Mysterious exploration game Future Unfolding is coming to PS4

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Mysterious exploration game Future Unfolding is coming to PS4

A beautiful, dangerous procedural world from developer Spaces of Play

Hi! Mattias, Marek, and Andreas here from Spaces of Play. We are excited to announce that Future Unfolding is coming to PlayStation 4. The game is still in development with release scheduled for 2016. Check out our new teaser video above.

Future Unfolding is a game where you explore a forest filled with life, both beautiful and dangerous. The world is procedurally generated – each player will experience a new realm with unique secrets and puzzles. Your presence in this universe is clouded in mystery and your only option is exploration.

As you explore the world you will encounter various animals. The animals you meet can be friendly or dangerous. Helpful animals guide your way and give you access to new abilities. Hostile animals will hunt you down, but without weapons your only option is to outsmart, sneak past or outrun them.


Exploration is the key to understanding Future Unfolding. It’s up to you to discover which animals are friendly and how they can help you. We want you to figure out things for yourself. As you learn more about how the world works you will be able to solve puzzles and open up new areas.


We’ve worked hard to create the art style for Future Unfolding, building all scenes with dynamic particles. Every object in the game is dynamic and can transform, move or blend into something else – even the ground. You can push through the trees in the forest, you can dash through grass to destroy it, and move every stone in the game. All animations are hand-drawn frame-by-frame and use our custom technology to create dynamic 3D shadows.

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If you have any questions, let us know in the comments or get in touch on Twitter @spacesofplay! Sign up for our monthly newsletter on our website to get news about the development.

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