World of Tanks open beta hits PS4 next month

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World of Tanks open beta hits PS4 next month

Start battling it out from 4th December – no sign-up necessary

Hello again. TJ Wagner, Project Lead at for World of Tanks on PS4 here with some great news. World of Tanks is holding an open beta weekend from 4th December through the 6th. No sign-ups are necessary, just download the game and start battling it out in 15v15 heavy metal tank battles!


“What is World of Tanks?” you may be asking yourself. Well simply put, it’s the most successful tank actionMMOshooter out there and now it’s coming to PlayStation 4.

You choose from a variety of tanks from different nations (ex. USA, Germany, Russia, etc.) to get started, and then hop into battle. Every match earns you rewards to upgrade your tanks and acquire new ones. You can also use these resources to customise your tanks with supplies, equipment, camos, emblems and inscriptions.

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There are five tank classes to choose from to fit your playing style, light scouts, medium brawlers, heavy monsters, tank destroyers and Artillery. You’ll play in 15 versus 15 multiplayer battles on dozens of maps from around the world. Fight it out in lush jungles, barren deserts, dense cities and more.

World of Tanks is completely free-to-play, it costs nothing to check it out and nothing to reach the furthest point in the game. There’s no pay-to-win here as all premium items are cosmetic or help you earn experience faster.

All your progress in the open beta will carry over into the full game when it releases so get a head start on your friends while you can, they’ll surely be playing World of Tanks.

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As a bonus, we’re giving away an exclusive PlayStation 4 premium tank with a PlayStation inspired skin just for downloading the game. Play during the open beta weekend and we’ll award you with a second premium tank with a custom emblem. This free premium tank, the M22 Locust, is one of my all-time favorite American Scout tanks and I’m excited to have you try it out.

World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 will continue to have exclusives at launch, like custom and earnable free Girls und Panzer content (hint, think tank). There will be two PlayStation 4 exclusive maps at launch including the biggest map ever made for World of Tanks.


It doesn’t stop there either as we’re supporting the game with HUGE monthly releases of more maps and tanks. To learn more about World of Tanks on PlayStation 4, head over to and sign up. We will send you regular updates about World of Tanks on PS4, including game tips and further announcements regarding the beta and release.

It’s hard to believe the open beta is launching in just two short weeks. Mark your calendars and I’ll see you on the Battlefield in World of Tanks on PlayStation 4.

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  • Can’t be any worst than star wars battlefront…

    • Look everyone, check this Battlefront hater out!!

      …..oh, nobody cares.

    • Oh look, a Mojo_Troll

    • Battlefront hate is beyond boring. Call me a troll if it makes you feel better.

    • I love battlefront kid. I just hate what has become of what was once a great game. I guess kids like you are happy to play anything these days that resemble call of duty. You were probably not born when first 2 came out but you should really try them. :-)

    • Oh God, really? “Kid”? Lol

      I was gaming in the 80’s fella, I think I have enough experience to judge a game on it’s merits, rather than be desperate to announce to the world that I’m a hipster, on the hate bandwagon.

      Saying it resembles Call of Duty just shows how little you have understood the game. Call of Duty is the most dull shooter of all.

    • I completely agree with you on ‘Call of Duty is the most dull shooter of all.’

      Yet.. CoD has more features and content and is far more complete than Battlefront.

      Battlefront is prettier and it’s of course Star Wars. That’s about it.

  • “World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 will continue to have exclusives at launch, like custom and earnable free Girls und Panzer content (hint, think tank)”

    Gentlemen, you had my curiosity… but now you have my attention.

  • So the fact I signed up for the beta a while ago just became useless?

    • Hey Max,

      The fact that you signed up early wasn’t for nothing. You might have been contacted recently with a newsletter that has further info :)

  • Wow how cool does this look, right up my street, I’m deffo in. It looks great and will make a refreshing change to what I have been playing for a while cannot wait cheers.

    • Although I prefer World of Tanks, you can play War Thunder right now on the PS4 which is pretty much the same thing tank-wise.

      Just in case you really “cannot wait”.

    • WarThunder is better in my opinion, as you actually have to aim for weak points on tanks to take them down, where World of Tanks just has a health bar.

    • Not sure what you mean MaxDiehard.

      World of Tanks still takes armour thickness, angle of penetration and shell penetration into account when calculating hits. It also has key damage areas modelled like tracks, engine, ammo boxes, crew, etc.

      It’s been a while since I last played but surely it hasn’t changed that much.

    • Hey guys,

      World of Tanks doesn’t simply work on health bar system. There are battle mechanics to respect and you won’t destroy or even damage an opponent by randomly shooting them anywhere. Sloped armour, turret thickness and other variables all come into play when it comes to actually scoring a penetrating shot.

      Our historical researchers do a great job of actually getting measurements from these Iconic armoured vehicles. We’re lucky to have a great relationship with multiple museums around the globe that allow us to obtain such data.

  • it’s been awhile since i’ve done PvP (player vs player) combat tanks of battlefield series and other PC games

    • Hey DonDada1989.

      Be sure to check out the Beta on Dec 4th! As mentioned, all beta participants will receive a custom camo M22 locust tier III US light tank!

  • Im pretty keen to give this a go, but i have one question that pretty much decide whether i will or wont.

    When i “purchase” the beta from the store, and it adds to my library, will this be the same library item to house the full game once released?

    I hate looking through my library and having Beta’s that for obvious reasons, dont work.

  • super lets go :-)

  • Hi, i’ve also signed up for the beta, but as some already said, did people actually even get invites ?

    Is there any way to pre-load the game, so i do not have to download it on dec 4th , when the servers are overloaded ?

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