The 12 deals of Christmas – #9

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The 12 deals of Christmas – #9

Grand Theft Auto V is next up in our festive promotion

It’s time to pick up one of the games of a generation with the latest offering in our 12 Deals of Christmas promotion!

Grand Theft Auto V will take you to the heart of the Los Santos criminal underworld. Switch between the interconnected lives of Michael, Trevor and Franklin for the most immersive GTA experience to date!

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
Was €69.99
Now €34.99 (until 11.59pm on 18th December)

And that’s not all – we have an additional deal going live today too, running until 26th December:

Star Wars Battlefront
Was €69.99
Now €46.89

Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition
Was €79.99
Now €53.59

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition
Was €129.98
Now €97.49

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Really a 3 year old game on promo? Give me a break

    • 2 years old but still old

    • 1 year old on PS4 and it’s an amazing game that just got a huge update to GTA Online and will get the Holidays update for GTA Online soon. It’s a great deal for a great game. I don’t get why this deal is a problem for you to be honest.

  • It’s true that your Christmas deal is crappy like always, but tumbs up for your cooperation with Kojima!

  • Sony, this isn’t funny anymore.

  • You asked for it folks, here it is! Battlefront! I bet you’re all ecstatic. Sony Sony Sony!!

  • This is just an absolute joke!! Yea this game is good but it’s 2 years old!!!!! complete garbage this so called 12 deals of Xmas have been.. You can stick this deal where the sun don’t shine

    • the funny thing about deals is, you don’t have to buy anything… also, you are not entitled to demand deals of anything. So take your garbage comment, with the rest of you entitled brats, and go outside.

    • You come off as extremely entitled… and name calling for no reason, nice job. Why so angry? You are not entitled to anything, hence you are not left out of anything nor are you forced to use this deal, therefore you sound entitled and demanding af.
      Also, when the first thing in a response is a defensive response, then you can gather that one hit a nerve. So i say again, go outside and stop being so entitled and angry.

    • You are aware that you called him an “entitled Brat” before he even said anything to you, right? So get off your high horse and stop being a hypocrite.

  • Now that’s better but still showing full price in au store

  • So many good, new games, and you are giving us a 2 year old game that many of us all ready have. Nice Sony, just nice…

  • I know that nothing will change but in hopes of a Christmas miracle i will say it anyway, why can’t you just make a good deal, something that people will buy not because they want to (maybe they do) but because it’s so cheap that they will buy it by impulse.

    I mean, the US had The Order 1886 for $10, couldn’t you just do the same for one or two games? It’s only once a year, jesus christ, throw us a bone here, if the ps+ are awfull at least give us something good once a year (even if it’s a sale).

    I’m still waiting to understand what part of “4theplayers” makes sense as your motto…

  • These comments sections are so salty it’s hilarious.

    • Exactly, even being a ‘2 year old game’ it’s still one of the most impressive games ever made, and still has a very active online component.

      My problem is that the game wasn’t 70€ before, it was 60€, so the price should be 30€…

  • Wow. All you see is people crying out for this game to be in a sale and when it finally is, everyone’s slating it for being a 2 yr old game!!! Haters gonna hate, I suppose.

    • Haven’t seen anyone say they want this….

    • dirtydingus is actually right here. It was only a few months ago that a flood of people were begging for a discount and stating that the price hasn’t been lowered yet. All those people got was the same price but with a shark card included. That happened on PC too and people were pretty annoyed.

  • You should know, that 29.99 pounds is NOT 34.99 euros. But it’s 41.24 euros. You’re always posting here these misleading prices. ALWAYS!

    • But they’re selling the game for 34.99€ on our store… It doesn’t matter how much it converts to. If they’re actually selling the game for that price then they’re not misleading anyone. It’s not like we go to the UK store to buy the game. lol

  • 35€ equates to £25 not £29.99. I might have bit at £25.

    • Yeah, I agree with you there. Posted about this before. £25 is the sweet spot. For the extra £5 they’re asking they probably losing a lot of sales which will wait till it’s even cheaper or just won’t bother.

      £30 to me is the top price for a digital game and 2 years in I’d rather wait for something else to spend my money on.

  • What annoys me about this is GTAV is one of the most popular games and was very popular at one point…. So loads of people have it and hardly anyone will buy it… So why put it in? It’s just stupid! Put a new game at a decent price like a normal person would… Not one of the most popular games at £30 like a dumb person does..

  • OMG you’re doing this again. But this time, you give us a game that everyone’s who want it, already have it.
    Excuse me my english, but i have to say this.

  • These prices are only a few pennies cheaper than retail. And if I didn’t buy star wars for £37 when it came out, why would I buy it now?

  • These prices are only a few pennies cheaper than retail. If I didn’t buy star wars for £37 when it came out, why would I buy it now?

  • My comment’s not showing up

  • No matter how much we cry in here, these sales won’t get any better. I’m offended by these so called sales. And if we want to change things, people should just stop buying from PS Store EU. Maybe then they’d check things again. PS Plus has been a joke for a long time now, when looking the free games we get. Sales are even worse joke, when looking at the prices. And it would be nice to get some comment from people working on this blog, or SCEE. But no, that’s too much. Keep your sales.

  • I missed out on the phantom pain, didnt have the money at the time, gutted! i got the taken king, decent deal. Not sure what else i want that i dont own, maybe, wolfenstein, diablo, until dawn or the lego games, gotta be a sweet price tho

  • So this is one euro cheaper than Steam, and a lot cheaper than retail so this is a nice deal. But I still don’t want to pay 35€ for a PS4 remaster of a PS3 game that I have already played. Damn Rockstar.

  • Why have you stopped putting £/pounds Sterling in the prices?

  • Fairly sure an item has to be sold at full price for a month before it can be called a sale, and this only went back up to full price on 1st December? Oh, and how come the euro discount is 50%, and the other prices aren’t? Not the fairest Sony, is it? We can only hope now that you’re saving the best for last… Oh, and like many others on here, can I request that you start showing other currencies please, unless you’re planning on opening separate offices for the UK and Australia and NZ, the EU blog serves those territories too….

  • The only good ones were the first 2 ones, then this deals went downhill. Seriously why do even have hope with SCEE?

  • You can save the week, Sony, by putting Fallout 4 as the next deal.

  • Wait, why am I seeing “DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION” instead of GTA and Battlefront?

  • I never see GTA V at lower price for consoles and also for PC.
    Amazon sell it at 39€ to 55€ – Steam 35,99€ with 40% discount. So, what is the problem with this deal?!

    • This game,mate, is too old to be on 2015 Christmas deals. That’s the problem.

    • Yeah, it’s sure, But this is the first time that I see GTA V at this price.
      I Never see this game at 20€ on Steam, and I never see at 35€ on phisical copy. Not in Italy, not in the last months.
      It’s old (1 year for the next-gen version, far better than the old one) but it’s a RockStar problem: Sony, Microsoft and Steam, none of them had a better deal until now, and I’ll buy it because I never payd 70€ for and old game, but 35 that is the better deal on console, and it’s pretty good for me and for a 50+ hours game.

    • There’s no problem. Some people just love to find a flaw and whine about it for no reason. 2 years old or not, people have been asking for lower price for ages because it’s a fantastic game and its age doesn’t matter.

    • I bought a copy at the end of november during a sale for 42 euro (which is a bit sour now), but I think the game is still worth this price (although I already had it on Xbox 360 as well). I would imagine there are still some people who were waiting for a price like this (I know I was, but I bought it a bit over the price I wanted to spend on my second copy of GTA V). I was hoping for 35 last time and I guess I should have waited like I was doing for as long as it was released, but oh well.

  • GTA V is a great game but in the spirit of these comments I have to be negative and say surely anybody who wants GTA V would already have it. So I’ve purchased 1 out of 9 deals so far…. any guesses what the last 3 are likely to be? I am suspecting Fallout 4 may be one of the deals… probably the last (although I already have it) but probably, a la Star Wars Battlefront, with about 33% off making it still probably higher than retail. So that leaves probably 2 that may tempt me… fingers crossed for a good deal on Bloodborne (I don’t need the GOTY edition as I’d probably never get to the DLC) but a good 50%+ off the old base game would be nice.

  • Ok, i get that this game is old, true. But did you all think about the new players? some people, including myself, have just recently gotten a Playstation and do not have this game. So why you may already have it, others dont. So stop being a little selfish and saying you deserve somthing better. They are putting games on a cheap sale, CHEAP. Are you not thankful enough that you have to agrue about one games being ‘Too old’. So what? it was a great game and some people just dont have it! Just be happy that they are even doing these for you

  • Sony your deals for loyal customers are crap, ps+ is only good for Indies, what about a AAA for once like say Grand Theft auto, instead of it being a poor imitation of a good deal, in the very ho hum 12 Deals of Christmas fiasco. Whilst I’m at it, ps2 games are way over priced. Why not do what you should have and make ps4 backwards compatible with PS3 whilst we wait for a decent period of releases including some good exclusives. that’s all I wanted to rant about.

  • Both games are about what you’d see in the stores. I get Battlefront if it were cheaper but it’s not really a deal. Just cos you call it a bargain it doesn’t make it so. Same goes for GTA, great game but most of us have already played it on the PS3 and full price at £30.00?? Should be more like £15-£20 then we’d call it a deal but not at £30.

  • already played it. still waiting for Fallout 4.

  • Can’t complain about these. GTA V may be 2 years old, but the PS4 port is only half of that, which people seem to forget. Also, Battlefront is a good deal for a game that young. Neither holds my interest, at all, but it’s still a decent pair of deals, nonetheless.

  • This is a tempting deal.

    In South Africa you cannot find GTA5 second hand and it still retails for R699. Now, with this discount it’s R469 – That’s about a 33% discount. It’s not bad, and I’m tempted as I do still want this… but in a country with expensive and horrible internet, that 50GB download outweighs the little discount. I’ll give it a skip and keep checking for trade ins.

    Thanx for the deal anyway.

    *If it really was -48% like the deal states (R363), then I might have jumped on it.

  • If it’s a game you don’t want you complain that it’s a bad sale, if it’s a game that you want you complain that it’s cheaper on retailers (as it should), if it’s a game that you want and at a decent price, you complain that everybody already has it, why don’t you just ask exactly what you want at this point.
    And please don’t say Fallout 4 ‘cos if you think Bethesda is going to put his new hot cake on sale you’re delusional.

    • I’d take Omega Quintet at £6 (currently on sale for $12 Canadian dollars)… Because it turns out that in North America they can price games well below retail as part of a sale…

    • Because it’s digital and should be cheaper than a physical copy that isn’t even on sale?

    • I don’t understand the reasons people have to think that digital games should cost less. Retailers are the one that can afford the highest level of flexibility in terms of prices.

    • You cut out the middle man (retailer) that also wants to profit on the game. You remove the costs of producing a game disc and case, remove delivery costs and so it stands to reason that the publishers are likely to make more money from the sale of a digital game than physical – unless Sony charge a ridiculous fee for selling on their store…

    • Margins on a new game are so low that retailers can, and happily will, sell new copies even at a loss, even just to introduce more used copies in the market, from which they get 100% of the cut every time they get resold. The extra cost from logistics is easily beaten down by great volumes of sales and sometimes handled by the publisher itself.

  • Battlefront isn’t even worth half of that.It’s a shell of game with barely any content.

  • Nice price!
    Finally time to buy it~

  • I was hoping for GTAV but for less than £30… Only other game I want is Arkham Knight so lets see if that shows up and is actually cheap.

  • I can’t help thinking that these offers would have been bettered timed AFTER Christmas, so all those who get a PS4 over the festive period can add to their library at a discount.

  • These “deals” are utterly soul destroying.

  • Any reason the game isn’t available on the Israeli store? Only in a bundle with a Shark Cash card

  • Sony is trolling us.

  • These Christmas deals make me even more certain that I should buy a gaming PC instead of a PS4 (I plan to do it in March). It’s been fun during PS3/PSVita era, but if Sony doesn’t try harder, they will soon lose me as a customer for this generation.

    • Surely what you’ll save on the software you’ll pay many times over on the upgrades required during a single console generation?

  • Playstation EU
    As the majority of comments believe these #12 deals of Christmas are #not for the players how about, for 1 of the last deals, 12 months ps+ @ half price!!!

    • I think it’s pretty naive to assume these negative comments represent the majority view of these deals. People are far more likely to post to complain than they are to say something positive or if they’re indifferent.

      It’s also worth remembering that Sony know how many copies they’re selling while the games are on sale. If they sell 1,000 copies and have 100 negative comments on here, then those comments seem to represent the classic vocal minority…

  • Battlefront is a big no for me, Seriously EA is being Far too greedy even with the discount.

  • Pretty disgusted that Star wars was in this sale less than a month after release , I will not purchase another game from the PSN store I’d rather now pay less and wait a day or two on a hard disc , I’m totally disgusted and feel ripped off !!

  • This just takes the Christmas cake honestly ive seen better sails on a boat before it got sunk lets hope 2016 is way better

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