20 games that make PS4 the best place to play in 2016

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20 games that make PS4 the best place to play in 2016

Time to look ahead to a hugely exciting 12 months for PlayStation gaming

Happy New Year folks! I trust everyone enjoyed last night’s revelry? To help blow the cobwebs away, we’ve put together a short, sharp preview video looking ahead at what PS4 holds in store for 2016.

The montage above highlights 20 – count ’em – titles that are either full PlayStation console exclusives, or releasing on PS4 first. To my eyes at least, it’s shaping up to be one heck of a release slate.

Of course, that’s by no means all. Our third party partners are readying some huge blockbusters, such as Hitman, Dark Souls III, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Dishonored 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Doom and Far Cry: Primal.

And the independent community is coming out swinging too, with the likes of Broforce, Chasm, Hyper Light Drifter, Eitr, Amplitude, Heart Forth Alicia and Gang Beasts all lining up for launch, to name but a few.

Oh, and then there’s a little something called PlayStation VR on the horizon too. Excited much?

Check out the video above and let us know what you’re most pumped for in 2016.

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  • New Year’s Day prediction: all those games listed in the indie shout-out will be PS+ games this year.


  • Happy new Year Ps Fans!!

  • Again not a hint of Persona 5.

    But at least you mentioned some of the crap the IGC is gonna be force fed.

  • Hmmm…..maybe I misunderstood…but why was beta 2016 mentioned and then no mans sky showed up? Are we only getting the beta this year?

  • It’s going to be a great year. Happy New Year :D

  • Id love to have star trek online come to ps4,make it happen mr dutton.

  • Absolutely! 2016 will be a fantastic PS4-gaming year! Terribly busy with an increasing gaming backlog though, but that must be considered a positive problem :)

    Happy New Year!

  • Trust me half of them will be out in 2017
    please don’t hate me if i’m right …

    • Only handful of these has a release date yet, so you’re probably right. Some could make Q4 but titles like No Man’s Sky… don’t see that happening.

      And “The Last Guardian”? Sony hasn’t shown any actual evidence of progress. They are still showing the same video as past gen, just slightly “remastered”.

  • Did not see Rime in the trailer, is this in developer hell?

  • So Nier’s no longer a PS4 exclusive? It doesn’t have that “PS/console exclusive” tag.

    • think it’s going to pc as well man. only 50/50 on that though.

    • @smile_taisou
      It’s a third party game that Sony has no hand in, so what happens to it is entirely up to Square Enix. As Square themselves have stated, the game is currently only being made with the PS4 in mind but they haven’t ruled out releasing it elsewhere, same for anything they make.

      This is much the same situation as Drakengard 3.

      Nothing has been stated about a PC release at all.

  • Something’s wrong with the video, King of Fighters XIV is not in it.

  • It will be a great new year if we got more communication and answers from the mods on here, this last year has been shocking, the ps plus collection is laughable for the most part these days is that going to improve?

    Ps now is a joke, paying to rent games you own already, ps2 emulation, paying to buy games you have already bought on ps3 is downright dishonorable, if they are new for ps4 and never been on ps3 i can live with that personally, but not when its games that have already been bought like the gta games for instance.

    Some of the sales have been very bad, i know thats not always in your control but the 2 for one sale over december where you increased the prices of games.. thats borderline illegal
    The blog posts with sales too, you cant even show the discounts, and lately not even the GBP price

    Vita pretty much forgotten, so i dont hold much hope for VR

    Ive been a sony fan since the days of ps1 and not going to stop now but this last year has been pretty bad, and really hope at least some of it it improves this year

    But all in all a happy new year to everyone here, and please try make playstation something to be proud of again

  • Wow, and most of my most anticipated games aren’t even on there. 2016 is going to be very hard on my wallet, with all of these for PS4 and Vita:

    Persona 5
    Sword Art Online: Hollow Realisation
    Final Fantasy XV
    Darkest Dungeon
    Banner Saga
    Rebel Galaxy
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
    Dragon Quest Builders
    Star Ocean 5
    Toukiden 2
    Project Setsuna
    Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
    God Eater: Resurrection
    God Eater 2
    World of Final Fantasy

    I’ll probably pick up PSVR as well, as soon as there’s some decent titles for it, but all that’s been shown so far are tech demos and multiplayer only games.

    Oh, and please, please, please let the remaster of Valkyria Chronicles, and Valkyria: Azure Revolution come to the West. Put some pressure on them Sony, we want those titles!

  • Dear blog team,

    I know the PS4 is Sony’s bread and butter right now, but can we have a similar promo of upcoming Vita games too (Trails of Cold Steel, World of Final Fantasy, Darkest Dungeon, Toukiden 2 and Stranger of Sword City might be a good start).

    I travel a lot and it’s the best place to play games for me.

    • @howboutthisthen. That would require them to once again revisit the fact that they created the most technologically accomplished handheld gaming device ever produced on a large scale, and then completely made a mess of marketing, implementation and support. It’s the elephant in the room for Sony.

      Vita has some great games coming, and as someone who has spent over £1000 on two versions, accessories, an imported 64Gb memory card and more games than I’ve ever owned for any other system, I can honestly say it will be the system that leaves the fondest memories for me.

      Trails in the Sky SC didn’t even get a mention in the weekly digest on release, so I’m not hopeful that Cold Steel, regardless of the fact that it’s being hailed as one of the best JRPGs released in recent years, will get so much as a mention either. A shame really, as XSEED are one of the localisation teams that have really come through for Vita.

      Yes, a section on upcoming Vita releases would be much appreciated by those who have put so much time and money into supporting it, but I doubt it will happen.

    • @DJ there was a nice blog post on the US blog for LoH: ToCS and it was also the picture for the “what’s new on the store” blog post, so at least SCEA know what’s what.

  • all i need is DARK SOULS 3 :)

  • Whoever put this video together should be reprimanded for including the Dreams BETA over Persona 5.

  • I wish Sony would resurrect Wipeout, Motorstorm and MAG.

    • They closed the Wipeout and MAG studio so it wont be that easy. But they own still own the IPs so they could hire anyone to make those games.
      I really want a game like Motorstorm on PS4. I wouldn’t even mind if they made a remaster of Motorstorm Apocalypse.

  • Please bring back the USB player this year! It was the best addition to PS4 and then you suddenly removed it for NO reason and with NO warning.. seriously, who makes these decisions and WHY?!

    • For music? Just use the media player! Works exactly the same.

    • The media player needs to suspend games and because all my games are online it disconnects me! Destiny, Black Ops 3, EDF and in NFS takes me back to the title screen every time as it’s always-online. The old USB player was far easier to use as well, worked flawlessly and didn’t interupt my damn games.

    • Ahh I see.

  • How sad, most of them are multi-platform or shared with PC via STEAM. The only exclusives are the ones made by 1st party studios.

    Speaking of Playstation VR. I’m totally convinced that it will be another expensive gimmick with a lifespan of 2 years. After that, SCE will bury it in the basement alongside PS Move and PS Vita.

  • i can’t wait to play sen no kiseki again (cold steel) it’s really cool. i hope we get CS 2 this year like america, but i got to say Final Fantasy XV we have been waiting years for it i hope to play it this year without any delays, the demo is really good :D theres alot from Bandai namco too. like Naruto Storm 4 and Ni no kunai 2

  • I want a new Resistance game

    • Yeah was talking in a psn party about Resistance the other night, such a shame the lackluster 3rd entry seemed to haved killed one of Sonys best exclusive franchises… I preferred its campaign over Infamous and Killzones. I’d love a 4th on PS4

    • Wow Metacritic/IGN have high scores for the whole trilogy – Resistance 1 (81/9.1) Resistance 2 (87/9.5) Resistance 3 (83/9.0)

      we need another

  • Some games I would like to see in 2016. EA skate boarding, EA monster trucks,EA boxing and EA rugby. They make really good sport games, second to none.

  • Would like to see HD versions of games like streets of rage, shinobi 1, rastan, bouble dragon, newzeland storys, Street fighter 1, Alex kid, volfeld, rock an roll racing or remakes. Street fighter 2 HD is good. But I dont mean games like strider were they just use the name, and try to be clever that was not strider. Good example Street fighter 2 bad example strider. Another good example is ps4 darius burst. In fact remakes would be better, think shinobi 1, with quality graphics like trine 3 with 50 levels, with button bashing like samurai worrior or street of rage with 10 characters to choose from loads of levels and gameplay like Street fighter 5 when walking throw levels or even Alex kid with the depth and graphics of rayman and putty squad.

  • How about 20 things here’s some. PlayStation plus is such a wast of time, please focus on PlayStation now it’s starting to become a real archive and just give everyone PlayStation online multiplayer it would be a good thing and the right thing to do. We have deals and offers in playstation store you no it makes sense sony, stop wasting every ones time there lots to do and play. There’s no future in this thing because there’s no good content the only thing that can make this work is real products witch is PlayStation now, PlayStation music, PlayStation vue tv, all you have to do is put a good price together

  • More things, when are we getting vue over here sony? And are we going to actually get a gaming tv channel from sony, access is a start and what about ginx channel their so much going on in the gaming world but the content is fragmented, all these gaming exhibitions around UK, Usa, Australia Canada, and no programs on TV. So much development of games and hard wear and no documtaries I can think of three and the one what stood out was, video game history 5*. ESL, capcom fightier,evo, games workshop even magic the gathering. Would rather see deck hero but that another thing, or as well, yes both, two types of strategy’s. Both epic. This Is all things tv.and what about gamesmaster I remember that was good nothing like it.they had exhibition in england, all things game at and Wembley, and nec, earls court next to nothing on tv, even regional competition Street fighter did that in conjunction with games master, I won that. Yes that right me. We need proper gaming tv, not red button text witch should be called teletex, the Internet please it’s just a signal. Program ,demand, teletext this is called a tv channel every one, so can we have one in vue please sony.

  • And exactly 0 Japanese games were mentioned.

  • I counted 6 : Street Fighter V, The Last Guardian, GT Sport, NieR Automata, The Tomorrow Children and Gravity Rush 2. They didn’t list any obscure JRPG’s, dating simulators or graphic novels about octopie/schoolgirl relationships – just japanese games that cater not just the dark server room crowd.

  • te best it would be when the ps classics that are available in North America were available in Europe that would be great!

  • Sony another thing,please can you get rid of promotional stuff of my interface, so much junk in tv and video and my library and my home page under every single game,it unbelievable. what’s new and PlayStation store, right?¿ that’s what there for? Who’s personal touch is it? It should be mine, what I choose to buy is what I expect to see, stop forcing stuff on my screen please. another example of PlayStation plus mentality stop trying to break good products down all these addertives based on breaking down a single good product it’s so degenerative, please do the right thing.

  • Bomber man multiplayer would be good.

  • If development teams want to talk, why isn’t there a PlayStation blog for game development, easy real talk and fun for all. like this blog, but direct to games teams or make them topics on this blog direct to developers. Games seem to expand now like, minecraft, crew, streetfighter.

  • What is it with the numbering of games? Gta 5, streetfighter 5, tekken7! Fancry 4, tonyhawks 5? It’s even been done with zen pinball. oh 2.

  • Why is minecraft always the best example.

  • I was so looking forward to tonyhawks so lifeless. Very sad, how did this happen, is it really to late? one good effort with new levels but still no life in the game maybe it need a graphical render update? Life is definitely the issue here in my view, Tonyhawks HD on ps3 was better then this, (flat level graphics!?). The crew updated graphics, and that was spot on! Tonyhawks can be fixed, please.

  • Mission generators should be part of future games, in vast spaced game, or open wold. it’s so griping., destiny is a good example. Its such a timeless concept. Its been used in fighting games for decade’s. Let’s hope so, for long geverty,

  • PlayStation Forum that’s what we need integrated to this app and console for veiws on games, for chat with developing game teams and sony. PlayStation forum, PlayStation blog.

  • How about PlayStation movie blog! When resident evil coming out? Is milla jovovich ready yet?.

  • Whats the release date of rachet clank movie?

  • Cool hopefully when the library stacks up with quality games and not just a load of rehases I can consider getting a PS4).

  • Oh no Nioh on list,that game deserves more spotlight.

  • happy new year must get more game like minecraft stord mode life is strange fallout 4 is awsome

  • if the most people arent buying PSN+ anymore PS will see it and must change there stupid idea to think indy-games will sell PSN+ .. I hope the people who made this choice will be fired for ever.

    I am going to XBL :) selling my PS4 console and buy a X-1 with XBL will get better games + EA Access..

    • Great. See ya.

    • Goodbye, I’ll stay here. And people are buying PS plus everyday, were do you get the information that they dont? Show proof. Don’t disrespect.

    • XxSept_BabyxX

      i tink he say = IF the peopel do not buy ps+ enimore them need to change their point of vieuw

      i agree whith fact indie = not selling ps+ ( indie good on vita not on ps4 , some rare case them do also good on ps4 )
      ps+ needed to play online = only reason i buy psn +

      in terms of excl. 2015 = bof +2016 = same
      vr = no go untile them make version whitout a extra box = instand in ps4 tru usb , lots of games + 299€

      xbl not beter

      bigest ting i hate 100% at al consolles = games you own from past gen need to be compatibel whith next gen ( always )

    • I am proof, I just quit ps+ after 2+ years of subscriptions. Upgraded PC instead. Some guy asked me “Why do you pay 60+ euros for call of duty, then more to play online?” Couldn’t answer. A good answer would be to lend me call of duty for free with one year subscription… sony?

  • Go enjoy their wonderful XBONE line-up for January! And those 360 games I bought for like 10€ way before PS4 was even released.

  • I’m excited for this year, we have a great lineup & not to mention PlayStation VR. Proud to be a PlayStation family member since the PlayStation 2 era…

  • lol , 1 game of intrest = zero dawn

    others no excl.
    ff xv ( squire enix )
    Mass Effect Andromeda ( Electronic Arts)
    dark souls 3 ( Namco Bandai Games ) release ? /04/2016
    Dragon Quest XI ( squire enix )
    Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness ( squire enix )
    Ni No Kuni 2: revenant kingdom ( Bandai Namco Games )

    indie = starbound ( buth loosing intrest if them not launch soon )

  • Jack and dexter and good vs evil, new version please sony.

  • Samurai worriors fighting game, like samurai showdown. It would be a classic!

  • Where’s fist of the North star Koei ?

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