Raz from Psychonauts joins Zombie Vikings

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Raz from Psychonauts joins Zombie Vikings

Double Fine’s iconic character joins the game as a new playable character

Hi, my name is Klaus Lyngeled and I’m the creative director at Zoink. To celebrate the amazing response of our new game – and more importantly to celebrate that Tim Schafer and the guys at Double Fine are going to make Psychonauts 2 – we decided to add a new playable character to our game. We call him Raz-ombie!

As you probably understand, I am a big fan of Double Fine, so I was super-thrilled when Tim let me play around with Raz as a character.

To make him fit into our style and universe of Zombie Vikings I immediately started designing this weird rotten viking version of him. Below you can see a few of the first sketches. It was important to me that even though he is now dead and a viking, you still feel that it’s Raz.

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We also decided to give Raz-ombie his own signature move, and after bouncing a few ideas with Tim ended up designing this awesome bacon attack that good old Ford Cruller shoots from this head. We also wanted to give him a really special weapon. In the end, we got inspired by the two-headed baby in the Double Fine logo and gave him a pretty stunning double bladed sword!

I am thrilled that Psychonauts 2 is on its way, and I can’t wait to play Raz again. But until then I’ll just have to play Raz-ombie!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Raz-ombie will be available as a free DLC character shortly, and around the same time a huge update to Zombie Vikings will also be available.

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  • Since getting this game at a discount from the Vote to Play scheme I have found Zoink, as a developer, to be quite astounding.

    My first dive I to one of your games was with Stick it to the Man, on PS3. That game instantly sold me for anything else you’d produce. When I picked up Zombie Vikings I was initially disappointed. Compared to how polished, and smooth, stick it to the man was, I found this game to be a bit of a mess and I didn’t play it, on the hope you’d fix it’s faults.

    I remember reading a blog post you made on your site and it was absolutely astounding that you had realised your faults and we’re hard at work to continue on a released game to make it to your true vision and, most importantly, keep all your fans, and newcomers alike, happy with the purchase of this game.

    I have dived back into the game after you released your third update but shortly stopped after knowing you were releasing a further update to changes some game mechanics. I can say I am eagerly anticipating the newest release.

    I’m also hoping to see the original documents character, from Stick it to the man, on sale soon.

    Congratulations on your honesty behind this game and the eagerness to create something that reflects your true vision.

    Thank you for reading.

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