New on PlayStation Store: Resident Evil 0, World of Tanks, Tharsis, more

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A Boy and his Blob, Inside My Radio and Croixleur Sigma also launch this week

It’s a busy week on PlayStation Store, with a number of big titles going live in the next few days. Look out for classic zombie action in Resident Evil 0; combat sim phenomenon World of Tanks, a fistful of independent gems in Tharsis, A Boy and his Blob and Inside My Radio; and a PS Vita release for Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.

One more thing: You’ll notice that we’re no longer listing prices in the weekly Store update, and the same will apply to regular sales and discounts posts, starting with the new promotion kicking off tomorrow. For pricing information applicable to your region, we ask that you click through the links to PlayStation Store. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

New games out on 19th January:

New games out on 20th January:

  • Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space (PS4)
  • Baseball Riot (PS4)
  • 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis (PS4)
  • Atelier Escha & Logy Plus ~Alchemists of the Dusk Sky~ (PS Vita)
  • Baseball Riot (PS Vita)

New PS4 DLC out on 19th January:

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

  • Streets of London Pack

World of Tanks

  • 850 Gold
  • 1250 Gold
  • 3000 Gold
  • 6500 Gold
  • 12000 Gold
  • 25000 Gold
  • Founder’s Pack 1
  • Founder’s Pack 2
  • Founder’s Pack 3
  • Founder’s Pack 4


  • Holiday Pack

Hardware: Rivals

  • SHAREfactory Theme

Resident Evil 0

  •  Complete Costume Pack
  • Costume Pack 1
  • Costume Pack 3
  • Costume Pack 4

Farming Simulator

  • Mod Pack

New PS4 DLC out on 19th January:

Fat Princess Adventures

  • AU! Yeah 10-hour Booster Pack
  • AU! Yeah 15-hour Booster Pack
  • AU! Yeah 5-hour Booster Pack
  • Super Awesome Hero Loot Pack!

Skylanders Superchargers

  • Boost Kit
  • Mega Kit
  • Super Kit

RockSmith 2014

  • Megadeth Song Pack II
  • A Tout Le Monde – Megadeth
  • Holy Wars? The Punishment Due – Megadeth
  • Peace Sells – Megadeth
  • Tornado of Souls – Megadeth
  • Trust – Megadeth

New PS4 DLC out on 22nd January:

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

  • Various Core Fighter Tatsunoko Mashup sets

Blazblue Chronophantasma Etend

  •  Arcade Item Stick Set

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store

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13 Author Replies

  • Francesca Mead ~ Can you please look into why Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (PSV) has been delisted? Maybe it’s just an error on your part. The DLC and Demo is there, but the game has gone missing. I bought it 6 months ago, and want to play it now, but there’s no way to download it.

    I also contacted Atlus about the issue.

    • It should be in your download list

    • @link1983 It is, but it does not work. Already tried that. Vita and PS3 download queue.

    • Yeah it’s missing, but Atlus has been notified. I just went to my download list on my Vita and starterd downloading, so at least that works for me.

    • @Mazyx – As I said, I can’t do it. Icon is blank, and nothing happens when hitting download. Not to forget going through a 2000+ download list on the vita is a pain when it randomly gives you an error to boot you out. I tried before I contacted Atlus which was last week.

    • That’s really strange. Mine also had a blank icon but the download is working. When was the last time you tried?

      And I got there on my first attempt on my Vita download list, which is nothing short of a miracle with all those timeout errors haha

    • I looked into this and it has now been fixed :) Let me know if you have any other issues.

    • Francesca – It is there now. Thank you so much! :D

  • Any news on when Gone Home will be out?

  • Where is Gone Home? Please don’t tell me it’s going to end up like Counter Strike: GO/Super Street Fighter II HD Remix where the EU release is totally forgotten about despite it being released in the US without issue on PS4 and worldwide on Xbox!

  • “One more thing: You’ll notice that we’re no longer listing prices in the weekly Store update, and the same will apply to regular sales and discounts posts”

    Why though?

    • I would guess it’s because of the fairly large pricing disparity between regions under the “EU” territory. Not the sort of thing a business wants to highlight.

    • I noticed u also stopped with the pictures with the games ? Kinda weird US store does this so pretty.

      Nice colums with sale prices .. pretty pictures with every game (even movies and albums)

    • lol this is getting worse and worse…

    • Because the prices are a joke, and they’re no doubt pulling same BS price ratio they don’t want the masses to see.

    • So now store posts are just a set of links for games they have told us nothing about. Not even a picture or pirce as a hint… guess advertising is unheard of by Sony.

      As for the concept of a sales post with no prices, what’s the point? I’ve picked up a few cheap games that I hadn’t heard of before after checking them out because I’ve seen they have a low price. If there are no prices here and the store takes ages to navigate via the net, I just wont bother. If this carries on I may just be driven to thinking of xbox for the first time ever.

    • Fortunately, we now have that provides all the information that this blog does not. All discounts (not just a selection), the prices, AND a history of the prices, so you can check whether the discount is actually a discount or not.

  • (been asking this for 2 weeks or so :p )

    since SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit! is in the january sale,

    will u ever do the ‘Gessen X Hebijo DLC and Soundtrack’-dlc pack on sale too? its 9.99 still .. twice as much as the game is now in the january sale.

    Plz put this dlc pack on sale since its 50% of the full game kinda.


  • do you have any news regarding towerfall on vita? its been more than a month since it was released on US…


  • Should someone ask for it:

    Rebel Galaxy will – according to the devs – release next week:

    • The game was released on pc i had to wait for the ps4 version…
      The game was released on the US i had to wait for the european version…
      The game was released on some countries in europe i had to wait for my country version…

      Meanwhile on pc the game already has a 33% discount. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Will Shutshimi ever be released in Europe?

  • I’m waiting for the release of Rebel Galaxy and as many others apparently Gone Home. Both are out in the US. Any news on those two games?

    • Rebel Galaxy is out on the Store, it released on 15/1/16.

    • According to the Dev-Team Rebel Galaxy will release on 25th/26th of January in non-english speaking parts of Europe ;-)

    • “Rebel Galaxy is out on the Store, it released on 15/1/16.” – It’s not and it didn’t.

    • When reporting that a title is missing, could you please be specific as to which Store you are referring to? The game is available in the UK store, which is what I was confirming.

    • Heh yea this is still the european blog .. not the UK one (i think .. seems like it sometimes)

    • So this is the UK blog now? lmao

    • Well I (we) thought, that the little country flags in the right corner of our posts would indicate clearly which store’s we are referring :)…

      But yeah, the game is out in UK store, but not in countries not english-speaking ;-). It will take another week according to the game makers..

    • Why do people have to be rude idiots? Learn to speak to people properly.

    • The frustrations here are warranted but the attitude & tone here is disgraceful.

      The people who issue & adminstrate PS Store updates have a lot to deal with so many markets and games. Could you not give them some slack here?

    • I agree here, if people want to know about a specific store then they need to state which store. The little flags aren’t always representative of which region someone is in, as most blog users know from previous comments.

    • @jamie-sixtyfour: Don’t they get paid to do their jobs? I’d assume if that is the case they should be expected to do it properly. But I concur, the language gets a bit drastic here at times.

      But, I think as a european blog it’s taking an easy route to just refer to one country in Europe and putting the blame for a not very helpful answer on the customer.

      “It’s out in the UK and other countries will follow shortly.”
      Even that would’ve been a more considerate answer.

    • In most lines of work abusive “customers” would not be dealt with. Quite rightly when they are rude and aggressive.

      The Blog team don’t have all the answers all the time and…..shock horror…..can make mistakes. Doesn’t mean they have to put up with abusive petulant children.

    • so when is Rebel galaxy coming to the non-english stores?

    • @erte4_as-x

      Just look at the answers… it’s coming next week.

  • I like the way the PlayStation Store Blog becomes a little more cryptic each week. This week we would like you to spend more time clicking links to see the price. Next week we will not post the store update, it’s up to you to look on the store to see what’s changed. Come on guys, we know you need the clicks but this is simple stuff!

  • Still no InFamous avatars, right? :(

  • Hi Francesca. Can you please explain us why here in Europe we have not Organ Trail and Towerfall for psvita?
    On twitter I read that Organ Trail has pegi and towerfall is already out on ps4 so I can’t understand why…

    Anyway is fantastic all the announced vita games, I hope that you psbloggers will write about vita more than last year. Thanks for all ^-^

  • This new policy of not putting prices on these posts is annoying. I come to the blog so that I can see the prices and the items that are released, or on sale.

    Now I may as well just go to the store and find them myself, it seems almost pointless to say anything other than “there’s a sale on!” in a post, if we have to go to the actual sale page ourselves to see the prices. It’s a small thing, putting up two prices doesn’t take that long if you’re organised (hell, other members have done it for you before no more than 20 minutes after you pot the lists)

    But it just seems like one more step towards Sony Europe being a lazy company, that cares nothing for their loyal fan base, because they have a company motto of “4 the players” and a working motto of “Lets do nothing… 4 the players”

    • more like “Let’s PLAY nothing 4 the players”, just to add more fuel to the fire.

    • They want you to go to the store instead so you will not see the BS price differences.

    • @KylieDog

      Pretty much….what’s absolutely fascinating is the way SCEE operates. They seem to think that when they removed the link to the US blog that somehow people neither bookmarked that blog or googled it or whatever search engine people use. That we wouldn’t know what the US vs EU gets and the prices.

      Then when they realised people could use same search engine to look at the US store they then tried to make it that by clicking on any link on US blog would bring (in my case GB) store and a content not available page. Fortunately most people know how to input words into a search engine and circumvent this.

      They now seem to think that by not including prices or even images and leaving off content of other systems (PS3 and Vita) that they would somehow negate any negativity. A bit like sweeping things under the rug and hoping no one will notice. Sorry but it’s not the 1980’s and we aren’t male teens swiping our fathers dirty magazines and hiding them under the bed. We have this wonderful thing we all use…psst the internet.

      As annoying as this is to us, let’s think of the devs who have spent months if not years creating games that the company who should be telling their customers about the product along with prices can’t be bothered to pass along that info….you know the jobs that are dependant on the sale of their product. If I was a dev I wouldn’t be concerned with releasing anything on PSN.

      Then there are the sales..somewhat hinted at and yet it’s hard to decipher what sales are new and what has been on sale for the last couple of weeks. I have an eidetic memory but I’m not wasting it to remember stuff I don’t want to buy.

      No wonder there have been so many SCEE employees arriving and leaving the blog, working for them must be akin to sawing ones head off with a chainsaw.

  • No pricing..what a genius idea! Now people can’t complain when there being ripped off against other regions.

  • Also, adding to my post above, not having the price really changes wether the game is a full price or PSN game. So I’m tending not to click on any if I’m not sure what the game is? Shame. You will see sales diminish.

  • “One more thing: You’ll notice that we’re no longer listing prices in the weekly Store update, and the same will apply to regular sales and discounts posts, starting with the new promotion kicking off tomorrow. For pricing information applicable to your region, we ask that you click through the links to PlayStation Store. Our apologies for the inconvenience.”

    You can’t be serious.
    Last year we were promised that the blog posts would IMPROVE, not this.

  • Any news on when INSIDE by Playdead Studio;s will be out?

  • No Rock Band DLC again?!

  • I do not blame you for not showing these prices. We got bunch of indie games from 11€-20€. I love indie games. And I do buy them. Mostly for my Mac because prices on Sonys PS4 and Vita are ridiculous. And I didn’t buy PS4 so I could play Galaxy Invaders over and over again in new forms. This generation for console gaming is just bad.

  • Hi,Why is A Boy and his Blob is not available in Saudi Arabia :(

  • Does anyone know what happened to the single player version of Uncharted 3 that was part of the instant game collection? I can’t seem to find it on the store or my download list.

    • Contact the Customer Support immediatly, give them all your data (including WHEN you “purchased” it) and they should give it back to you within a month or so (if you’re lucky)

    • Just checked my download list on my phone and it was there alongside the 2d Movies and 3D Movies downloads.

    • But can you find it if you search the store (not your download list)?

      Just checked there and no luck :(

    • Can’t see it when I’m searching the store and but it’s there in my download list with the option to download to my PS3.

    • @Marko: the SP version (i.e. the entry itself in the Store) was delisted ages ago due to it being replaced in the IGC. There’s only the GOTY and the (free) MP part to purchase as far as i know. Like i said, contact the Customer Support, or install the PSDLE script on Greasemonkey (if you’re using Firefox or whatever), generate a list, and search it from there. If it’s still not there, contact them immediatly.

    • Will do :) Thanks!

  • Shouldn’t there be a vita version for A Boy and his Blob

  • Awesome, I love the new, simple, concise, quality-over-quantity look of the Store Update! THANKS SONY I LOVE YOU

  • Why is tharsis £12.99 when it is $13.49 US and $13.49 CAD? That’s £9 or £6.75.

    They have also got a discount to drop the price to $11.99… So even cheaper.

    Why are we constantly paying over the odds?

    • And this is why the prices are no longer displayed.

    • Same question. I’m really interested in Tharsis, but the ridiculous pricing differences and the US discount force me to wait, maybe even until it’s actually discounted at a later time. If I wait now to see if anything happens I can wait until something happens.

  • Hi Francesca, do you know if Tharsis will have any kind of launch discount like in the US? Want to know if I should wait for that

  • Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty for the Vita should be cross-buy with the existing PS4/PS3 version, but it’s not currently showing as such. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon

    • I was able to “purchase” it for free because I already own New ‘n’ Tasty on PS4, so I believe.

    • Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty for Vita should appear as ‘free’ on the Store for those who already own it for PS3/PS4. It is displayed as a separate product, but should still be free to those who own the other versions of the game.

  • I hate to complain but I have to agree with those doing it about this new no prices listed in the Store updates and sales blog posts policy. I use this blog as my main source on information on new releases and sales. Pricing is a vital information for me to decide whether something is worth to be gotten or not. Seeing that valuable part of the information go will surely have a negative impact in both, the sales and the activity in this Blog.

    I’m aware of the difficulties of having to deal with so many regional markets but arranging a list with no pictures and no pricing for the items is not what we are used to, and it’s not what we expect from an official channel like this that, supposedly, would want to make their products as attractive to the costumers as possible.

    If it’s a matter of time, please, delay the blog post until all the necessary info to show your products as they should is ready to go. Personally, I’d rather see the complete blog posts some hours later than -sorry in advance for the word I’m going to use- early half-assed blog posts.

    What has been decided is counterproductive and definitely a step in the wrong way. I’m sure there’s a lot of work behind these blog posts but decisions like this make no good to them and to the official blog as a whole.

    Hope you guys reconsider it, Francesca.

    • If SCE people think we will check every link to see the prices, they will have a sad surprise, I will only check the games most anticipated, so I foresee I will miss some deals that, given the proper visibility, maybe I would buy…

      That’s some kind of measure taken from lazyness or short manpower… but it´s definitively a step back on the blog’s quality…

      think about it

    • Actually I couldn’t have said this any better myself. The prices are a main part of this blog. To no longer include them would definitely dissuade me from coming back here too much anymore. Not in a spitting dummy out of the pram way, just literally I don’t see the need if I can’t see the prices. It’s a very confusing and backwards step to say the least.

  • Well the blog was pretty helpful in the past but looks like those days might be over.

    Check out instead. Faster, more accurate and it actually works and is on time.

    Shame on you SCEE

  • – Store update published with no prices listed, people are encouraged to check the store instead
    – everyone opens multiple tabs to check the prices of various things they’re interested in
    – store collapses under the weight of traffic, displays a ‘loading’ screen interminably

    Good job all!

  • “One more thing: You’ll notice that we’re no longer listing prices in the weekly Store update, and the same will apply to regular sales and discounts posts … Our apologies for the inconvenience.”

    Well you could just keep putting the prices on the posts instead of apologising, only costs a few more characters per line. Unless you’re apologising for the lack of transparency in your region pricing for product and content, that would make more sense..

  • May as well pack the blog in now, as above – it used to be really helpful but soon it’ll be just a blank page the rate they’re going. I know EU is harder because of the territories but surely that’s just incentive to hire another member of staff to help the workload? People want information in one place rather than hunting for it.

    • Funny part is, Francesca IS supposed to be the “another member of staff to help the workload” after Chris Howe’s apparent departure… sometimes i miss that guy. Sure, his blog posts had severe issues most of the times, but hey…

    • She is really picky by just answering the really simple questions though .. and not even with complete info (look at rebel galaxy reply)

    • Cheers for the response Fred, I get you guys are in a tight corner at times. I’m just fond of how useful the blog posts used to be :) Hopeful you’re remedies pay off! :D

    • @Fred “makes this site less useful?”
      Why did you made it in the first place at all this site goes downhill as we speak why should I come back to this `more or less official source` when there is no pricing displayed whether it is a “sale” or a store update?

      I want an explanation why you changed it the way you changed it!

    • So how about answering about Bloodbornes dlc price then, Fred? A Sony published title…………

      Yeah, thought as much..

    • Thanks for the update Fred, but I really don’t know what to think about this. Someone is forcing you to remove prices from the blog? i don’t get it.

    • Thanks for your answer Fred, definitely the blog is going down… do what you can to amend it.


    • sure, Fred is reading our comments… but you ignore certain questions we made ages ago, too.

    • @godheit — Read between the lines; it sounds like this change wasn’t Fred’s idea, or decision.

    • Yes the prices not being immediately visible is not ideal but it’s one click to find out the price, not a big deal, but it is a bit unfair to criticize Fran, when all she’s doing is answering questions people have asked. More questions seem to be answered here now than before so that is a big step in the right direction, keep at it guys, we do appreciate your efforts :)

    • Yeah, the answers… we can’t share this, we can’t share that. Really useful answers :(

    • lol @ Fred’s deleted replies. this is getting asinine…

  • Can we please have a section for PS2 games?

  • Blog is useless without the prices. Add them back and stop crapping on SCEE customers. The US doesn’t have to deal with this poor treatment and that blog is really useful for updates and sales.

  • Next week’s blog:

    Hey, some new games are out this week! We don’t know their names or the exact dates, but keep checking the store! Maybe there will be sales too, who knows!

    See you next week!

  • Hey is there any word on the mirrors edge theme coming to europe? specifically the UK/IRE store

  • Will Earth Defense Force on the 12th of February come to the PSN and/or Retailers ? (German Store)

  • Or perhaps they are not listing the prices so we don’t know when we are being overcharged ‘by accident’ so then we don’t ask for refunds and Sony can con us out of more money without us knowing. A spot of transparency Sony would be nice for once

  • Do you guys plan on letting us change the country on our accounts? I started my PSN account on my home country, and I’ve been living in a different one for a few years now. It’s usually OK, but I always have trouble with TV apps and so. I can download my home country apps, but of course they don’t work; however, I can’t download the apps from my current country. Yeah, I know your advice is starting a new account, but I don’t want to lose the digital games I had on my account, the username or the hassle of having to add all our friends again. I’m pretty sure there’s a reason not to go free for all on this, but I have all the documents you want proving I’ve moved for real…

    • You could use a second account just to download the tv apps and your current one to carry on playing games (unless your on vita).

    • Yeah, it’s what I usually do, but they should change this policy (even MS have done it). Thanks for your answer, though :)

    • And you really think anyone’s gonna care about that? Well, maybe if they can charge you for it.

    • Well, I know they probably won’t listen, but it’s worth it to at least voice our concerns. BTW, I want to use a French TV service and I’ve successfully download the app. However, it seems like I’ll just have to keep a different account with my card details to be able to pay for the subscription and actually use the app… Sigh.

  • Wow, Store blogs are getting even more useless and even worse. No prices or images now? What’s going on here?

  • Sorry, but where’s Towerfall for PSVita? It’s already mid January and the game is still missing in Europe.

    • I don’t have any news about this currently – we will let you know as soon as the developer has submitted the game and we have a release date pinned down.

  • This company has reached a very inconceivable level of laziness.

  • Any idea when Digimon: Cyber Sleuth will be available to pre-order on the PS Store?

  • Give it time and i wouldn’t be surprised to see the store update post replaced with a post that just says “check the store if you want to know what’s new,what more do you want from scee xoxo”

    • Another problem is that there is not a properly working store where we can check for prices and info. The layout and organizations are a complete mess.

  • Sony really are getting complacent in the EU..

  • Similar to some other reports, I cannot see full version of FEZ on my download list. It was available over PS+ and now only Trial version is marked as purchased. Why is that?

  • I’m not even excited by new blog posts anymore. It’s really gone downhill both in quality and service.

  • – no price listing
    – not even a picture

    This makes it harder for me to care about new games I may have never heard of. Unless, of course, the pricing differences between each region is such a joke, you guys would rather people ignore them completely.

  • One more thing: As you noticed we are lazy as hell, and we don’t bother ourself with sale blog posts or listing prices in the weekly Store update. For any information we ask that you click ot any other website. Our apologies for the inconvenience, but we don’t care about you.

  • Anyone got any Idea when Croileux Sigma Is coming out on Vita In the UK?

    • The Vita version of Croixleur Sigma is currently unavailable in all regions (not just EU). We will update if there are any changes.

    • Thanks for the Info Francesca, hope It didn’t come off as too ‘complainy’.
      Was just curious to see If anyone had some Info I couldn’t find about It’s release.

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