Unique space adventure Cosmochoria is coming to PS4 in 2016

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Unique space adventure Cosmochoria is coming to PS4 in 2016

Nate Schmold’s new project “feels like nothing you’ve ever played before”

A lone, buck-naked cosmonaut twirls freely through a cartoon universe. He is gravity-less… pants-less… his body exposed to the icy cold of the cosmos. His trusty laser blaster and accompanying space helmet keeping him alive for just a little longer.


Seemingly drifting for eons, he sees a galaxy out of the corner of his eye and thrusts his jetpack towards what seems like a miniature cartoon planet hanging delicately on the edge of space. Landing on the planet, the space traveller can now run and jump with finesse.

His task seems to be based in discovery, first by planting a flag and naming the planet with some ridiculo-sensical non-word, and then, more importantly, by attempting to bring life back to the planet… for reasons not truly understood.

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At its very roots, Cosmochoria is a game about discovery. I purposely designed Cosmochoria to feel like the type of game I would find in my Dad’s stash of old Atari 2600 games: a mysterious cartridge found in the bottom of a dusty old milk crate without a box or even instruction manual…

Even the simple act of discovering the mechanics was something I deliberately obsessed over and tried to balance with just the right amount of feedback and information. I want you to know how to move, and what buttons to press to do what, but beyond that, the *reason* you’re standing there, naked on a strange cartoon planet in the middle of deep space is not immediately apparent. I was so moved by such a powerful experience playing Journey that I thought, “what if I could somehow get that raw feeling of wonder and curiosity into what appears – on the surface – to be a simple arcade game?”

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Cosmochoria is the result of that thinking. It is a smorgasbord of game mechanics, from free floating thrust-based space travel akin to classic space shooters like Asteroids, to run and jump mechanics reminiscent of Mario Bros or Donkey Kong, in amidst that madness are additional layers of building and planting systems that, when combined, bring a truly unique flavour to the universe of Cosmochoria.

It’s my hope that Cosmochoria feels like nothing you’ve ever played before, and I deeply look forward to hearing about your experiences of the game when my good friends at Curve Digital bring it to your PS4 next year.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

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4 Author Replies

  • What, no Vita?

    I’ll probably pick this up because it looks pretty cool, but if ever there’s a PS4 game that looks tailor made for Vita, it’s Cosmochoria!

  • “Meeee and all the other7 Vita owners demand you to port this so we can not buy it!”

    Seriously would you vita-whiners please stop spamming every blogpost about vita ports. Come on! According to mr. Sony himself: Vita is a LEGACY PLATFORM and that statement was made like a year ago!

    • Still, can’t blame them. Legacy as it may be, I love rocking my Vita any chance I can get. I swear i’m actually better at games like Rogue Legacy and Nuclear Throne when i play them on my Vita haha :)

    • Meh. Mobile gaming is for the ADHD crowd. Gaming should be quality time. Turn off the phone, turn on the telly, boot up the PS4, adjust the balls and go save the world.

    • @Huono_peleis

      Mind your business and play your games on PS4. Every Vita owner has the right to demand games. There is no need for your approval.

      No they don’t on every blogpost concerning PS4 games. Like that guy who shouts at every post how his VITA NEEDS games. His trophylist shows that there around 15 vita games he has actually bought (maybe). There are still 100+ vita games with 70+ metascore average for him to BUY and play before he actually has the NEED for new games on vita.

      And if his life (and every other vitawhiners life) is depending on mobile gaming he (and every other vitawhiner) can always buy a android phone for 100 euros and play 1000+ games for no additional cost.

      I really feel for all these indy devs for putting hours (hundreds! thousands! zillions!) on developing their games on PS4 only to get flooded with vitawhiners who don’t even buy games. If these whiners would have actually bought games then maybe vita might not be as dead as it is.

    • Do you not see the irony in whining about “vitawhiners”

      Vita OWNERS (which, judging by your trophy card, you are NOT one of) – are entitled to request – in the nicest way possible – that a game that LOOKS interesting is brought to a console of their choice. Whether the devs can, or do, bring it is then their choice – but they’re more likely to release it on Vita if they know there is demand for it.

      Demand = supply.

      Vita may be classed by Sony as “legacy” but plenty of developers are still releasing games for the Vita; that is not the fault of the consumer, but the fault of Sony.

    • And I just add: do you know how many copies the last Vita game released by Sony itself (MLB 15: The Show) sold? Less that 10.000 copies. That’s a AAA production with a licence developed and published by a major company with near limitless marketing budget. Now think for a second why a small indy company (or just one person) would develop anything for vita.

    • 7 vita owners there is that many lol.

    • @Huono_peleis,

      Excuse me, but I am certainly NOT a Vita whiner, as you so tactfully put it. Furthermore, I am patently aware that Vita is no more than a Legacy Platform to Sony.

      Sure, I concede there most certainly is the ‘I NEED THIS IN MY VITA’ brigade, that seemingly bombard every PS Blog announcement. However, I only raise the question of a Vita edition for the odd game that I would genuinely love to purchase for the handheld. Cosmochoria being one such game.

      The sole reason for this, being a vain attempt to demonstrate to the developer that there ‘may’ be a demand, and as such, an additional demographic in which to tap into.

      Now, if all this passes your stringent rules at to what Playstation customers can and cannot comment on, I bid you good day. For I have far better things to do with my day than having to justify myself (and my comments) to somebody like your good self.

      After all, my post was directed to Nate, and Nate only.

    • @Nate Schmold

      Nate, by stating that ‘you can’t blame them’, you’re inadvertently agreeing that people who’d legitimately like to play your game on Vita are indeed, Vita whiners.

      Then again, maybe it isn’t inadvertent. Either way, Just a heads up.

  • Thanks for sharing info on your game. I like the art style and it reminds me of a Pixeljunk game a little.
    Interesting to see if it manages to feel like nothing we’ve played before by being a clever mix of everything we’ve played before ;)
    Any consideration of this being a PS Plus title?

    • Thanks so much! I LOVE Pixel Junk.

      A funny story: I was hanging at Pax Prime a couple years go, volunteering with Indie Megabooth and I was talking to the guys at the Funktronic Labs booth as they were showing off their then-in-development game “Nova-111” (out now, don’t sleep!). I sat down to play the game and after I was talking to the dude and said “This gives me a super ‘Pixel Junk’ vibe! Just the way it feels, etc.” and he says to me, he says: “Yeah man, like 2 of us are ex-Pixel Junk employees.” haha go figure :D

      Anyways Nova-111 is crazy good, and yeah I’ve loved Pixel Junk’s stuff since the beginning. Not sure how I feel about the soup factory one its a little hard to get into, but I have always had mad respect for their simple art style and that definitely played an inspirational role in Cosmo’s style. That and Noby Noby Boy and LocoRoco Cocoreccho!



  • OMG! I backed your game on kickstarter in the hope it would travel to my beloved PS4 and what do you know? Nate you rock :D

  • Nate, I will buy this game to my PS4 hopping that one day it will come to PS Vita with cross-buy (and cross-save) option. :)

  • Not coming to vita is was created for ps4 only if you really want this on vita buy a small tv

  • Another game my iPad/iPhone could do, I find these games being on my ps4 insulting.

    • Hey, you do realise that you don’t have to buy/play it, right?

      If you don’t like Cosmochoria being on PS4, why even bother checking it out by opening the Blog page?

    • Just wanted to give my opinion on it, looks like more shovel ware to me.

  • Looks like a really great game but not something i see myself playing on the big screen.

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