New map, vehicles and ranked play coming soon to Hardware: Rivals

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New map, vehicles and ranked play coming soon to Hardware: Rivals

Plus, an official SHAREFactory theme available for download now

Bombs have been dropped, missiles launched and railguns railed. Hardware: Rivals, the explosive, over-the-top, vehicle combat game launched earlier this month and we’re pleased to provide an update on just some of the free content and features that will be coming your way soon.

1.07 update

Today we are releasing our 1.07 update, which directly addresses some of the feedback we’ve received from the community and cranks up the dials on a number of systems. You’ll find weapons pack more of a punch, vehicles are faster, and there’s a bunch of new free add-ons to unlock and game modes to try out over the coming days and weeks! We’ve also added new control options to help players get to grips with Combat Driving.

Not only that, we’ve got two new vehicles for you to take for a spin: the Scarab FAV and Barbarian tank, coming with a full range of new skins and a fresh set of add-ons!


There’s a load more fixes and tweaks in 1.07 and you can find more detailed Patch Notes in the Official Forums.

Free SHAREfactory theme

And there’s more – the official Hardware: Rivals Sharefactory theme is now available for free today. With your video editing skills, use the official theme to show off your takedowns, lucky escapes and impossible shots in the style that they deserve.


We’ll be rolling out regular updates and next month we’ll be adding a host of new free content, including:

Ranked Play Seasons

Now that you’ve gotten a grip on the essentials of combat driving, it’s time to prove yourself in our upcoming Ranked Play Seasons. By defeating drivers of equal status, you will earn your stripes and rise up through the ranks. The higher you climb, the tougher it gets – with only the best of the best reaching the top. There will be new, exclusive add-ons and skins to earn each Season as you rank up.

Special events

The events calendar is filling up fast. This weekend, we’ll be running two special events, with brand new skins awarded to those who complete each event. There are plenty of mid-week and weekend events still to come, so get involved on the Official Community Forums and tell us what event you would like to see!

A lot of people having ben asking about new maps so here’s a quick teaser:

Mojito Bay

Looking for a lawless equatorial dictatorship where the launching of latest high-tech, black market ballistic weaponry is positively encouraged? Then Mojito Bay is just the place for you! Stalk your opponents through a rain-soaked naval yard in the shadow of a vast aircraft carrier, containing an experimental weapon system that every combat driver will want to try.


Hardware: Rivals is currently free for PlayStation Plus members this month, so be sure to download the game if you haven’t already. If it’s been a while since you last played, come back and give it another go!

We’ll be posting more details on this and other upcoming free content in the Community Forums. As always, we love to hear your feedback so keep the comments coming!


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  • An’t no rocket league.

  • I hope there will be new trophies.

  • Love this game and to think I nearly didant bother downloading as I’m not a big fan of multiplayer.Not enough maps though so glad to hear we are getting another one :)

  • I like this game much,but it is not possible to play with friends anymore. At the beginning every time i searched a game, my friends received an invitation, but now, that does not happen. Please fix that, it makes much more fun to play.with my friends.

    Also i would like to know why it is not possible to open a group with friends in order to search a game together? I’m say that, but that really sucks…. In every multiplayer-game i know, it is possible to invite friends into a group….

    Please fix that, the game is great, but if.i cant play with my friend together, the fun wont last long, it cant be that difficult…

    • And there is another thing i have to note….

      In some modes like domination (in german “herrschaft”), you stay in the lobby after the match has finished and another game will be searched and that is okay, but in team’deathmatch aftery every finished round, i go back the main menu, please fix that too and make sure that i everyone can play with his friends.if he want to, it still does not work.

      PS: The game is great and makes a lot of fun

  • I downloaded this game this month and I accept that more maps are good thing. But is one feature I like to have this game. Split screen multiplayer.

  • I tried it when it was first released and was almost impossible to get into a good game. Most of the time there were max 3 players in a session, or once I logged in and it was me against 3 other guys. So I guess I have not had the optimal experience yet, it shows potential but justr have not had any FUN with it yet.

  • Love this game takes me back to the original. Hardware online arena on the ps2 the first online game I ever played… When the hardware rivals beta come out I thought noooooo they have played around with the original game and messed it up.. But now the full game is out its awesome :)
    P.s. Still can’t get the challenge trophy :(

  • Great that you guys keep the game updated! One thing that bothers me, I sometimes get stuck in some never ending loop of “searching for a new game/loading screen”, I would like to have a “get back to menu” button as I for now have to quit the hole game and reboot it.

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