12 deals of Christmas – #7

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12 deals of Christmas – #7

Pick up Assassin’s Creed Syndicate at a discounted price for 48 hours

It’s time for another huge deal here at PlayStation Store as we head into the second half of our 12 Deals of Christmas promotion.

This time let’s immerse ourselves in the historical open world adventure Assassins Creed Syndicate. If you want to extend your game then don’t forget to pick up the Season Pass as well!

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Was €69.99
Now €44.99 (until 11.59pm on 14th December)

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gold Edition
Was €99.99
Now €54.99 (until 11.59pm on 14th December)

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Season Pass
Was €29.99
Now €19.99 (until 11.59pm on 14th December)

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Still more tham retail. Already platted it too xD

    • #WeDontCareAboutThePlayer

    • #4thepayers

    • I don’t know where you haters get your games but I didn’t find any cheaper way to get this game from any other “retailer”… That’s the 7th deal of christmas, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I totally feel like even if we get a decent deal on a good game everybody goes crazy on still how expensive is…
      Yes, still isn’t cheap, but the cheapest I found out there atm.
      And this comment is not especially against you Thug, but a bunch of other ppl too who can’t stop complaining.

    • £25 at Amazon and Game in Uk. Amazon France and Germany have both been cheaper recently. Couldn’t tell you every country in Europe but even if you imported it’d be cheaper than this

    • Rook edition: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00XJJ7EMQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?qid=1450035058
      29.99 delivered the standard is 24.99 delivered.

    • So people expect Sony to counter retailers who are selling at a loss with a even bigger loss?

      Retailers usually charge extra on something else to make up for it. What can Sony do to make that money back?

    • These retailers aren’t selling at a loss. Besides for Sony its digital- not a tangeable physical item.

    • and it was way cheaper a couple of weeks back in a us sale, think i paid about 22 quid at the time with exchange rate, and yeah i know there is vat on uk stuff but even with that on top would still be 26 quid

    • @Sicmay

      But they are, they hope you will buy something else to make up for it.

      They still have costs for digital games like servers etc which don’t change.

    • You think a server costs so much that under £25 they are making a loss?

      Nearly every game is around £25 on Amazon and stuff- they are not making a loss. If anything they are shifting stock

  • Why was the price for Avengers never dropped. It said save up to 78% yet never offered a single penny off.

    I look forward to being ignored.

    • Being ignored in SCEE blog is as normal as sleeping or eating.

    • I noticed the same thing with Kingsman when it was ‘supposed’ to be on sale.
      Shame, I would have picked it up if the sale actually existed.

    • Honestly it happens a lot, it never happened on the old PSN store but it happens all the time with the new store and not a single fk is ever given, they never change, after all these years.

  • Thought oh good a decent new game…. Then I seen the ridiculous price!!!!! Seriously We’re you dropped on the head as a child?

  • Can’t any of the deals actually be a special price?

  • I thought oh good a decent game….. Then I seen the ridiculous price!!!! Seriously were you dropped on the head as I child? How this a deal I can buy this brand new at GAME for £24.99!

    • You really need to learn some manners. You can have (legit) criticism without resorting to personal insulting.

    • Aceje, you just insulted ZombieMeat above, saying “sure you weren’t dropped”, and now you’re being all hypocritical and noble. Anyway, I hope this is the last year Sony do the 12 deals, it’s just a joke and waste of time nowadays.

  • Seriously, a retail copy at my most expensive store is cheaper than this.

  • PlayStation deals are just a joke. Everytime you put them up, they’re more expensive than retail and the less said about that buy on, get one free rip-off, the better.

  • I think its time to accept that my collection of ps4 games will be heavily disc based.
    What occurs to me as a long time pc gamer, is that psn games are not quite like steam, yes you can access them forever but only if you still have the console.
    Its unlikely many titles will be compatible with ps5, so when i think about it, theres really very little reason to focus so much on download versions for games.

    I’m sure good deals will be there now and then (the destiny taken king one is actually pretty good if you like that game).
    But on the whole you pay a very hefty premium for psn versions, but when you really analyse it, there is nothing to justify that added premium.

    • It’s a choice thing. I am totally digital for the convenience. I also, apart from one error of judgement buying Batman at full price, never pay over £30 for a digital game, and mostly a fair bit less, but then I just wait till deals come in.

      I’ve bought Watchdogs, Sleeping Dogs, Mad Max, Uncharted Collection, Drive Club with DLCs and The Order for about £100 over the last month. That’s 6 games and lots of fun for around £18 each. To me, that’s a good deal and I don’t have to deal with disc swapping or worries about errors.

      If Sony want to do a deal like this, for £35, then I won’t buy it. At some point the game will be discounted to £20 or £15 or will end up on ps plus and then I’ll get it.

      I think the issue most people have is they want new games they really want to play at rock bottom prices. Well, you can get that, but you’ll just have to wait for it. Alternatively, buy the physical copy. Sony aren’t forcing you to buy digital at a premium. You either want the convenience of digital, or you want the game cheaper in which case buy it from Amazon et al.

      The fact you are even ‘analyzing’ digital versus premium suggests you would prefer digital for convenience but don’t want to pay for it. If that wasn’t the case it would be a non issue and you wouldn’t bother wasting your time even writing a post about it.

    • @ Frank, you can make yourself believe that’s a good deal

    • @ frank (continued, damn phone) – I got Watchdogs for £8, sleeping dogs with art book for £10, driveclub and season pass for £15, the order for £9 and uncharted for £23, totalling £66 minus mad max (which I could have got for £15 during retail stores black Friday event). The PS store is heavily over priced, got AC syndicate for £25. Shame it’s always been this way though

    • @frank_littleff

      Stop maing sense man, you’re ruining the vibe in this tread.

      When did we become manchildren and asking around for two month old games discounted for 70 percent. Either buy it or don’t, but all this begging and complaining is pretty childish. Yeah yeah you can get it cheaper in stores, go get your freaking coat then and start playing the disc version.

      That and Sony probaby doesn’t even set the prices on third party deals to begin with.

    • @Frank, well I don’t expect new games for rock bottom prices. I was really just looking for decent prices on older games like gow, killzone and last of us. I am willing to pay more just not double or more. The way they price older titles is flawed imo.
      Obviously I would prefer digital which is why I check these deals.
      Was just making the point that I was mistaken in my initial view that these games are like digital games for pc where you are making an investment that will pretty much last forever. As it seems for future versions of the console these games wont be backwards compatible.

    • @menagezer0, if you feel the need to vent your frustration, you should pick a more appropriate comment to reply to.

    • @Delta_ECHO82 Apologies, it wasn’t meant at you, Frank just made a lot of sense in a sea of “can we get things for free cause we’re the the iphone generation” [DELETED].

    • “When did we become manchildren and asking around for two month old games discounted for 70 percent”

      There’s really nothing wrong with complaining at rip-off pricing from any retailer. People wouldn’t expect 70% discounts off normal prices, but when the ‘normal’ price has been inflated to over double the realistic going rate then that’s about the minimum level that actually constitutes a ‘deal’ – 50% only brings you about level with retail.

    • prices are about level with retail, so you can choose, buy here or buy retail and change discs like some animal

      this are not good deals compared to steam, but it is cheaper than on amazon right now,

  • Again nothing for Vita, I save a lot of money, because I buy nothing.

    • There is a sale for games under €15 for ps3 andere vita in the store. Pretty decent sale imo.

    • Vita and PS3 aren’t part of the 12 days “sales”, so don’t get you hopes up about seeing any… Supposedly there will be an Xmas sale though, so I’d expect vita games in that.

  • These savings in Australia aren’t that bad if you use them correctly.

    Our full price games (PS Store) are $99.95AUD.
    On sale at these deals are around $47.95AUD.
    In store on sale or best price (depending where you go) is no lower than $59.00AU (Fallout 4 current deal in store).
    If you get the wallet top-up cards on sale as well and save them up for when deals like this come around in our region, we end up saving around 70% off full retail price which is pretty decent. But we get ripped off at retail anyways.

    Just think of how much you would play it compared to how much it costs and see if that’s value for money for you :)
    I think these deals ok except some absolute shockers of game choices. i.e. WWE 2K16…

    • I agree for the most parts the sale prices have been great for australia, except this one is is regular 99.95 and discounted to 62.95, when in store you can get it for 58. The other deals like Uncharted and MGSV have been great, but I’m not dropping money on this deal.

    • Ya same here in south africa we pay R900 (R= rands, for those that dont know) for this game and wirh the discount it drops to R549. So considering this is a fairly new title the deal is a good one also none of the retailers here are going to put a new games on sale at almost half price.

  • After all those sport games, still no basketball game. Waitin for 2K16 but losin hope as the days go by…

  • Already finished ACS. Sadly, another hit and miss. How about Star Wars: Battlefront next?

    • I think Star Wars Battlefront will be discounted on 17th December, because the new movie comes out on this day and EA want to sell some copys. Price will be… maybe €50.

  • Good game and recent game, bad price that is actually more then retail.
    Next one… still disappointed with all of them except MGS.

  • You really need to explain to us why you think these prices are a deal? It’s beyond a joke now you call them deals then ask £10 more than it is in shop… It’s just annoying and very cheeky. Plus this was on sale at same price not long ago… What terrible deal is next, whatever it is I guarantee you it will be overpriced. Ugh! Sort it out

  • Apart from Uncharted collections price been very good at £24.99 the rest is just a joke in pricing or games. Saw this one an thought cool I wouldn’t pay top dollar for it but if I could of got it near price of uncharted I’d buy it but seriously at this price Sony,that ain’t a deal when you can get it cheaper for disc version at game an they ain’t cheap by any stretch.

  • £25 in game this week, cmon sony even game are beating your “deals”

  • Pretty weak Sony, pretty weak.

  • Weak!

    I paid less than that St a retail store in release week. You really don’t want my money this year do you?!

  • Special Edition is £16 on PC and you want to give everyone this amazing bill?
    By the time your customers ignore every one of your deals, they’ll have the money for a half decent PC to run it.

  • I don’t think the Season Pass has had a discount applied, unless $50 is meant to be its discounted price.

  • oh my god plaese kill me !!

  • I think most people would like a decent digital platform for purchasing games but Sony can’t help themselves and are pricing digital out of the market. What a great opportunity they are wasting. Then again, maybe the network can’t handle the load of too many people downloading these games so they don’t want people to buy them.

    Playstation. …#4THEMONEY

  • Paid A$56 at retail when it first came out so A$62.95 here isn’t much of a deal…. try again Sony.

  • I must say these deals are really good if you live in South Africa, as retail only discount the titles after a year – so its half price – ( we get same deals as eu store) . The only disadvantage is you cant trade in digital if you don’t like the game & the limiting factor of HDD space. If only they would allow you to refund the games as Steam does.

  • I wanted this game at least at a 50% discount. hmm guess I’ll get it anyway. just feel like I’m getting ripped off at 45€ big ones!

  • First off, the EUR prices on the GOLD Edition are actually quite good guys, the German Store sells the Gold Edition for 55 EUR (Multi Language), which is about 40 GBP, while the UK store lists the Gold Edition at 50 GBP – which is almost 70! EUR.

    And 55 EUR is not a bad deal, the game PLUS the season pass for 40 GBP. If you want it, get in there and get it before they realize the mistake and change it :)

    Still not for me, though. It’s a pity, I would’ve like to play this one, but not at that price – even the German price.
    I really like digital games, as I play a lot of remote play and there is no “disc-library” accessory for the PS4 (like a disc-changer, connected via USB to validate multiple discs – that would be awesome but will never happen).

    And I will say, that it’s becoming a bit of a principle thing for me, feeling similar to how Xbox One originally treated retail discs (it was basically a 70 EUR installer you couldn’t resell, in essence a digital game without the download but all the additional costs – and back then they said you still had to be online once a day to be able to play it). That – along with the rest of their initial “policy” before “180-Day” was one of the deciding factors for me to switch from Xbox 360 to PS4 – not that Playstation would sell stuff cheaper, but the principle of the thing, selling me a “digital title on disc” for the same price as something I could resell.
    I’m not saying that the (German) Price is a horrible deal for a PSN digital game. It’s not great, or decent, really, but not horrible.
    The issue I (and my principles) are having, is the initial price of “more than retail disc” without any of the retail costs. Yes, digital is convenient, and convenience possibly should carry its own price tag, but a balance must be struck.
    Personally, looking at sites with PC game keys on offer, sometimes I feel bad for the devs, as I cannot see them getting much if any money out of some of these deals – good work in games should be appreciated, and monetary appreciation is a big part of what keeps the industry going and games being developed.

    But there needs to be a balance.

  • Another “fantastic” deal that I will be passing on. Can’t believe anyone pays these prices…

  • Hey Chris, I can’t see the discounted price for the season pass.

  • As previously mentioned. £25 for special edition, £30 for Rooks edition at Game. £25 for steel book edition at Amazon.
    Season pass may be worth picking up at that price though.

  • haha these “deals” are hilarious thank you for making my day sony/ubisoft.
    99.99 for a digital game lol
    The only worthwile deal so far is Destiny The Taken King Legendary edition for 30e

  • Sony should really keep up with average retail prices, and base their digital prices on that, if they actually want to have sales there. I would love to have a disk free game library, but if retail is consistently cheaper by an honestly ridiculous margin, my hand is forced.

    Sony is also biting into their own hands: the big upside for companies is that digital games cannot be resold, unlike disk games. By forcing people to by retail, you are actually reducing the number of direct sales, and since you don’t get end profit from indirect second-hand sales, you are reducing your own profit margins.

    • So you expect Sony to sell at a loss? Most retailers make their money in the first 3 weeks on a game and can afford to deeply discount it after a month. Some of these retail prices get so low they can make little as £2 profit. Places like Tesco and Amazon can make up the money elsewhere.

      I see a book I was looking for on Amazon for £3.99 and my local bookshop is selling the same book for £10.99. I know the owner and she bought the book from the suppliers for £4.99. She has to deal with people saying to her Amazon is cheaper and she should stop price gouging. Amazon is taking a loss but can sell car mats for 500% profit and make up for it.

    • It’s crazy to suggest that selling a digital game with no per-unit manufacturing overheads or retailer’s cut is going to make a loss at a price that retail wouldn’t. V_Sontohartono is right – inflated digital prices cost Sony money by encouraging customers into the much more second-hand resale friendly physical disc market.

    • The__Ewan

      What about infrastructure costs, server costs and other costs we don’t know about.

      Also it’s to Sony’s benefit to keep the prices high because of retailers. Sony needs to sell off the physical stock retailers get. I worked retail, I would get tons of games and DVDs especially around this time of year. I would put them on a reduced price after Christmas and what doesn’t sell after Christmas I send them back for full credit.

    • @Lucreto

      Thanks for giving me a laugh tonight. The comments on Amazon were especially priceless. :)

    • @Lucreto:

      So you’re saying that Sony has a problem with disk copies being unprofitable (to which I agree), but rather than moving the market towards digital copies, which does not have the problem of overstock, you’re saying they should double down on what is giving them this problem in the first place?

      Please, explain to me how that makes any sense.

  • This game is £24.99 retail. Ridiculous to say this is a special offer.

    • Maybe in the UK, but the world doesn’t revolve around the UK. There are more countries in Europe you know? The prices here for example are no where near that, so thank your lucky stars that you live in a country where you can get such deals.

    • frodouk, If you live in Europe you can buy it for £24.99 (€35) too right? Just go to Amazon uk or Game UK online store and get it delivered, usually no trade barrier to stop that, just another state in the union (unless the postage cost are ridiculous of course)…
      Or Amazon France €39.99 (around £29) if that would give you cheaper postage.

    • Amazon Uk will post international for around £3 – so frodouk – and its £25 on there so you’ll still save at least £5

    • it cost 40 euro on amazon.co.uk shipped
      it costs 52 euro on amazon.de shipped

      it costs 45 euro on psn

      if you want to wait 4 days and bother with discs in 2015 you are free to do so, but these prices are comparable.

      It`s not an amazing deal, but it isn`t ridiculous either

  • I started going digital with PS3 and continued with ps4. However with ps4 we have been at a disadvantage at the beginning as they raised prices by £10 for no apparent reason apart from we are in the UK. I have long said a digital version should cost no more than £39.99 and be the definitive version(all day one dlc) and always be available. I buy digital as I have two machines, 1 for me and the other for my sons so we can play multiplayer. However I am now seriously considering reverting to discs as they are cheaper even if I have to buy two copies. These sales/offers have been useless and this comes from someone who normally buys day one.

    • Maybe it’s the old grudge between England and the colonies. Or maybe digital games are just afraid of being sorrounded by water….we’ll never know.

  • Sometimes I wonder if SCEE put these “sales” on as a joke, just so they can sit back and laugh at all the rage comments.

    That’s the only explanation because they surely can’t be serious.

    • Sadly yourself and all the other idiots simply don’t understand business. Do you really expect Sony to find the best price in any store and undercut it digitally? Store prices are dynamic. Sony have to keep stores sweet, they have to keep gamers sweet too. It’s a difficult balancing act.

      You upset game store and your consoles live at the back of the store, and the sales guys promote the Xbox one to customers. You undercut Amazon and they tweak their listings to promote Xbox games in search results.

      Sony are smart enough to know that digital games are desirable, I prefer them, as do many others, I can also see how digital purchases against my account may be beneficial in the future when it comes to things like ps4 compatibility on ps5..

  • Why is the price never displayed with pounds £ that’s what we use in the uk and I’m lazy when there is a discount please write the new price on to thanks Sony.

  • Season pass price has not been updated.

    I wonder when people will realize that digital games are and will be more expensive then retail for years. Why? Because shops like Walmart, Gamestop, Best-Buy, Game and so on have to clear their stock, before they can lower the price of digital titles lower then retail. Also I’m sure publishers love earning a bit extra from digital titles.

    It sucks and it’s wrong, but that’s how it is right now, so when there is a sale on AAA digital games, don’t expect them to be cheaper then retail, that way you don’t get disappointed :)

  • I’ll admit the price is a little off, but I’ve waited for the season pass, so can Sony actually change the price for us?? If they list it at a discount and don’t apply it, that’s ridiculous.

    • Sadly, I’ve been seeing this quite often with many different sales on PSN. The discounts often don’t get applied straight away, which is then fixed a day or 2 later.

      I’m sure they’ll take care of it tomorrow, since it’s Sunday today.

  • You know your ‘deals’ suck when even GAME are doing a better deal. Pathetic, for the ‘players’ LOL!

  • I remember a time when the deals have been so great I couldn’t resist buying them. Now it’s the opposite of that. Those horrible deals lately are very helpful at saving my money. So I guess I should be thanking whoever sets the price for that.

  • So, main game €45 or £35
    Season pass €20 or £25
    Uk customers getting a worse deal yet again

    • My heart bleeds. You get better deals on everything else – I know this because I lived there for nearly 40 years. I now live abroad and believe me, you don’t get the worse deals and certainly not “again”

      So… cry me a river.

  • Might pick up the season pass.

    It says until 11:59pm on 14th December, that’s not 48 hours, though.

  • Is there any chance that Need For Speed: Rivals will be in a sale any time around xmas? I missed it the last time it was on sale.

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