A note from Harmonix to European Rock Band fans

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A note from Harmonix to European Rock Band fans

An update on DLC and bundle availability issues

Hey gang. Since launch we’ve been diligently keeping tabs on all the discussions going on here, as well as on other sites and social media. It’s clear that amongst our European Rock Band community there have been some frustrations. “Where’s all my DLC?” “Why’s my DLC broken?” “I want to buy this game but can’t find it at my local store! What’s going on?” “Why doesn’t Harmonix care about its European fans?”

First off, thanks for sticking with us as we work through post-launch to address the issues you are reporting. We acknowledge that things haven’t been perfect. But I assure you we do care, very deeply, we are always listening, and we’re working through resolving everything.

Where are we with broken and missing DLC catalogue tracks on PlayStation Store in the SCEE region?

  • There are currently 431 songs with issues on PlayStation Store in the SCEE region.
  • We expected we’d be able to say “it’s fixed” a lot sooner than it has turned out to be.
  • While we’ve made progress on the North American (SCEA) side, we appreciate it may have been frustrating for players to see less movement on the SCEE side and this is due to slightly different technical processes across the stores.
  • Our DLC producers have been working very closely with their counterparts at SCEE all along to identify and solve problems in the submission and entitlement process as they come up.
  • The SCEE folks have outlined a solution which will resolve the lion’s share of marketplace issues in one bulk update. For some more in depth information, the development work behind the scenes to ensure that our existing PS3 content is transferred across to PS4 is significant and there are many variables that need to be checked and built into the development cycle.
  • SCEE is already well underway with the process and targeting early December for release for the content to be updated in the Store.
  • We’ll communicate any further information as it comes up
  • As always, please continue to report any issues you come across with specific tracks as you find them!

We also have seen feedback from European customers that they’ve had a hard time finding Rock Band 4 in their local retailers.

  • While you can readily download the game digitally from PlayStation Store, we’ve had limited quantities of hardware bundles available worldwide.
  • While we’ll continue to have limited stock through the year’s end, we’ll see more flowing into retailers in 2016 to respond to the demand we’ve seen.
  • Meanwhile, guitar bundles and Band in a Box bundles are IN STOCK at these retailers:
    • GAME UK
    • Amazon UK
    • Argos UK
    • Amazon DE
    • GameStop Germany
    • GameStop Nordics
    • Micromania France
    • FNAC France

We’ve always valued our European fans, and will continue to do so by showing up at events like Gamescom, Eurogamer Expo and Paris Games Week, which Rock Band 4 has attended in 2015. We hope to see you at the next one!

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  • Wow, wasn’t expecting to ever hear anything in all honesty.

    • This though “less movement on the SCEE side and this is due to slightly different technical processes across the stores”.

      What is the reason for this Sony? Surely it only serves to cause issues like this. Why no standardization?

    • This has been explained many times already. EU territory has multiple legal and language differences, with much more localisation. Which means QA is more complex, and getting anything on the Store just takes much more time (and exceptions).

  • “slightly different technical processes across the stores.”
    Such a coincidence that its always SCEE thats different for the worse. /s

    • To be fair, SCEE has a lot of countries with different stores/laws and they need to take that into consideration. SCEA is pretty much only 1 store with the same , or mostly the same i guess, set of laws, right?
      Must be a pain in the ass to operate in Europe.

    • Veritere how do you explain how Microsoft and steam cope then?

    • I always presumed that there must have some kind of Region Lock policy by SCEE slowing everything down

    • I never said it was impossible, just a pain in the ass. How the heck do you expect me to know lol… maybe they have a lot more resources (i’m sure microsoft must have offices in all countries aswell) and so it’s easier/faster for them to deal with problems

    • Im sure I remember seeing something that SCEE require all documentation submitted with an upload to be in all native languages for the countries to be released in otherwise it fails for all countries. They don’t actually check the software works, hence so many buggy messes get through.

    • What do you mean with “documentation”? The store descriptions? They aren’t afraid of using the automatic translators.

  • Thank you for the update, Harmonix. It’s really good to know what’s going on. We can deal with the frustrating wait if we’re not kept in the dark!

    I’ll get back to improving my drumming skills and playing through the 200+ songs I have so far, which I’m grateful to have on my PS4 :D

  • SCEE’s process has been diabolical for years, I hate to see devs having to take the flak for what is clearly a SCEE issue. Hire someone from steam or Microsoft and figure out how to run a store properly.

    • steam? Oh god no. There’s good reasons why I don’t infect my PC with that garbage anymore. I never want to deal with them again.

    • LOL @ recommending people from Steam. They couldn’t even handle refunds or fix prices properly. Just look at what happened with Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (until a week ago) and Deus Ex HR Director’s Cut (back in 2013)

    • Yes but Steam, SCEA and Microsoft all have the option of buying digitally from independent retailers. So Steam’s pricing becomes a moot point.

      SCEE very rarely does. Usually it’s just season passes.

    • Yes but Steam fixed those problems with refunding and continues to improve their services, that isn’t happening with Sony.

    • They improved their services so much that people had to send emails to Nordic Games in order to be eligible of a copy of Darksiders II D.E. (if you own both vanilla games and DLC), though… because of “technical difficulties” from Steam’s side.

  • I just want to say thanks for the much anticipated update!

    Keep us updated, we bark a lot, but we don’t bite ;)

  • Thank you very, very much for the post. Greatly appreciated.

    One little tidbit though: what is the situation with the newly issued DLC (last week and the week before)? Will we be able to get weekly DLC after this December update? Or better yet: will we get weekly DLC?

    Nonetheless: Thank you so very much for giving us an update.

  • Thanks! Really that’s all i wanted to hear. An explanation of the problem, an ETA and and an apology.
    I’ll wait for december then!

  • Good of you to inform the fans. We’ll continue to focus on SCEE now; situations like these shouldn’t ever happen again. It harms both consumers and the companies who work with them.

  • So, steam and microsoft can do it in europe but SCEE can’t? Yup, one of the worst services i seen.

    Btw are we getting a blog post regarding the price rise of the bloodborne expansion only in europe? People are not gonna buy it until they get their old price back.

  • they need to fix the uk store and stop giving the na store all the golden treatment i hate how they give the goldboys na there dlc 1st and the rest of the world comes last i bought 3thousand songs from rockband games and i want them now not to be treated like a 2nd class gamer stop giving na all the golden treatment and fix other countrys to

  • Thanks for the update. Will the ongoing work to sort these issues delay the legacy export packs, also expected in early December?

    And also, will the next update (presumably alongside the exports) introduce a song filter as previously seen in RB3?

  • Hi Eric Thank you so much for this post although I don’t feel you (Harmonix) are to blame as you have done everything possible your end. Would you kindly answer the following questions?

    Will the RB3 export be coming to the SCEE terrirtory in December?

    On another note, When you announced Rock Band 4 Pre-orders on the US Blog you mentioned 10 free songs and a ps4 theme. Someone asked about the SCEE territory getting these and there has been no word since. Are they still coming?

  • Really USA do better job on psn so to my option i think psn manger who do usa psn shoulb be in charge euope one aslo point out i look on store new games and dlc not listed psn euope store got worst.

  • Companies should properly consider their actions impact on both the present and in the future. I won’t make any accusations but would suggest that lessons are learned by both Harmonix and Sony.

  • Just want to say thanks for the update, but what measures are being put into place to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

    We had to wait 5-6 months for the RB3 DLC earlier this year, and despite a promising start of daily updates in the first week of RB4’s release, everything literally just stopped for weeks with no news or anything until today.

    Anyway, I appreciate that something positive is happening, and I just need to sit tight for while longer…

  • Yay! I was for buying this at launch but all the games in the world decided to drop around the same period. I have around 400 songs of DLC so any of it working will be grand when I get this for Christmas, thanks for the update based Harmonix.

  • Wait, a company listening to feedback and admitting mistakes? But this is the playstation blog? Aren’t you supposed to stick your head in the sand?

  • We all know what s c in scee stands for silly company

  • Any chance of releasing instruments on their own?

    I want to buy the game from the PS Store (for these kinds of games discs are bleh) but I have no instruments. Plus there will obviously be some people who buy the guitar-only set, or the BIAB set, and want to complete their setup with an extra guitar/drums/mic where applicable.

  • Hah, i’ve just noticed that the title of this blog post is “a NOTE from Harmonix”… :P

  • What about the extreme lack of DLC on the South African PS store? There’s only 57 tracks in total on there

  • So what you’re saying is the SCEE store handles thing really badly?

    There’s a shocker.

    We’ve beem saying for years the way SCEE handles digital content is outdated and just plain stupid but they just seem to like screwing up on a weekly basis to want to fix anything because it hasn’t gotten any better.

    • It can’t help that they made most of their uk staff redundant when the government lied about giving the games industry tax breaks, by the time they did it, it was too late!

    • SCEE manages content so badly that sometimes a small fraction of DLC for certain games doesn’t even get released here for whatever reason.

  • I was waiting to buy this once any issues had been resolved, still planning on doing so.

  • Harmonix has always treated EU Playstation customers very poorly for whatever reason. The original Rock Band launched almost a full year later on PS3 than it did in the US and 4 months later than the EU 360 version. Similar story for Rock Band 2 where EU 360, NA 360 and NA PS3 all managed a 2008 release but back of the line in March 2009 for those EU PS3 chumps.
    While prices for Rock Band games and peripherals have always been outrageous in comparison to Guitar Hero while they are quite competitively priced in the US.
    It’s sad that after all these years we’re still getting the short end of things, it soured me enough to hold back on Rock Band 4 and after seeing this DLC fiasco and a month of no communication I’m glad I did. I’ll not easily trust an Harmonix product, this is one too many blunders.

  • Finally, some answers. Thank you Harmonix.

    I hope we get the Rock Band 3 Export on December 8 when SCEA and XBOX one users get it.

    Yeah, the legacy DLC situation is a mess. Here’s a list of content i’m waiting for – it shows what i’ve got and what’s not available… https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QTwO1KMQ8UI2xR2cONgBP0xeIrUVyVSW0Rxq82bAoWI

    It’s either marked as Purchased, or has a price, or there’s one song from a pack (or the pack itself) that doesn’t have a PS4 version of the file, still showing the original RB1/RB3 cover artwork. Songs like Bad Religion’s “Sorrow” don’t even appear in the in-game store. Then there’s all of those “de-listed” songs where the licensing expired, but we were promised them if we already owned them before they were taken down.

    It’s nice to finally see some of the new DLC up as well… In regards to that, I think we’re caught up to the US, except for the week that contained Audioslave, Godsmack and a Linkin Park song.

    Thanks for the update Hamonix… please keep us updated!

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