New discounts on PS Store: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, more

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New discounts on PS Store: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, more

Plus, deals on Dark Souls II, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Final Fantasy, more

The January Sale might be coming to an end but the savings continue here at PlayStation Store. Our regular Deal of the Week is back, as are Digital Discounts – but thrill-seekers should check out the Big Adventures, Big Savings promotion where you can pick up some great deals across a range of the very best action titles.

We’ve savings of up to 75% this week – just click on each title to see the discounted price in your region.

Deal of the Week: (until 27/01/16)

Big Adventures, Big Savings: (until 03/02/16)

Digital Discounts: (until 03/02/16),

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • No images and no prices could be understood, it was announced yesterday, sadly… but NO PLATFORMS at all? -_-

  • Okay, so not only are you not putting prices in the blog post, but you’re also not even putting platforms on it? Are you really trying to remove all utility from the post? Am I really going to have to visit a third party site for any kind of practical info on new releases and sales?

    • Probably, I mean Microsoft stopped doing the “New releases on Xbox Live” posts literally the week after Xbone released because they were terrified to show people that there were no games for the console (at one point in 2013 Xbone went a whole 13 weeks without a single new title, retail or digitally, but PS4 was still the console that was labelled somehow as having no games).

      People seem to forget that in 2013 Sony laid off quite A LOT of people from their Worldwide studios AND offices around the world. Some of these teams are just trying to make do with what they can. I knew some good people in the Dublin office that were let go too :(

    • 2013… it’s 2016 now.

  • I’m in agreement with the guys posting above, the lack of platforms is ridiculous!

    And it doesn’t say which ones get additional PS + discounts!

  • Maybe its some master plan to get rid of the blog altogether? Make it so useless that no one complains when its gone? xD

  • Nice discount. Even the fact that the prices don’t show on Blog here anymore doesn’t bother me, i think you should still list the prices here, that’s the correct attitude and the right way.

  • 1. Seems that as always SCEE team didn’t list everything. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness got 33% off
    2. Seems there is coupon for another 10% off the price (those with newsletter probably heard about it)

  • They’re ALL free?

  • I use now for all my PlayStation Store needs. It updates with new releases and sales prices many hours before the Blog is updated. It shows all the sales prices and how long they are discounted for, you can filter by region and you can also filter by system.

    It even gives the PS+ discount price and shows you whether a game has been on sale before and how a game’s price has changed since it launched.

    Much more useful than these updates are becoming!

    • Same here:

      EU PS Blog was never really top notch. But since Jawad left it just went to the dogs. PSPrices seems like a good alternative… even more that I get to know about sales even before PS Blog muster to write about them. I wonder… are they not ashamed?

      Recently I visit it only when I want to inform others about something that might be of a interest to someone.

    • To be fair, Jawad as also a pretty bad guy. He just help and answers to questions he liked and 90% of the time just completely ignore us. But yeah this Blog is useless now, just damn useless.

    • @RodrigoSharingan

      I can’t agree.

      It was thanks to Jawad that we learned about Freedom Wars being digital-only. When everyone around tried to make it steelth release… just like later on Oreshika.

      And it was actualy thank to Jawad that our lil campaign asking for Freedom Wars was successful.

      Nobody else bothered to say anything apart. “sorry to break it through, but it is digital only haha deal with it”

    • @Rodrigo: same with Fred lol.

    • Huh… I don’t agree.

      My post with explanation went to moderation team… so yeah… but the thing is… Jawad did help a lot in the past. For example he helped with Freedom Wars getting retail.

    • @Archacus: did you write the N-word (which is N O B O D Y, not that one used against black people)

    • @Archacus

      Jawad had a very similar taste in games to ours. Remember when he wrote about playing P4G and it turned out he had imported it from US?

      Jawad was also helpful with the whole Sly trilogy fiasco and had Sony call me to fix the issue.

      I also found both James and Ross helpful, but alas once again they were seemingly both into JP games. If I recall one of them achieved their first platinum from Yakuza 4.

      If I had been Ross with the whole CS:GO meltdown I would have quit on the spot – nearly 40 pages of people spewing vitrol and most were under the age of the game rating.

      I can state that since Nov 2010 the responses on the blog have become less and less but seeing as they don’t really answer posts any more they could at least apply more information in the store and sales post.

    • Unfortunately, doesn’t seem to list DLCs neither season passes.

  • There are far too many things here to click the link for each one – I really can’t be bothered to spend the time doing that. Looks like I’ll be buying less from now on.

  • OMG this post sucks, no prices, no platforms what the hell Sony!

  • Lack of pricing, plus discounts and platform aside, there are some good deals here. Time to finally buy the Bloodborne DLC.

    Atelier shallie for £8 is great as is Tales of Hearts for £10. And Final Fantasy 3 on PSP is a good remaster of the old DS game

  • Next week: the games listed aren’t links, you have to copy and paste the name into the PlayStation Store yourself.

    Next month: the full names of the games aren’t given any more, you only get the first three letters. There’s a discount on “Dra”. Does that mean Dragon Age Inquisition? Dragon Quest Heroes? Dragon Ball Z? We get the fun of figuring it all our for ourselves.

    Three months from now: Store updates and sales updates are just acronyms. On Tuesdays the update will just be “NGATTPSST” and we’ll be expected to know that this means “New Games Added To The PlayStation Store Today” and go hunt down the games ourselves. Wednesdays will be “SGPHBD”.

  • Wow. Fairly useless post there, not even format given. Why even bother, just type “sale, check the Web”next week then Sony.

  • Terrible format, but some good prices. For me:

    – bloodborne DLC £7.99
    – Everybodys gone to the rapture £6.79
    – Takes of Hearts R £10

    No bloodborne apology, but cheaper than £11.99 so I’m in.

    • Maybe this IS the apology? Or maybe they know that people will just find something else to complain about, so they don’t bother apologising? Anyway, welcome aboard The Old Hunters… :-)

  • Please..please..please bring GAUNTLET 1 and GAUNTLET 2 back in PS Store!

  • Ok, thats it, i give up on this Blog. This is ridiculous… no prices, no images, NO PLATFORM NOW. I seriously don’t understand what is your (all members of this blog) job, i just dont. There is NO excuse for such a lazy and shameless work from you guys. Whats the point of this blog now? Seriously… what is the point of this blog now?! You just come here to wright about something random, drop it and go party? SCEE is the worst.

    There is no excuse. Give your job to someone else or just completely delete this blog since there is faster and better sites that offer the same information, most of the time, even more precise then you guys.

  • The best game of the year, Bloodborne, with the best additional content of the year, Old Hunters, at the best price possible. A must have for everyone, can’t recommend it enough.

    Excellent deal, Chris :)

    • When I read posts like this I have to think of Colin Moriarty talking about Bloodborne’s “cringeworthy fanbase”.

    • You make it sound as if being passionate about the things we like were something shameful. What kind of boring life would be leading if we all were of that same thinking? I pity you if you think that way…

      Anyway, are you talking about the guy who says Mega Man 3 is the best game ever, aren’t you? If that’s the example you set, who or what’s cringeworthy now? :)

    • Being passionate about something is fine by me, but seeming to expect everyone to share your point of view as if it was the holy grail of video gaming is…well…I played through Demon’s Souls one and a half times, and while it was fun playing around with a Blue Blood Sword, there was nothing relevatory in it for me. Most “From Software games fans” would probably frown upon me, but I think one game of that kind is enough for me. I just don’t see the appeal of repeating something again and again, expecting a different outcome. It’s a rare book I read twice, I don’t like having to repeat myself.

    • Your negativity towards FromSoft games and their fanbase made you jump into erroneous conclusions. Nowhere in my post I said I expect people to share the same point of view than me. I recommended a game I like, nothing unusual for a gamer. And, apparently, I’m not the only one who likes and recommend it. Deal with it.

      If you are unable to see the differences between Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne you seriously have perception issues. Not surprising how you jump into conclusions..
      If one of something is enough for you, move on, let the rest of us enjoy whatever is yet to come and invest your time in more useful things, like finding a more appropriate game for your seemingly delicate gaming taste rather than criticising what others like. Protip for a happier, out of negativity, life.

      Don’t take my recommendation like something personal, it wasn’t aimed to you. I’m sure Bloodborne is way too hard for you :)

    • “Best game”, “best additional content”, “must have for everyone”? Well…

    • Not forgetting “I’m sure Bloodborne is way too hard for you.”

      It’s like a bunch of straight edge hipsters growing beards not because they like them but because hipster beards are ‘it’ and the have to be ‘it’, so they defend their beards with the most pathetic fake passion and arrogance one can imagine.

      And if you can’t see the similarities between Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne, you’re obviously deluding yourself.

      And if you don’t see those games are “way too hard” for everybody, by design, you’re delusional.

      I stopped playing Dark Souls 2, not because I ran into an enemy I couldn’t defeat, but because I got bored by the gameplay.

    • Say no more, Cronoss dude, I can clearly see frustration is the only real obstacle for you to enjoy FromSoft games. Hit the nail on the head. The rest are just excuses. I feel sorry for you, man.

      And you prolly can’t grow a nice beard either. What a scoop!

  • By the way: some people received a 10% voucher discount this past weekend trough their e-mail but I didn’t receive anything (and lots of people didn’t). What’s up with that ? Did those people who got a voucher did something special in order to get it, is it an exclusive offer, or are those vouchers being sent out in waves and is everyone getting one ? I’m planning om buying some items in the store, but if these discount vouchers are being sent out to everyone I’d rather wait a bit.

    • Well i also recieved an email on jan 12th saying my 5year PSPlus poster was shipped .. and i didnt receive that one either yet. Dunno whats up with everything at sony

    • Yes i got that email. I think its part of the random newsletter they have. Its a 10% code that ends on 21 Jan.

    • I just learnt about that after already getting what i was looking for, meh. I was more careful last year but hey, my newsletter wasn’t active at that time, yet… the discount code was posted here.

    • I received the code for 10% off but that may be tied to receiving notifications from PlayStation which announce sales or plus update or new items on store….oddly those e-mails are more informative than the blog

    • I did not get it either. I suspect it has something to do with the country as I also am subscribed to the emails.

    • I did subscribe again to the newsletter (to check if this is a different one), but I don’t think so.
      The last mail I got is from the 18th of January from

      I guess it is those emails?

      When I subscribed to the newsletter, I did not receive any confirmation, so I hope it works.

    • Well, I am subscribed to and receive all of Playstation’s mails and promotional newsletters and I know that several people from Belgium got a discount code, so why we didn’t get one is something I don’t understand.

    • Well, I already bought some stuff, so that costed me some money for sure. When did people get the email?

    • Other Belgians that got a discount mail received the mail with the code on saturday I think (the 16th), and the code was active untill monday (the 18th) at 1 AM Belgian time.

    • I certainly did not get any mail on the 16th of January. I got the email on the 15th with the 1-day extension and some email on the 18th that the january sale is about to expire.

  • Worst sale I have ever seen. Loads of previously PS plus games, loads of old games and loads of rubbish games.

  • Some great prices there especially on Bloodborne GotY and DLC, Wasteland 2 and Gone to the rapture.

  • Bloodborne The Old Hunters
    not bad

  • I don’t understand how the blog continues to become less useful even after bringing in new staff. Hardly any point even checking here now.

  • Why NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Deluxe is more expensive on Playstation Store (379 zł) than Xbox Store (308,99 zł) in Poland?

  • Keep it up Sony~! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OMG

  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters
    Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut
    Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition

    Those three should keep me going for a while

  • is fantastic! It’s my new go to place for err prices! Thanks for posting above.

  • @Fred & @Francesca
    Can anyone look into Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness?

    It shows that it is 33% off, but when I’m trying to buy it it shows full price.

    Either it is mistake and it shouldn’t show that it is discounted OR there it is discounted and doesn’t show the price properly.

    Can anyone fix it?

  • So when do these go live? Because that Bloodborne GOTY is a pretty sweet deal

  • I’d like to take advantage of some of those deals, but unfortunately Sony is still blocking the IPs my ISP uses, so I can’t access the store from home. And yes, I could buy something from my office through the web browser, but I refuse to buy anything from the store until SCE get their act together and unblock those IPs.

  • Hip hip hooray for Bloodborne,sony! It’s an offer what i just can’t refuse.

  • Hi Chris, a year back and then 6 months back I asked what had happened to the sorting system, where you use platforms like the PS1/2/PSP had gone. Have you received any answers yet if we can have that back?

    best Regards

  • not seen anyone mention Tales of Zestiria, is it worth it at £20? Haven’t played any of the series

    • You can get on of the older tales games much cheaper and decide if you like them from that. If you like one you’ll probably like them all.

    • I personally love the Tales games. Tales of Xillia is particularly good. Do you like action JRPG’s? The earning of titles provides incentive for new game + and not just for earning a platinum. Most trophies are tied to titles which kind of forces you to explore all moves etc with each character. If there any demos or trials on the store worth checking out or watch some vids of gameplay to see if it’s your type of game.

    • I don’t care about trophies or titles, but I liked Xillia, anyway. Xillia 2 was a bit mmmh. Not yet meh, but mmmh. But I crave a decent jRPG on my ps4, Sword Art Online re: Hollow Fragment is meh, and Omega Quintet is…okay, but nothing that grips me.

  • Ugh.. Always the same stuff and mostly at the same sales prices as the 20 times it was on sale before. Now they even seem to start adding PS3, PSP and even the PS2 remasters from PS3 regularly due to the apparent lack of something more modern.

    • Really? Hadn’t seen Tales of Zestiria, Wasteland 2 or that Bloodborne GOTY in the sales before.

    • I meant in general but I’m glad you found two things (that I never heard of tbh) that haven’t been on sales numerous times at the same prices. I also noticed them adding a lot of PS PLUS stuff lately -_-

  • Discount on Dissidia Final Fantasy, but not on Dissidia 012… Very disappointed.

  • Can’t you at least list the discount percentages? “Up to 75% off” can lead to mismanagement of expectations, when for instance the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Bloodborne discounts are in the 40-50% range, from where I’m sitting.

    On the new releases post, just listing the games is more defensible – for instance, the day Yakuza 5 was released, I didn’t care about its price, I just wanted to a) throw money at my screen, and b) start the download. And since prices of new games on PSN are often bad news, I can understand hiding them a bit.

    But in the case of a sale, some sort of advertising increases the effectiveness of the message. 75% off on a game with a base price of €10 (God Hand) is something you can communicate conservatively (€7,50 off!) or optimistically (75% off!), but today’s post (God Hand: cheaper!) does not succeed in communicating this great deal.

    I listed a wrong example in God Hand, but what happens is, a reader visits *one* link from this post, and if that link does not have a 75% discount but, for instance, a 25% discount, the message learned is: the 75% discount does not exist, this is a bad sale.

    And you don’t want that.

    tl;dr: the PR person who dictated this “no further details” policy is wrong.

  • In regards to the most recent update on PS Vita states game media is now part of the system software. Would you care to explain this?

    I get that Sony doesn’t want people playing Pokemon on the vita and otherwise hacking it. Fair enough.

    However as it’s always included in the TOS, about being used in the region for which it was intended (prior to including game media) Does this now refer to the importation of physical game media? Is this region locking by the back door? Game media for the vita isn’t just digital but physical as well.

    Will you please clarify this? I import a lot of games from Japan as I use them as learning tools (re: learning Japanese) and over half the people on my friends list also import games from Japan.

  • I see the platforms now, but couldn’t you at least put the percentage saving? Or is that different for each country too?

  • Oh, and i forgot to say, is anyone aware of the PSN issues on PS3? The Download Queue feature is broken, and apparantly the Automatic Update is broken, too. Been like that since late December.

    • Glad I’m not the only one to have noticed.

      I’ve resetted the PS3’s clock settings as per Sony’s instructions (it’s actually a very old bug which was never fixed), but this “cheat” didn’t solve anything. The PS3 just stopped auto-syncing trophies and saves since last month. Considering I pay my PS+ subscription mainly for autosync, this is inexcusable.

    • Pretty sure it’s not broken. Just purposely deactivated.

  • so i’ve just returned home to the UK after living in Australia and sold my aussie ps4 and aussie games before i left…. does anyone know if my bloodborne save file will work if i purchase the old hunters edition from this sale (was using my UK account in Australia, but game was Australian version)?

  • is this uk only?

    • You are aware this is the EU blog (which includes PAL regions in Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand)? It’s right there in the web address, not to mention that on every post it includes the flag of the country of the account.

  • So when do we get Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy (PS4) with discount like in the USA last week?

  • Add the damn prices, US does it in nice and clear chart. You got no good excuses SCEE.

  • Just treat these articles as a prompt to go to the store where you can filter platforms, see prices, pictures and sort the list. It really is much quicker anyway.

  • Hello there.

    I’ve checked this blog regularly for years now and I don’t think I’ve ever posted untill now.

    This new policy of not posting prices is daft and whoever came up with it needs to have a word with themselves. I can’t remember ever seeing a post on any site on the web listing items in a sale without stating the prices.

    It’s ridiculous.

    Here’s hoping you listen to the many voices of reason in the comments here and revert to a common sense approach of stating prices in all weekly store update posts.


  • If you guys aren’t going to make the effort to put prices up then i’m not going to make the effort to go and individually check the price of every game I may want. We all know 95% of discounts will inevitably be a at a price that’s still higher than it’s actual retail value.


      There are some decent prices that are below retail (wasteland 2 is £13.99 for example) and some above as usual.

  • “New discount on The Old Hunters”

    Conclusion: never, EVER buy again a Sony product on release day.

  • A discounts blog post without actual discounts in it? What kind of stupidity is this? SCEE is literally going to destroy this blog. We might as well just make US accounts and go to the US blog and let this place rot.

  • Thankyou for the Dark Souls II Season Pass

  • I understand it can be time consuming (and confusing because of all the currencies) to post all of the individual games on sale with full detail, especially as the number of games going on sale at the same time will become bigger and bigger as there’s going to be more and more content on the store.

    However, if that’s not possible, make sure that items that are on sale can be found easier on the store itself. Let there at least be a single point of entry where all price reductions are shown. Yes, I know about (and use) and it’s great, but there’s no reason why such functionality isn’t on the store itself. Now if I look in the Dutch store under ‘Sales and discounts’, then there’s six different categories and I have no clue which one was new or updated recently. So do I have to look through those lists every day to see if something new went on sale?

    Just a simple list of all discounted items, sorted by discount date, would be fantastic.

    Oh and also fix the sorting of price lists on the store, because sorting does not work well if a PLUS discount is present. The sort is done before the discount is applied.

    I really don’t understand why the store is soo barebones and badly organized. It could be a much much bigger source of revenue imo.

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