New on PlayStation Store: Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, Minecraft: Story Mode, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, Minecraft: Story Mode, more

Plus, The Treasures of Montezuma on PS4, and Never Alone on PS3

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the final PlayStation Store update of 2015. With all the year’s blockbusters now safely out on the shelves it’s a rather quiet week for new releases. That said, if you like your games quirky, make sure you check out beloved avian romance adventure Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star. Elsewhere, popular puzzler The Treasures of Montezuma gets a PS4 release, handsome side-scrolling adventure Never Alone arrives on PS3, and Telltale Games delivers the next chapter in its Minecraft: Story Mode saga.

See below for the full list of new releases.

PlayStation StoreOut this week


  • FantaVision
    (Out 22/12/15)

  • Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star
    (Out 22/12/15)

  • Loot Action Packed Bundle (The Last Tinker, Velocibox, Fluster Cluck)
    (Out 22/12/15)



  • Primal Carnage Holiday Bundle
    (Out: 22/12/15)

  • The Jackbox Party Bundle
    (Out: 24/12/15)



  • Never Alone
    (Out: 23/12/15)

  • The Jackbox Party Bundle
    (Out: 24/12/15)




  • Tales of Zestiria
  • God Eater free offer (Out 21/12/15)
  • Rock Band 4
  • U2 Essentials Pack (Out 22/12/15)
  • U2 Individual Songs (Out 22/12/15)
    From £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95
  • Warframe
  • Renown Pack – Obsidian Silva & Aegis Skin (Out 22/12/15)
  • Minecraft Story Mode
  • Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place (Out 22/12/15)
  • Batman Arkham Knight
  • Original Arkham Batmobile (Out 22/12/15)
    £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95 – Free for Season Pass Holders
  • Crime Fighter Challenge Pack 5 (Out 22/12/15)
    £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95 – Free for Season Pass Holders
  • Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion (Out 22/12/15)
    £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95 – Free for Season Pass Holders
  • 2008 Movie Batman Skin (Out 22/12/15)
  • Batman: Noel Skin (Out 22/12/15)
  • Rocksteady Themed Batmobile Skin (Out 22/12/15)
  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • Winter Seasonal Creator Kit (Out 22/12/15)
  • Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Costume Pack (Out 22/12/15)
  • Doctor Who Sarah Jane Smith Costume (Out 22/12/15)
  • Doctor Who Nimon Costume (Out 22/12/15)
  • Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Costume (Out 22/12/15)
  • Doctor Who Davros Costume (Out 22/12/15)
  • WWE 2K16
  • Legends Pack (Out 22/12/15)
  • Arnold ‘The Terminator’ Schwarzenegger Pack (Out 22/12/15)
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
  • Special Edit Parts (Out 23/12/15)
  • Castle and Scenario Pack 4 (Out 23/12/15)
  • Edit Parts – Equipment 6 (Out 23/12/15)
  • Edit Parts – Equipment 7 (Out 23/12/15)
  • Edit Parts – Equipment Kimono (Out 23/12/15)
  • Rocksmith 2014
  • Stone Temple Pilots Song Pack (Out 23/12/15)
  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
  • Last Getaway Premier Set + Female Fighters (Out 23/12/15)
  • Last Getaway Premier Set (Out 23/12/15)

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in December

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7 Author Replies

  • Merry X’mas to all PlayStation fans.

    Hope 2016’s PS+ IGC games will be much better.

    • Well, it can’t get much worse. It’s got to the point I’ve stopped buying digital games completely on release as I’ve had all the games given away via PS+ this year, via normal purchasing. The “new” games they occasionally give away I never touch anyway (or bought for the PC 18 month previous).
      If Plus wasn’t a requirement now for online play, I’d never, ever buy it. LIVE on the other hand continues to be worth every penny.

    • You guys underestimate Sony. I predict that next year instead of giving games they are gonna start giving demos, since now they cant even give full games, looking at december PS+ line up.
      This is what happens wen sony is swimming in our money.

    • I guarantee right now they’re discussing whether they can get away with giving compatible PS2 games away with PS+ in 2016.
      However, this behaviour has nothin to do with their recent success. IF anything, I expected it to get better. Sony have been very shady in regards to fairness of PS+ since its inception. PS+ is great if you NEVER buy any games, NEVER support developers, and have just bought your PS4. For everyone else, PS+ is pure blackmail and extortion. At least with my LIVE sub I know I’m paying for a quality service.

  • Any sales for christmas?

  • Is taco master coming to europe?

  • I want to remind you, that problem with CoD:AW DLCs still exists.
    After deleting all game data, all DLC for this game still remain on HDD (real gigabyte-sized files).
    There is no way we can delete them, unless we format HDD.
    This issue should be addressed.
    Please, relay this info to engineers or developers.

    • I had this problem also. If you got any other call of duty games in your HDD. Delete them. This will also delete the DLC. Happened to me when i wanted to delete AW’s DLC. Had to delete Cod ghosts game data and that also deleted AW dlc.

    • I’ve been looking into this and I have a couple of proposed solutions. One is that this data is likely in the ‘Other’ folder in your ‘Applications’ menu. You can try deleting the data there.

      Another solution is to delete the ‘waiting to install’ notification for this DLC in the ‘Downloads’ menu, which should also delete the data in the ‘Other’ folder.

    • @sonicguy12

      That is interesting info.
      Problem can be in that mess in european PS Store – in PS4 library some DLC are also listed in similar, but wrong games.

      For example, CoD:Ghosts has weapon skins and they are also listed for CoD:AW (I’m talking about free Festive Pack, which I own), but I doubt, that they can be used in CoD:AW.
      Or look at MGS V DLC – they somehow listed in Ground Zeroes.
      I would not be surprised, if MGS V DLC also will remain on HDD after deleting game data.

      Probably, I will experiment with deleting CoD:AW and Ghosts (or even MGS) in free time, or someone else will…

    • @Francesca
      No, there is no data in “Other” or “Waiting for install” – I don’t even have that category, because everything is downloaded and installed already without errors, and downloads for additional files (DLC versions for other EU regions) were never started.

      … forgot to mention, that I own free festive pack for Ghost, but never installed it – I have only clean Ghost installation currently.

    • @Golovanov-UK It worked for me. I bought the Atlas Gorge map for AW and i regret it since i can hardly find a match after installing that map. I deleted the AW data but the Dlc didnt get removed. Like you said, the map was listed in the Cod Ghosts folder so i had to delete that also. Hope this helped.

    • So, now I’m at home after work and can describe whole situation clearly.
      Many thanks to sonicguy12, who pointed at possible cause.

      I own 5 map packs and 1 MC unlock for CoD:AW and 1 skin for CoD:Ghosts.
      But in PS4 library main screen says, that I own 7 add-ons for Ghosts and 6 for AW, which is, of course, incorrect (there is also game icons for versions for different editions and/or regions with slightly different numbers of add-ons).
      Looks like total mess.
      And yes, DLCs for AW will be deleted only after deletion of Ghosts – I tried that now and can confirm.

      So, Francesca, there is clearly error in store or licenses – system think, that AW DLCs belong to Ghosts.
      But this is totally different games from different developers.
      Also, same problem with MGS: Ground Zeroes – it says, that I own same number of DLCs, as MGS V.
      But this is wrong, because GZ doesn’t have any DLC.
      I’m 98% sure, that GZ also will prevent deletion of MGS V.
      Please, check this info for us.

      Maybe, finally, we have an answer.
      But maybe other games can be affected also.

    • In response to your later comment, I would suggest contacting customer support for another solution if you haven’t done so already. I will update you if I can find anything else out myself, but customer support might be your best bet.

    • @Francesca
      I contacted support many times, and got so many answers – from totally useless to harmful.
      They just can’t understand, what i’m talking about.
      Here is some of their answers (in short form):
      1) To delete DLC you need to delete all game data.
      2) Some games have built-in DLC, so you can’t download them separately.
      3) To solve this problem you need to use option 6 in safe mode (they even not mentioned, that this is HDD format and user will lose everything on HDD).
      4) This game is published not by SCEE and you need to contact publisher.
      5) You are writing from USA and we won’t help you.
      6) You should ask community at our forums.
      7) (no answers in months)
      So, you see, how competent Sony support is.
      They ignore or deny problem and they won’t rely this info to proper department.

      Also, because I’m a engineer and a little bit a programmer (by needs), I have an idea.
      Look at those games – they all have something in common.
      Specifically – they all have same title before it is separated by “:” colon symbol.
      And, it seems, that system determines where DLC belongs by path or some sort of string parsing.
      And because of some bug that path or parsing are stopped by “:” character.
      Thus, there maybe nothing wrong with licenses or store content – this is, obviously, firmware file system bug.
      This is severe bug and it should be fixed as soon as possible.

    • If someone still watching this thread and waiting for new info, then look at Reddit discussion –
      It seems, that problem lies not in game title and “:” character, but in some sort of content error.
      NA region is also affected and they have other affected games, related by publisher and/or developer.

  • Dying for a big Christmas sale!

  • Are we ever going to get those star wars games?

    • As previously mentioned, I’m not in a position to comment on this – please keep an eye on Disney for any updates.

  • I’m hoping they just forgot to add Infinifactory and that it will be there later.

  • Has anyone bought the new Montezuma? I can’t install the Vita version, it crashes everytime at 15% for me. It seems Sony once againg uploaded a corrupted package :(

    • Just realised the article says it’s ps4 only when it says ps4/ps3/vita on the store. Wth is happening with this game?

    • It’s happening to me as well, Vita version not installing and crashing at 15%.

      The blog post only mentions the PS4 version but not the Vita one, was the Vita version supposed to go up today? If yes, why is the game failing to install? If not that could explain why is failing but then, why is the game available at the Vita store?

  • since until dawn, there is nothing to play on ps4 that is exclusive … for the third year , again , sony left us with a totally empty second semester on first party exclusives… i really dont get it , the PSN updates of december are really not great at all….

    • Any reason they need to be exclusive to the PS4? Do you have multiple consoles/PC?

      I’ve been enjoying DQH, the UC collection and Tales of Zestiria on my PS4 since October.

    • Also, you forgot Disgaea 5…

    • You are totally right. PLAYSTATION might be doing well but I am not particularly satisfied with how things are lately. Being a PlayStation gamer for the most part of the last 20 years and after leaving PS3 with the highest note I am finding myself in a position where I rather play somewhere else.

      It is not only the lack of NEW exclusives for my PS4 either, backwards compatibility in some shape or form is a huge deal to me and PlayStation’s take on it (re-purchase PS2 games or PSNOW) simply just won’t work for me. They could do things in a fair manner but they just choose not to. And now the other box is doing it, it is great and I wish PS had a real alternative to this.

      Then we also have PSV, an awesome product almost abandoned few years after release – I enjoy indies but they shouldn’t make the bulk of the catalogue. Few Sony games here and there would have done miracles but then again…

      I am excited for VR but… Right now I really don’t feel like investing on a PlayStation VR headset seeing how PSV or PSTV ended and all that re-buying games cycle Sony is favouring.

  • Come on!!! where the h e l l is towerfall for Vita!!!!??????

    It’s not fair, waiting for a game due on dec/15th…. please, inform us about an ETA for this great game…

    and… Any sale coming? Xbox gold games and Xbox offers are giving the plus membership a hard time… maybe I made a mistake trusting sony -again- … 4theplayers…

  • Wow fantavision, forgot all about that game.

  • Merry christmas Francesca!

  • Merry Christmas everyone, Please tell me we are getting a Christmas sale and that 12 deals isnt it as that sucked bad.

  • No Ape Escape 2 :( i see Ape Escape 3 was rated the same time as Fantavision, so hoping they get a release soon.

  • Can’t argue with free Tales of Zestiria DLC – there is enough that is paid(!)

  • with store updates like this its not surprising that theres claims of gaming is dying. Theres literally nothing good to buy.

  • Is that the last store update for this year ?
    If it’s then happy holidays to all PS NATION!!

  • From the Fantavision store description: “This PlayStation®2 classic looks stunning in HD on PlayStation®4 and features full trophy support – including an all-important platinum”

    It doesn’t have a platinum. The same thing happened with Parappa last week

  • The Treasures of Montezuma 4 is also on Vita and PS3 for anyone interested. It’s cross-buy.

    The first one on Vita was really good, so I’m looking forward to grabbing this one!

  • Merry Christmas PS-PEEPS!

  • Francesca, can you shed any light on what happened to the PSOne classic ‘Legend of Dragoon’ it was promised a few years ago and the US store has it.

  • I recommend you to wait for the moment if you want to play it on Vita (see my post higher)

    • Thanks for the heads up, I’ll wait a few days before buying then. Sorry to hear you’re having problems with it!

  • Still no Towerfall Ascension for PS Vita? :-(

  • Is Never Alone to the PS3 cross-buy? And are the PS3 and PS4 trophies separate or together?

  • Really hoping for a christmas/new year sale :) I believe last year we got a big one starting the 23rd so fingers crossed. Steam & Microsoft both have stuff going on, PS needs to get in there

  • I saw Kings Quest Chapter 2 was added to store last week – but isn’t free to PS+ members. Does this mean only chapter one is free? And if so why are we only getting part of a game when we are supposed to get ‘Full games’.

    Chapter 1 is what’s normally given away very cheap/ free anyway (KQ CHp1 is only £1.20 on Xbox at the moment!)

  • Fantavision, Fantastic, can’t wait to get back into this again after many happy hours on my PS2 the day it came out :-D

  • I also have problems with installing Treasures of Montezuma 4 on PS Vita..

    The version I got is the one with the trophylist listed as PS4 only on various sites and it’s missing the “Curious” trophy, but the PS3 version from the bundle does have that trophy listed. It says on the PS Store I bought the cross-buy bundle (same as linked above).
    Maybe that’s a part of the problem as well..

    I really hope this gets solved, this game is perfect for PS Vita!

  • What a lackluster holiday season for sony this year. Totally dropped ball in the games, exclusives, sales and terrible 12 deals of christmas. Super disappointed that the only thing i can play are 3rd party games. PS4 is becoming what X360 was.

  • I have a great problème, it’s impossible to instalbmontezuma 4 on psvita i have an error at 15%, i have download it 7 times and reboot m’y psvita nothing works

  • any updates for Jan ps plus line up after Xbox said thier games for gold for Jan

    • Will be next Wednesday. Last minute as always. I remember when we used to know the games a month in advanced & also when it was good games :p

  • Is Sony Microsoft? No… then why does it matter what they announce?

  • Kinda late, but it’s nice to see a new and communicative person doing the weekly update posts. :) Hi!

  • Still no InFamous avatars? :(

  • Any word on the rest of the missing Rock Band DLC? A lot were added at the start of the month but we’re still missing a few hundred items. Not to mention the few tracks that are listed for purchase but can’t actually be downloaded on the PS4, such as Crushcrushcrush.

    • Argh that purchased but doesn’t download thing is so frustrating! It’s so close to being correct!

    • You’ll need to check Harmonix channels for any updates regarding Rockband DLC.

    • I don’t normally moan. But it’s a bit odd as harmonix are saying it’s all down to you guys at scee. They aren’t holding it up, your testing or whatever is. bit annoying when it was said that we would/should have it around the beginning of December. Harmonix have gone home for xmas. So much for December in general more like. It sadly isn’t being updated weekly with legacy dlc just new stuff and the legacy comes in random spurts. I’m still waiting for a good 70% of the stuff I had previously purchased to be put onto the store. Like most I’m getting bored of all the maybes.

  • Hi Francesca, struggling to find any info on an EU/UK release for Infinifactory. NA release is today and have been trying to find out more.

    Thanks for your time.

    • I can’t give you a confirmed date at present but I’m told it’s tracking early/mid January for EU.

    • Many thanks for the reply.

      I am a little confused though – Zachtronics told me in an email late yesterday that “The SCEE release is tomorrow”. I presume SCEE is Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. I also presume that is the term being used for it being on sale on PSN.

      Would you be able to try and get further clarification?

    • Eu and usa games should come out same time

  • Merry Christmas everyone!
    Also, Where is Taco Master?
    Greg Miller won’t shut up about this game.
    I have to see what all the fuss is about.

  • there one reason i asked, its due to last year both was said at the same day but not today

  • Hey. Needed to check region

  • Little heads up, The Treasures of Montezuma 4 is broken for Vita and many people are having problems installing it. I don’t know why it managed to pass QA. The PS4 version will work fine but if you buy it only for the Vita. You may have problems.

  • Waiting for that sale on Minecraft story. They did multiple sales on all of their series this year before they were completed and I’m not familiar with Minecraft so I won’t be getting this full price. Keeping the Arkham knight DLC for a sale too.

  • Treasure of Montezuma 4 don’t want install on my Vita!!! What can i do? Thanks

  • It feels good to be a PS+ customer.

    If you’re a masochist, that is.

  • Where are some juicy flash sales :/ I’m kinda disappointed in this years sale, think i’ve been disappointed in every years psn holiday sales tho.

  • Minecraft episode 5 endermen kill everything

  • Alot of people have mentioned treasures of montezuma 4 not working on the ps vita but there no replies?? I only wanted it for ps vita as i will play better. It plays crap on ps4, can you let us know whats happening please

    • It seems they uploaded a new version of Montezuma. Problem is the store doesn’t let us to get this new version if we already got the broken version. I think we’ll have to contact Sony services.

      If you hadn’t bought the broken version, you shoildn’t have any problem after buying the new version.

  • When can we add content to our download list without downloading it on ps4? Hate having to quit the store in between every piece of content to stop it from downloading if I don’t need it right away -_-

  • If somebody have news about Montezuma 4 for Vita,please post here! For now i’ve contacted Sony service.

  • So January sales are up, but strangely nothing posted about it at all.

  • When do you guys come back from the holiday break?

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