spin.

This beta is an important milestone for us and an important step towards making this game the best it can be. Please join us on the official forums and let us know how you like the beta. Your feedback is extremely important and valued and will help us as we continue through the months, releasing new locations, new hits and new live content for Hitman.

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