Civilization Revolution 2 Plus comes to PS Vita

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Take the legendary strategy series on the go starting this December

Hi, I’m Joe Faulstick from 2K – and I’m excited to officially reveal that we’ve been working hard on bringing a great, strategic experience to PS Vita on 3rd December with Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus.

If you’re not familiar with the Civilization Revolution games, but love turn-based strategy, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Basically, in Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus, you can build up a civilization from scratch with an interface designed specifically for touchscreens and consoles, or follow along with specific scenarios and see how well you fair against historical world leaders.

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus on PS Vita

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus, coming exclusively to PS Vita, introduces a number of scenarios, units and world leaders coming from Japan’s history that you won’t find anywhere else.

In one particular scenario (“Journey to the West”), you’ll use TaiZong against Saladin (AI) to capture Byzantium. The other scenarios, “Wrath of Emperor Kublai,” “Samurai Invasion of Korea,” “Z-flag Swirls,” and “Dark Clouds in the Pacific” all take place at different points in Japanese history.

And the same goes for the new Japanese leaders we introduce in this game:

  • Oda Nobunaga: Focused on medieval era/samurai bonus
  • Heihachiro Togo: Naval combat related bonuses
  • Himiko: More diplomatic related, governmental related bonuses
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Personally, my favourite is the new Japanese unit – the Yamato battleship. If you’re a history buff like me (or just have fond memories of the Anime, Space Battleship Yamoto / Star Blazers), this unit is particularly cool.

For reference, the Yamato class ships of Imperial Japanese Navy World War II battleships were feared on the open sea. They were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed, displacing 72,800 tons at full load and armed with nine 46 cm (18.1 inch) 45 Caliber Type 94 main guns. (From Wikipedia). In our game though, the Yamato has much improved attack strength, at the cost of compromised defense capability, compared to normal battleships.

Anyway, if you’re ready to conquer the world, one bus stop (or plane ride) at a time, keep an eye on PlayStation Store‎ for Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus.

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  • Finally! Worst kept secret for the Vita!

  • Oh god oh god oh god I WANT THIS NOW!

  • Cool. I’m just waiting news on Xcom for the Vita.. ;-)

  • Any chance we could get Civilisation 5 or Civilisation: Beyond Earth on the PS4?

    • this, this, this, this!

      Though… even port of a Alpha Centauri (1999) would be awesome!

    • Many would claim it can’t be done due to controls but I would completely disagree.
      Some might say the CPU couldn’t handle it but i’m willing to wait during turns.
      I think Civ is a great game I just wish I didn’t have to play it on my iMac in the not so comfortable chair.
      How about being able to use a tablet to control it? or the motion sensor in the dual shock? or just support bluetooth mice as an option alongside a controller centric GUI.

    • I wish they’d give us a full Civ experience on Vita. I don’t care which part (from 4 up). Alpha Centauri would also be great, I tried playing the GOG version now, but it crashes all the time and is unplayable :-( If it got ported to Vita and was playable… Just wow :-) Day 1. Do it!

  • Digital only? Can we have bigger memory cards?

  • A big game for a small platform. Gonna play it till i plat it. Hopefully, it will be over 100 hrs n pkatinum

  • Yeeeeeees! I wanna buy it so badly, will it have a physical release?

  • Finally good news for the Vita! Will play it for sure.

  • Bit shame it’s simplified mobile phone version of Civ games.

    Question: is it PSN only? If it is sorry, I’m going to pass. I don’t buy digital games, those playstation memorycards are way too slow, way too expensive and way too small (yes, I already do own 64 GB memory card… a full one that is). Please release it with full retail edition so that we won’t have to worry so much about long loading times, framerate issues and stuff.

    • Memory cards are slow? I’ve not noticed any performance difference between a game card and a game running off the MC. As for too small, I back-up completed games to PC (wish I could download to the PS4 and back-up to there as well like I could on the PS3!) to keep space available.

    • @SwissColony
      Aye, Vita memory cards are slow.

      If I’m not mistaken there was this article on Eurogamer saying that Vita memory card can be compared to SD class 2 or 6. Meaning… it’s cheap… thing. Even worse, nobody knows what influence the speed of those cards. (why it’s not always 6?)

      So aye it does influence things like loading time.

      And some games are running better via cartridge like for example Borderlands 2 or Spiderman. From what I’ve seen also New Little’s Kings Story.

      So aye….

    • Yep. Just did some research and it seems loading times from MC are 2 – 4 seconds slower than GC. That’s not a deal breaker for me though. That said, I do prefer to buy physical carts when possible.

    • Archacus,

      Do you know if the speed issue is more evident on the original Vita? I was going to upgrade from a 32GB, but don’t want to if the performance is sub par.

    • @SwissColony
      Well frankly speaking it’s not something one would easily notice.

      How many people have chance to try out both digital and physical copy of the same game? They either buy one or another. And even if they own 2 versions of the same game… they don’t test 2 versions at the same time.

      It would be fancy to test it out further, right?

      Kotaku tested Killzone (if I remember right) and loading time seemed faster. Not much, though. But was it the only difference?

      I played New Littles King Story and while I don’t have any proof I feel that the gameplay from cartridge was more fluid (is that correct wording?).

      But then there are also people who says that Spiderman digital version was unpleyable but the one on retail was ok~ish. The same stuff about Borderlands 2, while both were far from being ok… the physical version run bit better.

      It would be nice if someone tested it. But let’s be frank… how many people have option to record they gameplay on Vita? How many people have both digital and retail editions?

      The only thing we know is that Vita memory cards are far from being perfect.

      Cartridge helps a lot. At least one can avoid using memory cards :P

    • @NorthernFusion
      Sorry, I don’t know.

      And probably nobody knows for sure. When Eurogamer (article – How Fast Are Vita Memory Cards) tested it they had access to only 8 and 16 GB memory cards.

      Even 2 people testing 16 GB had various results. Nobody really knows why exactly.

      But they asked 3 Japanese gamers to test it and it seems… that 32GB are slightly better than 16 GB.

      They said:
      “Overall results are conclusive despite some of the strange data: the bigger the card you buy, the better the performance you will get,”

      So aye, you should treat everything I said with caution.

    • I have a full 64gb card as well and it’s become incredibly slow. As I download or delete games to the card it’s really slow to load at times, if only there was a defrag for the memory card (not just using a PC and hoping you don’t corrupt data or saves). I’ve also had to make folders for PSP games (too many icons) which probably doesn’t help.

      I have a few games I could test like Japanese cart versus UK download but I suspect the more stuff you have on the memory card the slower it performs.

      I have an original vita not the newer version but when I first turn on the vita it’s slow to start and that’s with 1700mb free on the 64gb card

    • That’s worrying. I’m just fed up having to swap games and around for space sake, and it’s a pain going on the PS store download one at a time since you need to traverse through the download list from the start after each download. Minor issue, obviously, but a pain nevertheless. I did notice in the past that a 16GB memory card of mine loaded slower than another one before I upgraded, maybe it depends on the files? I.e. if you have the icons scattered across 3-4 screens, then it might be an issue. I’ve honestly no idea, but I don’t want to spend 50-60 GBP if the speed is an issue, because it sounds to me as if it might stop working down the line.

    • So, you don’t buy digital games yet you have 64GB memory stick that is full. Interesting…

    • Personally instead of looking through the download list I use search. I’m a bit pedantic so I have lists of games I have on vita and PS3 because the download list is a nightmare and any time plus is renewed all the games from plus go back to the top of the list. Downloading to PS3 or from PC store is probably the best option.

      The vita store has some issues (like what happened on the old PS3 store where you have blank spaces for items further down the list of games) and I dont mean the download list either. There are also PSP games in Vita games which is a bit confusing.

      I suspect the best approach is that when the memory card slows it’s time to upload or copy saves and just format it. I really didn’t like switching cards so I bought a 64gb card, I’m also a bit clumsy and was afraid I’d break that little plastic bit. When I first bought the 64gb card and started downloading games it wasn’t slow even when full. If someone made an app to defrag vita memory cards on the vita it would probably sale very well

  • Finally! You sure kept us waiting, wonder how long we have to wait for X-com and AC Chronicles :-P
    I hope the game is retail, not just digital only!

    Also, could 2K bring Bioshock to Vita? I mean, it is already ported to mobiles, so why not Vita?

  • Cool! Played it on Android :) @kinezu I didn’t heard anything about it – where the rumour was circulating?
    But puting a post with word “plus” when everybody waits for IGC is risky :D

  • “coming exclusively to PS Vita”
    Lol, this is a port from ios/android.

    • They meant that “+” part in the name.

      But aye that’s too little to call it “exclusive”

    • “Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus, coming exclusively to PS Vita, introduces a number of scenarios, units and world leaders coming from Japan’s history that you won’t find anywhere else.”

      Don’t think all this is fount in the android / iOS version.

      Either way, I’m absolutely thrilled that this is coming to my beloved Vita. :D

    • I guess their logic was that the PS Vita is the only platform right now that has this game as an upcomming relese, it’s out on all other platforms it was announced for.

    • As Timberman said, the vita version will contain a bunch of content not available on any other version of the game on other platforms… I swear some of you are just ignorant for the sake of it…

    • Just read the article back and I swear at least half of it is talking about the vita exclusive content, do you guys not see this?…… I give up…

  • Will there be a retail release?

  • Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait! Handheld Civ!

  • well. its a mobile game… but it’s better than no games at all…. we also want to hear about xcom and assassins creed chronicles china.

    • Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles deserves to be on the PS Vita! It would feel right at home on the system because of the third person view. I hate playing games like that on the PS4 for some reason because it feels to far away so. Maybe a Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Collection for the PS Vita next year? I would love to see that happen. Just make it £30.00 (£10.00 for each game = total price). Ubi have had decent success on the platform with Assassin’s Creed III Liberation and two Rayman games. They have supported it quite a bit. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen.

  • Civilization Revolution 2: £35.00 – 40.00 on Vita, £7.99 on iOS. No thanks.

  • Loved civ on ps3. Day 1 buy. What’s the trophies

  • Can’t wait for Xcom! Not so keen on CivRev, I’ve already played the DS and iOS versions to death.

  • Physical release?

  • Awesome, love stratagy games like this, and was disapointed when vita had none to very few
    As long as the price is right like £15 max i will buy it. Any more and i will wait for a sale.
    Im sure this game is on android for £5 ish, and although i will pay more for improved vita version, im not spending £30-£40.
    So please 2k price decently

  • IT’S TRUE! IT’S COMING!! I knew those ESRB ratings and PEGI ratings gave away so many hints about a Vita version coming.

  • Judging by the pictures – the game looks well designed for the platform. But, it could be because Civilization Revolution 2 Plus was on iOS and Android, so it’s a port not a full dedicated PS Vita title. It needs to be much cheaper if there’s no physical option (Max: £20.00) and why not a physical release for like £35.00 or something?! Not buying if there is no physical option too. 2K Games ‘ games are all ports so far such as Borderlands 2, possibly XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus and now Civilization Revolution 2 Plus. They have released at least one game for the PS Vita a year since 2014. So this could possibly be hinting at a BioShock Vita game in 2016….probably not, but I would love to see a original physical title from 2K Games before the end of this 8th handheld generation which should be BioShock Vita.

  • Great game for Vita! And for everyone complaining about physical release, just delete other games you finished if you need space, this is an enhanced mobile game and digital release fits perfectly

    • It’s not about space on the card…it’s because people want to purchase a physical item. It’s also that buying digital means it’s solely at SCEE discretion. If tomorrow there was no more PSN, how would you be able to maintain your “library” of digital games? Those games you deleted to make room for new games would be gone. If you’ve never read the terms and conditions you agree to with every update you should as digital is license and physical is owned. If you haven’t noticed items get removed from the store and things “disappear” from your download list. If something you’ve purchased is removed from the store, not much you can do about it.

      Not everyone thinks that media is disposable, some people like to revisit old games.

    • @Izorpo Well said, couldn’t agree more!

  • physical release please !

  • Wow and yay I always loved civ rev so I will “need” this on release.

  • Finally it’s official. Finally

  • I wouldn’t hope for a retail version. “keep an eye on PlayStation Store‎ for Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus.” That pretty much says it’s gonna be digital. Nonetheless, I’m pretty excited for this! :D

  • Fantastic news. Finally something to play on my Vita!

  • Not too excited about this. Played the first Civ Revolution on DS, and it was such a downscaled Civ experience all the fun was gone for me. The corners they cut to make it a quick portable game just defeated the purpose of Civ. Vita fans would probably be better of if the PS1 version of Civ 2 was released as a classic on PSN. Now that would be a full scale Civ game.

  • I fancy this. But comes from iOS/Android.

  • Yeeeeees. Feed my Vita. It is hungryyyyyy.

  • Who needs first party when 2K are doing the right thing for Vita, cheers 2K to all your hard working staff.

  • Good good will give it a month if it don’t pop up on amazon uk I will pre order it from play asia that’s where I got resident evil revelations 2 i like to physically own my games

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