Raz from Psychonauts joins Zombie Vikings

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Raz from Psychonauts joins Zombie Vikings

Double Fine’s iconic character joins the game as a new playable character

Hi, my name is Klaus Lyngeled and I’m the creative director at Zoink. To celebrate the amazing response of our new game – and more importantly to celebrate that Tim Schafer and the guys at Double Fine are going to make Psychonauts 2 – we decided to add a new playable character to our game. We call him Raz-ombie!

As you probably understand, I am a big fan of Double Fine, so I was super-thrilled when Tim let me play around with Raz as a character.

To make him fit into our style and universe of Zombie Vikings I immediately started designing this weird rotten viking version of him. Below you can see a few of the first sketches. It was important to me that even though he is now dead and a viking, you still feel that it’s Raz.

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We also decided to give Raz-ombie his own signature move, and after bouncing a few ideas with Tim ended up designing this awesome bacon attack that good old Ford Cruller shoots from this head. We also wanted to give him a really special weapon. In the end, we got inspired by the two-headed baby in the Double Fine logo and gave him a pretty stunning double bladed sword!

I am thrilled that Psychonauts 2 is on its way, and I can’t wait to play Raz again. But until then I’ll just have to play Raz-ombie!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Raz-ombie will be available as a free DLC character shortly, and around the same time a huge update to Zombie Vikings will also be available.

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