The 12 deals of Christmas – #2

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The 12 deals of Christmas – #2

Grab a hefty discount on open world action epic Mad Max

So, deal #1 is gone – just like that, in a flash. I hope you all picked it up in time! “What’s up next?” I hear you cry. Well, you’d have to be Mad not to pick this one up! Enjoy!

Mad Max
50% off original price until 11.59pm GMT, 4th December
Was €69.99, now €34.99

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Awesome! heard great things about the car combat.

    • Great game!

      Shame this is turning out to be “The 12 times we show you how these games should actually be priced, rather than the crazy inflated digital prices we usually have… …of Christmas!”

    • My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of fun…of quality…when companies cared about their consumers. But most of all, I remember deals. The legends we called “sales”. To understand what these were, you have to go back to another time…before Sony.

    • Dude, I bought Sonic 3 for £60 in 1994. 21 years later, a game is £34.99 after 3 months.

    • Yeah, I bought Street Fighter 2 the Japanese version on SNES with a converter for £75 in 1992. Came with a box, cartridge, instructions the lot. Also had re sale value.

    • You’re right that game prices are historically quite low in general, but that doesn’t really alter the fact that discounting something to still cost more than a major retailer’s regular price isn’t much of a deal in the here and now.

    • I remember Megadrive games costing half the price of the console, even in it’s twilight years. But then you’d get about half your money back when traded in….
      However, if they could have offered it as a download I doubt that Sonic 3 would have cost more than retail… if anything it would have been cheaper

  • Ibsee what you did there, Chris

  • So we still don’t get prices is pound sterling, euro customers still getting better deal, any answers Sony

    • How are Euro customer getting a better deal? As an Englishman living in Ireland I can assure you right now, Euro customers are NOT getting any better deals than the customers in GBP.

      So stop with the pathetic whining.

    • @frodouk EU are paying the equivalent of £25 according to conversion rates so I think more than a little whining is in order. Don’t assume that because someone is complaining its not justified when in this case is it clearly is.

    • @betheelever No, you and the OP are correct here so apologies. It’s just usually people moan for no reason here, and I thought this was one of those instances.

    • @frodouk it’s just frustrating as 2 deals in a row UK have paid more than EU as conversion rates aren’t even considered. Let’s wait to see if Deal 3 changes anything but i won’t hold my breath

  • So is this all its going to be 50% off very overpriced games? What a load of rubbish! I mean even at 50% it’s still more expensive than the physical copy! You can get it new for £25 or £22 pre owned…. These prices on store are just very dumb!

    • I sign in just to say that haha, great minds and all :)

    • Yup. Sometimes the sale prices are OK and actually scrape slightly below Amazon, but it’s just dishonest to call £5 more than a major retailer’s normal regular price a ‘hefty discount’.

    • Seriously? I haven’t seen any store that sells this for 35 Euros. (Yeah, pre-owned, but that’s incomparable)

    • And that Amazon price is higher today than the other day, and higher than some other retailers. The game has been as low at £16 on ps4

    • @chrisboers – That’s an interesting point, it’s €50 on, for example, but £25 on

      This sale price makes it cheaper than the German retail price, but considerably more than the UK retail price. The fact that the UK is only getting a 40% discount rather than a 50% one may have something to do with that, but clearly the Euro retail price are higher to start with.

      It would be interesting to know whether you could, from outside the UK, order from – I assume you could.

    • I got this from Zavvi on Black friday weekend (Grey Saturday?) for £21.99 inc postage, but they claimed it was reduced from £34.99

  • I still expect Extra Discount for Plus members for a 2 days offer in PS4! Its still expensive to buy!

    • Seeing as Plus is more integral for the PS4 as it was (completely) optional for PS3 and Vita I wouldn’t expect anywhere near the level of discounts we used to get. Not so much the value of the discounts (we only ever seemed to get 10% off vs the 50%-70% that Americans got) but the number of discounts we get.

    • For me they act very disappointing!

  • Why no Extra benefits for Plus members?

  • How hard is it to put the £ prices up. Please stop being frustratingly incompetent.

    • How hard is it to click the link & find out the price in your region? Please stop being frustratingly incompetent.

    • See next comment.

    • Xspike why the hell should we have to? It’s basic customer service.

    • Why are UK players so whiny lol?

      For example, EU Sony has UAH prices in Ukraine (where I am from) or ZL prices in Poland. Probably, there are more European countries use neither EUR, nor GBP.

      Yet only UK players are complaining 24/7.

    • There are 28 currencies in europe. Converting to them all would just be a waste of time when the readers just need to learn some basic math or click a link.

    • I understand where everyone is coming from as it is unrealistic to convert every currency in the EU. BUT Playstation blog never took those currencies away, we used to get it in GBP and it has been taken away, it made things a lot more convienent and it doesn’t take that much time to do. For this one it isn’t that much of a pain as it just one game, but it would be appreciated if they did bring it back, at least by me.

    • I kind of agree with ua_raven here, the Euro is used in more countries than the pound so it makes sense to either put just one up, or all

  • UK: Was £59.99, now £29.99

    Took me 2 seconds

    • Does PS not use the correct conversion when it comes to EU to GBP? I got just under £25 for €34.99

    • Nope. If you add 20% VAT it comes out at £30. Still if you buy anything from the EU the tax is supposed to be included/paid automatically. If it isn’t our tax causing the extra cost, then its the Sony tax.

    • EU countries have VAT included in store prices too, often higher than 20% UK VAT (ie. in Poland we have 23%). So looks like the UK is getting the worse end of the stick deal.

    • Physical copy from wins at £23.85

    • “Special offer price valid from 03-12-2015 to 12am GMT 05-12-2015 (Was: £49.99…”

      50% off, but price is £29.99??

  • Why just not show all 12 deals at the same time and give like 48h for people to buy whatever they like?

    It’s really awful for someone that is waiting out for a game they want to show up but suddenly finds another good one and doesnt buy it afraid of making a bad choice wen the next one shows up. US store (of course) gives everyone the chance to see and have what they want instead of locking it to a 48h limit between different games…

    It’s just really disappointing.

    • Because that’s not the 12 days of Christmas, that’s a two day sale?

    • I smell a retard that doesn’t understand what this sale actually means…..

    • Why just not bother at all with the “sale”. I’m guessing all the “deals” will be cheaper elsewhere. Obviously this promotion is for people with more money than sense or people that don’t have a letterbox.

    • @CluckNuggets But its not even “12 days” it’s actually 24 days. (48h time limit)

      It’s called 12 deals of christmas so why not just give all 12 deals at the same time and let it have a timmer?

    • They do this every year, it leads right up to Christmas. Two days per offer is normal, it’s tradition now. It’s meant to be a surprise. What you’re looking for is silly because we get sales like that all of the time.

      Do you not have Christmas there or something? Is this your first year with Sony? Do you seriously not understand this sale?

    • I’d also wager that not all of the deals are finalised until the last minute with the publishers. It gives them more time to arrange a better deal for the later games (I seem to recall that the 3rd-9th contain some real stinkers price wise before it picks up again) and ensure that they can *try* to get something amazing on the last deal (last year they managed to get the relatively new Far Cry 4, but it was literally retail price)

    • Well spotted

    • Came to post just this. It was £49.99 and even states on the store that it is a 40% discount, so basically getting done over, as per usual.

      Expect this to be ignored, just like the Bloodborne DLC price increase.

    • Wow, why would they try something so compromising, dumbfounded.

    • This is actually *ILLEGAL*. At least in the UK. You are not allowed to raise a price in order to advertise a discount as being higher than it is.

      – to claim that products are on sale, you should show the previous price and should have been selling at that price for a meaningful period of time

      – you must not claim a discount against the recommended retail price (RRP), if the RRP is significantly higher than the price generally charged for the product.

      How do we bring this to Sony’s attention? Even if they bumped the price up on the 1st. 2 days is not a meaningful amount of time? I suppose we can raise this to the OFT?

    • Will be intrigued to see what stance Sony have on this.

      Fully expect no response however, as this seems to now be this teams standard approach to difficult questions they don’t want to answer

    • UK store eventually updated with just 40% off for UK, honestly not holding out for anything from the 12 days sales, they cant even match retail with the discounts on offer and I imagine if this continues we will get every single offer at £29.99 regardless of %’s or exchange rates.

      What Im more annoyed about is the complete lack of basic customer care / communication, its bad enough that the US store has had far better treatment than us (imo) over the last few weeks but to get treated different to the rest of Europe (which the UK is part of) is really insulting.

      Personally I’m voting with my wallet on this – might be the only tool we have to say its unacceptable, however my years of saying that havnt stopped the £59.99 games showing up so I dont hold out for much success :(

    • For UK folk, you can complain about the false advertising here: It’s really simple to do.

  • This isn’t a deal though :(

  • Shadow of Mordor and Bloodborne please.

    • Yep, only interested on Bloodborne. Just bought PS4 so bring it on Sony. My body is ready

    • If bloodborne then it has better be game of the year edition because you can already get the standard one brand new for around £30 and Mordor can be had for £20 on amazon

  • Where are ps3 and vita games? I swear last year there was a game for every console

  • The 12 steals of christmas, short on cash for your Xmas party by any chance?

  • That’s a cute discount, but I also own a nice PC, and right now a code for that version of Mad Max costs £13.97 on Funstock Digital. That’s less than half of your half price. i.e. under a quarter of your normal price. They’re a good shop and I 100% trust their codes to be genuine.

    Now, if you were a supermarket or whatever, you’d welcome this information so you could do price-matching to retain customers. Hint hint. :)

    • You should check out CD-Keys, I’ve always found them to be reliable & cheap for PC keys (I got mad max for £9.99 the day it was released ).

      Can even get PS voucher codes on there & a few games (uncharted collection £20)

  • Says 40% on store not 50% why you lying?

  • Yeah, it’s a bit expensive considering I got it retail near release for close to that.

    As for the game, visually the environments look nice, characters not so much, cars are fine. The game play is rinse repeat, a bit like the original Assassins Creed where you basically had 5 things that you could do and you had to do them in each area again, and again, and again.

    But, it’s a game that will work off its vibe, if you’re into it aesthetically and thematically you’ll likely enjoy it despite its shortcomings, otherwise probably save your money, especially at the asking price.

  • I dont understand why it says 50% off on original price and on playstore india it shows 31%

  • I think this video perfectly describes this ‘deal’

  • Where is the Vita deals? and no! I’m NOT talking about the recently recycled deals. Christmas is supposed to be special!

    • The under £12 sale has some good stuff, if you look (and if you like that sort of thing).
      They can’t discount too much Vita because they need plus games for the next year

    • Only problem is that I’d like something new discounted. Not the same deals over and over. I’d like the 12 deals of Christmas to mean something to everyone, not just PS4 owners.

  • On the upside.. US don’t seem to have this ’12 deals’ promotion

  • Faaaalse advertising!! Where is the 50% off?
    40% is the new 50%?

  • Are “12 deals of Christmas” and “games under €15” the only deals we can expect until Christmas? Since the previous (DLC) deal just ended and wasn’t replaced with anything new….

    • The thing is, it *was* replaced by something new, which Sony in their wisdom have decided to completely not advertise

      Some highlights – Zombie Vikings £7.99, Volume £7.49, Rogue Legacy £3.99, Dust an Elysian Tale £3.14, Beach Buggy Racing £3.59, Submerged £7.49, Surgeon Simulator £2.69

    • I believe those are all part of the “games under €15” sale, which will last until Christmas. I’ll assume there won’t be any other sales then (apart from the 48 hour single game deals).

    • In the sense that they are both “games” and “under €15”, yes. But they weren’t listed in the “Games under €15” blog post, or indeed any other blog post, which is utterly mystifying

    • Nor are they listed in the sale on the store. You have to go hunting for them to find them.

  • Are you serious. This was £19 on Amazon 4 days ago lol.
    Can be picked up at nearly every online retailer for less than £30.00
    Digital prices are a joke.

  • Have they fixed this game? It had some really serious frame rate problems.

  • Gorgeous discounts, keep them coming please.

    I would dish in for DQ: Heroes and/or SW: Battlefront at a good price.

  • In Czech Republic is discount only 42%. Cmon Sony we want 50% and more games are so overpriced.

  • Its currently on sale in Game for £22.99 new in the UK… And you get a physical copy you can sell back when you’re finished with it.

  • Uh oh Sony…

    Special offer price valid from 03-12-2015 to 12am GMT 05-12-2015 (Was: £49.99 / €69.99 / AU $99.95 / BGN 129.00 / CZK 1799.00 / DKK 499.00 / HUF 20990.00 / NZ $112.95 / NOK 549.00 / PLN 289.00 / SEK 599.00 / USD $69.99 / ZAR 899.00 / HRK 499.00 / INR 3999.00 / TRY 209.00 / ILS 335.00)

    So it WAS £49.99 in the UK and you claim it’s a 50% off sale yet you have it marked up for £29.99.

    Not sure where you went to school, but that’s not half price in any region….

  • You know Chris false advertising is illegal….

  • You can buy the digital version for PC WITH DLC for £10

    why on earth would you spend 3 times that for even less content

  • It’s 50% for the euro price. I am not sure why it is different for other currencies, but for euro prices it is a decent deal. I can’t find it cheaper in Belgium or The Netherlands.

    I can find it for the same price in the UK, but with the shipping costs it would be more expensive.

    As far as the PC price goes:
    I don’t like to play these types of games on PC.
    PC prices are always cheaper, so I don’t get that people buy a PS4 if they don’t mind playing everything on PC anyway.

    Sure, I would like it for an even better price, but as far as I can see in the shops where I can get it, it is a decent price.
    If I would live in the UK and they send it for free, I would not buy it from the PSN store as it can be bought cheaper on disc, but for the countries with the euro as currency, it looks a good deal to me.

    • Exactly. The deal is different for every region, some it works better than others. However it is consistently rubbish for us in the UK, so apologies for me and our rabble stinking up the comments every sale :-)

    • The funny thing is, some time ago I did complain about raising the price before the sale in this very blog and some people told me it was NOT illegal (so I assumed it was only in Belgium this was illegal).

      As the store itself says 40% off for the UK, I imagine the blog post being wrong as the percentage is different per currency. I hope they change it to £25 like it should be for the UK as I don’t get why it is higher in the UK although you can buy if for that price in retail anyway.

      I understand the complaints, the same as there is never a £ price anymore (which was the other way around for € before). Maybe they should put a little more time in the posts, but otherwise people will ask where the sales are, so yeah :).

  • Special offer price valid from 03-12-2015 to 12am GMT 05-12-2015 (Was: £49.99 / €69.99 / AU $99.95 / BGN 129.00 / CZK 1799.00 / DKK 499.00 / HUF 20990.00 / NZ $112.95 / NOK 549.00 / PLN 289.00 / SEK 599.00 / USD $69.99 / ZAR 899.00 / HRK 499.00 / INR 3999.00 / TRY 209.00 / ILS 335.00)

    I may not be the strongest math person in the world but I don’t think 29.99 is 50% of 49.99……. Come on guys if you change to 25 pounds like it is supposed to be I will buy a copy :)

  • Can you do a vita game deal too,please?Thanks.We are a PS family,and there are more members in that family.

  • So it’s currently £24.99 on amazon for a brand new disk. I keep it, it’s still cheaper. I play it a couple of months and sell it on I’m well and truly quids in. Why would I go digital!?!

    • I mean… Don’t get me wrong, good quality games and I would prefer to go digital but silly prices won’t justify it for me.

  • Just not worth it for UK customers.

    Once again, I can buy a cheaper retail copy and have been able to for many months.

  • Hello UK here? Small island just off coast of France…
    Seriously though why aren’t you bothering to put UK prices on anymore? Not just this one, the sales too?
    Has the UK upset you? If so please accept my apologies on behalf of this small island and let’s put this matter behind us

  • Some comment as to why the UK discount (£49.99 to £29.99) is 40% rather than 50% would be nice.
    People don’t like feeling unfairly treated and refusing to acknowledge the matter just compounds the discontent.

    PS Blog communication has been absolutely woeful for a long time now, you’re not doing your jobs very well and don’t seem interesting in rectifying things.

  • Totally recommend! It’s like playing Fallout 4 but on a car, graphics are a dream!

  • I’m guessing nobody at SCEE can be bothered to comment then? Fastest and best selling console of all time and you treat us like dirt. Nicely done.

  • Watchdog on BBC (not the game) need to do some sony digging.

  • Its -43% for some reason in Russia. Why not 50%?

  • Why do people insist on comparing the price of a product sold by thousands of retailers with the price of a different product that is sold by one?

    If you are buying for yourself, to install on your PS4 possibly to sell afterwards then the physical disc version fulfills your needs,would be the logical choice and there are thousands of retailers willing to sell you that particular product.

    You maybe surprised to hear that Sony’s business does not revolve around you and you alone! Some people would prefer the digital version.

    Yes, many retailers sell the disc for £25. Good price..but me and my brother want this game. It will cost us £50 for us both to buy a copy. Alternatively I can buy this digitally for £30, install on both PS4’s registered to my account and oh gosh! its £20 cheaper than it would be if we bought from somewhere else

    for those that struggle with maths thats £15 instead of the £25 price that you are so proud of announcing.suddenly its not so bad of a deal!

    • Or, and bear with me because this is tricky, you could buy the physical game at £25, complete and then give it to your brother to play afterwards(!) you could then even sell it(!) and get at least £10… So in effect you would have paid £15 or £7.50 if your brother goes halves…

      This is also about the EU price being 50% off and ours only 40% for no reason? And also shows that a digital future would suck price wise for us and we would have no say aa enough people would still pay these overinflated prices… Heck, people probably pay £59.99 for a digital game..

    • Yes, you’re right – we could do that. But we don’t want to. We have no plans to sell later. Luckily for us though we have the option to buy digitally.

      Now this game isn’t a great example as I don’t believe there’s any multiplayer content, maybe I could have waited until the Destiny or Battlefront style game deal appears before posting and I could use the example of not being able to multiplay with him using 1 disc. as it is, we can make up our own challenges while playing at the same time on different consoles. its far better than me describing what I did in the game weeks ago to him while he plays a particular section!

      At the end of the day, physical is a great cheap option for those that need a single copy of a game. Digital is a great cheap option for people that want 2, so when looking at the price of a digital game, divide by 2 and that is what probably the majority of people buying digital are actually paying for it

      so yes £60 for a new digital game would be £30 each instead of…£40ish for physical?

      but don’t worry, distributors/publishers are terrified digital takes off – they make their money from retailers buying their stock. they wont allow digital copies to be sold cheaper.

  • Has anyone ever managed to figure out why download versions of these games are so expensive?

  • This is entirely my opinion but could be crap its just how i see it.

    The main reason is retailers have the publishers and games company’s by the balls. If digital was cheap as chips retailers could and probably would refuse to stock physical product thus cutting off a valuable funding stream for companies.

    Look at PC titles there are very few retailers that stock physical product so the market is able to sustain cheaper games without much comeback from retailers.

    I do believe it should be the same price as retail at the moment no over inflated quite so much. I am all ok to embrace digital but cant justify the prices

    • I think you’ve argued yourself out of your own position there – as you point out, when there’s a viable digital market as there is on PC, it’s perfectly possible to cut out the middlemen and still make money while also offering better deals to customers. Physical retailers are horrifically expensive, both gamers and devs/publishers would be better off without them. That’s especially true of the high-street shops that do everything they can to push people away from buying new to buying second hand and just pocketing as pure profit the difference between the inflated prices they charge and the rubbish rates they pay.

      Sony should cut their prices and open the PSN store up much more to other retailers selling codes, just as Steam is open to that; it works there, it would work here.

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