Music festival sim BigFest is out tomorrow, exclusively on PS Vita

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Music festival sim BigFest is out tomorrow, exclusively on PS Vita

Discover unsigned bands and manage your own festival wherever you are

Hello there! I’m Claire Bromley, an Associate Producer at XDev Studio Europe and this is my first PlayStation Blog post, so hello there PlayStation peeps!

Okay, so let’s get right to it, I know it’s been a while since we last gave you an update on BigFest. XDev and the team at On The Metal have been busy and we can now finally announce that BigFest is available exclusively on PS Vita tomorrow!

Since our last post we’ve been focussing on bringing you the best BigFest experience on PS Vita, so for those of you who haven’t heard of BigFest before, let me bring you up to speed. BigFest is at heart a festival simulation game, but with a twist: Create awesome music festivals and choose who to put on stage from a HUGE global catalogue of real-life unsigned artists. Pick your favourites and promote them in your online festivals, potentially breaking the next big unsigned band! How cool is that?

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Along with our friends at Jamendo, we’re bringing you a regularly updated catalogue of diverse unsigned artists’ tracks to download and promote in your festivals. As well as creating and hosting your own festivals, you can also visit friends’ festivals to enjoy the music and soak up the atmosphere… or to be a jolly old nuisance, by sending them streakers and other mischievous disruptions :P

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

We all hope you love BigFest. Rock on, you aspiring promoters and beautiful festival goers out there!

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15 Author Replies

  • Whatever happened to being Free To Play?

  • Really like the sound of this and cool it’s finally coming out, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to know what happened to the PS4 and PS3 versions, and why the change away from free to play?

    Anyway will definitely be looking into this tomorrow

  • Okay I’m intrigued. What’s the file size??
    I don’t like F2P so I’m good with paying 8 bucks

  • Been really looking forward to this, but bit worried that the free to play has been removed entirely don’t want to pay £8 only to be asked for more money or to have to grind it like a free to play game to get anywhere also what about the ps4 version (not moaning very happy for a vita exclusive) just intrested. Might give it a few days and wait for the reviews/comments but looking forward to this.

  • First you explicitely announce that it will come to both last and current gen stationary consoles, now you release it without any explanation as Vita only. Same goes with dropping F2P. Doesn’t bolster my confidence in the game, sorry to say.

    It’s not like I would prefer the game F2P, in contrary, as I consider “insert coin to continue” a thing belonging in the arcade past.

  • So it’s going to be a free to play that we have to pay for?

    I guess there will be no furryfest this year :(

    • Howdy furryhawk :P
      £8 for full premium game and even a cheeky Platinum Trophy to earn in there too ^_^

      Furryfest away!

  • My warmest regards to u, Claire, for bringin a game that is vita exclusive. Its a pleasent surprise, to know people r still making vita exclusive. As a big time vita fan, i m happy to see ur post. I never tried music sim game, but surely gonna give it a try if the games is not madly difficult. All the very best…

  • Will this be a cross buy if it does come to ps3/4?

  • Right back at you, Claire… Hello!

    As a staunch advocate of games being very much a ‘paid for’ medium, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really wish BigFest was Free to Play.

    At least then, I’d definitely give it a fair crack of the whip. As it stands, it looks like a risky purchase for me. Especially at a not unsubstantial £7.99.

    Looks cool though :0)

  • That stealth release doesn’t make any sense at all.

    Why do you guys hate your own games so much? One ultra short article which doesn’t add anything new besides what we already know?

    No words about why you decided to drop PS4/PS3 (although I was sure it wouldn’t work well the momment you announced that), no words about why you decided to abandon F2P (although that’s good decision).

    No words about gameplay… pretty much nothing new.

    For god sake try harder SCEE! Instead of advertising your own game at least month before release you are dropping it out of nowhere and expect that people who waited for this lil game for over 2 years are still interested in this.

    I would appreciate some kind of demo version. I just don’t trust SONY… especially doing some stealth release.

    That said. Claire I don’t blame you, ok? I’m dissatisified with what SONY is doing, and righlty so. But that has nothing to do with your person. I wish you best of luck in your new job.

  • is the ps4 version canned now then?

  • Really looking forward to giving this a whirl. Glad to hear in app purchases were given the boot as well. Keep up the good work claire

  • ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i saw this game on the ps store on the ps vita a couple of years ago and it got took off but i was so sad because i missed it and you do not no how happy i am iv been with sony my entire life and ill stay with sony for the rest of my life I’m a huge fan sony don’t realise for a girl gamer like me its more than just games its my entire life and lots of people won’t understand but id always go with sony NUMBER ONE FAN RIGHT HERE

    • Please just be a massive fan of gaming rather than of a massive corporation. Corporations get complacent and don’t have your best interest at heart. I’ve had a ps1, 2, 3 and 4 so definitely lean towards them but if I feel the other team are treating their gamers better I would have to go there.

    • i am a massive fan of gaming but i wouldn’t be a gaming fan if it wasn’t for sony iv had all playstation consoles and my best console is ps3 iv had the best of memories and the best games started on ps3 but ps4 is taking over :)

  • VITA VITA! :D VOTE with the wallet guys we need more VITA stuff, yay! buying this when its available

  • So is this game have a Vita TV compatibility?
    I don’t really wanna ask like everyone else regarding ps4 and ps3 version as well as the free to play issues, but one thing I had in mind can this game use the music stored in the memory card?

  • Ooh premium! Nice!
    Will wait to see how the transaction from freemium to premium went though.. And for my wallet to recover after buying, literally, 32 Xmas presents for the kids in the family.
    My sisters, brothers and close friends need to calm down on the baby making :| Dang kids can’t have cheap toys like stick and stones! Ooh no they want games and game systems….Well I was the same heh

  • with a platinum trophy..

  • Ive been looking for info on this game since jt was announced on the stage how long ago? Then boom it comes out of the nowhere like an RKO! £8 and no micro transactions? Take my money tomorrow :-)

  • What happened to ps4? Back in the day we was told it was going to be on both psvita and ps4 and know you just say out of the blue it drops tomorrow , my eyes lit up like stars until i saw psvita only, i sold my vita because we where told ps4 tooo!!!!!! Not very happy about it only being for vita

  • What a bunch of miserable contrarians. Some common retrains you’ll see in these comments: We want VITA exclusives (or more commonly we want VITA games); We don’t want smartphone ports; We hate IAP (which all F2P games have).

    Now all of a sudden there is an original, interesting PSVITA exclusive for 8 measly pounds and all people can do is complain?

    • Not all of us have a psvita, and when it was first said, they told us ps4 too, I would of loved to pay for this game but im not going to buy a vita for it and because once in a blue mooi they bring out a exclusive game

  • Hearing it’s broken on the US store… great stuff Sony.

  • So does this run on PSTV too?

  • Not so interested in the musical side of things, but am interested in if this game is say similar to theme park or rollercoaster tycoon just without the rollercoasters?

  • Did not know anything about this game but i like tycoon style games I will pick this up next week spent all my psn credit in the black friday sales.. more games like this would be perfect for the vita.. and what ever happend to theme park and theme hospital they are no longer on the ps1 classics ??

  • Developers cannot win in this blog.

    Announce a game for PS4 every comment is “No Vita version”
    Release a Vita game = Wheres the PS4 version.

    and then

    Wont play F2P games they are terrible. Release as a full title = Why no F2P.

    No one wants F2P it is a cancer to the games industry.

    I am glad a developer has released a full game for the Vita exclusivity. And for that they get a sale from me.

    Good job guys!

    • It’s not about Vita or PS4, it’s about the increasingly common practice of “announce a thing, be silent for months, do a completely different thing (or, indeed, entirely fail to do the original thing)” with no communication in between that’s causing the frustration

  • Just bought this! I’ve been waiting this for my Vita since it was announced, and I’m even more happy now that it’s not F2P!

  • Hi and thanks for the news! This looks like a really good game – one question though, can you put your own band’s music in the game? Or just your own music? Can’t find any mention of that and would love to know. Cheers! :)

    • Hi al_nize =)
      Possibly, if your band’s music is already hosted on Jamendo, then this could end up as a supported Online Track.

  • Besides the touch controlls I’m realy enjoying the game at the moment.

  • I really like tycoon games like this so I’ve been looking forward to this game coming out. And Vita exclusive, with a platinum? I’m all over this like a rash.

  • Not massively my type of game (might give It a look down the line though)
    But I just wanted to say thanks for a Vita game and a MASSIVE thanks for not making It F2P!

  • I love festivals. I love sim games. I love discovering music. Day One purchase and will be charging my Vita overnight.

  • Brought this game and I’m enjoying it so far, thanks for not making it few to play

  • I really like it! :)

  • No free to play, No ps3 and ps4 releases, nice empty prommisses.
    I’m sorry because I was looping forward to play this on my ps4 but I guess I won’t. Thanks for nothing…

  • Whine whine whine whine whine.

    Shut up.

  • You seem to be avoiding answering any questions about ps3/ps4 version. Actually i prefer playing stuff on my vita but in an old blog from early/mid last year you mentioned adding your own music. My festival would be on ode to 90’s hard rock.

    • Hi matdub69 =)
      BigFest is going to be an exclusive PSVITA game. We came to believe playing BigFest on the PSVITA brought to the Player the best experience, so we focused our efforts on that :)

    • I really don’t care for either a PS3 or PS4 version, but Claire, why isn’t PSTV supported with the DS4’s touchpad?

      It can do pretty much all that is done with a Vita and BigFest on PSTV would rock. So why the choice not to support it?

  • Interesting looking game, I’ve been looking something new to play on my Vita. Was the game made with Phyre?

  • Well this is weird… Few months back you announced that BigFest is coming to the PS4 & PS3, but now no info on the PS4 and 3 versions? Honestly, I prefer this game to stay as a Vita exclusive and by the looks of it that’s going to be the case, which I’m very happy about.

    The Vita needs more exclusives, but isn’t it weird to first announce that BigFest was coming to PS3 and 4 (which [DELETED] me off), but now for some reason it’s not? Kinda weird, I guess the Vita fans didn’t like that decision so the devs did a 180.

    None the less, I’m glad it’s staying as a Vita exclusive.

  • Hey there! I really like both metal music and tycoon games. So this one is insta-buy for me :)

  • I hate F2P, I hate mobile ports and I only have a Vita.
    So I will buy this game. Thank you for giving me what I want.
    Sorry PS3 and PS4 owners. Back to Fallout 4 with you. ;)

  • I’ve been so excited for this game. I must say I’m impressed with the £8 cost and no in app purchases. I was worried if this was free to play it would kill any interest. So well done. Can you lend me £8?

  • Having played this for a day, two things. Okay, three
    Firstly it still sort of uses the F2P model, I struggled with a few posters solely because I hadn’t levelled enough which felt forced and like I was due a pop up offering me Bignotes for real money (I get levelling up in an RPG but this should feel like Tropico 5 in the campaign mode, it is basically a tutorial after all). Having to replay earlier tasks for a bit so I can upgrade my toilets is quite annoying
    Secondly the servers are temperamental, but I presume it’s teething problems
    Thirdly it is BRILLIANT. When it works it is great, some of the music is really good and I find myself genuinely hoping bands do well. I would recommend this to any fans of the Theme games

  • I was happy to see a vocaloid song in the initial song line-up, but weirdly it doesn’t seem to be available to put in a playlist, so it looks like I lost the song (Because of a special mission which seems to have forcibly emptied my song list) :(

    • Same for me! “NoMode” was my favourite band and now I can’t use them. The game encourages you to add “extra” songs, but then you loose the ability to use the catalogue of songs you start with. Then you only have a playlist of 8 songs. I’m really annoyed about this, if your gonna have extra songs, they should be added into the original catalogue.

      Please fix this. I even deleted the game and re-downloaded before realising that the save data is all online.

      Bring back the catalogue and NoMode!

  • I had forgotten about this game, great to see it released (way to stealth a release Sony, why do you hate the Vita) and couldn’t be a better decision to not go F2P!!!

    Vote with your wallet guys.

  • Umm, the servers seem to be off completely, or something. Can’t connect online at all. Seems to be important for this too.

  • Absolutely loving this game. Been on my radar since announced…. Quick question. How do I unlock/get the base stage

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