How to access Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion

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How to access Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion

New details on next week’s DLC and today’s patch

Hello, Bloodborne fans! The Old Hunters expansion will soon be bringing a brand new nightmare world of dangers and horrors for you to conquer, not to mention a host of new weapons and armour for your arsenal. If you haven’t already done so, pre-order on PlayStation Store by Monday to get a special bonus PS4 theme. That way you can have it equipped when The Old Hunters launches on Tuesday for £15.99/€19.99.

Keep reading for more information about the expansion and how to access it within the game, as well as details about the new content and updated online features in the 1.07 title update hitting today (title update available to all Bloodborne players).

As outlined in previous blog posts, The Old Hunters introduces many new horrific environments and enemies, as well as devastating new weapons and abilities.


Brador, seen donning the scalp and horns of a foul beast, is an ancient Hunter and assassin once employed by the Healing Church who sits in a dark cell, waiting for something — or someone — with bell in hand. And while exploring the new nightmare, beware of the Bell Holder. This massive enemy wields the Bell Axe and is one of the most formidable beasts you will face.


I’m also excited to share information about two new weapons available in The Old Hunters expansion. The first is the Bloodletter, a sick and demented weapon wielded by Brador. This weapon assumes its true form after drawing upon the blood of its wielder. In other words, you must plunge it into your own chest in order to unleash its true power.

You will also find the Gatling Gun, a portable version of the stationary rapid-fire gun that Djura uses to rain down lead from the tower in Old Yharnam. While it is great for rapid-fire attacks, it is also cumbersome and goes through Quicksilver Bullets very quickly.


Players will also discover a new rune called The Beast’s Embrace. After many failed experiments, this rune was forbidden from use. That did not stop its discovery from becoming the foundation of the Healing Church, however. Those brave, or foolish, enough to unleash the power of this rune take on a ghastly form and enjoy boosted transformation effects, especially when wielding a beast weapon.


Once you have purchased and downloaded The Old Hunters expansion, you’ll need to follow the below steps to access the new content.

Step 1

Defeat the boss of the Cathedral Ward and examine the altar in the back of the room to change the in-game time to night.


Step 2

Go to the Hunter’s Dream and receive the Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter from a messenger.


Step 3

Go to the Oedon Chapel and leave via the left-hand exit to enter the square.


Step 4

Go to the right-hand end of the square to trigger an event. This event will take you to the new area: the Hunter’s Nightmare.


Lighting the lamp in the new area will allow you to travel to and from the area via an Awakening Headstone in the Hunter’s Dream.


Prior to the launch of the DLC, all Bloodborne owners will receive title update 1.07, which adds new features and drastically changes the online component of the game. The patch goes live today, so remember to update your game and try out the new features.

As mentioned in our last blog post update 1.07 also adds the “League” feature and introduces new NPCs into the game’s world. Join the League by meeting with Summon Master Valtr and obtaining the “Impurity” rune. You’ll need to summon him inside the shack to the right of the first lamp in the Forbidden Forest.

Once you have memorised the “Impurity” rune, you will be able to access League ranking screens. Upon successfully completing a coop session, you’ll receive the “Vermin” which you must crush to increase your points and therefore your position on the League leaderboard.

You will also be able to summon NPCs to come to your aid, just like cooperative play, including inside Chalice Dungeons. To do so, first you will need to acquire the “Old Hunter Bell” from the messengers in the Hunter’s Dream area. In some areas you may be able to summon up to two NPC Hunters, or a mix of one NPC Hunter and one other online coop player.

In addition, when there are players near you that have used the Beckoning Bell or Small Resonant Bell and are waiting to join a coop session, they will appear in your game as an illusion or phantom with a ripple effect at their feet. That assumes they are within the correct level range and would be able to match with you.

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  • >Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio
    So even Japan is fine insulting us with that price huh. Nah, I’d rather access some other game.

  • So you announced this to be €15 and sneakily increased it to €20. Yeah no, waiting for a sale.

  • Looking forward to it! :)
    If I may ask, when do you think the 1/6 statue will be ready? Think I saw something February and then I saw April.

  • Price you initially announced please.

  • Come on Sony €15,99 please.

  • Still no any explanation or/and answer about the shameless increase in the price of the DLC from 15€ to 20€. It’s ridiculous how Sony treats its players, especially Europeans.
    I hope you know that I, and hopefully many other European players will join me on this and not buy this expansion, in protest against this greed by Sony.

    This practices and awful customer service cannot be ignored by players. Im gonna make sure im not gonna be treated like trash, because im fed up with this. Please dont buy this, if you do, your giving Sony a pass about this. And they will probably do this again with another game! Please think twice about buying this right now.

  • The game has set me automatically in new game+ mode after I beat the game. Sounds like I have to replay the first portion of the main game.

    • That’s true, I was kinda hoping the dlc would just be accessable from the hunters dream.
      I will say that running through new game + is really really quick once you know what your doing. Within half an hour I was in old yahrnam.

  • All the babies gathered again to cry about the price. In no other gaming forum you see people complaining. This game is not intended for children below the age of 10.

    20€ is most likely well worth the content we receiving. Don’t come replying that it does not matter if its worth it or not. Because if you care so much about price changes then go complain to the discounts we are receiving.

  • Putting the price thing aside, I for one would like to say thankyou for an actual informative blog article.

    The info on new features and how to access them is appreciated (and more inviting than a simple advert) – and I’m really psyched for the free update – particularly the matchmaking improvements. Good work!

    • Matchmaking still seems the name. People in the forums i visit that said to have had problems connetcting still say so. I have always been fine minus using a password via the short ritual root chalice.

      The free update though is really nice, offers quite a bit and is much appreciated.

  • I’ll access it at £11.99 as announced. Thanks.

  • Preorder link is not working for me. It gives me an error message.

  • Don’t know why people are complaining about the price. The price has remained the same ever since the game went up on pre-order on the store.

    If you’re crying over a typo on the blog then you’re extremely juvenile, especially when the correct price was always listed on the store. Do people seriously never check the store?

    • haha, yes you phrased that nicely. I dont understand these people, they have been crying on all bloodborne related blog posts ever since that minor mistake.

    • I’m not buying this yet because I’ve yet to play my digital copy of Bloodborne, sooooo many good games to play. I think people are annoyed because Sony keeps making price mistakes on the Playstation Store listing the actual price on the blog and then overcharging, until developers/publishers fix it. I don’t specifically think it’s Bloodborne so much as feeling repeatedly mislead. I could be wrong.

      Just let other people have their opinion rather than being narcissistic, it’s not hurting you.

    • It’s not about the typo, it’s about the silence around it. When they make a mistake, it would be nice to have them spend 2 words saying “sorry that happened”. It comes across as this blog’s users are not even worth that, which is kinda lame imo.

    • If it was a typo, it wasn’t, then they would have changed it much quicker than they did. What kind of inept company would post wrong prices to a blog that only contains one price in three different currencies?

      If it was a typo, it wasn’t, then I am sure they would have had no issue apologizing. They have done it before when they made typos on sales posts. The fact they didn’t suggests they intentionally raised the price and don’t want to publicize that to other potential buyers.

      I would have had no issue if they had apologized on the day it went live, whatever the reason for it. However they didn’t, despite constant questions and contact through various outlets. It clearly shows what they think of us, cash cows, nothing more.

    • We are not crying over a typo. The original post would have been proof read and then approved for posting. If it was a typo and I agree it wasn’t, why was the original post edited days later? A simple sorry we f’d up and aside from a few sulks it would be forgiven.
      If I as an individual advertised something for 15 in a shop window then told customers at the till it was 20 what would happen? You would give out stink. The next day I change the sign to 20, would you tell people I was being dishonest?
      If an individual doing this is wrong why is SCEE doing it ok?

    • There was no typo, if it was a typo they would have corrected it in the original post.

      What they did was remove all mention of price completely which shows they where trying to cover their tracks.

      Way to insult people over the internet though, textbook example of how tough people feel when hiding behind a keyboard.

  • Humans make mistakes. I realize this, do you…? Apparantely not. You people never make mistakes.

    This is a blog probably not even run by a handful of people. If you want to be sure that the price is listed correctly then just visit the store , or is that too difficult?

    You’re being incredibly petty and juvenile. Especially since you demand that they apologize.
    Well whatever, stay the way you are then. Quite clear there is no talking sense into you.

    • Petty and juvenile would be wanting it for 15 after it was announced for 20.

    • Wow, so running a blog, that only has a post or two a day (mostly copy and paste from the US blog), is too difficult for a handful of people? Really? Can you be my boss, I’d love to have someone with such low standards in charge.

      If you actually read what people were saying, you would understand that pretty much everyone accepts that mistakes can be made, BUT it is how you deal with them and your customers that matter. Accepting low standards and not holding people to account IS juvenile, it is how a child expects to be treated.

      Keep apologizing for corporations though, maybe you will get a Free Ps plus out of it…

    • This guy is funny, send him into a store, tell him he can have his game for £15 or £20. He picks £20.

  • Thanks for the walkthrough (we’re too used to “go talk to NPC “X” to activate the new content lol). Can’t wait to get back into the game. Best PS4 exclusive (and probably best PS4 game with GTA V).

  • “You will also be able to summon NPCs to come to your aid, just like cooperative play, including inside Chalice Dungeons.”

    Am I right to think that From has nerfed the game? I mean if you can summon NPC hunters to fight CD & main game bosses than pretty much anyone can earn a platinum trophy..

  • 1,599 blood echoes seems a fair price to me. Waiting for my pre-order to download. :D

  • Maybe the the comments whining about price aren’t in high school yet and there allowance won’t cover the huge amount needed . Damn u sony don’t u know it’s the me I want it now generation

  • Nobody knows if I playing in NG +++ and I’ve already killed the vicar Amelia and Rom spider, I have to go through the game to the end and start again NG ++++ and i must kill Vicar Amelia again and I must not touch the Rom spider? Or automatically Now I can get the new location ???

    • I’ve just installed the DLC, I’m also in the ‘Rom Defeated’ stage of the game and the messenger item isn’t appearing for me. Guess it has to be done DURING the Night, not AFTER :(

      Very disappointed. Gonna be a long time before I can play it.

    • You can access it. I am on stage where Hunters Dream is burning and still I can access dlc. Hope that helps.

  • I am shocked that some players are allowing Sony to robe them and be fine with it, i am truly shocked. Sheep all the way.

    Really happy that many here are protesting, if we unite against this, its eventually gonna hurt Sony in the money they were expecting to get. Don’t be fooled by them, dont buy this for 20€!

    • I, for one, would love it if Sony “robed” me… I do look dapper in long clothes, if I may say so myself!

      Joking aside, I am rather offended by your “sheep” remark. I am much more of a bear person…

  • BLOODBORNE GOTY with DLC on disc or just DLC PSN code? VERIFICATION, please!

  • So many people crying foul due to a price increase on a piece of software that hasn’t been released yet. If you actually wanted to be heard, you could write directly to Sony instead of venting your ire here, where it is a lot less likely to be read or indeed taken seriously.

    It doesn’t really matter if you think this is an(other) example of Sony being deceitful – you are still NOT entitled to get it for the price you wanted or thought you could have it for. A product is worth what people are willing to pay for it, so just vote with your wallets tomorrow – I know I will.

    • You write as if people HAVE NOT done this. I have emailed, tweeted and commented on the blog, many, many times. I write here so everyone can see what Sony are doing in the hope that they may vote with their wallet too – I am not buying this until they answer, despite my love for the game.

    • Tee_Doff >> Then fair play to you, Sir. However, my gut feeling is that a lot of other commenters haven’t done so, and are wasting their time on here instead. I, too, noticed that the price had gone up, when I saw the announcement, but unlike you, a price increase of £4 is hardly enough to make my blood boil (pun intended).

      I have no issues accepting that some people feel misled by a sudden (and yes, somewhat sneaky) price increase, and you have every right to not buy the DLC until it reaches the price that was originally announced. My issue is that you seem to assume that everyone who isn’t vocally outraged is clueless about the price increase. I am not. In the grand scheme of things, this is just not enough of an issue for me. I will be playing the expansion tomorrow, and it sounds like you won’t. Hopefully neither of us will lose any sleep over our decision. Have a great day. :-)

    • Do you know what 5 euro is really not much. Multiply it by a possible 3 million sales though.
      Wish I could edit a blog post and make 15 million quid.

    • I don’t assume that everyone not vocal is unaware of the price increase, I just hope that those that are unaware are made aware and that those that agree it is a rubbish move state that, whether they still buy it or not is on them.

      £4 is literally 12 minutes of work for me, nothing to do with the cost, just the straw that has broken the camels back.

  • @Tee_Doff, Have either of us said anywhere that we are entitled to this at 15? I don’t think I’m that special do you? Lot of people missing the point ourselves an others here are making.

    • I’ve said I will buy it at £11.99 and asked that they change the price back or explain themselves…. I don’t honestly think they would change the price back, and they can price it at whatever cost they like, more of a sneaky ploy to try and elicit a reply from them.

      I do feel “entitled” to a response from Sony though, so I accept that :-)

    • That’s all I want as well. Love Bloodborne and got platinum so for the content 20 is a good price. But but but they did say 15 which would of course be better. Just a simple sorry is that too much to ask for?

    • Evidently, it is…

  • Hazadess >> Your logic is flawed. First of all, the person editing the post is not the likely recipient of all this extra money that would _potentially_ be made (I know, I know, this isn’t what you mean, but you simplify, I simplify) :-) Secondly, I doubt this DLC would ever sell 3 million copies – at either price. A lot of people who picked up the game, either left it unfinished or sold it on. Third, a price increase of 5 euro on an unreleased product does not equal a net profit increase of 5 euro. We don’t know if the development was more costly than anticipated, because this was not communicated to us – which I agree is odd, perhaps even poor form.

    I know you are exaggerating, but Sony had no guarantee of _anyone_ purchasing the DLC in the first place, and as such, they had no guarantee of _any_ extra profit by raising the price. Besides, it still happened well before launch, and as far as I know, nobody has had any money taken away from them as a direct result of this price increase. In fact, nobody even had the chance to preorder it at a certain price only to have that preorder cancelled unless they paid an extra 5 euros.

    • Ok then, lets say that 15 was the correct price. All potential profit was based on this. They for whatever reason add 5 euro to this and now its 20. Every single fiver or a high percentage of it is profit.
      My logic is sound and as bloodborne sold approx 3 million copies the potential is there to sell approx the same amount Dlc.
      There is also the physical GOTY edition being released which has a higher rate of return for the publisher. This is made up primarily of the old hunters Dlc since From has more than broken even on the base game.

      One last thing. Someone had to tell the person who edited the post to do so. That person would be linked to the recipient of any extra profit.

  • I cant start it i only got the background theme.

  • so ive done all the things that needs to be done before the Eye of a blood drunk hunter shows up in the hunters dream. although it doesnt show? tested all my different characters, redownloaded the patch. checked the trophies in the trophy menu and the old hunter dlc is showing up.

    ive even checked my transaction history just to make sure my purchase went through. AND ive tried to redownload the dlc via the store in pc browser. nothing seems to be working.

    is this a glitch or am i just being dumb and missing something? im from sweden btw and it should be released here since ive seen a couple other swedes playing the dlc…. sigh

  • I followed the instructions but I didn’t receive the eye when I go back to the hunter’s dream. Can somebody tell me how to fix it? I picked the old hunter bell before I go for the boss in cathedral ward and I call him for help to beat the boss.

  • Why does the DLC not show as purchased when I view the web store? It’s not listed in my purchase history under my account either! I bought the pre-order yesterday and received the emails confirming the purchase. But now the DLC is nowhere to be seen under my account and it’s listed as not purchased in the web store.

    I’m not near my PS4 at the moment, but I don’t see why it would be different there.

    I’m reading about others with similar missing DLC that they pre-ordered/purchased, which prompted me to check my account.

    What’s going on? Did the store team pull another one of the famous blunders? What’s being done to fix this?

  • I’m having issues accessing the Dlc content. Followed the instructions exactly as it shows and still the eye wouldn’t appear in the hunters dream. Literally at the point where I just defeated Amelia and activated the cutscene. Is this a glitch?? If yes I want my refund back cause it’s unacceptable and I’m not willing to start from scratch all over again with a new character to access this content…..

    • Same here. And I’m not interested in my £15.99. I want the DLC, and without having to replay the first ~25% of the game or so…

  • I have beaten vicar amelia and interacted with the alter, there is no eye in my hunters dream so cant access the dlc, any ideas? I had already completed the first stages before buying the dlc and downloading the patch.

  • Resolved issue, play in online mode and the eye appears

  • Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter ( missing missing missing ) !!!
    Help please.

  • ok sony, since u deleted my comments I’m gonna try to be more nice this time. but it seems u don’t delete comments about people arguing about prices but u do delete comments if they are written in anger about the DLC content you just released for Bloodborne. first thing is first, to get to the new DLC content it doesn’t not work the way u say it should, either online or offline it doesn’t work, maybe it’s a glitch since I’m not playing a new game and I’m at NG+ 3 also I’m way past Vicar Amelia and all the way to Micolash. I”M still not seeing Eye Of The Blood Drunk Hunter in the hunters dream. So either i want a refund or u make it work for me and all the people that are having the same problem. by the way we do not buy content to play it 2 weeks later after u decide to make a new update to fix the errors. WE buy a dlc to play it the exact time it has finished downloading.

  • $19.99 in GBP=£13.25. Add 20% UK VAT (£2.65). Total: £15.90.

    $19.99 in EUR=€18.90. This means Europeans are paying $1.15 (€1.10) more than NA, which makes sense given the higher cost of living.

  • I have the same problem. I can not find . Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter . Help please.

    • Same here. DLC is marked as “Purchased” in the Store, and when I check my licenses there is one for Old Hunters. Have defeated Amelia, touched the skull, no Eye of a… Have reset my licenses, re-started the PS4, still no item. Sony, what’s the status of this?

    • same feelsbadman

  • Me too no item Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter > i’m defeated Amelia . But item still missing !!!!!

  • Sony … We want a solution to this problem !!!!????

  • I also have the same problem. The Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter is still not showing up in the hunters dream after defeating vicar amelia.

  • is turning game time into night REALLY what we have to do,or is there a lvl cap or do we have to get the rune tool or kill the bloodstarvedf’er

  • cuz i aint got no eye from dlc by killing vicar amelia

  • Sony, i want an answer to this problem, about the dlc and my problem as soon as possible. The dlc problem has been listed up there so i won’t talk about it. Now here is may problem. I bought the game physical disc (bloodborne) and now i bought the dlc, I couldn’t use the dlc, not sure why, but when i check my add-on of the game in the library, i saw nothing in there, there is another box in the library that said Bloodborne with 1 add-on below it. I checked that app and enter the my add-on box, i saw the dlc but in the disc, it didn’t show anything about the add-on (in the “related item” box). What is this and what is the solution to this?????????????

  • I bought the dlc for 20$ and i got nothing, all of my six months of waiting now have gone to wasted!!!

  • Guys? I saw 2 Bloodborne files in my library, one said 1 add-on and the other said nothing since it’s my physical disc that has been installed in the library, anyone have the same problem as i do?

  • I’ve got the same thing. I had the save at the end of NG+.I defeated hunter in Grand Cathedral but I didn’t get the eye in hunter dream (there was only Old Hunter Bell). So I started NG++, after 2 hours defeated Amelia, touched the skull, went to Hunter Dream and…….. surprise – nothing. I’m REALLY upsed I waited for this DLC from 5 months grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  • sony we need new update !!!

  • Guys, im sorry to say this…. but i think i found the cause of the glitch….. if you are playing on a physical disc, check your region on the back. 1 is america, 2 is europe, 3 is asia (not sure though, dont quote me).. so if you bought the dlc from a different region store than the game… you cant play it, no solution. So might as well ask for a refund… or, get a bloodborne disc with the same region as your dlc, or buy the dlc for your dics’s region or get the old hunters edition on 3 december…
    If you have a digital bloodborne, you have to play on the same account you bought it in.
    If that’s not your problem, im not sure what to do

    • This is correct. This has been horribly communicated by FROM SOFTWARE and Sony, but the truth is that while you can play a US game on a UK console, the UK DLC will not work with the US game. There is nothing in the redemption process to inform you of this, and there is no refunds. It is a collosal fail all round.

      Region naming was updated for PS4 compared to PS3 days, and is different per game. Here’s what the region codes are for Bloodborne (you can find this on the spine of the box):

      CUSA 00900 (US)
      CUSA 00208 (EU)
      PCKS 92009 (KO)
      CUSA 00207 (AU)
      PCJS 53006 (JP)
      CUSA 00299 (JP – PS4 store version)
      PCJS-53005 (JP – first print edition)

      Here’s an example of the problem: You buy the DLC either from a vendor, or through the PS4 store on a UK account, but your game is a US version as per the code on the side of the box (a lot of UK sellers are misleadingly selling US versions since the game will still work by itself on UK consoles) then the DLC will not appear in game, and you will not be informed of this at all through either the game, or by the PS4 store when you redeem the code.

      The solution I am taking is to refund my copy of the game from the retail seller, get an actual UK version to match my DLC code (since the DLC code cannot be refunded) and then start again with a new character. It’s important to realise that save games cannot be transferred between regions, so there would be no point backing up my character unfortunately.

      Very very stupid thing for Sony to introduce region free games effectivley, but then make the add-on DLC’s region locked. There needs to be either an update to this policy asap, or an update to the way refunds are handled otherwise there will be a lot of pissed off customers.



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