Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure announced for PS4

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Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure announced for PS4

Your first look at Game Swing’s “hard-hitting sports brawler”

Grab your gym shorts and hang onto your headbands! Our hard-hitting sports brawler, Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure, is coming to PlayStation 4!

Stikbold! is a quirky, over-the-top action sports game described best as a mix of dodgeball and a fighting game. Make use of everything from dodgeballs and jellyfish to beehives to eliminate your competitors as you duke it out, against friends and family, on a variety of unlikely courts.

Or, team up with your best friend, favourite relative or even the A.I., and venture out on an exciting co-op adventure in the charming story campaign. Fight your way through hippies, whales, skeletons and more, as you set out on a selfless rescue mission to save the rival team and win back the championship trophy!



The original concept for the game came about during Nordic Game Jam. We were five eager game design students from IT-University in Copenhagen and we joined forces around the strange experiment that eventually became Stikbold!.

Stikbold! received the ‘most fun’ award and came in third overall. This encouraged us to continue work on the game, with the goal of turning it into a full-blown console release. To pursue our dreams we formed a company and began a long and exciting journey!

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Stikbold is actually the name of a Scandinavian folk game often played in schoolyards and at playgrounds during recess or Physical Education. Like most folk games, Stikbold has a ton of variations and abbreviations, but is always a type of tag played by chugging balls after each other.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is a very loose interpretation of its folk game counterpart. Mainly we have focused on cultivating the foundations of folk/playground games, which are typically very playful, festive and inclusive by nature.

In this spirit, we try to give players increased agency and responsibility over the action and outcome of the matches to make the game feel more personal. For instance, players may take control of various hazardous events after elimination from the round. Apart from giving eliminated players something to do between rounds, this is an encouragement for them to intervene with the balance of the action.

Whether players opt to chase revenge on their nemesis or target the leading player, this influence often lead to wonderfully personal player interactions. Making the action personal is an attempt to play into the social dynamics of couch multiplay – a feeling we hope is coming through when you’re playing the game.

If you have comments, questions or just want to know more, you can follow the game on Twitter @Stikbold or check out

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  • Any chance of getting a vita version?

    I’ve said it many times before, so here’s another one:

    Vita is a powerful machine, killzone or uncharted are the living proof of it. It’s decepting to receive minor games (indies most of the times).

    But even more strange is to get those “small” games on ps4, come on, we have plenty of choices on PS4, the fact is we have far more AAA games than time to play them all… so… Whats the point to skip a vita version?

    Yes, there are less vitas sold, but I’m sure -sony has the numbers, but I almost bet on this- that the games ratio per vita is far greater than on ps4. And we have not too many options… so small games are welcome… any game these days….

    So, given the market, and given the hardware, why you -indie devolopers- continue to skip the vita versions?

    Is it because there is no magic button ps4-vita or pc-vita?

    You should remember we got Turrican2 on a 720kbs floppy… Don’t tell me vita cant handle some pixelated sidescroller.

    Anyway, no vita, no money (and that’s a shame, I really like dodgeball and your game seems fun)

    • Hi there – my name is Jacob and I am one one of the other developers from GameSwing. I already answered this on Twitter, but I’ll address it here without the 140 character limit. :)

      We would have loved to do a Vita version, but since we have no online component (which is really hard to do – especially in a very fast paced game like this), that would only leave the story mode and a mode where you play against bots. While this can be fun, it would only be half of what we set out to do, and half of what you would get on other platforms. We want everyone to have as good an experience with Stikbold! as possible, and have learned a lot during the development, so we’re keeping the awesome Vita-people in mind for our upcoming projects, where ever it is applicable.

    • Thanks for replying Jacob. It’s still disappointing – the Vita does have local co-op available and then there is the PSTV, which other games have utilised co-op for. There were ways it could have happened. :(

  • I need a new couch co-op, so when is the coming to ps4?

  • I want it just for the name! Too often our language gets overtoned (seems like the right term here) by the English language these years. No offense lingua anglo – it’s us, not you.

    When this game is out and hopefully with succes, then – Høvdingebold?

    • Yay! We decided to stick with the Danish title long before we planned to go on consoles – if Nidhogg can do it, so can we!

  • I miss playing stikbold at school. Such a fun game. Might have to keep an eye out for this. Could be fun if classic stikbold would be a game mode.

    I agree, the Danish language is being overlook too much. Actually minor laguages in general. I clicked on this just because the title has stikbold in it.

    • We actually realized that the game has a lot of different rules, names and variants depending on where people are from, so we had to narrow it down to just a few variants. Then again, we are mixing it up with whales, giant skeletal hands and other stuff, that wasn’t allowed back in the school yard, so this is definitely a more hardcore version, when you add it all up.

  • The game lokks like a lot of fun! Excited to try it.

  • Could be that I would get this when it comes out. To be honest, the reason I clicked on it was because of the title. As a Dane I thought it would be fun to see what it was.

    The actual game could be pretty fun, so I will most likely try it out.

  • I’m all for more local multiplayer games on PS4. Will get!

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