Buy one game, get one free on selected titles on PlayStation Store

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Buy one game, get one free on selected titles on PlayStation Store

Until Dawn, The Order 1886, The Last of Us Remastered all included

Have we got an offer for you today on PlayStation Store! Over the next 14 days when you buy one of the fantastic PS4 titles below you can get another one for absolutely nothing! That’s right – buy one, get one free!

All you need to do is choose the two games you want from the list below, add them to your basket and then enter the following code at the checkout: J7P8G8P3DH.

What’s more, you can use the code as many times as you like, so start bulking out your game collection today (full terms and conditions here).

And that’s not all; if you’re a fan of the Battlefield franchise then make sure you check out the Battlefield Battlefest promotion. EA has halved the price on a huge range of shortcut packs across Battlefield 3, 4, Hardline and Bad Company until 16th December.

Participating ‘buy one, get one free’ titles:

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

Voucher code expires on 24 December 2015. To be eligible for this offer, you must (i) be a SEN account holder; and (ii) a resident of a SCEE region. Voucher code may only be used to obtain a 50% discount on a purchase of 2 applicable products on the PS4 system store and PlayStation®Store, and excludes out-of cart purchases and in-game commerce. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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  • But what if I’m not a resident of [insert countries] ?

  • The issue I have is I am not interested in any TWO games since I played most of them. The Order: 1886 I would consider but the rest are pointless as I have already played Watch Dogs, TLOU, etc on the PS3. I’ll pass.

    • You should have picked up The Order last week like I did. It was on sale for $10.00. Finally cheap enough for me to bite.

  • Haha not at these prices! Awful.

    • Ikr?! They pumped up the prices just before the “offer”. LEGO Hobbit when from ~10 quid to 44. Seriously?!

    • At these prices, Fallout 4, Assassin’s Creed, Bloodborne GOTY, MGS5 and Witcher 3 should be in this list for sure.

    • I genuinely would love nothing more than to go full digital. It’s so much easier, and I’ve done it on PC for years, but with these prices it’s just not justifiable, even accounting for the convenience factor.

      It’s just so bizarre, no packaging costs, can’t resell so no preowned games, and yet it’s ~30% more expensive.

    • @falv_us: Lego hobbit has never been £10 the cheapest its been is £22 when its been on offer (four times) but never let facts get in the way of a rant aye?

    • That because Sony (plus Microsoft and Nintendo) charge publishers a fee to use the Store. So, EA for example, might sell a game for £35, but Sony’s fee would eat into their profit margin. So to remain profitable, they have to bump the prices up to £45-£50. While Sony are correct in that they don’t set the prices, they damn well contribute to the high setting.
      According to publishers, Sony also charge more than Microsoft and Nintendo, hence why the same game is often quite a lot cheaper on the XBO. It’s a con, wrapped in a lie, baked in cow dung.

    • @kin – Lego Hobbit is £10 in Asda.

    • Don’t think so. Have you had a look at the prices?

    • I hope you’re being sarcastic.

      Again, $0ny, you’re a joke!

    • Frodouk, I think you have your finger in the wrong “ring” mate.

    • Ah, and there was me thinking I could have an opinion.

      I live in Dublin. We are euro currency. We have literally one game store on the high street in gamestop. Prices are horrendous.

      These digital prices are good.

      It’s not always all about the UK.

    • frodouk
      you say theres only 1 shop on the high street and the price is horrendous theres a simple solution to that which is online stores for hard copies which are the best deals you will get digital copies are a joke

    • well wow sony you really do see gamers as mugs for Air Conflicts Vietnam Ultimate Edition your charging £45 i can pick that up for £17 and for the order your charging £45 i can get that for £18 so i can get them for £35
      how you condone your prices is a discrace

    • I buy digital. P&P is also a massive rip off. I keep an eye on local trade website ( for example) and when a bargain comes up, I’ll buy physical.

      It’s my choice to buy whichever format I choose, so I’d thank you to kindly shut up telling me what I should do, and where I should spend my money on games.

  • £45 per game are you kidding me?! I’d rather buy two games on disc and save money. You need to fix your online pricing, £45 can get me 9 better AAA games on Steam.

    • I agree the prices are fairly steep but you can’t currently compare the digital console market to the digital PC market. The latter has had a dominant single storefront for the past decade. Meanwhile console gaming is still very much beholdant to physical retailers.

      I wish the console companies would break this cycle and provide us better baseline digital prices but the current situation leaves you comparing apples to pears.

    • It’s a mix between publishers and Sony. The publishers only see the money they can make but we all know that if your buying digital your not trading it in and then perhaps potential for greater engagement over time and possibility of DLC purchase. For some reason the big wigs don’t see any value in that and it’s a shame.
      The perfect price for digital games is £39.99 on release and when they go on sale first time I would like to see a £20-£25 price point.
      This buy one get one free is a good idea but the rage selected is weak IMO.

    • I think Sony need to have a reward scheme where you get £1 off you next purchase for every £10 you spend. Something like that.

    • I agree 100% online prices are a joke, either they go on a massive sale 55% off and there still 30% overpriced or there just not worth it.
      They put the same games on about 3-4 different deals with different prices everytime. Too buy a game at £44.99 it needs to be brand new but we all know Sony a terrible at that £59.99 ?
      I am really starting to get annoyed with them really really close to just swapping over to the dark side,one more rubbish month on Ps+ I’m gone, better games on ps3 ? Disgusting

  • No Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. I would buy it with Divinity:(

  • You are joking these prices are rubbish I got until dawn from ShopTo for £14 yesterday brand new and I can pick up Order 1886 for around £14 as well this is £28 compared to your £44…no brainier.

    • While you are right that the digital prices are ridiculously high (they should be the same or cheaper than retail!) it is not something new and there are some of us who want all our games digital so a comparison to retail prices is useless. I will keep buying all my games digital but I always wait until there are sales like this one .

    • The Order was $10 (£6.60) on the US PSN recently.

    • The non-sale price for the Order in the US is only $19.99.

      That’s a £30 difference.

      Evolve is $39.99. That’s a £20 difference. The US is way better off (and that’s ignoring the $ = £’s thing).

    • In Hungary you have to pay 14990HUF for the 2 games you pick which is about 34£. That makes a good deal for me, because i don’t have to worry about the shipment nor to go out and buy.:D kinda like this click-download-play procedure.

  • Divinity and some random title (from the list), now to draw a name from a hat…

    • On second thought, I’d rather just buy a physical copy of Divinity, I don’t know why you have titles like The Order on here when it can be picked up for a 25% of the price you’re offering here as part of the “promotion”, would’ve been better to have games on this list that have (for the most part) been released in the last 2-3 months.

    • I was thinking the same thing until I saw the pricing in the store. I’d really like to pick up Divinity: OS but there is nothing else worth having to go with it at those prices. I guess we shall have to wait for another sale orna price drop for the physical copy (much more likely!).

    • Isn’t this against the Competion and Markets Authorities pricing policy or The Unfair Trading Act? An item cannot be sold under a price or scheme that misleads a customer as well as other things seems to be one of the possible breaches of conduct IMO. Check out this PDF: › file › oft979

  • OMG all games that were at 39.99 or 34.99 now cost 49.99 EUROS!!
    nice deals !!!

    Merry Xmas..loool

    • HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! I laughed when I saw The Order at €50 again. This shouldn’t be legal, Rockstar did this scammy nonsense with GTAV on Steam, where they put the game + bundled dlc and discounted it, essentially inflating the price just for a sale.


    • Seems that all prices were adjusted so that it will be easier to apply 50% discount. Seems that it was too hard to implement second game as bonus.

      But for example some games like MGS 5 got -4% discount so that price will be same as other.

    • It is in fact illegal, this practise is illegal. So you can pretty much wright a complaint to a consumer protector company for legal punishment to Sony. They are scamming people.

    • @RodrigoSharingan unfortunately I’m pretty sure $0ny lawyers have all this all covered up. I assure you that if you read the entire EULA you’ll find a paragraph where they allow themselves to do that and you agreeing with it continuing with the checkout.

      It’s called “white collar criminals”, you should know that we live in a fcking country full of them -.-‘

  • How is this a sale or in fact a worth while offer ? All these games are much cheaper either though a internet gaming website ie Shopto or even in many high street gaming shops… These sales you make-up every week and even the 12 days of Xmas aren’t worth spending via digital..

  • You can find a disc versions of Until Dawn for £19.99 & preowned versions of Watch Dogs & The Order 1886 for £5 & £12 respectfully and that’s still cheaper than the £44.99 for just 2.

    PS4 digital game pricing is anti-competive and not consumer friendly in the slightest.

    • I’d like to point out that devs and Sony get 0% of the money from used games, you can’t really ask them to compete with that.

    • i got a brand new version of unitl dawn from amazon 19.99
      got assassins creed syndicate and the order for 30 dollars in a far superior us sale couple of weeks ago
      really really poor deals, but then again sony eu is just a nasty thorn in their side, they only really care about the us market
      I mean even the blog people talk to people there, we are lucky if get anything, prices never worked out, in euros only, not gbp or any other currency
      certainly not getting a christmas card from me this year :)

    • “I’d like to point out that devs and Sony get 0% of the money from used games, you can’t really ask them to compete with that.”

      They absolutely need to compete with that if they want the customers’ money. Indeed, one way to make the resale market less viable would be to cut digital prices – each digital sale is one sale, whereas at the moment they’re prepared to sell a disc for less money up front, and have it passed on between several users without seeing any additional cash.

      It’s crazy behaviour.

    • Casymn if they don’t get any money why do they care what the crap prices are? Surely it makes more sense for people to buy more games than the same ones over and over cod,fifa.
      Some people get annoyed when they pay £50 on a game and its brand new and broken assassins creed battlefield 4.
      This is where psn should be handing out bargains buy any 5 games £100 ANY that’s £20 each so all those people who own Fifa and cod have already got it so they would need to branch out ? Do you see branching now it’s for the players ? Where when was the last time you got excited about the ps4 ? Launch and that lasted about a month when no games came out worth playing.
      Sony have made the ps4 the same as other consoles boring as [DELETED]there no different to any other.
      It’s sad but its the truth no1 really cares about plus any more as we know its dull boring and terrible Xbox get EA access and half decent 4 games they can play on there Xbox one as we can’t go backwards compatible again waste of money again.
      I’m talking myself out of owning a ps4 here

  • I thought this to be a pretty good deal…. Until I got a look at these online prices….!
    Talking about a punch in the face!!

  • Want Divinity but already have the rest of the games that I’m interested in so need a bigger selection .

  • Nice try :) This is a great deal in theory, but in reality with these prices? Come on. Do you think we’re stupid? I think you do. And that’s not how you deal with your customers. No, thanks.

    • The worst part is that Sony will never respond to this, they would rather burry their heads in the sand and and lie about the sale being a success. That’s how little respect they have for us.

    • We’re classed as “The Vocal Minority”. That’s how Sony justify ignoring complaints. Been this way for over eight years now.

  • It shows how awful your digital pricing is when you can offer a 2-for-1 deal and it’s still overpriced.

    For a start, I bought ‘The Last Of Us’ in last years Xmas deals for £18, you are charging £45 for it as part of this offer. Same company, same game, a whole year ago.

    I can also see games on there that are selling for less than £20 retail but £45 here.

    I really wanted to make the move over to digital for this generation but the way you fleece your customers is shameful. Once in a blue moon there is a reasonable offer but for the most part I can buy retail copies at half price on average.

  • putting up the prices as you put things on sale. Getting very disillusioned with the PSN and it’s ‘deals and offers’

  • I don’t understand how you can carry on with what you do while getting the vast amounts of complaints that you do? But we haven’t got a choice, I stick with Sony because I’m a fan boy for their exclusives, but such a terrible online store and team.

    • Sony is the corporate equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming “lalalalalala” when it comes to listening to their customer complaints.

  • Worst prices ever seen on a so called sale. Go on Amazon and can buy any of those 2 for less at their real normal value.

  • Hi why is Focus Home Interactive games is not available on our store ? :(

    • If I had to guess it is probably issue of metadata (description and stuff).

      Sadly some time ago your shop page got translated and since than SCEE requires every publisher to translate metadata to your language. Even if game is in english only it needs metadata translated to language corresponding to language of shop.

      Your best choice would be to contact Focus Home Interactive and ask them yourself… maybe offer translating metadata yourself. It’s not big hassle and you get to play game.

    • Oh i see now thanks for the info, ahhh this is really disappointed there is a lot of missing games because the metadate.

    • It would be much easier if everyone just learned proper english. No need for crappy translations, ugly synchronization and folks whining about their favorite language missing. There are actually games in the store, that support italian, french, german and spanish, but english is removed. I would’ve been interested in playing The Evil Within, for example, but I will not buy a game without english voices.

  • “Get one for free!” is the oldest trick in the book for getting stupid people to buy stuff. You jack up the price of these games, then expect people to fall in your trap. If they pay the 50€ for the two games, it means they’re paying 25€ for each. You can get most of these for less than that. As Admiral Ackbar would say: “It’s a trap!”

    • Divinity is a good deal, but really you’re paying about the same since the rest of the prices are completely out of touch. Just adding to your point, not disputing it. :D

  • Not when a single game costs more than I would need to spend to buy 3 or 4 of them retail.

  • Haha what a rip off! Is this what sony is calling a deal?!!! It should be called “buy one at triple the price and get one free” boattpgof!! Digital games should cost £34.99 max on release and then after a 6 month period £27.99. Until people stop buying digitally they will never lower the prices!

  • £45 lol

    1887 was less than a tenner on a while back.

  • Not doing us any favor when 2years old games still cost 50€ …

  • So all the prices of these games have gone up since yesterday, and surprisingly, “This price is only available from 10/12/2015 12:00 am to 24/12/2015 11:59 pm.”, which is the exact times this B1G1F offer is available. What a coincidence!

  • I noticed some of these games dropping in price on yesterday or so (from like € 54,99 to € 49,99) and it seems like it was in preparation for this sale. On the other hand, I know for a fact that TLOU Remastered was € 44,99 before, so some prices must have gone up in price as well.

    Somehow the Store system can’t handle different prices when doing a buy one get one free sale I guess and they had to bring all prices to a default price of € 49,99, whether they went up or down. Feels very shady and I definitely won’t support it in this case, even though a game like Divinity would have been great at € 24,99.

  • lol at the prices
    nice try!

  • Another terrible European PSN deal. Makes it obvious not to wait on these PSN sales and to look elsewhere.

  • OMG SONY! Seriously? €50 for old games! COME ON! This sucks big time!

  • Do you like this deal? Vote YES or NO!

  • Price increase ahead of promotion and most titles from 2014. Not a good day.

    Also, I hate being one of those people but the US have been getting a lot better deals for sales recently, the highlight of which was The Order at $9.99. £45 here since release is just ridiculous.

    • I bought The Order, Elder Scrolls Online and Wolfenstein The Old Blood for $36 USD from Amazon for my US psn account on black Friday sales. Better value

    • @live=wiire All well good until the loophole gets closed because some idiots seem to keep shouting about it really loudly.

  • I’d love to download some games, but my teeny tiny PS4 harddrive is full. Maybe if I got a 2TB harddrive, which is the maximum that can fit in the teeny tiny 9mm enclosure… I’d be able to play my current collection without deleting and reinstalling discs.

    Please do an offer on some 50MB indies… those might actually fit!

    Or… start supporting external drives, of course.

    • It’s funny, even the Wii U has external support to the point where I can actually use the system memory and an external drive at the same time regardless of what game I play, it’s pretty seamless. Sure all files for a game need to be on one or the other, but the fact remains that when you boot the console up, you have the illusion of it all being in one place. Makes me wonder why I can’t do something so basic on my PS4.

  • “This is 4 the players.” – I’ve always imagined a hand with a middle finger when I heard this line. I guess it’s just not my imagination :D

    • I always imagined them dropping the ‘L’ in players during all internal meetings :’)

    • Maybe it’s combined :D At the end of the meeting at Sony: “This concludes our meeting.” And everyone at the meeting lifts up their middle fingers and yell: “This is for the payers!”

  • Can you confirm that none of these are going to be available individually in the 12 Deals of Christmas? I might go for Divinity and A.N. Other, but not if I’ll be able to pick up Divinity on it’s own for half price in the next couple of weeks

    • This is a good point.

      As disappointing as this sale is, it’ll be made even worse if it means that some of these titles won’t appear in the 12 days of Christmas sale.

      Can anyone confirm that this is the case?

  • I like this deal a lot – here we can’t find physical copies as cheap as you’re all mentioning (actually they are usually more expensive than digital), so Until Dawn + Divinity is as cheap as it gets. Woohoo!

    • Well I’m glad someone is getting some benefit out of this :)

    • Fellow Ukrainian, can confirm. Also, I’m getting two of the same games. :)

    • Most of the comments are negative, but for us, in Eastern Europe, these deals are blessing! I do not care if I have the game in digital or physical copy, for me it is important to play it! I understand all the frustration of our fellows in Western Europe, but here we have only two physical copy retailers and right now Until Dawn is 60 EUR, TLOU is 50 EUR, Evolve (Normal Edition) and The Order 1886 are each 40 EUR.. So for Eastern Europe it is OK deal, but for Western Europe I believe it is LOL :D

    • Amen! And if you keep in mind our average salary – which is around 200$ – you can understand how desperate we are, if we praise these kind of deals :)

    • Yepp, I can confirm, in Hungary the situation is just the same! This is a decent deal here too!

  • Chris or Fred, doesnt PSN have to follow UK law in relation to sales of goods and dodgy sales practices? i.e. you need to state the games previous sale prices? Saints row was a bargain last week but if remember correctly has more than doubled in price. like wise with pretty much every other game here…….

    • I think they have to follow EU law. I don’t know how it’s with the EU law, but I’m guessing it’s pretty much a safe haven for these dodgy sales practices :P

    • Yes they do have to follow UK law, when you buy from the store in the UK, your contract is with Sony UK, and yes it is against consumer law to increase a price to then advertise a discount on the inflated price a day later.

    • If they jacked the price up and then (say) advertised that something was 50% off, they’d be in trouble because the 50% would be a fraction of a completely made up figure they weren’t actually charging – essentially they’d be lying about the old price.

      However, they probably can jack the prices up and then offer a buy-one-get-one-free deal, because you’re actually getting what they say you’re getting – there’s no claim being made about the old price, so there’s no actual lying.

      It’s certainly dodgy though, so anyone motivated enough to actually poke the ASA, Trading Standards (and BBC Watchdog?) should totally do it and see what happens.

  • Dont usually comment but have the prices been jacked up on a lot of these buy one get one free games? Cos its literally cheaper to just buy 2 physical copies of a lot of them on Game’s website

  • I was excited when I saw this post, then insulted when I saw the prices.
    I got WatchDogs last week for £5! Was interested in Divinity but it’s less than 20£ in stores.
    Keep an eye on the US sales where ‘sale’ actually means something.

  • The last of us was 39.99 before and all of a sudden it’s 49.99
    Great “deal” sony….

  • Sure fine, but when is the store actually going to be available again. It’s been offline for me from home and work for 24 hours:

    “Site Not Available

    The PlayStation®Store is currently not available.
    You can learn about Sony Entertainment Network content and services at Sony Entertainment Network”

  • The Order 1886 was going for $10 in the US store during Black Friday :D + had a 10% discount.

  • I’m not sure deliberately raising the price of a product before a “sale” to allow for a higher sale price after discount is legal. Doubt the ASA would be very happy to see this given how they ruled against Rockstar/Steam.

  • As a PS4 owner from day one, I am truly disappointed by this year in general – particularly December. The Plus games are pathetic – only two and one of them is just a lousy chapter, and the deals including this half-baked two-for-one is fairly poor.

    I must admit; for the first time since in PS4 ownership, I am now considering what Xbox has to offer.

    • Couldn’t be anything worse than this “deal”

    • Someone with a lemmings as their avatar ought to appreciate the plus games, many are by independent developers and in the style from the games of the 90s. I have enjoyed at least one of the game every month, and can’t say I have been disappointed by any single month. Kings Quest was just one chapter, but uncharted 1 was just one chapter as well for that matter. Average playtime for kings quest chapter 1 seem to be around 8 hours, which is quite good value if you liked the game. And it has been critically acclaimed.

      but I agree on the half baked christmas offer. saw just one game that i wanted too.

    • Used to love Playstation and would have never dreamed of getting an XBOX but these days there is not a lot of difference at all I don’t think. Sony has got really greedy and forcing people to get PS+ angers me.

  • This deal sounded really promising until I saw each game I was interested in was A$69.95 and the fact that all these old games can be purchased on disc for less than A$35 each at local retailers…. Nice try Sony, thank you for helping me save money at Christmas yet again!

  • Most of theses Christmas deals so far are really dumb…
    I believe some casual gamer will buy some of these games, but not the usual/normal gamer.

    The team behind theses deals instead of selling more games there are only damaging sony image…

  • I got Last Of Us Remastered Digital for £7 from CDKeys last year.
    Must try harder Sony!

  • LOL.
    Oh wait, your being serious Sony. lol

  • still not good deal, Sony.

    Digital prices vs retail prices, come on?

  • I bet they would make way more money if the pricing was 10€. I mean, we are talking about a digital copy of the game.

    • At this moment they would, but now they get a bit less money at the current price and they can still drop the price next year to 10 €. Long term, keeping price high and slowly lowering it, might give them the most revenue.

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