Frenetic twin-stick shooter NeuroVoider announced for PS4

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Frenetic twin-stick shooter NeuroVoider announced for PS4

Fight thousands of evil robots in this procedurally-generated roguelite

Imagine a world of robots partying after the annihilation of humankind. NeuroVoider will show you what this theoretical world would look like.

Play as one of the four remaining human brains kept as tests subjects in a futuristic world where machines have overpowered the human race. Lead humanity’s last hope against the Evil Robots lead by the master NeuroVoider.

NeuroVoider is an action-packed, top-down, twin-stick shooter featuring RPG mechanics. Playable with up to four friends cooperatively, it’s an hack ‘n’ slash rampage with a pinch of rogue-lite elements… and a bunch of explosions.

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You’ll play to loot and assemble parts of your robotic foes in order to build your own robotic entity to pilot. Fight your way through the oppression in a procedurally generated world with up to 8,736 unique enemies (Yes, we counted) and gigantic bosses that will hardly fit on your screen. A local multiplayer game about brains shooting evil robots with nuclear rocket launchers? This should ease your fear of robots, doesn’t it?

Oh! And to top it off, play over the sound of the powerful dark synth music by Dan Terminus. May your ears survive the beat.

A small team of shooter lovers

We are Flying Oak Games, a two-man team composed of Florian (the pixel magician) and Thomas (It’s me! I’m the “tech & other stuff” guy), and everything started around some pizza.


Before working on NeuroVoider, Florian and I had the habit to spend our Friday nights together playing some local multiplayer games like TowerFall, Borderlands, or Nuclear Throne. Playing with friends, all together on the couch with a slice of pizza is what we like the most in gaming!

Hence, we were quite obliged to create our own take on the four-player, action-packed style of game. NeuroVoider was born! Explosions, dark synth music, high replay value, and a good dose of difficulty to spend the whole night having a good time — alone or with a bunch of friends.

We’re looking forward to bring NeuroVoider to your PS4! Cheers!

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