Announcing Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

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Announcing Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

Today I’m pleased to share an important new moment in PlayStation history that will power the next 20 years of PlayStation innovation.

We are announcing the formation of a new company called Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (SIE) that will serve as the headquarters for everything PlayStation. This new company, headquartered out of the United States in San Mateo, California, joins the forces of both Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Network Entertainment LLC, combining the strengths and talents of both companies.

The formation of SIE will create an even stronger PlayStation. That means an even bigger emphasis on developing pioneering platforms like PS4 and PlayStation VR, world-class games from our Worldwide Studios development teams, and innovative network services such as PlayStation Vue.

It also means a renewed commitment to making PlayStation the best place to play.

Thank you for joining us on this important step in PlayStation history. And as always, we are deeply grateful for your continued support and feedback. We’re excited to undertake this next step in PlayStation history with you!

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  • This explains that employment video you guys put out a few days ago on YouTube.

  • …………..THE PSVITA!!!!!

  • Does this mean that you’ll finally make it easier for indies to launch worldwide?
    Or still the dumb rules about translating the store metadata to the native language… In Some stores.
    Get yourself together in every digital market that doesn’t spell UK?
    Seriously Mr.Ryan it kinda sucks having a PSN account in Sweden while you travel a lot in Europe and can’t even buy a PSN card or seeing friends playing games that aren’t released in your region.

    Only good part is the community that helps translating all that description so they can get released in our countries.

    • Ooh and one more thing. Stop flaunting PS Now on my new TV when I can’t even use it :(

    • Or still the dumb rules about translating the store metadata to the native language… I really agree with this. It is probably even better if everyone just can choose for English. It would probably surprise Sony Europe probably how many people rather use English then a language done with google translate.

      My native language is Dutch but I rather use English in media content.

      And the region locked content in Europe for each country is the worst thing they ever done. The reason why we don´t get so many content in Europe or only a few selected countries. This is something that has to change.

    • Stop the region locked content in Europe for each country is the worst thing they ever done. The reason why we don´t get so many content in Europe or only a few selected countries. The stores in Europe are a huge mess with a lot of content missing for no reason or unavailable to buy too.

    • Region-locked content is not Sony’s fault. Sony needs to adhere to local laws and regulations when providing said content. You have the European Union to thank for that more than anything else as it was suppose to provide free goods and content flow (and get rig of geo-locking altogether) which it didn’t. They are more concerned about regulating the curvature of bananas.

    • @FallingStickman
      And here is the man with zero knowledge about EU trying to explain things he doesn’t even understand.

      Anyway please pin point where exaclty in EU law there is anything that would prove you are right?

      Because I can assure you that it is exactly the opposite of what you just said. If product was allowed to be sold in one of EU countries than by the principle of mutual recognition of standards (one of the main priniciples of Single Market) it should be allowed to be sold it in all of EU countries.

      For example just take a look at judgment of ECJ on case Cassis de Dijon (120/78).

      And one more thing. EU never ever applied any specific regulation about curvature of bananas. I assume you are talking about Regulation 2257/97. I highly encourage you to read it before you once again spout nonsense… though judging your post I kinda doubt that you are capable of reading acts.

      -free from malformation or abnormal curvature of the fingers

      That is the only one thing about curvature of bananas you will find there. It means that bananas sold as a Extra class (premium class, crème de la crème among bananas, the most expensive among bananas – call it however you want) shouldn’t be deformed. Just that.

    • @Archacus
      Each country also has their own laws – for example, you can’t display a Nazi swastika in Germany, so any games that feature them have to be heavily edited for the German market. Equally, something legal in one country – lets say Sweden has a relaxed attitude to nudity and allows it (i have no idea, this just an example), but the UK doesnt, so the game gets an PG rating in Sweden and 18 in the UK. Region locks are to stop publishers (and lets be clear, it’s publishers who push for this, not Sony), getting a load of lawsuits for showing some buttocks where they shouldn’t.

      If the locks werent there, Germans could by games with swastikas, thus breaking the law and Sony and the publisher would be culpable.

      Thats why the exist, not because Sony want them. Sony don’t want them it stops them selling games.

    • @Tuffcub
      First example is exception in video game industry mainly because it is sensitive area. Though yes you are right that in some extreme cases local goverment can ban X or Y… but I don’t see how is that relevant to anything I said? That really has nothing to do with region-locking or requirement of translating metadata.

      The second made up example is without any sense at all showing that you don’t really know much about rating system. First of all both UK and Sweden use PEGI rating system, it’s unified system used in whole EU. And the most important thing PEGI ratings are not a law. Look even a game like Hatered is bound to get PEGI 18… because that’s what PEGI does. Rate and only rate. Completly different than ESRB system. And by the way you know in how many EU countries Hatered (which is one of the most extereme games) was banned? In none. You can’t buy it in Germany or Australia mainly because developer decided on that, and they didn’t have resources for USK and ACB ratings. But that’s entirely different story.

      You know who requires games to be rated by PEGI? SONY does… Not publisher. In majority of EU countries there is no requirement of getting PEGI rating. And PEGI 18 is not AO rating. You still can sell it on consoles.

      And another thing… what does it have to do with requirement of translating metadata? Or with anything that @Ridliz said?… or on that matter with anything what I said?

      We are not talking about extreme cases. Look SONY requires that every publisher (even one man team with no money) to translate metadata of his product to every language. Because game need to have metadata in language corresponding to language of shop in X or Y country. It would make sense only in situation in which every game was translated to every languages on the world.

      But SONY doesn’t allow selling English language only game in various EU countries just because publisher didn’t have money to translate metadata.

  • Resurrect PS Vita pls

  • What about renewed commitment to your customers in every country they live

    and breaking the regions that Sony built.

    Just like Netflix are starting to do now with big success.

  • I find it interesting that people are still pushing for Vita. I liked it too at some point, but with the tablet and mobile evolving so quickly, it’s normal for them to let vita go…

    • Not saying I don’t agree with them spending money there, just saying that I understand if they don’t…

    • Well many have expressed, Sony themselves as well, that we’re a crazy bunch that buys a lot of games.

      We have a freaky attach ratio.

    • Angry Birds and Candy Crush won’t replace Persona and Freedom Wars. Handhelds always have a place and phones and tablets are an entirely different market filled with trash.

  • Does this mean we are going to see a consistent global pricing structure across all PSN platforms? Or will Japan & the US always have a favourable pricing model than the EU store?

    • There will never be parity between the regions. Not only because the US don’t pay sales tax on digital good (where in contrast the EU pays tax on literally everything) but also because we’re not a priority. As much as I love Playstation – I’ve been with them pretty much since since PS1 launched in the UK – this has been apparent since then. Although I’m pretty sure the EU now has the majority of units sold across hardware and software – old dog, new tricks – I’m pretty sure we’re always going to be looked at as an afterthought.

    • @frimo – i’m fairly sure the EU was a bigger market than US for the PS3, and the EU is probably still slightly larger for the PS4. So they really should start treating us less like the red-headed stepchild.

      Also, they could just charge VAT/Sales tax at point of purchase depending on which country you are from. Easy enough, surely?

    • @frimo_online
      Who told you that US don’t have a tax on digital goods?

      Tax depends on state you come from. There are states where there are taxes on digital good and there are those where you don’t need to pay.

      SCEE loves to tell people that everything is complicated due to the difference 1 country vs 28 countries. But that’s not true. First of all SCEA and SCEE are more than just USA and EU. Secondly once again each state have its own rules and tax systems.

      But yeah due to SCEE issues (how badly it is) we are not priority for them.

  • I’d list the many grievances many users have had for years that still aren’t solved (for example, download list freezing on the Vita and not being able to sort it on ANY platform) but it’s no use because you won’t listen anyway. Even hardcore fanboys on this blog who usually insult people who have legitimate problems with your service are starting to get fed up with you.

    The only thing that’s changed is SCEE -> SIEE. It’ll be the same old story unless you step it up big time.

  • Global digital releases and testing would be the most beneficial change to customers, don’t make developers have to create unique products for each region, other than language and test everything in one go so it gets a global release.

  • you mentioned playstation vue?!?! so we’re also getting it in the UK right??

  • And here I though that maybe, just maybe, SCEE and SCEA would finally merge and work like a Steam or something.

    For me one of the most importnat issue is that SCEE should have new CEO. Jim Ryan proved to be just a hindrance for PlayStation family, so many products were released into void. Without a clear campaign and any goals.

    Why not just hire more capable people like James Armstrong? Look at how PlayStation is doing in Spain, not only PS4 is strong there but also Vita. That is one of the few people in SONY who openly admits that it was fault of SONY that Vita had hard time.

    Jim Ryan it is time to let go! SCEE clearly needs some major changes.

    It is silly that so many english only games are not released in many of EU countries ONLY because they don’t have metadata.

    It is ridiculous that PS Blog is in current state.

  • It would be awesome if by “Global” you meant, simultaneous release dates for everything. It´s infuriating to compare PSN Store between USA, UK and JAPAN and the rest of the world.

  • All good, but when are you finally going to fix all the PSN issues we’re getting since before Christmas, especially on PS3?

    – Being kicked out from the Download and Services lists
    – Random disconnections
    – Automatic download and Automatic update (and saves upload) not working
    – Download queue message appearing every time i turn on my PS3, even if have NOTHING in queue

    • IMHO. Problems with PSN on PS3 are nothing compared to the ones on Vita.

      Usualy I can’t even access the content I already bought. I need PC to make my Vita download games.

    • Huh, i forgot to say that the Download queue, other than showing messages when it shouldn’t (like i previously wrote), it doesn’t even work anymore because of this. So yeah, i have to get stuff from the PS3… and what if the Download List keeps kicking me out? There’s the PS3 store… but again, if the content has changed or been delisted, i’m screwed.

    • I’ve been having massive issues with the store on Vita. Disconnects and timeouts, mainly.

      I still believe the ‘problems’ on ps3 are partly just features getting removed deliberately from ps3plus.

    • … and you remove features by making them appear when they shouldn’t?

  • So now on exclusives games we have on the first screen Sony Interactive Entertainment presents? :) Good luck guys. I wish you the best for playstasion and to make things right for the playstation gamers

  • Nothing will change,especially in the scee region.

  • So what does this mean for the users? Here in Europe?

    Will we get more PS1 and PSP games and catch up with the North American Playstation Store? Will more PSP games work on the PSTV like in North America? And so on.

  • So, about the Vita, I’m assuming you’ve passed It on to another company, since given this announcement It’s clearly no longer part of the Playstation brand.

  • It’s time for PlayStation laptops and tv’s!. Consoles are dated.

  • Seem’s to be an awful big fuss about a name-change. Sounds like SCEE is changing only in name, so we will still be stuck with the same idle team who just seem to ignore all the problems we constantly have on the European servers.

    Like others, I had my fingers crossed this would mean services were being taken over by the american branch, at which point we may finally have some people who get things up on time, and actually address any problems that are ongoing.

  • Sounds awfully like giving an old child a new name.

  • I just hope this means it’s going to be easier for the developers to publish a game accross all regions and in one day. A lot of heat and anger is spilled on this blog just because of this complicated approach to Europe.

    Seems possible if this new corporation is a change to that direction…

  • And in this new company we have decided tooooo Get rid of the Vita as we have no interest in supporting it.

  • Cela veus dire que les devellopement de votre société sera grandement améliorer…

  • Hope this don’t mean more junk on my interface. it’s my ps4 you no, sort out library options don’t collect demo icon and don’t want to be tormented by plus only game witch I spent £60 on driveclub. #+/?#+#?

  • Can you add forum to PlayStation app.

  • Sort out picture on trailers not even SD quality in playstation store.

  • Please more games for PSVita… Your console have mores sales than Nintendo Wii U have and they are making games 4 the users and this year they will recive more games. PsVita is a great machine, please think about it…

  • Cool, can we change our name as well now then, or are you keeping all the fun to yourselves?

  • Store update post?
    If I remember correctly today is tuesday or don´t you post it anymore because of reasons (backlash about not announcing the prices of available content on it)?

  • Perhaps more answers on the forum generally!

  • So does this means we will finally merge the 500 European PSN’s in to 1?

  • Always in for more AAA exclusives. Has been a slow generation in my experience, need some more stuff.

  • Considering that Sony EU and Sony US are two entirely separate entities, what’s in it for us? Nothing.

  • @ryusennin ,
    Totally agree absolutely nothing !!!!! , a disgrace, nothings gonna change really for us in Sony EU , shame about most of the things in this particular blog , my ps+ just expired 2 weeks ago and keep getting plagued by Sony emails imploring me to come back and join in the fun , what I’m missing out on, WRONG ! , I’m saving £40 for an extra game that I’ll actually play, next gen , gimme a break, get some decent games after over two years + not crap ps+ games, useless apps, that most of us don’t want or need, and please MORE AAA games for the vita , taking our ££££££££ that’s all Sony EU cares about, give the players what we want, not what YOU THINK best for us

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