This week on PlayStation Store: Fallout 4, Sword Art Online: Lost Song, more

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This week on PlayStation Store: Fallout 4, Sword Art Online: Lost Song, more

Ready for one of the year’s most anticipated blockbusters?

Another week, another huge release! Coming from the award winning studio behind The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 4 takes you into the aftermath of nuclear war. As the sole survivor of Vault 111 you must rebuild and determine the fate of the war-torn wasteland in what is sure to be an epic open world adventure!

If that’s not enough for you then check out action JRPG Sword Art Online: Lost Song on PS4 and PS Vita, tie-in platformer Phineas and Ferb: Day of Doofenshmirtz on PS Vita, and look out for a fresh batch of titles in our Double Discounts promotion from tomorrow.

PlayStation StoreOut this week



  • BlazeRush
    (Out 11/11/15)
  • Sword Art Online: Lost Song
    (Out 13/11/15)
  • Gems of War
    (Out 13/11/15)



  • Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest
    (Out 12/11/15)



  • Phineas and Ferb: Day of Doofenshmirtz
    (Out 11/11/15)
  • Sword Art Online: Lost Song
    (Out 13/11/15)




  • Fallout 4
  • Season Pass Bundle (out 10/11/15)
  • War Thunder (All out 10/11/2015)
  • A13 Mk.II Starter Pack
  • A43 Black Prince Advanced Pack
  • Royal guard Advanced Pack
  • Sherman Firefly Ic Advanced Pack
  • 10 Achilles Starter Pack
  • Bloodbowl 2
  • Various Cyans Packs (out 11/11/15)

    Starting at £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95
  • Evolve (All out 11/11/2015)
  • Crow
  • Lennox
  • Slim
  • Sunny
  • Torvald
  • Hunting Season 1
  • Hunting Season 2
  • Rocksmith 2014 (All out 11/11/2015)
  • Rancid Song Pack
  • Rancid – Fall Back Down
  • Rancid – Maxwell Murder
  • Rancid – Ruby Soho
  • Rancid – Time Bomb
  • Tropico 5
  • Epic Meltdown (out 12/11/15)
  • Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend (All out 13/11/2015)
  • Additional Character Colour Set 1
  • Additional Character Colour Set 2
  • Kajun Faycott System Voice
  • Lobby Character Item Set B
  • Lobby Character Item Set C
  • Mai Natsume System Voice
  • My Room Item Sets
  • XBlaze Lobby Character Set
  • Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance
  • Scenario: Disgaea 2: Adell Episode (out 13/11/2015)

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  • Not having a separate blog post about Trails in the Sky SC releasing today and not even mentioning it in the weekly update post? For shame.

    For all JRPG fans, you really want to check out that game I mentioned. A huge amount of work went into localizing it, and XSEED bothered to release the game here in Europe for PSP, something many other companies neglect to do. It works on PSP, Vita and PS TV, all of them. Once again, something other companies could take notes from.

    And once again, expressing my futile wish for improving the compatibility with PSP and PS1 games with PS TV.

  • Sigh..

    You forgot Superbeat Xonic for Vita and Trails in the Sky SC for PSP/Vita, both out today, two titles which could use some promotion here much more than Fallout 4.

  • Still no Rock band 4 content. I can’t believe that out of the 600 legacy items there isn’t 1 that can be put on the store yet.

    • A little update would be nice…

    • Agreed. This utter ignorance, silence and intransparency on the matter is embarrassing for a company like SONY.

    • I am growing tired of expending my own effort to write these posts that complain about the incompetence of what is going on (or rather, NOT going on). So, this time I will quote the Sony document entitled ‘What We Believe: With Our Products and Services’

      Products & Services: Sony will always listen to our customers’ desires and is committed
      to meeting and exceeding their expectations. We strive to deliver “high-quality, reliable
      products that our customers can use with confidence” and “heartfelt customer service
      with a personal touch.”

      I invite any other users experiencing this Rock Band 4 DLC fiasco to react to this statement on my behalf.

  • Still waiting for someone in the team to explain the Bloodborne expansion price rise in europe from 15 to 20€. Keep up this amazing customer service… keep it up…

    #Enjoy The Silence, Feel The Noise

  • UC4 & GOW Avatars for ps4 like US

  • SCEE, get to work and cooperate with Grimm Bros so they can finally send the PSN-keys to Dragon Fin Soup-backers!

  • No Superbeat: Xonic for Vita today?

  • Okay, this is beyond a joke now guys… what’s going on with the Rock Band 4 DLC? Why haven’t we had anything from the first 3 weeks of content? Why hasn’t there been an update of the legacy DLC? Can we at least get some answers?

    I seriously feared this would happen with the game…

  • Hi Chris, or Fred, or whoever is going to reply: any news regarding that faulty Ridge Racer 7 DLC that i kept asking for until a couple of weeks ago? The support is pretending there’s no issue. But i insist there definitely is.

    This is the RR7 DLC which doesn’t work:!/it-it/giochi/oggetti%20di%20gioco%20aggiuntivi/set13-decal-ridge-racer7/cid=JP0700-BLJS10001_00-PDECALSE13000013

    It’s a link to the Italian store but it’s the same in UK and everywhere else.

  • Hi Why the season pass for call of duty black ops 3 is still not available on PlayStation Saudi Store ? i wont to play the Giant map zombies with my friends :(

  • Umm…. how about that Persona 4 Dancing All Night DLC? Why are SCEE so against the Vita, it’s ridiculous.

    • I thought we got some DLC last week?

    • Yeah, but there’s supposed to be more this week. They don’t mention it in the blog post though, so how are we ever supposed to know if we’re getting it and what it is?

    • …. by continuously checking the store in the next few hours/days?

    • It’s actually not that they’re so against the Vita, but rather they are completely against music games. Look around any of these “This week on playstation store” from the past year and the vast majority of them have lots of people asking where the Rock Band DLC is. The January, February and March DLC for Rock Band 3 came in June for SCEE regions and a gigantic bunch of Rock Band 4 DLC (several hundred) are still missing that should have been out October 7th.

    • Just as I thought, new P4DAN dlc will appear every week on Friday. They even post info about new updates in game activities. I think the dlc schedule is the same as for USA, but I’m not sure when will we get Hatsune Miku… Still it’s weird that you can’t find such info on european playstation blog -_-

  • BlazeRush on PS4, that’s awesome news! Just wondering whether there’ll be an upgrade discount for those of us who purchased it on PS3?


  • Yay finally! Rock B….


  • Pass on Fallout 4. Fallout 3 was the most tedious and boring game I paid money for on my PS3. Won’t make that mistake again.

    Hm, not much else for me this week. Oh, Rocket League got an update, I’ll tinker with that. Most fun game of the year by far.

    • So you don’t like open world games? Overall, everyone has an opinion.

    • Still no digital PS4 version of Adventure Time? What’s going on, the retail version and the digital version on Xbox’s Store is already available.

      On top of that, Rising Star states that Superbeat XIONIC is out TODAY on the PSN Store and yet it’s NOT even listed on the blog. Sorry, I don’t find this blog useful anymore and further more it annoys me. Every store blog entry I come too doesn’t even list everything. Games, Avatars, DLC, Themes. I really miss Jawad. This is getting really ridiculous now. Sorry but from now on I’ll not use the Store blog anymore.

    • It IS listed lol…

  • Yakuza 5 is soon… Will buy it the nanosecond I see it on the store.

  • Disgusting. No mention of Trails in the Sky SC, released today.

    Considering the amount of work and sheer effort that went into localising this game, it deserved its own separate blog post, but it doesn’t even get a mention on the release list.

    This game has been essentially a love letter to fans from the publishers, as they certainly aren’t making much profit off this series, and its translation was a massive undertaking. Every JRPG fan needs to check out this series, but so few even know of its existence thanks to the lack of publicity it’s getting.

    XSEED have done more to support the Vita than Sony first party studios have over the past couple of years. Shame on you Sony, they deserve better.

  • Rock Band 4 cost £220 with the promise that it was a platform that would be give us access to our legacy DLC, of which I have spent at least £500 on in the past. A month after launch most of it is not available to me yet. Sony need to answer the following questions:

    Why does the PS4 have access to nearly all legacy DLC in America but not Europe? It’s up worldwide on Xbox One.

    Why does the PS4 have access to the new DLC in America but not in Europe? It’s up worldwide on Xbox One.

    Worst of all, why can we buy DLC from within the game which comes up with a content error after payment? I have been charged for a product that does not actually exist – Sony refuse to offer a refund for this.

    There have been a large amount of Tweets and Facebook posts to SCEE and Harmonix regarding the DLC, nearly all of which have been ignored. The few replies have been along the lines of ‘we have no information’. The Playstation Blog is inundated with people asking what’s going on (all of which have the highest amount of upvoted comments) and has been for weeks, all completely ignored by SCEE. Emails to SCEE are either ignored or given generic replies which have no relevance to the question. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered and Sony need to at the very least make a statement on the issue giving us both an apology and a timeframe for this being sorted.

  • I will ask once again. WHERE. IS. THE. ROCK. BAND. 4. DLC!?

  • To add to my post above about Rock Band 4… seriously feel I’ve bought a Dud of a game thanks to SCEE and their lack of support of the title. Seriously wish I could get my money back because of their pathetic communication and explanations as to why the game hasn’t been supported from day 1.

    Why can we see the new content on the store in the game? Why isn’t it available for download? Why was the original update delayed? Is December’s update going to be delayed too? What about getting Legacy DLC out, any updates on getting that around?

    We just want some answers.

  • Another store update and still no new Rock Band 4 DLC or any information from SCEE. This is 4 the players … NOT!

  • Another week, another lack of anything remotely interesting on PS Vita. As much as I want to stick by this handheld, I’m struggling to. If only Never Alone was there, then you would of got my attention, and I would of given you my moneys. I’m not sure when the PS3/PS Vita version is ready, I heard 13th November but I don’t think it’s out then, ’cause it would of been announced by now. I feel sorry for PS Vita, I’m a handheld gamer who likes games like Never Alone. The unfortunate thing is, waiting isn’t something I’m fond off, way too impatient but what else can I do? Wait more like a dude at a bus stop.

  • We (europe players) kinda need to join forces and do something about this. Its beyond ridiculous.

    I dont know anything about legal stuff, maybe someone here does, but the situation in europe cant be legal. Raising prices, false advertising, Rock Band DLC hurting the developer, many other developers getting hurt because of this guys, no help or answers from people that work in this blog, atrocious customer service.

    Can we make legal actions or i dont know maybe a peticion? because if we dont do anything we are gonna suffer in europe.

  • Yakuza 1 and 2 on PSN, and the pre-order and avatares for Yakuza 5 please.

  • ‘Ready for one of the year’s most anticipated…’

    Come on Sony, not even a brief mention of Trails in the Sky SC that released on your online store today after years of work on behalf the developers, and anticipation on behalf of those who played the first one?

    It deserves a blog post.

  • Hey guys, there are rats in the Store!!!
    All the Yakuza 5 avatars that we got the last week disappeared!!!! (((( ;°Д°))))
    You enjoy playing with me….. (╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)
    Still waiting for themes and the game. (`へ´*)

  • Why oh why are we not getting the Uncharted 4 avatars in the EU regions? It seems totally out of place, especially for a series that is essentially the face of PlayStation. :(

  • 8 months, to the day, since Powers launched in the us, and still nothing.

    soon is a four letter word at scee.

  • Oh look what a surprise. Rock Band DLC is not available both legacy, recent, and current. These songs should’ve been listed:
    Linkin Park – “Lying From You”
    Audioslave – “Like a Stone”
    Godsmack – “Awake”

    • That’s not the half of it, DLC that SCEA uploaded over four weeks ago still not available on the SCEE servers? Why would content that passes Sony’s certification process in North America not pass Sony’s certification process in Europe and Oceania? It’s exactly the same content.

      Moreover DLC that was previously licensed by SCEE and available on the SCEE servers is not currently available to download in RB4, why is that?

    • @PlusUltra4ever While that’s true, if those 3 songs were released then it would be a sign of progress (same as with the Aerosmith 6 pack). It’s clear either legal action or SCEE being lazy about Black Ops 3 are the only ways of success in this music game DLC war. For this reason, I really hope the first DLC map pack either is delayed heavily or there’s a glitch such that season pass owners don’t get the content for free.

  • Could someone at least acknowledge all the queries that have been raised over the past month regarding Rock Band 4? Please?

  • When will the Playstation Plus titles go on Sale in the discounts Saturday tomorrow

    Just Kidding, I’m here to complain about Rock Band

  • Vita compatibility for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?

  • “Ready for one of the year’s most anticipated blockbusters?”

    Yep, I’m ready for more SAO.

  • Digital version of FALLOUT 4 for £50?


    I pre-ordered the Steelbook Edition on GAME for £45, got a free Charisma Bobblehead too.

  • Time to contact watchdog. Even more bad press. I’m wondering if I should cut loose now despite having spent £1000’s since 2007 on the store. Sony you have become a joke, At least Microsoft can deliver on time. Yeah I am angry not only over Rock Band 4 DLC but the thousands of people you have duped in the past with other content. The lack of effort from yourselves to sort anything out at all. You are worse than Game and they seem to be really crap at the moment too.

  • And again, no Rock Band 4 DLC… not even an apology nor post acknowledging the issue and assuring us that everything possible is being done to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.

    Dear Chris Howe,

    Since you see fit to post and run, with a total disregard for any form of customer service, ignoring the most asked question for weeks, I for one have had enough.

    I’ll be involving the Office of Fair Trading and ACCC. Expect your name to be on the top of the formal complaints.

    Not only will I be demanding that you be fired. I’ll be demanding a FULL refund of all Legacy DLC purchased with SCEE. For me personally, that’s 1175 songs at $2.25 each – you do the math.

    That Legacy DLC was promised to customers (right here on this very blog). US PS4 owners have it, as do XBOX One players (worldwide), but again, SCEE continues to do nothing. I thought you would have learned something from the Rocksmith debacle.

    This is beyond a joke. The new songs released for Rock Band 3 earlier this year took almost 6 months to become available to those of us in SCEE regions. We should not have to wait weeks or months, nor beg for the Legacy DLC we were promised, or the new content that has been released weekly for Rock Band 4 since the game’s release.

    If SCEA are able to make the content available on time and fix Legacy DLC entitlements, then that speaks volumes about the level of incompetence at SCEE. Heads should roll.

    I encourage others to contact government departments in your country of origin, and also contact PlayStation Support in your region to demand action or refunds.



    • You have my support. Anything to take this guys down.

    • You should also put Fred Dutton for blatantly lying about the arrival of Chris’ “replacements”.

    • Just have all sony eu staff dismissed and get usa sony to merge the eu to na store then we will get better service what would be good is the eu store has a option to goto the usa ps store and buy anything with uk cash and usa store has a option to switch to the uk ps store without having to create a usa account or uk1

    • As someone who works for one of the places you want to complain to I can tell you now I wouldn’t waste the postage money buddy. The legacy content you are requesting a refund of was purchased for a previous version of the game that you clearly had use of. I don’t own the game but I’m pretty sure the T&C’s you agreed to will cover there backs in regards of backwards compatibility and any delays, along the lines of ‘cannot guarantee a fault free service’. Basically, at the point of sale you got what you paid for. In a nutshell.

      Not having a go (I normally don’t comment) but figured I’d offer a bit of advice.
      Hope it gets sorted for you guys soon!

    • Maybe they can’t get the licenses to re-publish those songs for an additional game, in Europe, without demands for more money. I still think you all deserve an answer, whatever that may be.

      In future, could you please avoid using the word promised. I think it makes gamers look bad.

    • Here is a link to a petition you can sign to put some pressure on SCEE to do something about the missing RB4 content:

    • It won’t be a waste of postage money kcbreaker79. How do you think we finally got the Rocksmith DLC on the PS4?

      Complaints to the ACCC and DOFT were made by several individuals, and Ubisoft Sydney was forced to intervene. SCEE and Ubisoft were forced to fix the DLC issues with Rocksmith!

      Regardless of the fact that we’ve “used” this Legacy DLC in previous games. We were promised by Harmonix (the developer) that all Legacy DLC would be free to re-download and use in Rock Band 4, right here on this very same blog, so clearly SCEE knew very well what Harmonix’s intentions were.

      A bulk of the Legacy DLC is up on the store here in SCEE regions, but the entitlements aren’t fixed, meaning that if we want the content, we would have to purchase it AGAIN… this is clearly NOT what Harmonix intended.

      SCEE is the common factor in these entitlement error, and other delays. SCEA fixes things promptly. Microsoft also manages to do the right thing by its gamers.

      Harmonix has been releasing new content for Rock Band 4 each week – we are now a full four weeks behind with that as well. XBOX One users in Australia have access to the new content and Legacy DLC, so it’s definitely not a licensing issue. It’s SCEE holding things up (yet again).

      If SCEE won’t take our complaints seriously, then third parties will need to get involved. I don’t care what it takes. I didn’t spend $400+ on new instruments to wait an indefinite period to get all of my songs I was promised or access to the new songs being released weekly. SCEE can issue me a refund of $2643.75 and i’ll go and buy that content from the US PSN Store where it’s readily available (without delays).

    • Completely understand what your saying buddy and again, I am honestly not having a pop. My point was that at the time you purchased the dlc, rock band 4 didn’t exist. Therefore you cannot be refunded for it because at the point of sale, it did everything it said it would and everything you wanted it to. Had you bought rock band 4, purchased it through the game/store and it did not work, thats a different ball game. However you paid money for dlc for a different game and it worked as described.

      I agree that it was promised you will get access (which in my opinion should have been worded better) but a promise is just that, a promise. If you get it in 3 months time, promise fulfilled. If you get it tomorrow, promise fulfilled. My guess is there is licensing issues etc… That is causing issues but we may never know. It is odd that it is out on xbox in the UK. However Sony and Ms are two different companies with different procedures so it could be anything.

      Again, I honestly feel for you guys. The silence is probably more frustrating than the lack of dlc. And I do believe you should raise attention to it as the more people that do, chances are it will be resolved quicker. All I’m saying is don’t go firing straight in with you owe me x amount because you will simply be told that, when you bought it, you did so knowing what product you are purchasing it for and it worked just fine.

  • I have contacted Watchdogs. You have ignored us once to often.

    • Yeah, because an issue with a game’s DLC is going to be featured on BBC…

    • Watchdog will soon deal with sony and if sony wakes up and adds loads of avatars and themes every week thats would be a start either that or fire all of them and bring in people who will listen. Ps3 have loads of avatars themes so its time that sony supports ps4 more and listens to the customer on what they want

    • Personally I’d love to see Watchdog and other consumer groups get involved and investigate why, amongst other things, SCEE has extortionate digital prices, lack of content compared to SCEA, and how/why it is that SCEE continually and habitually delays DLC in its region, when SCEA manages just fine, and Microsoft manage it worldwide, and of course the disgraceful customer service. I’m also very sure that they’d be interested to learn that purchases can be made for Rock Band DLC, without the product actually being available for download.

      A major shake-up at SCEE is very much overdue, and should be started from the top down. Someone needs to be accountable for the appalling customer service.

    • What are you so mad about? The last time Sony was on Watchdog, Sony won the fight. Sony stomped on Watchdog like they were ants. Watchdog never spoke of Sony again and no action was ever taken.

      You’ll need about 10,000 complaints to have Watchdog investigate. No company is obliged to respond to them. They don’t have super powers.

      Good luck.

  • Question; Why are so many PS TV compatible games not showing up on the PSS on the device? Games like Persona Dancing All Night, Ratchet & Clank QForce, some of the Hyperdimension games are not showing up in the Vita Games section, you have to manually search for them or buy them on the PSS website.

    You are losing out on so many sales if you make it this hard to let people discover compatibly Vita games. Can someone tell me if this will ever be fixed?

  • why cant the uk have 100s avatars day one yet sony eu dont care about what the fans want and yet the NA store gets more avatars more themes then the uk if i was a quality control boss i would fire all ps4 staff in the uk for negligenting all the ps4 users in Europe so come on sony bring us more avatars more themes every week not 3 or 4 avatars n themes a week or has sony eu ran out of money

  • Another Week without Rock Band DLC !
    What are you doing the whole blessed day SCEE ????

  • SCEE has been messing up for many years (late releases, missing content, lack of communication, price fixing,) but it does seem that this Rock Band is a major tipping point. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, I’ll sign whatever petition is necessary to kick SCEE back into shape.

  • I don’t even own Rock Band but seeing how those that do are STILL waiting for an answer about the DLC is terrible. This is very poor form Sony, the fact that no one in the company can be bothered to make a comment on the matter just shows how lazy and mean spirited you’ve become. For the players? For the shareholders who don’t want the hassle of dealing with the consumers who keep them afloat more like.

  • Another week, same question: What about the missing 1000 DLCs for Rock Band 4? What about the new DLCs already exists in NA and XBL?

  • @Fred, when is someone going to pull their finger out on this blog and address the customers?

  • Hey Chris, Fred, whoever,

    I’m not sure if it’s been brought to your attention yet or not, but I just thought you’d might like to know that there’s some DLC missing for Rock Band 4. I think it’ some 1000-odd legacy songs, plus the new tracks released since… let’s see.. ah yes, launch, so that’s a month ago, then. Just thought I’d mention it since no one else has…

    All sarcasm aside, I’m really amazed you people at SCEE still have jobs. If I showed the very same level of contempt you show for your customers to mine, you’d be rest assured I’d be out of a job by now. How can you continually ignore this issue of 1000+ Legacy DLC plus new DLC for Rock Band 4 missing, when other Sony regions and Microsoft all have it? How can you look at all these complaints and not even acknowledge a single one? Do you literally put up the blog then log out until the next Tuesday?

    Just remember, it’s we who ultimately pay your wages…

  • So, where is my Rock Band 4 DLC that I payed for a month ago, and is still nowhere to be found…………apart from on the US Playstation Store and Xbox store ( Worldwide ), who both appear to have ZERO problem making it available?

    SCEE should be ashamed of themselves that they find it impossible to even acknowledge that there is a problem.

    I’m not even asking for an apology, just a post on here telling us what is actually going on.

    SCEE are at best incompetent and worse outright thieves !

  • The way the store team is dealing with the Rock Band DLC is ridiculous. Just ignoring all the comments seems to be a great idea for them o.o .

  • Dear Chris Howe,

    Could you possibly take a minute out of your time to let me know why Rock Band 4 is not getting its weekly DLC?And why is no-one doing anything about the hundreds of missing songs from the store?

  • Gotta love the lack of communication and the unrest it is causing on the blog.

    BB stealth price increase
    Rockband DLC, or lack of
    Lack of avatars/themes compared to the US
    Poor blog posts lacking detail
    Etc. Etc.

    Is anybody home??

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