Hustle Kings gets major new update this week

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Hustle Kings gets major new update this week

New modes, Trophies, difficulty settings and Events support

Hey there Hustlers. We hope you’ve been enjoying our F2P pool game and our regular content drops. Well, good news as we have a new update chock-full of content available this week.

First up, we have the Extra Modes DLC pack which adds the following brilliant variants on pool:

  • 3 Ball
  • Black ball
  • Killer
  • Cut-Throat
  • 14.1 Continuous

All these games are available offline and online plus the Extra Modes Pack adds a new set of six trophies for you to collect.

We have also added in the insane difficulty level for the career mode as well as some additions to the custom cue ball selection.

In addition to some tweaks and stability fixes to the online leagues, we have addressed some issues with rankings and an exploit glitch.

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For any players who are yet to try the majority of the Hustle Kings add-on packs on offer, now is the perfect time to expand your Hustle Kings experience! All of the DLC packs available from PlayStation Store can now be purchased in one definitive mega value bundle – that’s the Extra Modes, Snooker, 8-Ball and Puzzle Exhibition Pack, plus 10,000 Hustle Kings Credits. Enjoy the definitive bundle, available today on PlayStation Store.

Finally we have also added support for the Events system. You can now register for Hustle Kings events which will run every Wednesday and Weekend offering the chance to play in a huge variety of different types of pool and snooker games, regardless if you own the exhibition packs or not.

These special timed events are free the 1st time you play but subsequent plays will require a HKC (Hustle King Currency) fee. The events offer massive HKC earning potential, but you have to be in it to win it!!

We are actively listening to ourplayers, so if you have any HK feedback please tweet using #HustleKingsPS4. Keep Hustling people!

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  • Why not a vs mode with your friends? :(

  • This is great as I’ve played it a lot since launch with probably around 500 online games by now. That said I don’t think I would buy the dlc because h doubt anyone else would and it might harm my matchmaking in some way.

    • Purchasing the dlc will not harm your matchmaking at all.
      If you wish, you can try some of the new content for free in the new events system. This week you can play in killer tournaments

    • Ah yes the killer tournaments I signed up for on PlayStation events.
      I loaded it up got in the lobby wanted for it to start and the guy broke and potted from it. He then cleaned up the table and I didn’t even get to play lol

  • Does anyone play this? I downloaded a while ago but quickly uninstalled it after realising it was a pay to play game. Literally the game tries to you you buy pieces of chalk and chalk your cue. Ridiculous!!

  • Im still waiting for a developer to grab the Official World Snooker Lisence and make a new gen snooker game with commentary , audiences , competitions , seasons etc. I cant stand these pool games with no crowd or commentary just music playing. Im a pool and snooker fan that watches all events and non of these games are doing the sport justice for fans like myself that are craving an official title.

  • Can someone please help. I downloaded the puzzle exhibition pack for the crazy table. But i cannot find them anywhere in game. It says i can play offline on them but i cant find the tables anywhere. Plz help

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