Watch the first Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay trailer now

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Watch the first Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay trailer now

And the original Final Fantasy VII is available to purchase on PlayStation Store

The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings. At the PlayStation Experience 2015, we unveiled the very first gameplay teaser of Final Fantasy VII Remake. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, let’s watch it together above!

They are coming back to Midgar… It’s still early days but we want to show you a glimpse of how the game looks and perhaps more importantly for you guys – how it plays.

There’s a lot of familiar scenes which I’m sure fans of the original FFVII will recognise. You see the famous train from the Sector 7 slums, the Sector 1 Mako Reactor and some of the streets of Midgar so you get a feel for how you move around throughout Gaia. And how awesome does the Guard Scorpion look now?!


So gameplay is probably what you really wanted to know about since the game’s announcement. This new trailer gives you a glimpse into how Final Fantasy VII Remake will play and you’re probably thinking that it has changed quite a bit. It definitely looks more action oriented and has a real feeling of speed. There’s a lot going on in this trailer so hopefully you’ve managed to pick out all of the details.

I should point out that all of the footage shown of Final Fantasy VII Remake is work in progress footage so the final game may look slightly different to what you’ve seen here. Oh and I’m sure you recognise it but the music featured in the trailer is the “Opening – Bombing Mission” from Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy.


Final Fantasy VII is a very special game to me and I’m sure it is to a lot of gamers around the world too. The reaction from fans across the globe when Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced at the PlayStation press conference at E3 2015, was unprecedented! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it, so I hope you like what you see in the new trailer. I know I do and I can’t wait to see more.

One other thing that was announced at PlayStation Experience 2015 is that the original version of Final Fantasy VII is now available on PS4 via PlayStation Network! It comes complete with a list of trophies to earn and to celebrate the games release you can purchase at a special launch price until 12th December 2015.

Everyone who purchases the game will also receive a static custom theme, featuring Cloud and the cityscape of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII Remake (which you can see a preview of below). I know which game I’ll be playing over the holidays! Let’s see if I can earn the platinum trophy before the end of the year!


You can purchase the original Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation Store here.

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  • It was a nicely pleasant shock to see gameplay so early!

    I feel like, dare I say, this game, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 are now making progress! :o

  • So I’m assuming that we ain’t getting the 30% Discount for the Original FFVII for the PS4 like the US got?

    • “One other thing that was announced at PlayStation Experience 2015 is that the original version of Final Fantasy VII is now available on PS4 via PlayStation Network! It comes complete with a list of trophies to earn and to celebrate the games release you can purchase at a special launch price until 12th December 2015.”

    • It’s not even expensive, don’t be so cheap.

    • Who are you to say what is not expensive to someone else?

    • Lol. I’m sure it seems cheap when you get it for the first time and aren’t old enough to have experienced the original of a remaster, but if you got the original at full price and got the PSN classic once more just to have it digitally, 15 euros isn’t at all cheap for a lazy remaster. And that’s just one game, imagine paying that for all of them for a third time.. You’d have to be naive or spoiled to call that cheap in the long run.

  • So is £8.99 the special price, or has the discount not been applied yet? (the Americans have the discount active)

    • Yeah right now the US has a 32% discount and we have nothing. I’ll probably buy it if we get one too

    • There is no mention of a discount, but it is supposed to be $15… So it being £9 is odd, because, as with Dark cloud, I would have expected it to be £12…

    • @Teed_Doff

      From the article above

      “One other thing that was announced at PlayStation Experience 2015 is that the original version of Final Fantasy VII is now available on PS4 via PlayStation Network! It comes complete with a list of trophies to earn and to celebrate the games release you can purchase at a special launch price until 12th December 2015. “

    • @Dark I meant on the actual games sale page, where it mentions a 32% discount on the US store. However I believe the £9 is a discounted price, as it works out better than the exchange rate, which never happens..

  • Amazing. Gameplay mechanics looks very similar to FFXV which is a cool stuff. PS4 is now official home of JRPG games.

  • Hmm, dissecting this, it’s clear to see that it’s running on a modified version of the FFXV engine, so it being action based isn’t a shock. However, I’m not too sure I’m a fan of the speed – part of what I liked about the older FF games wasn’t the turn based combat, but rather the tactical gameplay the slower pace allowed (because let’s face it, ATB wasn’t actually turn-based.)

    I’ll reserve judgement though, although the last thing I think anyone wants is FFXV and the FFVII remake being released with identikit battle systems – we do need variety.

    Good to see the original on PS4 though, with those lovely trophies. Although, seriously Dan, did they have to trophy Barret’s date and G-Bike? The first isn’t hard to get, although if you want to get Tifa’s affection points to 50+ as well for the altered Highwind scene you have to cheese the Canyon glitch to infinitely boost Barret’s affection points (a glitch I hope still exists in this version.) G-Bike though? Didn’t we learn about minigame trophies after FFX?

    Still going to Platinum it though.

    Okay, you have one announcement left that we are still looking for. Final Fantasy XII IZJS remaster, and I will be a happy man – would drop £100+ on the Collectors Edition for that one. Then again, even if we don’t get a remaster, with PS4>PS2 emulation, you now have no excuse not to let fans have it in some form on modern consoles, preferably with an emulated Star Ocean 3 and DQ8 as well, and maybe the PC version of FFVIII to go with VII. Okay, more than one announcement we’d like, but you’ve set a high bar with people’s expectations as to what you can do now.

    Quite a good period for Square-Enix – my PS4 and Vita will be happy with what’s coming out over then next year to 18 months.

  • Awesome i have purchased it and look forward to the remake…. Now can we have a remake or remaster of Crisis Core? Pllllllllease *begs* :P

    • That would be great. Especially since FF VII Remake will be released withing the next 3 years. A wild guess, but I am sure of it.

      I can just imagine FF VII Remake – Collectors Edition containing Crisis Core, Before Crisis and Dirge of Cerberus. That will remain a dream.

    • *drools* that would make my year if such was to happen :D

    • Technically, Crisis Core could be released on Vita at any time as a PSP classic, with no updates or changes needed as the rest of SE’s PSP games have all been released on PSN. If they could have done it, then they would have.

      The generally accepted consensus, based on what rumours and half pieces of information have been leaked, is that there’s a legal issue over licensing for a digital release, possibly involving Ayaka’s record company, who own the rights for the game’s theme song, ‘Why’.

      It’s all rumour and speculation though, as no-one from SE has come out and said anything directly. If it is the case though, they need to lock their lawyers in a room together without food or water and see how long it takes them to agree.

    • i would love to.purchase it… But since Im using DE PSN it comes in german so I can’t buy it couse I wont understand a thing.

      Already got sad when I rebought Vagrant Story and that happned.

    • Dirge of Cerberus was awful..

  • I can’t wait to see a Shiva Summon and the open world areas :) I wasn’t expecting the remake to be this comprehensive so I’m absolutely delighted. Gameplay-wise it’ll be interesting to see how the combat menu in the bottom left of the screen is used but considering Square Enix seem to have hit all the right notes with everything else… just take my money.

    I also never expected a FFVII remake to be both a AAA title and a bona fide system seller, but that what it looks like to me. I’m probably biased though.

  • The remake looks awesome and it’s making it very difficult to not consider buying a PS4 because of it.

    Would have loved to have that original’s remaster version on Vita, though.

    • You can play the PS1 Classic on Vita. It’s the same thing, and the difference in resolution wouldn’t be that noticeable.

    • @MaxDiehard

      I would prefer to have this remastered version alone for the fact that it runs with the speed it’s supposed to, compared to the original PAL release’s sloppily made 50hz conversion which resulted in slower performance when compared to NTSC version. The improved graphics and trophy support aren’t half bad, either.

  • I’m glad it’s ditching the turn-based combat system. It’s why I could never get into the original.

  • Cloud really needs to eat some meat!
    Poor scrawny Soldier :D

  • No discount for UK/EU? The article suggests there is, but the current store price looks a lot like full price, and has no mention of a special offer price.

  • Its sad that those arent the original voices.
    But if we can get the original voices I will be looking forward to it.

  • first game over ever on screen = bos scorpion in midgar :)

    i hope them gone change their games to 1 caracter in future ( male/female option )
    why = i love turn base whith lots of caracters
    but latest games i do not love controles

    i understend change needed to biger selling group

    but why not 1 self made carakter
    whith option

    when you then pick option magick – sumoning- item you have no pauze but slower time whith a cirkel where you puth in you favo item – spels – + al sumons
    you become stronger in tings you use more .

  • Bought the port, was hoping it would be full screen but meh. Can’t get enough FFVII.

    Not buying the remake. Combat looks poor and no longer ATB, so not interested.

    • Stick to the port them. The remake is being done in a way that it can appeal to modern gamers.

      I like the new combat system, it’s why i’m interested. Couldn’t get into the original because of that ghastly turn-based system.

    • As has been said, many times, sticking to the port is not a compromise. There are many things about the remake that look great and are the reason I wanted a remake in the first place, the gutting of the combat system is not one of them though.

      I’m glad I’m not a “modern” gamer if they need to completely change a combat system to appeal to the CoD kiddies. This should be a love letter to the original fans, not a cash in on the name.

    • Well I don’t know many CoD kiddies that play RPG’s anyway. Hack n slash games are much more favoured in this generation though and still requires a degree of skill.

    • I’m sure they would be more likely to dabble in hack and slash than ATB though. All about chasing that ££.

      The problem is ARPGs are everywhere, it would have been nice for them for offer up something different, something that they have got wrong since X-2, and something more akin to the game that people wanted remade, Ffvii.

  • Amaze. Love how you retained the style of Advent Children, which is still my favorite CGI film. This is how remakes should be done. We know the story and characters and everything else we love, but it’ll be a completely new experience altogether. This is the kind of remake that justifies shelling out your hard earned currency as opposed to the lazy HD upscaled remakes that look awkward and worse than the original. I sincerely hope this sells like limonade in the summer again, and maybe give others the incentive to do remakes likewise.

  • A note on the Midgar theme, as I see this all too often. It looks incredible, atleast the upper cityscape part, and that’s where my criticism comes in : why do these potentially great themes always have the best looking part on the less used “upper side” whereas the frequently used downside usually gets a much more disappointing image?
    You guys really got to start keeping this in mind and start working on it :p Can’t we have an awesome city view on both parts as opposed to an overly zoomed focus on some part or the other? The latter is just so uninteresting imo and it’s ironic that’s the one we see most. I’ve experienced this with nearly all of my favorite ps4 themes, upper part is usually the one I want downstairs :p Or an option to switch both would be nice too :p
    This theme alone might have convinced me to get it a third time before the real remake drops in (it worked for me in Gone to the Rapture as well), but only if the upper part was the frequently seen image :p As opposed to that, you really should release these themes stand-alone as well, the ps4 could use some more.

  • Looks kinda weird how such a small dude wields his giant sword as if it was a fencing foil. What about physics?
    Will it at least be a better game than FFVII was?

  • I’m confused because I already bought the game from the store a long time ago. The link takes me to the PSOne Classic, and not the PS4 version. What’s happening?

  • I can’t wait to see what Sephiroth looks like, or the Gold Saucer!

  • @Dekowolf — looks like a slight boo-boo to me, as the store link in the article does indeed go to the PSone Classic version (playable on PS3, Vita and PSP), and not the new PS4 remaster.

    You’ll find that here:!/en-gb/games/final-fantasy-vii/cid=EP0082-CUSA01847_00-FINALFANTASYVIIB

  • Personally, I’m looking forward to the remake a lot. ^_^ FFVII was my reason for first getting a PlayStation all those years ago, so to see it reimagined with modern sensibilities — or, to see it as it FELT to play all those years ago — is going to be great.

    And the fact that the original continues to be available for those who aren’t interested in the remake is also a smart move, methinks. Much like people who prefer a book to its movie adaptation.

  • I wanted an update in graphics, locations, story, translation and a few tweaks to make the battle system work in the remake, not a full on conversion to Action. The PC port doesn’t give me those things, so I’m not really sure how it is an acceptable compromise to be honest.

  • Has it been remade so it’s actually fun to play?
    I so disliked wasting money on the original game on my PS1. Bleh.

  • Looks good but I doubt this will be released in my lifetime which is extremely disappointing.
    What I really want is a remake of my favourite game ever, ‘Front Mission 3’ with these graphics please.

    • Loved front mission 3, so much. A shame we never got the 4th game and then they made the last one more of an armoured core clone… Bleh. Still play it on my vita from time to time, holds up well even with the jaggy graphics!

  • Is this remake a bad joke?

  • Well it looks brilliant in terms of visuals. I agree that a turn based combat doesn’t suit a modern audience but the new combat system needs to be fun ( I didn’t enjoy 13) and I really hope that party members still relevant if it is going down the more hack and slash route. This remake is definitely interesting, I hope they get it right. Also I am extremely dissapointed that they didn’t get Mr T to dub Barret.

  • This link to the PS Store takes you to the original PSone Classic which will not work on PS4. Very misleading.

  • The remake is going to be by episodes!
    Pre-order for me is canceled!

    • Yea I just read it too.. Absolutely horrible news. One of the few games left I was looking forward to. I’m going to cancel my pre order as well. Square Enix, I hate you now.

    • I’ve cancelled my pre-order too. Damn you Square Enix.

  • “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE will be told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience.”

    This is bad day!

  • Squeenix just HAVE to ruin good news with the episodic announcement. Sigh.

  • I rather see an episodic game than a full game where goodies like gold saucer, ruby/emerald weapon, chocobo races and tons of side quests are cut. People today just don`t think, they just whine like children as soon they see an annoucement they dont like.

    • Atleast we’re whining about something we’re passionate about and is relevant, you’re just whining about people whining for the sake of whining. /facepalm #this again..
      And why on Earth would “goodies” suddenly be left out of the full game but only be present in an episodic approach? Oo
      You’re ok with an RPG (!) (one of the most popular jrpg’s of all time in this case) being episodic but complain about the bad reactions to it, lol.. Talk about getting it backwards.. ‘Gamers’ today.. :(

  • episodes aren’t too bad. It could really help the narrative of the game, it could be really beneficial, especially as this is a reimagining rather than just a HD remake.

    My only problem is, how long and open are the episodes? do we get a full world to explore, with 5 episodes as 5 different characters. Or do we 5 different periods of time over the course of the original story, told slightly differently, and presented in a linear fashion.

    Because I want an open RPG to be honest. I have no problem with tightening of narrative, but this is an RPG. Not a tell tale adventure. But we’re god knows how long from release, so I’ll happily wait for more info before I get too excited/annoyed/emotional/idiotic/erect

    • I’m sorry but I really don’t see how it could help the narrative of the game. An RPG series that relies heavily on character development and story, having to be played in intervals. No, just no. Not even pondering the consequences this could have for AAA gaming in general at some time. Apparently some gamers are up for anything these days, the sorry state gaming is in today is a testament of that..

  • Much as I’m looking forward to this, as with all FF games, I do have to wonder how SE don’t realise the reason so many series fans have been clamouring for an FF remake is because the output since then has gotten progressively more disappointing. This was the greatest RPG series ever made, yet in this century they have drifted so far away from the core fundamentals of RPG gaming that recent entries are more like bog standard action adventure games, with linear storytelling, progression on rails and combat designed for the terminally unimaginative. If the series returned to the values that made it successful (with a far more promising main series outing than XV seems to be), making games for the more intelligent and thoughtful among us, then we could start looking forward again instead of wistfully back to the “Good old days”.

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