How does Resident Evil 0 tie into the rest of the RE series?

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Get ready for the upcoming re-release with a quick history lesson

In 2002, Resident Evil 0 unveiled to the world a new, previously unexplored chapter in gaming’s greatest survival horror series. As we move into the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil this year, we are proud to revisit the series’ roots with you all and today this beautifully remastered version of the prequel chapter makes its PlayStation debut on both PS4 and PS3!

Of course, the world of Resident Evil is a big one, filled with grand conspiracies and complex relationships. So to bring you up to speed, I’d like to give you a taste of just a few of the ways that the story of Resident Evil 0 ties back into some of the other mainline games in the series.

RE0 and the original Resident Evil

First and foremost, Resident Evil 0 is a direct prequel to the first game in the series. It takes place the day before the famous Mansion Incident and leads directly into those events.

If you’ve seen the intro of the original RE, you’ll know that the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team was out searching for signs of their compatriots, Bravo Team, who disappeared during their mission to investigate a series of murders occurring in the suburbs of Raccoon City.

In Resident Evil 0, you start out on that ill-fated mission, as you take on the role of S.T.A.R.S. rookie cop Rebecca Chambers. It’s not going to be an easy 24 hours for her or her circumstantial partner, convicted murder Billy Coen, before the events of the first RE game take place.


Trivia: This actually makes Rebecca the very first S.T.A.R.S. member to see a zombie and live to tell the tale. She’s quite a trendsetter!

RE0 and Resident Evil 2

The biggest thread that Resident Evil 2 shares with RE0? Dr. William Birkin. In RE2, Birkin serves as the main antagonist, the evil genius behind the G-Virus. In Resident Evil 0, you learn that he and his co-conspirator Albert Wesker were working behind the scenes, incidentally making life difficult for Rebecca and Billy. You also get to learn a bit more about his backstory with Umbrella, mainly what a snake he is.



RE0 and Resident Evil 5

There are also ties to Resident Evil 5, though in this case non-canonically. The new RE0 game introduces Wesker Mode, which you can access by beating the main campaign once. In this mode, you have the opportunity to play as an Uroboros-enhanced Albert Wesker, based on his RE5 appearance and abilities. Why that version? Well, in the spirit of goofy bonus modes like ye olde Tofu mode, we wanted a really overpowered character, and who’s more overpowered than a self-proclaimed god?


So now that you have an idea of how Resident Evil 0 fits in the larger RE universe, this is a great time to see where it all began. The HD release, featuring remastered visuals and sound, options for new and classic controls, and the all-new Wesker Mode, is available for download today on PS4 and PS3. If you prefer physical discs, you can also pick up Resident Evil Origins Collection for PS4, which includes both this game and the Resident Evil HD remaster. Now turn out the lights and get ready to experience the origins of Resident Evil!


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  • And I hope for your sake Capcom that you learn (just like with Resident Evil REmake Remastered) that we will actually buy games off you when you give us something we actually want.
    That is, make the RE 2 Remake a Pre-rendered background RE game with the smooth tank controls that fit a fixed camera angle game like that.

    • But at least you make it easy. I knew 10 seconds into seeing the reveal for RE6 back in 2012 that I wouldn’t be touching it ever. Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I will be instantly buying it because it has the RE name on it.
      Actually just cancel that Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps right now. I bet a lot of you forgot about that game. :) I had to google the title of it there.

    • I agree completely with you. Not really liked Resident Evil since 4. I did not like the gameplay from 4 onwards. I did sort of enjoy Resident Evil Operation Racoon City. Mostly due to co-op with friends. Hence why am semi looking forward to Umbrella Corps.

      I just bought 0 today but I have not tried it yet. I also hope they remake RE2 properly (fixed camera ect). None of this over the shoulder rubbish. I would also like to see a return to the outbreak series. I really loved playing Outbreak File 2 online on PS2.

  • “Going in to take down some flesh eating zombies; better make sure my head, neck and arms are fully exposed!”

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