Major new Bloodborne update adds The League, additional co-op NPC hunters, more

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Major new Bloodborne update adds The League, additional co-op NPC hunters, more

Plus, check out a new weapon from upcoming DLC expansion The Old Hunters

Hello, Bloodborne fans. The brand new nightmare, The Old Hunters expansion (which requires the full game), will be unleashed on 24th November. It brings with it a host of new content and improvements, but it’s not the only exciting news for Bloodborne. An upcoming patch will offer all players exciting new features in the original game, including The League, additional co-op NPC hunters, and more.


The League is a band of Hunters who have taken an oath and are bound by a single purpose. By aligning yourself to The League, led by a mysterious figure in a constable’s garb and bucket helmet, you can assist other players online in the game and compete in The League’s online rankings leaderboard.

In addition to The League, players will also be able to use The League cane and summon co-op NPCs within the game, perfect for tackling challenging areas and bosses.


To whet your appetite for the upcoming expansion, here is a sneak preview of one of the many brand new weapons available as part of The Old Hunters. Behold the Holy Moonlight Sword. Do you have what it takes to wield its mysterious power?

Don’t forget you can pre-order The Old Hunters here before 24th November to get a bonus PS4 Theme. Or if you haven’t played Bloodborne yet, look out for the Game of the Year edition, on shelves from 25th November.


As a special treat for all you hardcore Bloodborne players who have already earned your Platinum Trophy, or are close to unlocking it: in the very near future we will be sending out voucher codes for an exclusive PS4 theme to Platinum Trophy holders. There’s no other way to get your hands on this theme other than to master the game.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for additional information about the patch and The Old Hunters expansion DLC.

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  • So what price is this again?

  • Already got the platinum theme unless this is another one?
    And how much is the expansion as the price seems to have been secretly increased here.

    • Original post from September said this, until they edited it and removed the price:
      “Starting 24th November, download the Bloodborne DLC expansion The Old Hunters for €14.99 / £11.99 and experience the nightmare of the hunters who once guarded Byrgenwerth’s darkest secrets.”

    • Its showing as £15.99 in the store.

    • Lucky you, I’m still waiting for my. Sent 10 email to useless PlayStation Support with no luck. Was asked to contact to developer. The worst customer support I ever experienced.

    • I didn’t receive mine, which is a bit of a letdown. I platinum’d it way back when the game first launched too, so it’s not even a “If you did so after x”

  • Hell yeah!! My favourite experience on PS4 thus far! Thanks for all your work on this. This is how “games” should be. No holding hands here. This is for the gamer! Thanks again.

  • Why did you guys raised the price of the expansion without any warning? It was officially advertise 15€ for months and now its/your asking for 20€ in the store. This is a really shady move by you guys and right now i dont know if im going to support this. This is not the way to treat your customers especially the european ones. Right now i am 70% sure im not gonna buy this because of your attitude, so someone could at least answer my post to try to explain this.

    But yeah, go ahead and ignore my post, again.

    • You’ll buy it, cmon it’s crappy I know but it bloodborne.

    • This is outrageous. Even after all those complaints there is not a single comment from SCEE? I can see why Jawad would leave now (what happened to his replacement, anyway?) . Point is, you guys should stop with that kind of attitude. You have to do something more than just write blog posts about new games and sales (you keep forgeting and mixing up some items still, though),we are the same people as you, not some kind of sheep, we deserve at least that.
      I was hyped for this DLC from TGS, but gonna pass on it, unless pricing issue is resolved. I had enough with those false advertisements in gaming industry. Please guys, considered holding out aswell, we should stop supporting that kind of thing.

    • All I’m reading is “whine whine woe as me it’s not fair I have to 5 more dollars for the love of god why!” You whiners are reminding me of the whiny Christians crying about the red Christmas cups from Starbucks. Stop crying already Jesus.

  • There will be no comment on the pricing issue. The thing is that 99% of people won’t be aware of it and will buy the expansion anyway. They will just pretend it didn’t happen. In one sense if the content is extensive then maybe it is worth £15.99 or whatever but they really should have thought about it before they announced it would be £11.99. Another example of prices creeping up on PSN.

    Also it is unusual that an issue like this gets an official response unless it is on the US blog. Europe is definitely regarded as second class citizens by a lot of companies.

  • It get’s worse, they even edited the original post to remove the price that was announced, so I’ll just add that section here:
    “Starting 24th November, download the Bloodborne DLC expansion The Old Hunters for €14.99 / £11.99 and experience the nightmare of the hunters who once guarded Byrgenwerth’s darkest secrets.”

    Thanks way back machine!

    • Yeah, the other day i created a topic on Gamefaqs about the new price and luckly more people started to realise how shady and untrusting sony is. One of them posted that link to so i had proof of what i was saying.

  • Cool. I’ll wait until it is £11.99 again, you know, the announced price weeks back.

  • I will buy it when it reaches the annouced price of 15€.

  • Stop crying about the price, what is offered is most likely well worth the price, of one of the best games of the year.

    • The price isn’t the issue, it’s the way they changed the price without ever explaining why and the underhanded way of doing it. Original post had a price, then they say nothing and the first we know about a price change is when you try to buy it.

    • No. They could have apologized and officially made a statement as to what they were doing and why. They have pushed this through and edited the previous post, obviously in an attempt to deceive buyers.

      Worth it or not, it is a lousy way to treat your customers. So, once again, no I don’t expect people to let them get away with this without calling it out.

    • Uh… No… I dont care if the content offered is worth or not. If they officially said it was going to be 15 then i want it for 15.

      Unfortunately for them, I don’t have alzheimer so i remember it clearly. They even ninja edited the blog post and tried to keep it cool so that people (like you) fall for the new and more expensive price. Dont be sheep! Rise UP!

  • If I buy the goty edition will I get the theme offered for preordering the expansion?

  • Leagues … Canes …
    Sounds like we’ll have some gentlemanly cooperation going then !
    I just hope this ranking thing won’t the kind that’s easily rigged by glitcher and such…
    (Vileblood ranking reset, when?)

    • I think its is separate ranking from the vilebloods. but instead of a vileblood you belong in their group. I for sure would like to remain loyal to my queen!

  • OMG so many comment crying about the price, have you guys ever considered the fact that the previous prices was a typo or something ? Anyway whatever , stop crying about it here, send email or something, seeing your comment you seem well aware that you won’t get any response here so stop spaming and get the hell out .

    Damn babies .

    • A typo? It’s pretty clear:
      “Starting 24th November, download the Bloodborne DLC expansion The Old Hunters for €14.99 / £11.99 and experience the nightmare of the hunters who once guarded Byrgenwerth’s darkest secrets.”

    • If it is a typo then they should have apologized and changed it. S### happens. They didn’t, so it probably wasn’t a typo.

      Please continue to call people babies because they don’t like being treated like §$€¥. Damn apologists.

    • The entire comment section is filled with your cries, you dont have to re-post it 15 times. This is old news, and obviously the first price was a mistake.

      Did you ever thought that that 5 extra dollar might go to the development of bloodborne 2, or maybe that 5 extra euro was needed to cover to cost of the content delivered.

      the current price is most likely well worth the content, instead you come here demanding an explanation and apology of a minor mistake of content that was not even available yet on the store.

    • Fool. I hate sheeps…. Sony is fooling you!

    • And i hate parrot , not saying don’t complain just saying do it someplace that matter, the only one you’re annoying here are the user that actually care about the article in itself .

      You already know you won’t get any answer here so go mail sony or something but stop SPAMING .
      You’re an annoyance, for the wrong target , get a clue and stop bothering us .

      Crybabies , all of you , much noise and no action .

    • It«s not about the extra euros, I would happilly pay 20€ for that DLC. It’s about how they did the all thing. They could at least come in public explaining why they changed the price. Instead they changed everything, and pretend that nothing happened.

    • Gust_Blade casts Counter Whine.
      Counter Whine wasn’t very effective.

  • Platinumed the game, got my theme and I’m ready for more!

  • Wonderful game with more reasons to play!! Need to platinum it before expansion though !!!


    1. The advertised price was 15 euros, NOT 20. It was NOT a typo. Enough of those dirty practices. I was adamantly waiting to preorder it, but now I’ll postpone that purchase until it goes down in a sale or whatever. Your loss.

    2. The DLC is NOT available on the store unless you do a manual search on “Old Hunters”. Shady move.

    @Gust_Blade Keep on drinking that Kool Aid.

  • All hail BUCKETHEAD!
    About time he made it into a game, awesome!

  • I would happily pay £20 for this as bloodborne is game of the decade. Cant wait!

  • Does it fix the frame pacing issue with the game? Probably not.

  • What a s*** move!!!

    Will buy it on a promo. Can’t stand with what you did with the pricing thing.

  • Why did you lie to us, saying that the Dlc would cost 14.99€? Honesty is a good thing, and you should keeo that in mind.

    “This is not for the players”

  • Price is not as advertised (just for you gust)

  • bloodborne is probably my best game ever but im not a fan of expansion packs that you have to pay for and never have or will buy them even for a fantastic game like this ive already purchased the full game so any expansions should be free or just make a sequel after all when the game of the year edition comes out which will include the expansions it will probably be the same price as the one on launch day of the game i know its the norm at the present time for expansions but for me its wrong as a fan of this game and buying it on launch day its just a kick in the teeth having to pay for a game thats advertised as a full game notice the full which should mean anything added to it is part of the game and should not have to pay extra if only all gamers would take this view because what will the next kick in the teeth be
    and for the ones saying stop moaning about the priceing well some of us dont have the privelige of having access to our parents bank account or have no worry how much some thing will cost

    • They started working on this after BB so stop whining..

    • what difference does that make Greek-God88 if thats true then it should be part of the second bloodborne and saying they worked on it after anyway is rubbish it would have been worked on the same time as the game and held back but i take it your not bothered anyway as mummy or daddy will be buying it for you

  • So The League is kinda the equivalent to the Sunlight Covenant in DkS? In that you can summon co-op buddies in a slightly different manner (cane instead of bell, like gold soapstone instead of white?)

    The League sounded like it could have PvP arena implications, which many have been asking for, but doesn’t seem like it from this description. Guess we’ll wait and see :)

  • I got platinum months ago and still don’t have the rewarded theme whilst others do. I also pre-ordered the expansion and haven’t received the theme for that either. Can you clarify the details please? When will I get the DLC theme and why do some and not others have the platinum trophy theme?

  • Old Hunters… New Trophies?

  • As already was expected … no one in the team even dares to look or talk about the price of the subject. Well, hope you guys know that I will NOT BUY the expansion. I hope that many of the European players will join with me in this matter. Congratulations Sony … You are wonderful in the way you treat your customers.

    #Enjoy The Silence, Feel The Noise

  • Just checked us store and guess what, dlc is $20 what a surprise, sort it out sony

    • Won’t happen. The UK was cheaper by like $1, so they “fixed” it so we were higher by around $5. Can’t have us being cheaper now can they… They won’t acknowledge it either, so a clear case of fingers in the ears I’m afraid.


    You are getting multiple DLC crammed into one big expansion and it must be big to have a 200 page official guide. As for all the complaining about the price increase, it’s Fromsoft’s prerogative to do what they want with it. You aren’t being deceived, the price is clear on screen, it costs what it costs. Bunch of babies I swear…

    • Well, since you clearly don’t understand that it is the publisher that sets the price (Sony in this case) and not Fromsoft, why should anyone care that you call them babies?

      It is deception because they originally announced a price and then changed it, and the previous blog entry, without announcing they were doing so. Thereby trying to deceive those that weren’t aware of the original price into believing it was always £15.99.

      Whether it is worth £15.99 or not is irrelevant.

      It’s alright if you don’t care about anti-consumer practices, but don’t act like everyone else should too.

    • LOL That “200 official page guide” is from the base game AND DLC. Not only DLC. So you’re pretty much getting a guide to the complete edition of the game. You are also being deceived, the only difference is that we are alerted to it and dont want it and your not.

    • I could understand if the dlc had increased in price everywhere, but it hasn’t, us price is still the same, it’s us eu folk that get shafted time and time again

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