The latest Final Fantasy XIV patch is here – along with a free 96 hour log-in

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The latest Final Fantasy XIV patch is here – along with a free 96 hour log-in

If you’ve taken a break from the game, now’s the time to check back in!

Can you believe it? The holidays are almost upon us, among them of course, the Starlight Celebration in Eorzea. All of these festivities conveniently fall in the early winter months, when we all like to huddle together with a warm drink, in front of our PlayStations, when it’s just so much more comfortable inside.

Have a look at our little festive trailer for FFXIV, which we just released:

We all love certain things about the games we play. Some of us love to do competitive endgame raids, some of us love to try and play the in-game economy by crafting high-end equipment, and then there’s housing and exploring… and others, others like side stories and collecting rare weaponry.

Today, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward patch 3.15 went live. It’s an early present, from us, to you!

But not only that – throughout December, those of you that have taken a break from playing can log back into the game for free for up to 96 hours and check out all the new content you’ve missed so far! You can find more information here on the lodestone.

So what awaits you in patch 3.15? Let’s start with…

FFXIV_PUB_Pach3.15_05Twitter image


Anima Weapons are here!

So many of you nourished their Zodiac weapons in A Realm Reborn. These weapons that grew with you as you went through your adventures, and were among the strongest in the game once completed, now find their worthy successors. A young researcher and Gerolt come together to create weapons the like of which, the realm has never seen before…

Saint Endalim’s Scholastice

Ishgard is a city built on unwavering faith, which by the end of 3.0 has found itself confronted with a truth that puts its citizens’ whole way of life in question. The scholars of Saint Endalim are trying to discern the future for their fellow clergymen and women in these unsettled times – help them, and unravel a fantastic new story.

Have a good festive time with family and/or friends J


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