New discounts start today on God of War III Remastered and GTAV

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New discounts start today on God of War III Remastered and GTAV

Get reacquainted with Kratos thanks to our deal of the week

With last week’s enormous EA promotion still active, we’ve only a few additional discounts to tell you about this week. See below for details, and check back next Wednesday for a brand new sale.

Deal of the Week: (Until 17/02/16)

GTA V Week (until 17/02/16)

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Really guys, seven games and you still can’t tell us the %. This is just becoming a joke now

    • I have to agree with this, I can understand the reason why you decided to stop posting prices, but not even the discount %?

    • They already said it was because they don’t want to mislead anyone when they have to cater for many many different regional prices.

    • The percentage discount is not the same everywhere anymore.
      E.G. God of War 3 is a 43% discount for euros but 47% for gbp.

    • People complained because the discount in India was much lower then the discount in the UK or Euro zone.
      I do agree the blog post with discounts is not as useful anymore, but I do understand why they don’t put the discounts or prices anymore.

    • So it’s either so they don’t mislead us or so we don’t see other places getting a better deal….

    • You can go to the links of the playstationstore they provide or go to and check there.
      They have the newest sales with prices (for a lot of countries) and percentages (and a graph for each game which shows how the price for the last year or something).

    • No price or percentage i can deal with, i dont mind having to check the site…
      BUT Taken King deals are not live yet!!!???

      So now im constantly having to check the Sony store, and for what 5% or 15% or 50% off? I HAVE NO IDEA?
      I really dont mind the change, but if your going to cut off one piece of information here, maybe you should look at having the site updated BEFORE making a post, or something on those lines.

    • @MrMette thanks for that link! It contains actually useful info :D.

  • Nothing for vita?!?!

    • Nothing, Vita is dead for Sony. In fact, Sony killed Vita. RIP

    • I use mine way more than my ps4, good job I like jrpg’s.

    • Trails of cold Steel is fantastic if you haven’t picked it up yet :-)

    • It’s definitely on my to buy list, just finishing up tales of hearts, then going onto sao lost song then cold steel.

    • Vita, 3D, PS Move, WonderBook, PS Camera.

      If something isn’t instantly a smash hit for Sony, they sweep it under the rug and move on to the next gimmick. The 3DS had the same underwhelming start but Nintendo persevered and turned that console into a success.

      VR is on the way. Let’s see how [DELETED] Sony deal with that…

    • Fortunately for the vita I like JRPG games and other Japanese games (at least people who like that market are catered for).


      Agreed, there are some nice Move games (Beat Sketcher is one of my favourites) and of course House of The Dead games.

      Shame about Wonderbook (I bought one for my nephew and have all the games to give to him). Wonderbook went the way of the THQ art tablet (that pretty much was the final nail in their coffin) but then that art tablet was around £80 on release.

    • @Izorpo

      I bought into all these things as well, apart from the WonderBook. But that had so much potential with younger audiences.

      I also have a bunch of fun Move games that I still whip out when I have friends over. The Vita is still great in my opinion but Sony has done nothing for the console in well over a year. If it wasn’t for support from Japanese and Indie devs my console would be gathering dust in the back of a cupboard by now.

      Sony are going to pushing their VR stuff hard this year but I’ve been burnt too many times by them to even consider picking one up on release.

    • @Tidus5005

      I won’t be rushing out to buy it either. Chances are within a year of its release it will be in clearance sales.

      I have a vita and a 3DS, but then the software dictates the system I purchase. Unfortunately for Sony, Nintendo won the handheld war. Re-releasing all these vita titles as PS4 remasters doesn’t help either. I also have PS Vita TV which they could have given more support to in the inclusion of PSP, PSX etc games.

      Now that re-releases are all the rage they could have tacked trophies on old PSP games and PSX games and people would have bought them again….like they did on PS4

  • This is why I shop from the US Store as the EU store is just full of overpriced games weather it’s full release or sale price….. The amount of money I’ve saved from the dollar compared to the Euro and the US giving games at a heavy discount is crazy…

  • GTAV (PS4) – was €69.99, now €46.89
    GTAV (PS3) – was €69.99, now €24.49
    GTAV bundle (PS4) – was €84.98, now €50.98
    God of War III (PS4) – was €34.99, now €19.99

    • You did a better job, than the blog editors. thank you!

    • It’s probably not totally fair to blame people like Fred or Chris or Francesca for the lack of prices. From what’s been said in response to various posts, it looks like this is a change that’s been forced upon them from above and a change that they might not agree with (but for which they’re getting the flak anyway).

      The last answer we got about why the prices were missing was that because the blog caters for people using about a dozen currencies, having just one or two would potentially be misleading for others. That sounds like the kind of nonsense that a legal department might come up with, rather than anyone who has to deal with real-life customers (who are generally going to prefer pricing information even when it’s not in their own currency).

      The constraints that the blog team have to worry about, however, might not extend to our comments.

    • “Deal of the week” yet not even 50% off. How is this anymore of a deal then a regular game on sale?

    • Anytime someone mentions disparity between prices or anything they remove it. They removed the link to US blog (because that way we couldn’t go on about their flash sales or that Europe pays over the odds for games). They remove the % because SCEE doesn’t treat the PAL territory fairly which is the same reason they remove pricing.

      If anyone read the last TOS, they now consider games as part of system software which they have yet to clarify this in regards to digital media purchased on the store (which by their own arbitrary authority is license not owned)

    • @Izorpo the link to the US blog is still there just at the bottom of the blog not the top

    • @scally6

      Not on mine but maybe it’s firefox. At the bottom of the page it’s the most liked, commented on and then a big blue section with legal stuff and language select.

  • The deals aren’t very interesting lately so I’m shifting vastly back to retail games. Standard Store prices are too expensive to even consider over a retail copy. Digital future yes, but not this way.

    • The problem is the retailers. If Sony (or Microsoft for that matter) give the same or cheaper prices then retail prices (which should be possible because there are no manufacture costs + shipping costs), there is a chance the retailers will stop selling their hardware (or that is what they are afraid of anyway).

      They need the retailers to sell their hardware, so they can’t upset them by going under their price.

  • hahahaha, GtA V in ps4 is way cheaper anywhere, retail copy, than the digital offer… PS3 price is better, but still way better buying the disc, so you can sell it or borrow as you please.

    You could save us this poor discounts… and nothing on vita btw?!?!?!….

    well, it seems my money will remain on my wallet…


  • No price, no %, not even the platfrom for Destiny. This is really useless.
    Next time just write: “Hey, some discount, for some platform, check it where you want, we don’t care”
    Anyway, this site is much more usefull:

  • The last vita sale a couple of weeks ago wasn’t even promoted on here. I stumbled across it looking on the store.

  • They still can’t add the price, the US blog manage this without problem.

    • If you have followed the last month or so were they explained they said it was because of the amount of currencies in EU.
      They could possible mislead some if they add just Euro and maybe Pounds as they used to. Else they should add every single currency. Which would actually be more fair than Euro+Pound. This blog has been treated too much as UK blog instead of EU blog.

  • Do you think they don’t mention prices to mitigate mistakes and get more hits in the store? Easier to click “buy” for the the compulsive buyers?

  • Are we going to get the Namco Bandai sale that North America currently has?

  • This is the whole sale for the week? Bleh.

  • I use psprices every week, I’ve seen many deals not announced on any way, nor the blog, nor the store, nor twitter, but if you enter the “new deals” section on psprices, you find them….

    so, if we have a webpage offering a better service even than the blog or store itself.. give us a reason to still check the blog…

    • I use that too but you are wrong, they show GTAV and GOW… They don’t show the Destiny prices because I think they are too bad? Anyway I think the other 2 games are just fixed price drops

    • They don’t show Destiny because it is only on sale in countries where GOW3 isn’t. So unless you look at the Middle Eastern areas on you won’t see the Destiny prices

  • Ps store sales is a joke

  • When the PS Store has a sale I always think the same thing.

    “Oh good! Prices have been temporary lowered to almost match in-store prices”

    Both games are still cheaper elsewhere.

  • When are the Ps Now games being updated?

  • Hi Chris do you know if the UK store will get any MGS V themes soon?

  • As if there is anyone who doesn’t have GTA V yet

  • Time to hire new staff to replace the current ones as this site is miles behind the USA blog.:( #notfortheplayers

  • No Ubisoft sale like US!? What a joke by far the worst week I have ever seen. Pathetic

  • How is 20€ a “deal of the week” for a past-gen title? You guys still need to catch up with steam and other services…

  • Answer = Steam box. No need to buy an overpriced Remastered copy (even though you already own the game) when the ps5 comes out. You always keep everything, when you upgrade. + upgrade when you like.

  • The update is still not showing. The UK P’s store is s joke, always waiting ages for it to update

  • PS store not P’s store*

  • £36.84 for GTAV… It’s a port of a PS3 game that came out in 2013, how is it not £15-£20.

  • How about adding “an approximate discount of x% depending on region” ?
    I’m still waiting til friday to find out how much some games will be.
    Didn’t think the missing prices would bother me but I muoh less likely to check the blog never mind actually buy something.

  • Completely off topic maybe but we seriously need a PRE RELEASE PROGRAM FOR PS4 USERS! So I can play Ark survival evolved,

    I mean I’m kinda sick of waiting for every new game that’s announced way to early
    (no man’s sky anyone) here on the blog the word **soon** is usually a year just search “astrea ps4” announced once God knows how long ago never heard of it again but I’m sure it was coming soon.
    Anyway point being how come a certain box have the pre release programme and we dont.
    I’m not even going to get started on xb1 players having the ability to play their old games free whereas we have to subscribe to the over priced ps now add that cost to ps+ someone’s on to a winner guys and it ain’t us.
    well you can only squeeze so much blood from a stone my friends!

    Sorry for the rant guys but I’d like to know your views, if you agree or not leave a reply

  • These sales are amazing.

    2 re-releases for double the cost of what you can get them for at retail? Sold.

    Good job Sony, you’ve won my heart.

  • Has any discount been applied to the various iterations of Destiny and the Taken King? I can’t tell.

  • If you can’t post prices, then just stop posting.

  • This link for the GTAV PS4 discount is dead, and it’s Feb 14 2016 12:15 PDT:!/games/grand-theft-auto-v/cid=EP1004-CUSA00411_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL

    Searching on the Playstation APP doesn’t even show GTAV PS4

    And now that I finally found in the PlayStation store, no discounts show up, it’s still $59.99 :-(

    — Patrick

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