Introducing the PlayStation Messages iOS and Android app

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A quicker, easier way to connect with your PSN friends

Here at PlayStation® we are continuously enhancing our products to improve players’ experiences and help connect players to their friends. Today we are happy to introduce a new messaging app – PlayStation®Messages. This new app helps you contact your Friends in a quicker and easier way than ever before.


PlayStation Messages will allow you to:

  • Check your Friends List to instantly see who’s online and what they’re playing
  • Send text messages or voice messages to individual friends or to groups of friends anytime you like
  • Upload and share your own photos and swap PlayStation themed stickers
  • Search for Friends
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PlayStation®App will also be updated at the same to coordinate with PlayStation Messages. PlayStation App functionality will continue to support features such as:

  •  Managing game downloads
  •  Controlling your PlayStation®4 remotely
  • Acting as a second screen to certain titles
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Download PlayStation Messages and the PlayStation App today from your iOS or Android Store to enjoy the full mobile experience.

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  • I always found it so inconvenient to have one app to cover it all. I always wanted to have more apps to do the same thing one could do.

  • How about working harder to improve the garbage you present to us as PS+ rather than this drivel. Messaging apps are 10 a penny, stop wasting our time.

  • Why now improve the original app to be a tad more snappy.

  • Why the hell is it again region locked?! Don’t really understand the reasoning behind locking apps such as these in some countries.

  • Really wish you would just give us friends online notifications. This is something the PS3 and Vita have had for ages. Why can’t the PS4 just tell us when our friends come online?

    • Totally agree, its a basic function on all devices these days and I really miss it, I was amazed it didnt have it from day 1 and people have been asking for it for 2yrs now, what ever happened to “for the players”!! Most new features focus on social media but nearly everyone bought a PS4 to play games!

    • “Why can’t the PS4 just tell us when our friends come online?”

      Because the PS4 operating system is designed by people who don’t use the PS4.

  • Awesome, but when a WINDOWS Phone version?

  • This is great. I always sound the main app sluggish as a friends & chat app.

    Would be great if we could message a community. Even better would be smartphone communities app where we could find communities & chat/view your own.

  • Hopefully this is paving the way for having ps4 communities on the go.

  • Looks like I’ll be deleting the PS app then, just like I deleted the Facebook app when they did the same thing. I can’t be bothered with umpteen different apps for the same thing.

  • Everyone complaining about having multiple apps, something that Facebook and various other social sites have had FOR MONTHS and everyone went along with it, accepting it meant either:

    Getting to messages quicker and easier with more use in them as well as a bit more functionality


    Deleting the original app or complaining about something that wasn’t going to change from that point on.

    Personally, I like the idea of just being able to go straight to messages, it helps me be more social with friends and use messages to organise games. Given that I run one myself, I would like to see increased Community support in the app, but I expect this will come in time.

  • I’m more than happy to have separate apps if this comes with the functionality of a normal messaging app…but it doesn’t. Being able to mute specific chat’s would be really useful.

  • really nice to see this…

    i used it much on the go but we really need tobe able to communicate with our communities, atleast the ones we are member of.

    please add this feature.

  • The app is a lot faster than the old messages in the playstation app, but the only reason I used it was to message ‘recently met’ players in Street Fighter. In the new app there is no easy way to message someone not in your friends list (at least I haven’t found it other than retyping their name, which I already forgot after the 60s match ended)…

    • In the normal PlayStation app, go to friends, and go to recently met players with the drop down menu. You can still send people messages from there, only now the special message app will open when you click on someone.

    • Thnx for the workaround! Will use that in the mean time. But hope this will be added to the messages app…

  • Psn instable, bad games on plus, region lock and you guys spend your time an messenger app? Why?

    • What region lock? I can buy US games without problems? Also PSN seems very stable for me almost all the time… Maybe you need better internet.

    • It’s highly doubtful that the people working on PS Plus deals, and the people working on PSN maintenance are the same people working on the development of a mobile app…

      Also, what region lock?

    • Games are region locked to the extent that a US game will not work with say an EU season pass which is completely contrary to what Sony originally touted the PS4 and its games to be. The console can play any game from any region but there are intricacies which they either haven’t ironed out or don’t want you to know about.

  • I’m struggling to find abuse for this other than the occasional occasion…

  • Whatever SONY do some people will MOAN :D I like it anyway :P

  • Great start. Only used PlayStation app for messaging so could get rid of that for this simpler and much more functional (message wise) app. I will say, please let us have notifications on but with sound, light, vibrate toggles. As right now it’s either on or off. Otherwise, liking this very much.

  • Good stuff, much quicker and simpler than the old PS app

    On a semi-related note – is the DriveClub companion app ever coming?

  • What are these ‘friends’ that everyone doth mention?

    • They are creatures that appear and disappear without you knowing because PS4 is too s**t to tell us when they came online.

  • I love it how this is a thing, when there’s a certain device that launched about a year ago that still has next to no updated support for its shortcomings since launch.

    Oh wait, no, I don’t.

  • Thanks Adam this is awesome and much appreciated! Fair play to teams involved for creating this.

    Could I suggest an update to the main PS app on the app store to support the new iPhone display resolutions?

  • Completely off topic but I want this fixed so I can BUY it: The Yakuza 5 discount is missing from the store. And was it intended to start at £33?

  • When this app will be avaliable in Belarus app store (iOS)????

  • Just downloaded the app. runs smooth as butter and it’s pretty fast. Great for me because trying to message people using the ps4 was a pain and the “do it all” app we had was getting really outdated.
    Keep it up guys :)

  • Don’t care, just give us better games and backward compatibility and we’ll be happy

    • There won’t be a backwards capability, use your PS3 for PS3 games. It’s easy.

    • Right now there is backwards comparability for ps2… but they are limiting the emulator to only play games you buy again.
      For ps2 games they have already made the PS2 emulator, all they need to do is make it allow disks and ps2 classics bought on ps3.

  • How about one to let the blog team actually reply to people on here, as that’s seriously lacking lately

  • store links are missing!
    for android it’s :

    I don’t care about apples :-)

  • 1-Tras adquirir una PSTV voy a probarla, todo instalado correctamente, hasta darme cuenta de que Sonic All Star Transformer ,no funciona, dice que no es compatible, cuando antes si lo era, y no tenéis vergüenza de arreglarlo, cuando en otras regiones si. vaya basura de servicio que tenéis, ¿Os cuesta mucho volver a hacerlo compatible?
    Juegos como Everybody Golf 6, que son compatibles en otras regiones, en EU no, de vergüenza, nos tratáis como a la ultima….

    2-Los juegos adquiridos por mi de PS Mobile, no me deja usarlos porque no me deja activar PS Mobile por no se que líos de región, cuando los he comprado, son compatibles, y no me dejáis usarlos. Molestando al usuario que paga, con tal de capar los hacks de otros.

    3- espero contestación, que por lo menos en el blog inglés se dignan a contestar, igual les pagan mejor que a vosotros….

    4-Para vosotros jugadores por mis….

    No entiendo porqué me borran los mensajes

  • Why isnt this app backward compatible with my Playstation app?? I have a stack of ps2 games blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  • Fantastic. Yet another pointless messaging app.

  • I must say, this app is much-much-much nicer, than the old one. Now, if only old app would be this fast and without ugly static background (also add back swipes on iOS, for the love of God, please!)

  • How about Sony supports a little bit the Windows phone users? I understand that they are different companies (somewhat like rival companies), I know many off people will begin to write down the old comment “Windows Phone has about 3% market share and iOS has around 14% and Android has around 83%….” and all this stuff that we have read them somewhere on internet, but I have to remind you that we still are customers of Sony’s Playstation. I’m not raging, it just a reminder.

  • Nice app but no one to talk to D:

  • Why Sony keeps wasting money and time on developing useless stuff like this is beyond all comprehension.

  • Have they fixed it so that when you read a message on one device it gets set as read on the other devices?

    It always annoys me when I get a message on playstation Then I have to read it on all my other devices too to mark the message as read on them. (I can’t see myself using this app unless that’s fixed)

  • Completely unnecessary when you already have the PS app with messaging in there. Why not just update that to add new features instead of splintering things like this.

    I think I’ll avoid the separate messenger app like I do with Facebook, thanks anyway.

    • Oh wait, I see you’ve actually done exactly the same as Facebook and just made the regular app link to the pointlessly separate one.
      Awful practice, thanks for removing a feature from the PS app for no reason.

  • Don’t get me wrong, this is a great step up, but for some reason the app won’t show images on iOS, stickers work fine, but images won’t ever load… all friends using an iPhone seem to have the same issue.

  • Great player online

  • hello , how can i download playstation message or playstation app on my laptop pc windows because i tried to go into my profile playstation website and its gone and also friends that mean i cannot chat with anyone on on that website???????

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