New on PlayStation Store: Amplitude, Hardware: Rivals, World of Tanks beta, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Amplitude, Hardware: Rivals, World of Tanks beta, more

Plus, Mike Bithell’s stealth adventure Volume sees a PS Vita release

Happy New Year everyone! Ready to get started on another epic year of gaming? Kicking things off for 2016, we’ve got Amplitude, Trine Trilogy, the second World of Tanks beta weekend and a PS Vita release for Mike Bithell’s acclaimed stealth adventure Volume. That’s not all though – your January PS Plus games are available to download as of today, including intense multiplayer action in the brand new Hardware: Rivals!

If all that’s not enough for you, then check out our January Sale, which continues this week with new savings on great titles across all three platforms.

PlayStation StoreOut this week


  • Hardware: Rivals
    (Out 05/01/16)
    (Free for PS Plus Subscribers)

  • Super Toy Cars
    (Out 05/01/16)

  • Amplitude
    (Out: 06/01/16)


  • Zotrix
    (Out 08/01/16)

  • Trine Trilogy
    (Out 08/01/16)

  • Alien Shooter
    (Out 08/01/16)


  • Hyper Void
    (Out: 08/01/16)

  • World of Tanks beta
    (Out: 08/01/16)
    Free of Charge

  • Act It Out! A Game of Charades
    (Out: 08/01/16)



  • Alien Shooter
    (Out: 08/01/16)



  • Volume
    (Out: 06/01/16)


  • Just Cause 3
  • Explosive Weapon Pack (Out 05/01/16)
  • Weaponised Vehicle Pack (Out 05/01/16)
  • Capstone Bloodhound RPG (Out 05/01/16)
  • Combat Buggy (Out 05/01/16)
  • Final Argument Sniper Rifle (Out 05/01/16)
  • Mini-Gun Racing Boat (Out 05/01/16)
  • Rocket Launcher Sports Car (Out 05/01/16)
  • Rock Band 4
  • ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ – Coldplay (Out 05/01/16)
  • ‘Drag Me Down’ – One Direction (Out 05/01/16)
  • ‘Leave The Night On’ – Sam Hunt (Out 05/01/16)
  • ‘On My Mind’ – Ellie Goulding (Out 05/01/16)
  • ‘Thank God For Girls’ – Weezer (Out 05/01/16)
  • ‘What Do You Mean?’ – Justin Bieber (Out 05/01/16)
  • RockSmith 2014
  • ‘Closing Time’ – Semisonic (Out 06/01/16)
  • ‘Heat of the Moment’ – Asia (Out 06/01/16)
  • ‘Play That Funky Music’ – Wild Cherry(Out 06/01/16)
  • ‘Woman – Wolfmother'(Out 06/01/16)
  • ‘Hit Singles Song Pack III'(Out 06/01/16)
  • World of Tanks
  • Founder’s Pack 1 (Out 08/01/16)
  • Founder’s Pack 2 (Out 08/01/16)
  • Founder’s Pack 3 (Out 08/01/16)
  • Founder’s Pack 4 (Out 08/01/16)

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in January

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  • Where’s Amplitude?

    • I’ll have an update for you shortly.

    • Good question where is it?

    • please dont say its delayed :( :(

    • I’am waiting for Amplitude too.

    • How long does it take to find out?
      You know people will ask about yet you have not been prepared.

    • Ponad dekada czekania, a tu zapomnieli wrzucić do sklepu. ;-)

    • It’s a joke? We want Amplitude!

    • We want amplitude now not tomorrow not thurday not next week not next month now psn is back on sony you got no excuses so just add amplitude now or alot of gamers will be angry

    • No Amplitude……… NNNNNOOOOOOOOO……..

    • It would be hilarious if this was another genius plan from Harmonix and Sony to delay the EU release…

      Fix the early backer code issue, allow them to get it now without having to redeem via a UK account.
      Then fix the regular backer code issue in 2 weeks along with a general release, thus installing the early backer privilege again…

    • The game exists at least, I was able to redeem my Kickstarter code and download with a german account.

    • Right, sorry to keep you waiting. Unfortunately there have been some last-minute issues with the Amplitude publish. It will go live in the following regions on 6th January: Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

      I will update asap with more information on the publish in countries not listed above. Also, I’m updating the blog post now to reflect this.

    • Thank you for answering Fred much appreciated
      Now just please update rest of the country’s when they can expect it

    • Why isnt it coming out in the Netherlands ?

    • Thanks Fred, it is so much better to have someone running the Blog who actually cares and answeres, unlike your german department…

    • Any news about Polish store?

    • Out 6th January ok you win sony il buy it and anyway ps store updates after 12am if games are out 1 or 2 days later so the second amplitude is added im buying it and hitting the like button on it before anyone else :D

    • Talking about Amplitude, does anyone know what happened to the PS3 version? Yes, because people backed for that, too. I know the console is old and everything, but still.

      And could you please re-add the “New This Week” tab on the PC store? And why some items just can’t be added to the Wishlist?

    • So it seems to be delayed by at least one day, possibly more for players outside of the mentioned regions. Can we at least know a reason for the (yet again) delay on Amplitude?
      The lack of communication concerning PSN is sometimes ridiculous.

    • @Planet: many thanks for the answer. It was like they were pretending it never ever existed, by looking at the previous blog entries.

    • Why isn’t Belgium in the list above?

    • Update from Harmonix on Twitter after I asked them for more information regarding the launch now:

      Harmonix ‏@Harmonix 16m ago
      @GhostfacerDub Amplitude will be out today on PS4 in NA territories, with European territores to follow tomorrow.

    • Why are there always store problems with Harmonix games in Europe? It happens every time without fail. Really don’t trust those guys at these stage, it can’t be SCEE goofing up repeatedly with the same developers when it never happens in the US.

    • What a load of BS, No release for Sweden?

    • Amplitude has now been published in all SCEE territories requested by the game’s publisher. For queries on additional releases, I’d suggest contacting Harmonix through its own social channels.

    • Why does Harmonix dont have problems with releasing stuff on Xbox One ? All the DLC of RB 4 is there. Its a shame Amplitude is an exclusives because if it was on Xbox I could have downloaded it on the original 5 jan date. Microsoft have their stuff more together for worldwide stuff then Sony does.

    • Fred, is this real? :s Belgium & Netherlands are sending reports to Harmonix since December 23th that codes are not working. How is it possible that Harmonix didn’t request the game for these countries? We’ve contacted Harmonix through Twitter, Facebook, email support, kickstarter, … Everywhere. The only response we get is “We’re looking into the issue with Sony”. I’ve paid 125$ on kickstarter for this game. I even paid for an early access and I still can’t play the game the day after the official release. How is this even possible?

    • So the EU blog is now for most of the EU but not all? I have been reloading the store all day hoping for Amplitude for Sweden and now there is no release planned at all? How could this happen if Harmonix didnt apply to release it in a bunch of EU countries? Wouldnt you know that and couldnt you have reported it in the news?

    • Fred do you know of any estimate for the release of Amplitude in the remaining EU countries? Harmonix is staying silent except for a few copy-paste messages and it is getting a bit frustrating for us early kickstarter backers to “stay patient” when everyone else are able to play before us. I’m sure you understand and if we could just get an update on the situation and possibly an estimate of the games release I’m sure we would be able to understand the delay too.

    • @FredDutton It’s still not available in Portugal. And Portugal’s an SCEE country. It’s not even showing on PSN.

    • @FredDutton I suggest YOU to contact Harmonix and ask why people on SCEE territories who have paid for the game cannot play the game. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s kind of your job to let people know what is going on in the PlayStation Store? This is what is going on.

  • Happy new year everyone!! :D
    Frann are the new savings from today will you make a new post about them ?

  • How do we know what the new additions to the January Sale are? There’s no way of filtering the store to show recently discounted, and there’s no blog post listing everything either.

  • Man I wish Volume had a separate trophy list on Vita.
    It would give me another reason to play through it.
    Great game – highly recommended.

  • World of Tanks Founders Pack 4 is £80?! When did developers think dlc/microtransactions should cost practically double the price of a full game?! I wasn’t that interested in the game anyway, but that has stopped me downloading it already!!

    On a more positive note, can’t wait to try out Hardware Rivals tonight, gonna download Grim Fandango too :)

    • You can play as much as you want without spending a dime. I’ve done so on the other console version already. Solid game.

  • Where is Amplitude ? Cant you guys do anything right at SCEE ?

  • PlayStation Plus Wish List

    A bit off-topic, but I want to make a list here of PlayStation Plus games that people want to see. It’s been a long generation and many titles already appeared, but sometimes I get the feeling that Sony has a hard time figuring out what to feature.

    Google “List of Instant Game Collection games (North America or PAL) Wikipedia to see the entire list throughout history. I can’t link it here because my message will automatically go through moderation. Because there is parity, titles that were only on US PS+ can’t appear on EU PS+ and vice versa.

    Reply to this post and make a wishlist featuring PS3, Vita and/or PS4 titles. It will be a good point of reference for members as well as Sony staff.

    PS3: Split/Second (game is mad fun)
    Vita: Warriors titles and Atelier games

    Let’s hear it, folks!

    • My wish is a reply as to why the demo they got away with giving us on plus this month stops us from ever getting the full game experience.

  • YES WHERE IS AMPLITUDE it said on harmonix twitter OUT TODAY it better be added today not next week this game i been waiting for ages for this you have fully fixed psn now so add AMPLITUDE NOW if harmonix said amplitude is out 5th January its out 5th January no excuses 1st psn goes down and now no amplitude that should be out 5th January great start to 2016!!!

    • First world problems

    • i echo everything this guy said i need this game it says today where is it :(

    • Sorry i got ott but amplitude means so much to me because it was a great game i only played once on the ps2 and after just reading freds update it should get added any minute now and no mojo man no problems here im just a over exited PlayStation gamer

    • Could be worse, You could have been a Steam aficionado over Christmas. The truth is the SEN is terrible. It is taking on too many territories (Sorry Australia, I love you but surely you should have your own SCE division) until they are localised we will continue to be subjected to delays and no shows, anyone else remember how great CS:GO was? ah what a great game that could have been. . . Oh and CoolRichy007UK please stop. If this game was such a special part of your life you would still have it and played it more than once.

    • @Mojo_Man Do you expect to find any other type on a blog dedicated to luxury goods? :-)

    • @Mojo_Man “First world problems”

      Which world do you live in? Here in the first world, we refer to them as “problems”.

      Kind of like how Chinese people refer to Chinese food as “food”.

  • Trine Trilogy? That was mighty quick! :)

  • Yay for Volume Vita. Could have done with a Bastion-style discount, though. Maybe tomorrow…?

    • It’s free on Vita if you bought it on PS4. If you didn’t, why would it get a discount?

    • I haven’t bought it on PS4, and passed it over on discount a couple of times, because I wasn’t 100% convinced that the Vita port was still coming. Now that I know it is I’ll buy, but it would be nice to buy at the 50% discount I didn’t take up previously if at all possible

      Bastion had a 75% discount when it launched in Vita – the same level that the PS4 version had previously been cut to – so I snapped it up

    • I’d say you’ve missed the discount mate. Might be something in the future but the price for the Vita release has been posted and that’s what it will launch at.

      Mike Bithell told everybody the Vita version was happening regardless so you should have had the faith. Mike loves the Vita.

    • I should have had faith, you are quite right… but splashing out for Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty at the first sniff of a discount has scarred me. 16 months and one PS+ IGC appearance later and there’s still no sign of the Vita version

    • @Steven – It’s annoying for sure, but New ‘N’ Tasty Vita is coming, I’ve seen it running on a Vita. Oddworld Inhabitants will be meeting with Charlie from The Vita Lounge Team later this month too with it, so we can bring some more news. ;)

  • Genuine Question;

    Is there any logic to having the Store Update post published on a Tuesday when the majority of games are releasing on either Wednesday or Thursday? I understand that the PS Plus games have moved to the first Tuesday to align both the NA and EU regions, and that games can be released on PSN at any time.

    I think it is awesome that we know in advance what is coming, but I think it would be even better to have a weekend ‘Drop’ like post like the US Blog has to let us know what is coming the following week and then post the Store Update and New Sales together as one big update on the Wednesday.

    That way we get a bit of weekend reading, we know what is coming in the week and then it saves you guys having to produce two separate posts for both Store updates and Sales, and it also makes it easier for us to find all the week’s new titles/prices in one place.

    Just an idea, any thoughts?

    • I certainly see your logic! The honest answer is that the PAL Store is rather more complex than the US Store, due to the 30+ different regions and languages we cater for. Duly, it unfortunately isn’t possible to collate the information in time for the prior weekend. Hence why we publish on the Tuesday – if we published on Wednesday, the games that launch on Tuesday would already be live and it would be old news.

    • Thanks for the reply Fred :)

      That’s cool, I do guess you have a heck of a lot more on your plate with all the regions you guys cover!

      And yeah, I guess the Tuesday games would then be old news.

      Maybe bring the sales forward a day ;) (Not that I’m being fussy, I just have £££’s in my PSN Wallet and I am eager to spend them haha)

    • totallly agree, what is the point of saying now we make the store update on tuesday ‘s when most of the game got released 3 days later… and i dont buy the europe being more complicated , it’s sony who made it more complicated, microsoft deals the same platform and release all the same day since the release of 360 on digital… no good excuses from my point of view.

    • So break up the regions. That’s the only answer that’s in the gamers interest

    • I like the idea of a weekend drop ala the US store, but also understand that due to the extra territories it could be hard to do… I’m sure if Fred was able to employ an unlimited amount of staff to get this done in a timely and accurate fashion then he would.

      Personally I much prefer the Tuesday update and posts; as I like to know earlier rather than later. Perhaps those who would prefer them done on Wednesday could just read the Tuesday post on Wednesday as opposed to suggesting the rest of us wait to appease their frankly pathetic requests.

  • What exactly is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature compatible with? On the webstore, the info box on the left only mentions PS3, but the description says it’s playable on PSP and PS3 — no mention of Vita. I don’t want to buy it only to find it’s inexplicably incompatible with my Vita, the only platform I’m interested in playing it on.

  • Still no Towerfall for Vita?

    • I’m eagerly awaiting Towerfall on Vita, too! If they can’t give us a date, an approximate release window would be nice :0)

  • Fred, Montezuma 4 on Vita has still corupted file on server, fix this?

    • I’ve written support and got a ticket number and not much else.

      Now it looks like it’s free on the store, but when I try to download it, I’m told it cannot be done right now.

  • What’s the situation with Rock Band DLC? There’s stuff listed as PS4 (Crushcrushcrush, for example) which can’t be downloaded, there are songs and packs that have downright disappeared for both PS3 and 4 (Days of Peace 01) and just other general issues.

    • We were supposed to be caught up on all of the tracks the US have by December. Since then we have had Justin Bieber and One Direction added to the DLC. Someone is definitely on something at Harmonix.

  • Ah Fred’s back and replying:

    Fred – why can we only get chapter one of kings quest with ps+ – aren’t we supposed to get “full games”.

    We all know episode ones are given free or cheap – almost as demos. KQ was less than £2 on both Xbox and PC last month.

  • When can the UK expect Towerfall Vita? Any updates please?

  • Wish PlayStation has the best year in 2016. Can’t wait for Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster.

  • Crew and destiny don’t work with no Internet? Why do this! Would never buy games like this, If this information was given! There isn’t any reason, apart from being problematic?. Why? This is just bad!

  • Hardware: Rivals is crap, you can’t even aim properly.
    No wonder you get it for ‘free’, thanks for nothing.

  • Sony, do you have any news for the European backers (Belgian here) which should’ve receive the early access codes? They still aren’t working when entering them in the Belgian PSN Store, saying it’s an invalid code.
    Harmonix said it’s working with Sony to resolve the issue (which was mentioned 2 weeks ago already), but there’s still no progress on this issue.

    Also the backers who’ve received their code today are unable to redeem the code “invalid code”.

  • Sony Europe is such a mess, why is it that Rebel Galaxy is getting released today on the US and we have to wait until the 12th (or 19th, they don’t even know).

  • Any word on what’s holding up Towerfall on the Vita?

    Can’t wait to get that into my pocket, one of my favourite PS4 games.

    • And Organ Trail. And Taco Master. And a few more that haven’t managed EU releases this year.

    • It’s up to the developers/publishers of the games in question to submit their titles for release in the PAL region. Sony doesn’t develop or publish those titles, so unfortunately I can’t comment on their development status. There are a number of reasons why a game might release in one region before another – localisation, licensing issues, legal issues, limited manpower, etc.

    • Fred I fear you are talking nonsense, things manage to happen on other systems which shows its down more to Sony’s policies than developer willingness.

  • Fred. Please be so kind to tell us when is expected towerfall for Vita on europe….its a highly anticipated game and its out on usa since 15th of december. Thanks in advance forma your answer….

  • Treasures of montezuma 4 ps vita still broken? Lots of people have asked when it will be sorted but no replies that includes last week too. I only bought because of vita version as its no good on ps4

  • Can’t wait to play Volume on vita!

  • What on earth did you guys do with the New This Week page on the webstore? Even though it was cluttered with theme/avatar shovelware most of the time, it’s still insanely better than having to search through hundreds of different items on the New This Month page.

  • I can’t believe that people don’t read the blog properly, amplitude is out on the 6th and what date is it today, ermm let me think it’s the 5th. Thanks sony for a great update and all the best for 2016 guys.

    • You’re forgetting that the game was announced for the 5th and has been promoted to launch on the 5th the last few weeks as well. This is a last-second delay with no communication for a game that a -lot- of people have been longing for, hence the “outrage”.

    • And the fact that when the post first came up it wasn’t mentioned at all

    • 1. It didnt say the 6th when the post first went up, it didnt mention the game at all.
      2. Harmonix has been saying the 5th for weeks now
      3. Its not even coming out on the 6th for some countries.

    • It’ll still be nearer the advertised date than Towerfall Vita :-(

  • since SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit! is in the january sale,

    will u ever do the ‘Gessen X Hebijo DLC and Soundtrack’-dlc pack on sale too? its 9.99 still .. twice as much as the game is now in the january sale.

    Plz put this dlc pack on sale since its 50% of the full game kinda.


  • What I want to no is when are more ps2 classics coming out we no you have arc the lad and wild arms 3 in the pipe when will we see them?

  • Hardware Rivals is terrible it does not work. The hit detection is way off and lock on is completely broken

  • Usability of plus is now terrible! What happened to seeing all the titles in one place? Have to log on all 3 consoles to claim the games and the webstore no longer works, at least on mobile.

  • Why did America get the Vita version of Vita while we’re stuck with the PSP version? I was looking forward to it, then we got screwed with the PSP version and now turns out we’re the only ones getting the PSP variant…

  • How come US PSN gets the Vita version of Patton for PS+ and EU gets the PSP version for PS+?
    Could you please explain that?
    Silence is not an accepted answer.

    • They don’t. US and Europe get exactly the same games.

    • Except the Vita game is not the same as the PSP one.

    • They also seem to have different titles, too… the PSP game is “Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign” while the Vita game should be something like “History Legends of War: Patton”.

    • I’m investigating now, and will update asap.

    • No need to investigate, Fred: EU just didn’t get the Vita game back in the day.

    • Not quite right Lance_87, there are regions in Europe that did get the Vita version.

      Here it is on the UK store –!/en-gb/games/history-legends-of-war/cid=EP4136-PCSB00198_00-LEGENDSOFWAR0001

    • The Vita game is out in Europe too. It’s just called in a different way. It’s called “History Legends of War: Patton”in NA, and “History Legends of War” in europe.

      It’s very likely that, due to the confusing subtitles, we were meant to get the Vita game but it was mistaken with the PSP one.

    • Funny how i actually wrote that before, because someone else ACTUALLY wrote that the Vita game was a US exclusive… it would be sad if they didn’t even know the game they were going to offer. Oh well, nobody would’ve bought a 30€, five years old PSP game.

    • Oh no, i’ve used the n-word (which is N O B O D Y not what you’re thinking about)

    • Reposting:

      Funny how i actually wrote that before, because someone else ACTUALLY wrote that the Vita game was a US exclusive… it would be sad if they didn’t even know the game they were going to offer. Oh well, no one would’ve bought a 30€, five years old PSP game.

    • The PSP version kept the Patton subtitle for both regions, the Vita version dropped the Patton subtitle in EU. But each version is identical with its other region counterpart in content.

      I hope was just an error with naming because favouring one region in its PS+ offering is some real BS, and not to sound entitled but we’re paying for the same service as US is, if we’re getting an inferior offering (and yes a PSP version is inferior) I expect something additional to make up for it.

    • We pay more than the US even when you take into account taxes and the like. And we don’t get half the service they do. No Powers in most places. Terrible sales and discounts. Maintenance done in EU prime time.

    • PSP version is not the same game, in has much more missions than Vita one and different devs. I’m very happy that we got this one, and it even would cost 10 pounds more

    • Thanks for your patience everyone. Here’s the situation:

      Legends of War Patton’s Campaign was originally mistakenly included in January’s Monthly Games. This has now been replaced by History Legends of War. All Plus members, including those who have already downloaded Legends of War Patton’s Campaign, can now download History Legends of War as part of their Monthly Games. History Legends of War is not currently available for our members in Australia, New Zealand and Russia, however we are working to make it available for these regions as soon as possible and will share an update on this in due course.

    • @Fred – thanks for the update. It’s really appreciated :)

    • @Fred Thanks :)

    • I wrote on the eu blog comments that they were saying the name of one game and linking another. How come I know when playstation are making a mistake and they don’t? Several people also commented that it’s not in the aus store and now they are surprised?
      Can I have a job? I’ll be better at it.
      I tweeted it to PlayStation Aus also no response. Luckily blog reader Arkeologen is also on the ball. Would anyone have even noticed otherwise?

    • How about updating the incorrect link above if the mistake has been fixed? It is a £24.99 PSP game and there are people out there who might add it to their basket and purchase without realising.

      SCEE need to test if people can actually read before they employ them.

  • Isn’t Rebel Galaxy out today too where’s that update?

  • Good evening.
    Any ideas why Dragon age is not free for me?? Other ps+ games are ok but not DA. Anyone have the same issue??

  • @Flying pig 35.1.
    Nope, they are actually getting the Vita version of the game.
    Trust me I have checked, have you?

    See screengrab:

  • Got my European backer code for Amplitude, but doesn’t work. Do you know if the reason is that the game still isn’t added to the Store of my country?

  • Why are we getting less plus games this month? Medal of Honor: Warfighter is not available for the Turkish PS Store.

  • All I wanted was Amplitude. :( still not available.

  • Hi Fred. I’ve got questions for You.
    First – what’s going on with Dragon Age: Origins (PS3) for Polish PS+ members? I still can’t download it for free.
    Second – I can see some divergence with Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign. First of all – is it really a PSP version? US PS+ members got Vita version with trophies. There’s also some error in description – check this out: “Compatible with PlayStation®Vita only. Not compatible with PlayStation®TV. Compatible with PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®TV.”.

  • @store ppl. Montezuma 4 still cant be bought. It gives a transaction error at checkout. Please look into this. I downloaded the demo first. I dont know if that affected it. There are more ppl with this problem and helpdesk couldn’t solve it since it is a store problem.

  • So, Grim Fandango isn’t on the PS Plus section of the Vita store, but you can download it if you look the game up in the store (at least if you have added the license to your account on the PS4 before, haven’t checked it the other way around).

  • Where on earth are the Star Wars ps2 games ?

  • Could you please tell me why eu igc has an old psp version of patton game and the u s have new vita version of the game, as i thought we were both getting the same now , or will this question get ignored.

    Every month you have igc complaints but treating EU igc as second class citizens compared to the US cant be acceptable in the moden IGC i thought this was one reason why we both had the same games now .

  • Hey Fred are we ever going to get Organ Trail in the EU regions? US had it quite a while ago and the dev said it was coming.

  • That make cry The fact they say “Prepare for another epic year of gaming” And Every month we get bad free games for PLUS, why you Dont keep The good free games? Like in PS3? Common Sony is not difficult to Put Assassin Creed Unity for free for PSN Plus accounts.

    • Xbox have rubbish too

    • It’s funny that you talk about “good free games” and use Assassin Creed Unity as an example. I bought that one at release, and I felt so ripped off that I promised I’d never buy another AC game again (I’ll think about it if they stop doing one game per year and shake things up a bit). AAA doesn’t equal a good game.
      I mean, I can see your point, but AC Unity or Knack aren’t good games, even if they’re AAA.

  • I hope Alien shooter would be with cross-buy. Vita version is unplayable.

  • Me and my cousin played Hardware Rivals last night, great little game that looks like it would be amazing with loads of people…but it was just me and him online. We tried all of the different game modes but could only ever find 1 other person to play against (who promptly left as it was 2v1 team deathmatch, i don’t blame him really!).

    Did anyone else have this issue? I watched a few streams whilst at work and they all had multiple opponents, but we just spent an hour attacking each other as we had no one else to kill lol

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