Celebrate N7 Day with a new Mass Effect Andromeda video

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Celebrate N7 Day with a new Mass Effect Andromeda video

BioWare wants to know your favourite moments from its epic sci-fi series

My love of the Mass Effect series brought me to BioWare in 2012. I’ve connected to it on an emotional level I never thought possible with video games. I still recall the pivotal moments throughout the trilogy with fondness, and think about all the time I spent with the Normandy crew, laughing, crying and saving the universe.

I remember the tingles I felt after becoming the first human Spectre. I remember the excitement of pursuing a romantic endeavor with Liara… then Miranda… then Tali (my Shepard broke a few hearts along the way, apparently).

I remember fighting the human Reaper in a state of genuine panic. I remember “M4 (Part II)” by Faunts playing as the credits rolled, and I caught my breath. I remember leaking a few tears after my final goodbye with Garrus: “Go out there and give them hell. You were born to do this.” There’s no Shepard without Vakarian, after all.

If you’re a Mass Effect fan, there’s a good chance more than one of my memories puts a smile on your face. You’ve got plenty more of your own, no doubt, and that’s why N7 Day was created: a day each year for us to come together and share the stories, fan art, cosplay, and moments that touched our hearts.

With our N7 Day celebration video, we’re excited to share a glimpse into the future, while also reflecting on the past. We invite you to be a part of the community experience all weekend long by using the hash tag #N7Day.

Now that you know my passion, what does Mass Effect mean to you?

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  • I love the series and I bought Mass Effect 2 when it was released on PS3. I then played the hell out of Mass Effect 3 and enjoyed every second.

    I am looking forward to playing Mass Effect Andromeda next year and I can’t wait for its grand reveal. Since I can’t play the series as my PS3 has been replaced with a PS4. I hope for a remaster of the series so I can play the series once more before the new game.

  • Epic trailer, I just hope they’re serious about the exploration part. I liked exploring the planets. The various environments were pleasing and it felt incredibly rewarding when you discovered things like the Prothean Spheres.

    I think one of my favourite moments was when you’re first introduced to Sovereign, He (It) was very confident, prophetic and very aggressive.

  • Mass Effect 2 will always be one of my favorite games. Hope this comes close.

  • Commander Shepard is a man!

    • No, YOUR Commander Shepard is a man.

    • Commander Shepard is either male or female. He or she isn’t exclusively one gender. It totally depends on how people have played the games. And the gender issue is what’s wrong with the trailer. It only (mostly) works for those who played as the female version of Shepard. Bioware could have done better. Two seperate trailers would be better or at the very least, both version could speak in the same trailer. I think I’m missing out on a great trailer, cause the female Shepard’s voice isn’t what I personally associate with the Mass Effect universe, so the nostalgia factor doesn’t work for me with this trailer.

  • My favorite ME moment was how the they had to fix the ending later down the line, with a patch that also lowered the War Assets requirement.

    It thought me to never buy games on release.

  • Part of me is looking forward to this, but part of me is extremely worried by what form of monetisation stunt EA is going to force on Bioware with this one, or whether they’re going to force the game out the door even if Bioware says they need another couple of months of development time.

    We went from:

    Mass Effect 2 – best single player RPG shooter ever written, to

    Mass Effect 3 – made sure to get the multiplayer finished, but rushed the single player out the door barely finished and with an ending that caused so many riots it had to be patched later, to

    Dragon Age: Inquisition – did the single player campaign right, but turned the multiplayer into the worst kind of monetised, transaction filled hell.

    EA have a horrid history of taking promising titles and forcing in-game transactions and tacked on multiplayer on developers in order to boost their revenue, regardless of how bad this is for the game. DA:I’s multiplayer could have been the crowning glory on a great game, instead it was a mobile-game style grindfest to force people to buy chests.

    I just worry what this one is going to bring, either a ‘micro’-transaction filled mobile store, or no in-game transactions but the kind of gross £100+ fee for game and season pass we’re seeing for Battlefront. Publishers who aren’t part of the big three can still manage a quality game for a £40-50 flat fee, like Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, so why this publisher?

    I just hope my fears are unfounded, and Bioware are allowed to make the game they want to make.

  • “It had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.”

    That’s what Mass Effect means to me :’)

  • I loved all of it apart from the final 10 minutes of Mass Effect 3.
    Fantastic journey, bit of a weak finale. But the comedy dlc where you throw a party for all your friends and take on a new enemy was excellent.

  • One of the most underwhelming trailers I have ever seen

  • Does this mean Commander Shepard is going to feature in the new Andromeda game??? Thought it got revealed that we were in for a new main character.

    Can’t wait for this game.

  • Too bad I only played as a male Shepard. So as Mojo_Man said, really underwhelming trailer as the VO is just a random VO for me. I don’t know why there aren’t two trailers with both genders, would love to hear my Shepard talk.

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