23 new PS3 titles added to PlayStation Now today

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23 new PS3 titles added to PlayStation Now today

Bringing the library of available games to 150 in total

Hello and Happy New Year from everyone on the PlayStation Now team! We’ve got a fantastic update for all our PS Now subscribers in the UK – you can now get your hands on 23 newly-uploaded titles, bringing the total of playable games up to 150!

Play critically-acclaimed franchises like Borderlands and Bioshock, as well as some of the hits that may have you passed you by:


If that’s not enough for you, then we’ve got way more to come in 2016, with regular uploads of your PS3 favourites throughout the year. Can’t wait to see what’s coming? Here’s a sneak peek at next month’s additions:


If you’re not a subscriber yet then there’s no better time to join the gaming revolution – get your one week free trial today by heading to PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS4 to download the PlayStation Now app, browse the games available and start streaming your favourite PS3 titles straight away. Once you’ve enjoyed your free trial, you can continue to experience the freedom to play for just £12.99 per month.

No PS3 or PS4? No problem. You can also access PS Now via PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV and select compatible Sony Blu-ray players and Sony Bravia TVs. Just connect your Dualshock 4 controller to one of those listed devices to take your gaming to another dimension.

Oh, and if your New Year’s resolution was to unlock as many platinum trophies as possible, this is the app for you. With PS Now we’re giving you full trophy support, so anything you earn whilst streaming will be added to your pre-existing war chest.

Happy gaming!

P.S. To those of you outside of the UK, we’re working as hard as we can to extend the service further afield and we’ll have more news for you in the future.

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  • Bioshock was my first platinum on my old account. Might have to pop back in and get it again as the game is fantastic.

  • Can we have a list of them please?

  • Nice. I’m really loving PSNow on my vita. I do wish you’d have a similar one year subscription deal that the US got.
    One question, for borderlands 1 and 2, are they the game of the year versions with all DLC?

  • Hi but I just wanted to no like how we get the PlayStation now (I do not own due to Internet not good enough) but I own some ps now games I was just wondering if those games are on ps now we should be able to download them the ones I already own just an idea that’s all

  • It’s great to see that PlayStation Now UK is finally being supported more.
    You’ve shown us next month’s titles (which look great!) so can we expect monthly updates from now on like the U.S.?

  • “You can also access PS Now via PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV and select compatible Sony Blu-ray players and Sony Bravia TVs. Just connect your Dualshock 4 controller to one of those listed devices”

    This makes it sound like you can connect a DS4 to a Vita, is that correct?

    Might sign up for the free trial next month and see how many Lego plats I can crank out in a week…

  • Is PS NOW available for PS3 too? Hopefully it releases in every country of Europe!

  • I’m loving PSNow at the minute, the ability to take your old PS3 saves with you is a genius move as I had to delete a few beloved things off the PS3 to make room.

  • Why not the oldest ps4 games PlayStation?

  • Man i am so pumped about receiving PS Now in Sweden. Just hope that it actually works out well for us.

    • We in Sweden have the best internet connection in Europe.
      I personally get 250 m up 250 m down. Remote play has never failed me even from other countries. It’s insane!
      Ps now is going to work flawlessly in Sweden and I can’t wait till I can play these ps3 on my vita on the go.

    • Exactly, I thought that it would think as well. We need it in Sweden, just as much as in the US or UK. Do your best PS, we know you can make it happen :)

  • What I’m looking for is PS Now games being added to our monthly PS+ instant game collection. That would be awesome! Also, PS+ subscription discounts.

  • Any chance of getting some Yakuza on to Now?

  • Can someone remind me why i have to pay for games i already own again? for the privilege of playing on my ps4? Even though i have spent over £2000 with Sony on games and consoles in the past 5 years…hmm?

    • This isn’t forcing you to pay for anything, if you’ve already spent that money and have all those games then great, play them on your PS3 that you bought them for. I really don’t see what is difficult to understand about this.

      This is an optional, multi-platform streaming service. You subscribe or rent and get access to a huge number of games. Its not forced and its not for everyone. Its also not expensive, especially for someone bragging about the thousands they spend on games so I doubt this would be a drop in the ocean to you. But thats a different matter entirely.

    • Not even mentioning the crappy video compression and the inevitable input lag.

  • I really want to subscribe to PSNow but I will not in its current state. We get less than half of the games available than the U.S and we pay more? That is a joke. Sort this out, the U.S currently have over 300 games to stream which is more than twice our 150 and they pay considerably less. Give us a £79.99 per year option similar to the Americans $99.99 per year and I will happily throw in my money until then no thanks.

    Stop treating your biggest market (EU) as second class Sony.

    • I would love to hear some kind of response to this but I doubt I will considering my past experiences with posting on this blog. I want to buy into PS Now, I really do, but I can’t when we are so obviously an afterthought that literally pays more for less.

    • Best thing is, the $99.99 per year renews itself every year so I have PSNow for $99.99 every year. I have screenshots of the Terms and Conditions and Sony commenting confirming this fact. I can guarantee if you guys get a limited deal like ours they will make sure it won’t renew for the same price hahaha.

  • No expecting much in the way of a response but where are the plans to bring PS Now to other countries?

  • Would love to see this service come to Ireland

  • Will we get to see any old CODs added, really wouldn’t mind a blast on World at War or Modern Warfare again :)

  • I would use PlayStation Now more often if more games were available. It would be good to see the Yakuza series on it. Yakuza 5 especially since releasing as a PS3 exclusive when the PS4 has been around for 2 years isn’t helping that game.

  • Please please could you add resident evil 4 as this is one of my favourite and if not the best resi games. Thanks.

  • So when is this service coming to Sweden? Why can’t you release PS Now in all regions at the same time? Besides, Sweden has the fastest internet speeds in EU, so it would’ve been smart to release it here already…

  • I’m really enjoying PS Now on my Vita, with a handy L2/R2 grip thing. Happy to see some more games for us in the UK, hopefully we can catch up to the USA. An annual subscription would be nice too.

    Would be nice to see other countries getting the service too.

  • Destiny, crew and elder scrolls should be PlayStation now games, They are all streamed.

  • Tried the trial, liked the service but £12.99 is steep. If there was a discounted yearly option like there is in the US, depending on price I’d consider it.

  • I’ve found some gems on ps now. Finished God of war 3 and shadow the collosus via the service and absolutely love The Pipeteer.

  • Tried it,liked it. Unsubscribed after 2 months as it doesn’t offer good value for money at the moment (at least in my eyes). Now, if the whole catalogue was available for a yearly sub I’d throw my money at it. On another note when will Sony add external HD support? I’m sick of continually changing my hard drive.

  • Ps now hahaha why to make ps4 backwards compatible when you can make money again on same titles .
    And please if you believe that wasent possible , think again microsoft did it .

  • yes I totally agree with you ants I had now to get one classic game. xcom enemy series.
    but for price of the subcription is a micky take as xbox compatiably is free to use. so will not be using now until they either reduce the price or give a better deal

  • yes i would also like to know when a better hard drive will be released as brought a internal one from a certain store but could not get the dam update to locate on ps4. so took it back

  • Any idea when we will be seeing the 5 PS3 Assassins Creed titles for Playstation Now in Europe/The UK please? Huge fan of the games – consider yourself having another subscriber as soon as they’re available…

  • Do we get to keep the games, or are the streamed, so were just paying to rent them?

  • Why are some titles still set as ‘individual rent only’ rather than included in the monthly sub option. Not great if your payin a monthly fee only to discover the game u really fancy playing you would have to pay a rental ONTOP of your £12.99 fee !!! All games for rent need including in the subz option sony – do that and im in!!

  • I’d still like to see a complete (up-to-date) list for the PlayStation NOW UK games. It seems SONY is so secretive about this. Since I don’t know which games are in (and if they are permanent or not) and about the fees I am still very reluctant getting this/trying it out. It seems a lot especially when it says: “(…) Or sign up for an all-you-can-play subscription (£12.99/month fee) to gain the freedom to enjoy *A SELECTION* of the best games on PS NOW.”

  • Hi guys, I can’t wait to get PS Now on my PS4. I’m from the Netherlands and left completely in the dark. I read a lot of comments about some games being in the whole PS Now package and some just for individual rent(?), what can I imagine about the prices for these individual rentable games?

  • I would really love to see Ni No Kuni on this list. That would sign me up.

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