The Hitman beta goes live today

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The Hitman beta goes live today

Got a pre-order? If so, now’s your chance to take an early look at the game

It’s time to unpack your gear and start downloading. The Hitman beta launches today at 10.00am GMT/11.00am CET for those of you that pre-ordered the game.

This is one of those moments where every single developer at Io-Interactive is keenly focused on what’s happening out in the world. We’ll be watching as you progress through the “Prologue”, as we call it, and take notes on everything that happens along the way to make sure everything is shiny and ready for the 11th March release of the first episode of Hitman.

Earlier in the week, we published a Beta FAQ and released our beta launch trailer, giving you a first look at what’s included in the Prologue.

The “Prologue” features two missions from Agent 47’s past. They represent that key moment, 20 years before the events that take place in Hitman, when Agent 47 meets his future handler Diana Burnwood and becomes a part of the International Contract Agency. During these two training missions, hosted at a secret ICA training facility, 47 gets to show the directors of the ICA exactly what he’s made of.

With 50 challenges and many inventive ways of getting rid of your targets, you’ll have your hands full over this coming weekend. In addition to challenges, the beta also introduces the new opportunity system, which allows players to discover some of the more elaborate kills the game has to offer. If you feel like discovering everything on your own, opportunities can be disabled and you’re left to find clues and hone in on the right moment to strike all on your own, of course.

Let’s make this a party

Square Enix will be hosting a live stream of the beta today at 6.00pm to 9.00pm GMT and we’ll be along in the comments watching as our friends in the LA and London offices take the beta for a spin.

This beta is an important milestone for us and an important step towards making this game the best it can be. Please join us on the official forums and let us know how you like the beta. Your feedback is extremely important and valued and will help us as we continue through the months, releasing new locations, new hits and new live content for Hitman.

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7 Author Replies

  • I can’t find the beta

  • 10:15 and no beta to download… Why do you post blog and have nothing to backup your story ???? You may want to adjust the times a little..

  • Just a reminder 10 AM GMT is 11 PM NZ, you’re still inside the 12th but only by an hour. Anyway, downloading and looking forward to it.

    • Great! Please report back with your thoughts!

    • – surfacing the loading animation during cinematics is a bit distracting
      – the loading also makes the cinematic stutter near the ends consistently
      – above problem puts the audio/speech out of sync with the animations
      – random stutter/low FPS during gameplay
      – challenges are padding but depending on who you are that could be a +

      + Freeform opens up potential (but this that’s really reliant on people wanting to do challenges)
      + Some quite nice lighting and texturing
      + Good hit simulator

      Overall I was hoping for a bit of a cleaner experience but the way loading is handled puts me off, a lot of the fun seems dependant on how much you want to take notice of the challenges. Has all the right ingredients but needs to be more fluid. I will hold onto my preorder but the fact that the loading issues got through on a closed platform worries me a bit and doesn’t make me wholly confidant.

  • When is it available in Australia

  • Been waiting all morning for it

  • By beta you mean demo of course. Demo that is only available to people buying the game anyway. You better hope it’s good or you’re going to put people off buying the game, and if it’s great, as it’s only available to people already buying the game, you’re not going to be convincing anyone who is unsure or not even thinking of buying this as they don’t get the opportunity to try it out to see how good it is. Got to love modern gaming.

    • But everyone with playstation plus does get to play the beta. If you pre-ordered it you got it back then but if you didn’t you get to play it this weekend.

  • Go to free to play its there

  • this game will flop and lose you a lot of money. cutting up games to sell them in episodes is beyond greedy and its obvious IO that you have an agenda with this game. lets say the first episode flops but whose to say you won’t cancel the development of the other episodes? or even by limiting future episodes content yet selling at the same price. seriously people do not support this game or else other companies will copy it and you will have franchises like Tomb Raider and Dues Ex going episodic.

    • I’m curious why you think an episodic approach is greedy?
      We’re offering multiple ways of buying the game and spelling out what’s included and the price of each way. There’s an option to buy everything for £44.99 and you get all of the episodes and live content included for that one price. Take a look here:

    • Buying a full game when only one episode will be ready and reviewable is giving a lot of trust to, when I look back at the former game, is not deserved. I wouldn’t call it greed but I will never buy a game that isn’t fully reviewed. Nowadays so many games are broken on arrival.
      Problem is you give me a choise to give you all my money, start playing and do extra missions you give us upuntil the next episode, buy one episode but will be more expensive in the end or wait till the game is done and reviewed as a whole but missing out oni those missions. So I gamble with ,y hard earned money or get less of a product, anyway I lose. I don’t like to lose so I’ll deside to miss this game completely or wait for a dirt cheap option later on.

    • @Travis Barbour it is greedy because you could cancel the other episodes if the first episode flops and you will have people’s money who paid up front for the whole game. why is your company and Square Enix so against selling the traditional way of when its done then sell it as a boxed game? look at the sales of The Witcher 3 and The last of us . they sold the game when it was complete and not episodic so why do you feel this episodic scam will benefit anyone? i guarantee it will hurt your sales so i strongly recommend you to scrap this episodic release and just wait until you have completely finished it.

      also i have a feeling the game is actually finished and you have cut up the game. no way does it take you a month or less to develop, create and submit the content.

    • I wouldn’t all cutting the game up and selling it as episodes greedy, but as the above said its a huge gamble. To get the cheapest option, you buy the game when it’s released physically however you miss out on those interactive missions they’ve been talking about that get released periodically from launch.
      The second cheapest option is to buy the game digitally in one hit. However you take a gamble that (a) the game is any good and (b) the rest of the missions actually do get made (if the game flops are they actually going to carry on patching and releasing content for it?).
      I believe you can also buy the first mission and upgrade to the full pack for the same price as buying it in one go. There you get to sample the game to see if you like it for a smaller price and then pay up to full price to get the rest of the game. However it’s the same gambles as above. Will the rest of the game actually be as good, or will it even get finished if it flops.
      Finally you can buy each episode when released individually. That way if the missions get poorer, you can simply not buy any more and you’ve only spent on content you’ve enjoyed (plus a dud one). However if the whole game turns out to be good, squeenix have basically bent you over and you’ve payed way over what you should have.
      At least when a game is released fully, complete, you can read other gamers thoughts on it to see if it’s any good/sounds/looks like you’d enjoy it minimising the risk of buying something rubbish. Not this way though.

    • i don’t mind the episodic thing with this. hitman was never a game i could pick up and play solidly until i completed it. and with my current backlog it might actually be nice to play a portion of it and play something else while i wait for the next episode. the only annoying thing in my book is having to relearn the controls all over again everytime i play a new one.

    • I’m curious as to why this episodic approach was chosen in the first place for a AAA series. Clearly you want to offer multiple ways of buying the game but it doesn’t seem like a popular choice. What really puts me off on this approach (besides the bad influences it could have for future AAA development) is the sense that it might not have that ‘AAA technical quality’ that you expect from a full game. People are always ripping on how expensive AAA is and how little it offers but they hardly ever seem to take technical quality in account.
      I was really excited about this when I heard it would go back to the Hitman basics that made Blood money etc. so good. But this isn’t it for me. The open world structure with only 5 big maps doesn’t appeal to me. Blood money had more levels and they had the perfect size and feel. This doesn’t bode well for variety. Put me off in Absolution too, although it was a great game by itself. Just not that classic material anymore..

  • Hey, its 7:35am EST and I still can’t find the beta…

  • Oops this is a European blog. My bad. Can someone on here tell me when I can download the beta in North America?

  • I’m not interested in bying parts of the game. I love hitman, but I won’t buy before all episodes is out. But let’s see how this works out for IO

  • I wasnt gonna buy this but i looked at the link that was posted i might buy this now

  • Travis if full experience has everything from the getgo il buy the game and give it a chance

  • 3 hours to download a 4.4gig file on a 50meg line? Jesus, open the taps Sony. Your bandwidth throttling extracts the urine!

  • Ahhhh, old school Hitman bliss :D

  • I’d rather wait for the “Complete Christmas 2016 Edition”. The last Hitman game was great, but I don’t really like this new episodic model.

  • I didn’t get it, i can see the beta, but i don’t have access. It says “free”, only accessable for ps+ user.
    So what now?
    that german-store by the way.

    • Wow, i see.

      No. The only exception is German PS+ members, who will need an active subscription to download and play the HITMAN Beta due to age-rating regulations.”

      How about, giving informations like this, where someone can actually find it?
      But, since i love Hitman…give me that ps+ membership. And check.

    • i dont really understand why the beta is age gated through ps+ here. you have to buy the game anyway to get access to the beta, that should be enough

  • i bought the intro pack, do i still get the beta? as im not seeing it in the store at all.

  • Can’t get beta to show 11:12est

  • Still no beta for me in the US. Searched for hitman beta on the PS and it doesn’t even allow you to type beta so I did it online and 0 matches. Yay.

  • Still not beta in Canada as of 11:24

  • 11:40 here in Quebec city and i still can’t find it

  • Sweet almost an hour passed the promise beta time and its not even on the store. Why even say a time

  • What about those who got a pre-order on amazon ?

  • So where is the beta? Almost 2 hours past the announced time and still nothing.

  • The beta was a lot of fun just wished we weren’t getting the game is bit size sections

  • If you can’t find it. I found it under intro pack sub category other extras

  • you don’t need to actually buy the game to access the beta
    you can pre order it and then cancel it since you will not be charged until the game releases.
    Personally i am gonna wait for the “GOTY” bargain bin edition.

  • Considering this ships in less than a month you guys have a LOT of work to do on the AI, not only is it useless, it’s broken. You can repeatedly loop situations where it simply doesn’t know what to do. Preorder cancelled, good luck.

  • preorder
    download beta
    cancel preorder

    win win :)

  • I’m a big fan of the series and look foward to the full release, i hope the full game isn’t as easy as the beta, it wasn’t challenging at all.

  • Hi , i’m unable to access online & proceed with online , any advise ??

  • I pre-ordered but cannot find the Beta access. Can anyone help, please?

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