8 fan-favourite PS2 games launch on PS4 tomorrow

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8 fan-favourite PS2 games launch on PS4 tomorrow

GTA: San Andreas, Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud among first 8 releases

Hello everyone. As we continue our celebration of PlayStation’s 20th anniversary, we want to take a look back at the heritage that helped propel us to the brand that we are today. PlayStation 2 holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers who have fond memories of playing some of the biggest franchises in gaming.

Dark Cloud, Image 03

PS2 remains the best-selling console of all time. Above and beyond the technical innovations that made PS2 stand apart is the caliber of amazing and much-loved games, such as Dark Cloud, Twisted Metal Black, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas just to name a few.

To celebrate our PS2 heritage, I am excited to announce that as of 8.00pm GMT tomorrow, 5th December, you will be able to purchase and play a range of PS2 games on your PlayStation 4!

We are kicking things off by launching with eight fan favourites.

Dark Cloud, Image 02The Mark of Kri, Image 05

Having these titles available on PS4 is already incredibly exciting for us, but we did not stop there. We have brought these titles forward to meet today’s gaming standards by adding Trophy support! Each title’s Trophy set has been carefully developed in conjunction with feedback from the original creators to be sure that they capture the spirit and feeling of each game.

Also, you will be able to experience all of these PS2 games like never before – in up-rendered 1080p with the features you expect from a PS4 game including Remote Play, Activity Feeds, and Second Screen support for game manuals with PlayStation Vita or PlayStation App, as well as Live Broadcast and Share Play.

We will be working tirelessly to bring you your favorite PS2 games with new releases on a regular basis, and we hope you love playing PS2 games on PS4 as much as we did making them! So tell us, what PS2 games do you want to play on your PS4?

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  • Thank you Yoshida-san. Will the PSone classics come too? : )

  • War of the Monsters!!! F*** Yes!!!

  • I heard Dark Cloud is very inspired by The Legend of Zelda, probably going to get that.

  • Dark Cloud was awesome along with the other games on the list. Nostalgia plus trophies – a great combination.

  • “So tell us, what PS2 games do you want to play on your PS4?”

    I would kill for FF12 with Zodiac update on PS4.

  • Ssx tricky would be a welcome addition in the future

  • Hi, Shu! Will these games have platinum trophies?

    Also, do they show on our trophy list as PS2 games instead of PS4 games?

    If not, can you please make it so? Would be neat to have the PS2 tag on my trophy list :)

  • So considering we’re charged £6 for ancient arcade games, and £8 for what amounts to a Snes rom, how much will Sony be charging us for this?

    • I know, I’m cynical but I’d rather see the price before celebrating. Likewise if they’re only releasing 8 games the chances are many of the games we want won’t be supported anyway.

    • Well they used to be around £8 on PS3 but now they have trophy supports and remote play etc fear there going to be £9.99 minimum, any more be far too expensive really. I just hope that as I’ve downloaded some of these previously on PS3 I’ll be able to download for free but I fear as they’ve added all these extras it’s gonna cost even previous owners like myself. PS3 Cross Buy would be sweet tho.

    • US prices are $9.99 or $14.99
      Usual online pricing tends to be just changing the $ for a £

    • The games are £11.99 each.

  • Praise Shu for the presents he gave US!

  • I think lots of modern gamers may like God Hand and Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks. In fact if the latter has online play I’d melt.

  • Vice City for me!
    How about Silent Hill 2 next please?

    • They did do 2 and 3 as a HD remaster for PS3 so that could be a case either way (either for because the trophy work and other features wee added, against because they’ve already done the work once for PS3. Since it’s a Konami title I doubt you’ll see it though.

    • @frimo_online
      Well that HD remaster was terrible D’:

  • Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect.. PLEASE!

    • This! So much this! Always wanted a Time Splitters HD remake, but rendered in 1080p would be very cool as well. Game had its own unique art style which still looks awesome now.

  • I would love to get the Shin Megami Tensei PS2 games on PS4 (including the Persona series).

    • This. So much this. I personally think Persona is way overhyped, but SMT as an IP… One of the most unappreciated JRPG series I think I’ve ever come across. Now, if they could give me a reduced price for having already purchased the PS2 Classic versions, that’d be happy days. Though I suspect Sony would make us pay (again, for the second time) for a game I already own. *sighs*

    • Yeah, I’d really love to play SMT: Lucifer’s Call and Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 on the PS4. My favourite games!

  • i never thought i’d see the day that PS4 would finally play PS2 games but are the PS2 classics we bought from the PSN store cross buy?

    Please Sony this is a major feature so get all of the best PS2 games on PS4 like Burnout 3 and Max Payne 2.

    • No, none of the PS2 games you’ve bought, been given through Plus or have been given to you in conjunction with another game will work. Buying the games again will be the only option. Source – Sony President.

  • Looking forward to finally beating Vice City, hopefully the Shin Megami Tensei games get the same treatment :)

  • Kingdom Hearts 2? Please? .-.

    • With the HD Remix available on PS3, I think this might be a bit impossible.

      No Kingdom Hearts game has ever been made available in digital format to date, because of licensing issues. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  • “So tell us, what PS2 games do you want to play on your PS4?”
    My massive PS2 physical collection… now I need to buy a new PS2 (used), since my old one is almost dead, after all these years >_> … thanks SONY. the PC can emulate PS2 games in 1080p for AGES! why can’t the PS4 do the same?! …. I’m so [DELETED]

    • This article is all about the PS4 emulating the PS2…

    • Not with the disc, I can play my old PS2 games on my PC, using their original discs, why can’t the PS4 do the same?! Like, the digital PS2 games included share play, trophies and that sort of stuff, and the physical discs were just the original version of the games, without trophies or share play, and my PS4 would be my most played console… like this, I still need to use my very very old PS2, that I’ll give it 1 more year before it gives up on me for good… and I’ll need to get a new one. Yes, I play PS2 games every week >_> it’s the greatest console of all time!!

    • The only thing I dislike is that this is basically like Nintendo’s VC which I absolutely hated. Not because you have to pay again for it, but because the support is so insanely slow and it takes forever for any news games to release.
      It feels like each game is a simple port instead of it being true emulation. (I don’t know the technical details but that’s how it seems to me)

  • Final fantasy simpsons road rage and simpsons hit and run please

  • PaRappa the Rapper 2 coming soon? But … I have a boxed physical copy of this and now it’s going to be less special. :’ (

  • Dark Cloud — $14.99
    Grand Theft Auto III — $14.99
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City — $14.99
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — $14.99
    Rogue Galaxy — $14.99
    The Mark of Kri — $14.99
    Twisted Metal: Black — $9.99
    War of the Monsters — $9.99

    • Convert and add VAT:
      Dark Cloud — £12
      Grand Theft Auto III — £12
      Grand Theft Auto: Vice City — £12
      Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — £12
      Rogue Galaxy — £12
      The Mark of Kri — £12
      Twisted Metal: Black — £8
      War of the Monsters — £8

    • Holy crap 12 quid for the GTA games? Rockstar rubbing their hands with excitement as those are the old great games from this selection.

    • It’s nuts right? For Grand Theft Auto games. We can mod them. On PC £2 each or Steam £6 each.
      Then look at android tablets and phones. £3.99 for Vice City and III and then £4.99 for San Andreas.

    • I reckon they will probably round it up for the UK pricing, cause the PS2 classics only cost £7.99 maximum.

    • I was expecting those prices as well. And @kingheartroxas88 those are the most expensive. £8 is the minimum so £8-12 is roughly what I estimated and has also been a common rate for us. There have been lots of $15 games that were £12 for us and $10 for £8.

    • I was right, the games are £11.99 each. For a couple of games that was worth it. Grand Theft Auto games are not worth it. Twisted Metal: Black should be free to those that got it free with Twisted Metal.

  • if you could give us Xenosaga episode 1,2 and 3. I would be so happy ╰(✧∇✧╰)

  • Not even a reduced cost ‘upgrade’ programme for those that have the PlayStation 2 classics version?

  • So, as Eurogamer predicted, PS2 titles are coming to PS4.
    And as many of us feared, classics and disks will not work.
    As such, I would like to ask why that is and why should we be paying for the classics yet again.
    I understand that you are trying to bring the PS2 games to a new crowd, but the old crowd is still here!
    We still have the disks, we still have the console, but for the sake of comfort, having just one console along the TV set goes a long way.

    And although I’m annoyed that I won’t be able to put the disk in my PS4 and play the game, I’m even more annoyed that the classics won’t be working.

    We paid for the game once and we paid for the game twice, just to have it on the PS3, don’t you think paying for it a third time is just a money grabbing scheme that will greatly displease the gamers that have been loyal to the brand for years?

    I’ve been a PS fan for years, and I’ve always defended the brand, even through the well known PSN issues, but this is something that I will not stand by and I will gladly speak against it.

    Have a goodnight Mr. Yoshida and a merry xmas from a loyal fan who is very displeased with this attitude from Sony.

    • I’ve defended Sony for a lot of bad decisions, but this one shows how little they care and want to take money from us.
      I’m sure this decision will be back-peddled because there are a lot of people unhappy with this already… though back-peddling now won’t regain the trust. I am genuinely most likely going to buy more games on PC from now on because of this. Even if they usually are Digital only I now realise at least I will have more control over them there.

    • I don’t think I was the only which was hoping I would finally be able to retire the PS2 permanently.

      This… Doesn’t even come close. The PS2 got it right from the start with backwards compatibility, great simple change over and able to immediately put the predecessor to the side. Now there’s 3 playstations sitting below the TV O_o

    • I very much feel your pain, sir. In fact, I’ve felt like that this entire generation. That Sony is completely focussed on pleasing the ‘competition’ and people that never owned any Playstation device (the DS4 design coming so close to the Xbox controller design is just one example of that), while the loyals consistently get left out in the cold. I guess they figure they bagged us already anyway huh?
      This generation really hasn’t done them any good in terms of reputation, atleast to those who have always been with Playstation and are used to better. I’m sure I’ll pick up some titles but if anything, this has made me even more wary of investing in their digital economy.

  • Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 and 2 complete with online play enabled once again please.

  • Hi Shuhei,
    I would really like Timeslitters 2 & Future Perfect.
    Thank you :)

    • Indeed. Sony, will the games have a stretch mode that stretch the output from 4:3 to 16:9 for TV and Vita? I much prefer them to cover the screen than be in true original aspect ratio. Also, I would really like:
      Road Trip Adventure!
      Persona 3 FES

  • Bummer end of the video confirms my question PS2 classics as well as original discs not compatable, that sucks a discount would have been nice for people who owned previously from PSN, hope they don’t make me pay for the 60+ ps1 classics I’ve aquired over the years at least I only had 10-12 ps2 classics… Still would have been nice. Guess I’m buying the GTA trilogy again.

  • sounds great, hope to have a proper price!

  • Very cool that PS2 on PS4 is now all official but I’ll be keeping my money til better games come along. None of this bunch appealed to me the first couple times around (the GTA’s sorta did but the tediousness of GTAIV and the obnoxiousness of GTAV has put me off that franchise for good most likely).

  • Make the original FIFA Street and This Is Football 2003 available and I’ll throw €30 at my screen without hesitation! I need those games, loved them as a child!

  • Persona 3 FES please.

    • I think this is highly possible, as I guess it would not take much work to convert a PS3 format Classic to a PS4 remaster.

  • I’d happily pay for The Warriors yet again for upscaled visuals, trophies and if possible to play 2 player online (does Shareplay make that possible? I’m not sure).
    Already bought The Warriors on PS2 disc, PSP UMD, PSP digital, PS2 Classic but it’s my fave PS2 game ever so yes I would happily pay again for improvements and to run on my PS4 with all it’s features cos I still consider it great value for a game that’s given me so many hours of brutal fun over the years. Please Rockstar remember us fans of yours who aren’t GTA-freaks. :)

  • So what happened to Local Emulation? Can we have the feature to allow us to play our many other PS2 discs locally on PS4? Without the need to pay for them yet again. It would be nice.

  • Shuhei; tried following you on Twitter earlier but it says I’m blocked by your request.

    Disconcerting as I’ve never had contact with you on Twitter before, so to be blocked before hand!

    Itching to play Vice City, Resident Evil Outbreak FIle #1 AND #2 PLEASE.

  • TimeSplitters Series Pretty Pleeeaaasssseeeeeee

    WITH Multiplayer of course ;)

    It’s time to shoot some Monkeys again !!

    • the flaming screaming monkeys still haunt my nightmares
      though TimeSplitters is one of the very few FPS series I actually enjoyed. Beats the crud out of Colladoody anyways

    • Colladoody doesn’t even come close to this…
      The way it played fluently, the numerous game modes, the crazy characters, the weapons, the maps, etc
      I could go on all night ;)

    • That game was Amazing I could sit here all day and name the games I’d like to see on ps4 games bond the best one :) driver bully crash the greatest games was on ps2

  • So basically you’re asking me to buy my PS2 games digitally again? And for a stupid price no doubt. How about no. All I wanted was to be able to play the Ps2 classics I bought on PS3 on PS4.

  • and this is how you get blood out of a stone what rippoff merchents you really are sony

  • TimeSplitters 2 PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ SONY :P And TimeSplitters 1 and 3(Future Perfect) would be ACE :P I waited all last Gen for those 3 games to come to the PS3 but they never did which was a crying shame :( PLEASE make it happen ;) Oh + BurnOut 3 would be cool to :P

  • I’m glad people are excited, but I personally can’t get behind asking people to repurchase a game that they already own (especially digital). I understand that money has been used to port them but for a company that use the slogan “For the Players” I find the thing a little off. I think calling this backward compatibility is wrong as it would imply playing titles you own from a previous gen. This is simply a way to disguise an obscene amount of remasters that people have been getting sick of.
    For those who want it, enjoy, I personally find it hard to swallow and will pass.

  • Final Fantasy XII with trophy support please :)

    • Would be great FF XII with trophy support…
      But I still prefer a remaster like FF X FF X-2 with improved graphics

  • I would rather just stick the disc into the console and play the games I already have and be given an option to pay a fee for the upscaled version that has trophy support and all the rest of that stuff. But anyway, from the top of my head I’d like
    1) Smuggler’s Run
    2) The Bouncer
    3) Black
    4) The Getaway: Black Monday
    5) GoldenEye: Rogue Agent
    6) Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

    • I totally agree Dark Angel – And yes they can give us trophy support with the local disc emulation – this was suggested 2 years ago in a few blogs and articles when it is rumoured they started adding trophies to the huge collection of PS2 titles.

  • Really excited to get back into Dark Cloud 1 and Rogue Galaxy. I hope to see Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2 come forward too.

    “PS2 Classics and PS2-formatted discs are incompatible with the PS4 system” is a bit disappointing, hope this will change in the future too. Luckily got my 60gb PS3 around still.

    • It won’t. If Sony can sell you something they’re not giving it to you for free.
      They’re planning on charging £12+ each for games that are available everywhere else from £2 to £6.

  • Please give us bully pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m begging you it was my all time ps2 favourite with driver 2 my and gtaSA ps2 had the greatest games andps1 and ps3 had the greatest memories I could never forget but please put bully on ps4 it deserves to be on the ps4

  • I am looking forward to playing Dark Cloud again.

    I expect to pay around €14.99 which is a good fair price for all the extra work put into it.

    I hope for Suikoden 3,4 and 5 to be added to the list.

  • Can’t wait to play some Rouge Galaxy tomorrow.

    I’d love to see Persona 3 and the .Hack//GU games make there way to PS4 at some point. We never actually got GU in Europe if I remember right.

  • The mark of kri!!
    Anyway I’d love to see timesplitters, the getaway, brothers in arms (would even run without the dodgy framerate!), full spectrum warrior and last but not least the criminally overlooked classic, Freedom fighters.
    Just one question though, what are the prices? Anywhere over £10 and it won’t matter what you add I won’t be paying, and ideally they’d be £5 given that ps1 games on psn launched at £4.

  • Will we be getting our ps2 games for free

  • Bring bully scholarship edition out on ps4 too if you coud it would be amazing :)

  • Tony Hawk Underground 1 and 2
    Yakuza 1 and 2
    And some others I’ll go off and think about now

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