The 12 deals of Christmas – #8

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The 12 deals of Christmas – #8

Pick up The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited at a huge discount

It’s time for deal 8. Drop yourself into a huge massive online multiplayer world, courtesy of a big saving on The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online is set in Tamriel, the ancient land that includes the provinces of Morrowind, Daggerfall and Skyrim. The game takes place 1,000 years before the events of Skyrim, during the Age of Heroes. Embark on an epic adventure to save the land from a seemingly unstoppable evil in a sprawling storyline that can be experienced on your own or with friends.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
Was €69.99
Now €24.99 (until 11.59pm on 16th December)

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • You gotta be kidding me! :))

  • WOW Amazing!! ¬¬

  • This has already been on sale in the past like 3 weeks…

  • Do you like this deal?

  • This should be called the 12 rubbish deals of Xmas. I bet hardly anyone will buy this!

    • It’s actually quite a good game. If you like Elder Scrolls and willing to accept that you give up some freedom in favor of the Social (yes that means interacting with real human beings) aspect then it’s a fantastic expirience.

  • that amazing price…

  • This has been thus far been one awful sale… How old is this title and you add it to your Xmas 12 day sale……… Shocking !!

  • My god, every day, the deal is worse -.- give us something gooooood

  • Sony Europe are you really taking the Michael here and just throwing us some old unwanted bones ??? Elder Scrolls Online as one of your “special Xmas sale games” ?? I’m so glad I buy most of my games via the US store as they know how to hold a sale and knock down prices to such a silly price..

  • Well.. I did want to play ESO again sometime, so I picked up a used copy instead of waiting for sales. Sony tries to hit, but misses by a mile. How about surprising us with Star Wars Battlefront or something? That’d make up for the awful deals, at least a little bit.

    Though I sadly have a feeling that the rest of the deals are likely to be crappy sports games or forgettable games that were relevant over half a year ago..

  • Still cheaper on Amazon!

  • Was expecting better from Sony. I mean, they had something good with Mad Max, MGS5 and such as deals. But the bad deals begin to outweigh the good ones. How about Sony EU pulling something out of their collective hats and bring us Star Wars Battlefront as the next deal, or at least as one of the last deals?
    I’d be willing to have a look at that.

    So have at it, Sony, bring us something good, just 4 deals left to go.

    • You’ve got no chance of Battlefront, lol.

    • Star Wars Battlefront came out 26 days ago and the movie comes out this week to what I imagine will be the biggest opening of all time. You literally could not have picked a more unlikely game, released or unreleased, to appear in this sale

    • Why is Star Wars Battlefront so unlikely? Xbox has it at 33% off all week and there’s always a fair bit of crossover in the sales.

      Xbox had Elder Scrolls on sale all last weekend as well and even went one better than Sony including all of the ESO premium editions in the sale too.

    • @ Mojo and Bubble:

      No chance? Unlikely? Probably. Considering Microsoft had their own 12 days of deals thing going on in the US, and on the 6th day, Black Ops 3 and Battlefront was 50% off, I’d say there was a slight chance of seeing at least something like that in a deal. Link provided for proof:

      So if that could happen, is it really that hard to imagine a slight possibility that MAYBE, just maybe you’ll see Battlefront on 12 Deals of Christmas? Though if Battlefront had to be a deal, I’d guess it’d be the 12th and final deal.

      Also, we’ve seen NFS as a deal, and that game was fairly new too. Just keep an open mind. You might be surprised at the end of it all. But hey, I guess we’ll get crap sports games and junk like Bloodborne as deals down the line.

    • Ah we stand corrected….sort of.

      There is now 33% off. Although it’s still more than physical retail.

      These sales are utterly soul destroying.

    • Well, it’s nice to see Sony delivered on a discount. While it’s likely a worse price than what the British are used to, it’s certainly much cheaper than the asking price on the game in retail in Norway.

      Usually new games cost round 599 NOK (£45) a pop on PSN Store at regular price, but the 33% off discount lowered it to a more digestible 401 NOK (£30). The cheapest equivalent in retail prices equals roughly 499 NOK/£38.

      So I’m pleased with most of the discounts, as the PSN store price is somewhat equal, if not barely cheaper than physical copies. I could import from the UK, but then I’d have to pay extra charges for anything exceeding a price of £26(350 NOK). So it wouldn’t really be very viable to import either. But hey, I’m happy.

  • Despite the negative comments above, this is the most tempting deal for me since the Uncharted Collection… for A$30.95 I am tempted to give this a go. Still seems around the A$40-A$50 mark in the shops here. Time to watch a few reviews before I decide though….

    • If you’d like to still have a life and have time to play other games, I wouldn’t invest. Wait for the next offline Elder Scrolls game.

    • The game itself is no good at all. Tried PC and Xbox One versions earlier and its epic grind with extremely clunky combat, lackluster quests and soulless world.

  • Can get a physical copy for £12 now. No wonder I rarely buy anything from the PS Store :/

  • Really Sony? i’m not mad, at this point i’m simply disappointed.

  • Dear Chris, is your avatar’s face mask to hide the grim smirk of shame welded to your face?

    It doesn’t work. We can still see your eyes. Blankly staring from the soulless pit of Scrooge’s pre-visitation heart.

    I suppose from a Buddhist perspective, you can’t appreciate the highs without the lows, so really Sony EU is going to ensure everyone’s christmas day is jubilant. Those holly embroidered socks from Nanna will never have looked so good.

  • This deal Garbage. The only good deal was metal gear and mad max the rest is crap!

  • You guys really have no christmas spirit, shame on you. #forthepayers

  • What is with the Euro only pricing!? This used to be the UK Blog! Please post the prices in Stirling £!

    • EU is not UK

    • When has this EVER been the UK blog?? Get your head out of your arse, look at the URL and that might give you a clue.

      There are more countries in the EU on the Euro than on sterling (that’s how you spell it btw).

    • It’s always been the EU blog but the blog team in the past did list currency for the UK and Australia in the past obviously the current team are lazy to write it down.

  • I’d say some people are complaining about the prices cause of the USA store deals , well ship yourself of the the states and enjoy there sale prices , Another comment I’m reading is Starwars well I’ve just forked out £56.99 on the PSN store and I’d like to remind Sony EU if this game comes into the 12 day XMAS DEAL it will be the last game I purchase from the PSN store , I for one don’t mind paying that bit extra as I can’t be arsed going to the shops to pick up a disc and I pay for a 200mb download package , So as for your deals I don’t mind it being games that are a couple of months old but starwars has just been released , so I hope I don’t see it in the 12 day Xmas sale .

    Ps – same old winers on here day in day out , some folk need to be happy with what you can afford , your not getting the new games for 1/2 the price .

    Thank god there is only 4 days left !!

    • Please remember there are a lot of countries under the EU banner, quite a few not even EU territories. Each country has its own circumstances, it’s own unpaid tax that Sony still factors in, it’s own currency conversion markup, and a lack of insight into each countries local retail market value.

      What applies to you, may not apply to a good many other people. Some people will moan for the sake of it, but there’s usually isn’t a basis for noise if all is well. Take the 2 for 1 deal, I think honestly that speaks volumes by itself about what is deemed acceptable in EU.

    • I see your point about other countries in the EU I’m in the UK so I have to pay top dollar as they say , and I agree although the two for one didn’t have anything I wanted to purchase it was a very good offer , I personally don’t want to see game that have just been released within them last month being put on this sale for a discounted price when some of us have already paid over the odds for a game that’s not been released that long and also has a very pricey season pass add on along with the game , I hope you see my point . Being in the UK also I’m not sure if I’m in the EU or not lol

    • £56.99 for battlefront? Crazy. You are aware that you can order games online and they get delivered straight to your door, right? No trip to the shop required and you’d have saved £20..

      I’d prefer older games at better prices, I honestly can’t see battlefront being a deal. Also, does it not bother you that NA have games like The Order, infamous and KillZone at $20 on their store (£10-£13) as their standard price? When the same games are 3x that price for us… This is what annoys me, we are being treated like third class cashcows.

    • Star Wars Battlefront is currently 33% off over in Xbox land so there’s a chance it will make an appearance over here.

      MS has is on sale all week, as their sales normally go, but if I had to guess I’d say Sony will run it as Deal #10 to coincide with the release of the film.

    • As someone from Xbox land, Battlefront is also 33% worse. Even EA admit they screwed up and made a game with no depth though.

    • It’s your lucky day, Battlefront is on sale for a week for £36. No one forced you to pay full price so don’t tell us we don’t deserve a discount.. and yet you still have the nerve to call US whiners.

  • I’m so sad now becuz I missed the first deal (metal gear)..was hoping that there should be more goodies coming in next yet all these craps just simply drive me crazy…I don’t expect anything good after seeing all these, all I want now is just a chance to buy the first deal again..

  • I’m pretty sure if you go to your local shop you’ll get MGS for a descent price even 2nd hand it’s not the newest of games but it’s a game that’s worth paying full price for , shame you missed it but I’m sure it’ll be on sale again , I paid £38 new on release day for it , so I’m guessing it’s still cheap depending on were you shop , saying that if you can’t buy a hard copy I’m sure it’ll be on sale again at some point as it’s a great game .

  • another day another so called “deal” that is more expensive than retail

  • Where do tou guys buys this so called cheap physical games? I cannot find anything cheaper here in ireland, even pre-owned is still cost a fortune in ebay or amazon uk. so i still think this deal is much better compare to retail store.

  • Price seems around retail, so not terrible. Not my type of game though so I will pass.

    Hopefully I’m tempted to get my wallet out at some point, haven’t been yet – maybe when you reduce the BB DLC back to the advertised price.

    • A deal shouldn’t be reducing it to around retail though.

      I get games are more expensive in some countries than others but that’s just another reason Sony should break up SCEE.

    • I didn’t say it was a good deal, just as Sony deals go it isn’t quite as terrible as most of the other deals ;-)

  • Actually not bad deal for .cz folks. Game starts from 850CZK in retail here, deal is 729CZK. Just not my type.

  • 20 quid should be its base price given what disc copies are going for. The fact they’re asking £50 for this normally is laughable.

  • These sales have become a sorry shadow of their former selves, just like the Instant Game Collection. Poor show Sony.

  • I got Syndicate yesterday for 45€ fully well knowing its not much of a deal, but I prefer digital and dying to play it. All I want now is Fallout 4 for at least 40% off.

  • Fully expecting Bloodborne AND The Old Hunters DLC to go on sale!

  • Good price, that’s a lot of game for £20. Yes you can get it a few quid cheaper elsewhere, but good if you’re happy with digital. This and the Uncharted have been the only good deals. I imagine Sony are restricted somewhat by the developer.

    • I agree, I really don’t know what people are expecting form a third party published game on a digital store. They can’t go below retail in general, the price may be cheaper elsewhere but there’s nothing stopping people from going to the store, 25 bucks really isn’t THAT much.

      I think everybody epxects UC4 for 20 bucks thios xmas or something. No way games like Star Wars or Bloodborne Hunters are going for broke when they make more moeny selling it full price right about now.

      People expect everything 2 weeks old for a penny or 2 or otherwise they throw a childish tantrum.

  • I probably would have bought the game if we had been given the free weekend play like the Xbox One and PC/Mac had. Unfortunately I’m just going to wait until PS4 gets the free weekend before deciding to buy or not.

  • Elder Scrolls Online is a fantastic game, I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly for the last 4 months – but, don’t buy it on here as it’s only 15 quid in CEX

    • and SONY wanna call it a X-mas deal ?!.. I’m happy that i wont hold the xmas eve with them then.lolo
      X-mas 2015 with out SONY :'(

  • I’ve noticed that lately these deals are the exact same games as the ones getting discounted in physical stores. This one is discounted at 20 here atm.

  • The 12 Christmas of DEAL WITH IT!!!!!! ok gamers? now p… off :)

  • inb4 moderation: No Vita No buy!

  • The 12 insults of Christmas

  • Whether you think the deal is bad or terrible it’s just further evidence of the lack of quality titles currently on the console.

    There’s maybe 10 to 15 genuine AAA games that aren’t sport and that aren’t nearly a year old, this will be an issue until a much greater number of games come out.

    Tragically Star Wars, Cod, just cause etc are all too too new and the lack of competition means they sell so well there is no incentive to drop prices.

  • The remaining non-sports, AAA rated games remaining for a deal that isn’t over a year old is Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, Star Wars Battlefront, CoD and Bloodborne. Surely these must be coming soon … and better be for at least 40% off if from 70€.

  • Sorry but this was a deal:
    Happened today in France.

  • In The Netherlands physical game €20 new, used (with guarantee 3 months) €15. So the choice is clear. Hope Sony will surprise us all with Deal #9 and #10. Until I saved money by bying nothing and didn’t increase my backlog. Well, that’s ok to me.

  • Personally I dont think the choice of games that have been on offer is too bad (even if some of the games arent to my taste) just the pricing is a bit daft. Saying they are Christmas Deals is all well and good but to put the games on at a higher mark up than their physical counter part isn’t exactly a deal now is it?

  • Sony europe, are you checking the current prize before you put up a “deal”?
    Elder scrolls online is only €19,- in stores right now. Not in just 1 store, no in every big gamesstore here in Holland… Somebody has been sleeping behind his/her desk…

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  • I guess if I wanted to play it…but haven’t touched an MMORPG since Ultima Online. Those were the days…

  • Father Christmas seems to have left many chocolate logs at the PSN store this year !

  • Xboxone currently has 33% off of battlefront in their weekly deals. That’s better than these so called deals. Looks like my money will be spent on Xbox store rather than PlayStation. Are these deals rubbish because you sold a load of consoles.

    • As an owner of all current gen consoles I also noticed the 33% off Battlefront on Xbox at the moment but struggle to buy digital copies of anything from EA when I know it will eventually make it on to EA Access… might be a different story if I saw a cheaply priced retail copy of an EA game that I could eventually recoup some cash back on.

    • I navigate both the EU and US store accordingly. As I’m writing this, the week 2 Christmas update is live in the US which does include Star Wars at 33% off (Standard & Deluxe) and Ultimate Edition is 25% off. The Elder Scrolls is on there too, regular, imperial and premium edition. It would be pretty funny if Battlefront wasn’t one of the deals upcoming now.

    • I want a deal for battlefront and not a discount. Since the movie is coming now this would be a great time to make a deal for the game.

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