New NieR: Automata trailer and details from Paris Game Week

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Everything you need to know about Square-Enix's upcoming sequel

Earlier in the year at E3, we unveiled a brand new game in the NIER franchise coming exclusively to PS4 in 2016. Today, we’re proud to unveil not only the official title of the game but also first ever gameplay footage!

So without further ado, check out the first gameplay footage of NieR: Automata!

I’m sure you guys have lots of questions about NieR: Automata so here’s a quick Q&A to get you all up to speed.

What is NieR: Automata?

The original NIER is a very unique action RPG that struck a chord with many passionate gamers when it came out five years ago. The story revolves around the main protagonist Nier as he searches for a cure for his daughter who is infected with the Black Scrawl virus, a seemingly incurable disease.

To this day, gamers around the world still talk about NIER fondly and the soundtrack and design book are still selling so there’s clearly something special about it. If you haven’t played the original NIER, do try and track down a copy because it has one of the most memorable and emotional casts, stories and music in recent memory.

NieR: Automata is the next game in the NIER franchise and it’s a collaboration between Square Enix and PlatinumGames. You can probably recognise PlatinumGames’ distinct action style in the gameplay trailer but if you look closely, you’ll be able to spot gameplay elements from the original NIER as well. It’s still an action RPG so don’t worry if you want more RPG mechanics in the game, they’re still there!


What is the story in NieR: Automata?

Earth has suddenly been invaded by beings from another planet and mechanical life forms with overwhelming power were used as weapons of war which forced mankind to flee to the moon. In order to take back the earth, a resistance force of android warriors has been created by humanity to fight these invaders.

The world that you see in NieR: Automata is one where androids and mechanised weapons clash in ferocious combat in a barren and deserted wasteland. It’s set after the original game but the story is written in a way which means you don’t have to have played the first one.

The world/universe is still linked between the two NIER games though so if you have played the original, you will no doubt recognise some of the locations and characters who may or may not be returning. The locations in particular will look different as they’re now more like ruins after the alien invasion but there will also be areas where you get the sense of a very advanced civilisation.
Most of the story is still shrouded in mystery though so there’s more to look out for and discover further down the line.


Who is the girl/female character in the gameplay trailer?

She’s not actually a girl, or maybe it’s more accurate to say she’s not actually human. Her name or serial number is 2B and she’s an android. In the world of NieR there are strict rules meaning this kind of android is not allowed to have emotions. However, each different model has its own quirks and characteristics and 2B has a comparatively cold and level headed personality.

Keen fans and eagle eyed readers might have noticed that at the end of the E3 announcement trailer there were three words that popped up – “doll”, “human” and “machine” so there were hints from the start…


Who is behind NieR: Automata?

Fans of the original NIER will be happy to know that all of the key members of the creative team are back for NieR: Automata! Below is a quick rundown of who is who on the team:

  •  Yoko Taro (Creative Director) & Yosuke Saito (Producer)
    I don’t think it would be a proper NIER game if Yoko Taro wasn’t directing it and Yosuke Saito producing it! They are the original duo behind the first NIER game.
  • Keiichi Okabe (Composer)
    Keiichi Okabe was the composer of the first NIER and the music is such an integral part to the game. It really helped shape and form the games identity so it was really important to the team to get Keiichi Okabe on board for NieR: Automata.
  • Akihiko Yoshida (Character Designer)
    Akihiko Yoshida has worked on many monumental Square Enix games like Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story among others.

Yosuke Saito actually suggested Akihiko Yoshida as the character designer for NieR: Automata as a crazy idea as expected him to say no and turn the idea down. Yoko Taro is also a big fan of his work and as luck would have it, the CEO of the company that Mr Yoshida is affiliated with is a hardcore NIER fan so this really helped getting him on board with NieR: Automata!


PlatinumGames (Developer)

Of course, I should give a special mention to the team at PlatinumGames who are developing the game! You’re probably already aware of who they are but they’re the developers behind incredible games such as Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Yoko Taro describes them as “really young, talented hotshots” and when it comes to action gameplay, they are world class, so it’s super exciting to see their contributions to the gameplay.

Yoko Taro also moved to Osaka for this project and practically lives in the PlatinumGames studio which is about 400km away from his actual home. It’s all for the greatness that is NieR: Automata though!

So that is a brief introduction to NieR: Automata! I hope you guys like what you’ve seen so far. There’s plenty more to show and talk about the game so do keep an eye out for future updates. If you’ve got any questions, I’ll be sure to try my best to answer them in the comments.

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  • 2B or not 2B.

    Cannot wait for this game. Wouldn’t mind drakengard 3 and NieR remaster at all…

  • The design and visuals look great!

  • Looks fantastic. Just hope the combat is deep enough and it is longer than the usual Platinum games.

  • Akihiko Yoshida was enough for me to get hyped for this game but now with this amazing trailer… Just take my money

  • NieR. The game almost nobody played. Was such a shame. Was a really good game. Can’t wait for this one. Combat looks so slick!

    • More people purchased and played it than say…White Knight Chronicles 2.

      I kept trying to convince a friend to play it (Nier) because I thought they would enjoy it. They kept making excuses so I picked up a used copy and sent it to them. They really enjoyed it.

      Mixed reviews put some people off or maybe it was the prejudice of having a 40 year old+ grizzled male as the lead character instead of some cute bishonen guy

    • Daddy NieR all the way! Brother NieR was weak :D

  • I am SO excited for this game. Very happy Okabe is still on board as composer as the soundtrack of the first game was one of its best attributes – the music in this trailer already sound amazing.

  • I finished Neir years ago on 360 and seem to remember really liking it from a story stand point.
    It’s technical side and combat were decent enough to enjoy but it was the story and structure that kept me going till the end. This looks like a completely different game obviously but if you can take the good bits and slap the platinum seal of quality on the technical side of thing we could be in for something great.
    I hop square Enid catch a break soon, they’ve had a tough few years.

  • Original writer + Original Composer + Platinum gameplay + Bigger budget = Win

  • Nier was my best game of last gen, and possibly of all time. Flawed masterpiece is often the comment, and I would agree with that, it was absorbing and compelling, soundtrack was amazing, VA was some of the best I’ve ever heard and the story was excellent. If NieR A is even half as good it’ll be legendary in my eyes!

    Only thing that might bother me is the rumour that there won’t be any gameplay style changes…I hope that’s not true because changing from 3rd P to 2d, isometric, text…really kept the game fresh and the styles were so well done it was a big part of the game for me…if fit perfectly with the various environments and I’d be disappointed if there’s not at least some of that kept within the game, devs imo need to do more of that in general.

    Still, this will be a day one for me, never thought it would happen so to see a sequel is incredible, and it does look great, makes me a happy gamer! :)

  • Now that’s a Day One buy
    Thank you Platinum Game , Thank you Square Enix .

  • I guess dreams really do come true after all.

  • This sounds and looks awesome! Never heard of Nier before but you caught my attention now. Will need to check out the first game. :) It’s great to see PlatinumGames developing the game. Really loved Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

  • i hope for a new game+ and a very hard game, make it more difficult than Souls series if it’s possible.
    I see the potential in this game
    i want it to be really really hard i want to broke my DUAL SHOCK 4 lol

    Make it happend SquareEnix Platinum Games

    • Have you even played Nier? It has multiple endings and paths you follow (5 endings actually so is New Game ++++ not enough for you?). Nier wasn’t about difficulty, it’s very much a story driven game.

      If you want some game that’s harder you could play Ninja Gaiden (numerous iterations and easy (normal) makes Veteran on any of the COD games seem like TellTales Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderland

    • it doesn’t mean if the game is focused on story drivin shouldn’t be Challenging
      it could be both.

      i want high replay value that’s all i need and the HARD difficulty makes me play it even more.

      if we play just for the story i will beat the game only once and then i’m done with it

  • That’s just dope!

  • I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME! :D :D It looks so sooooo good! Thank you to everyone involved in this.

    After that trailer Nier Automata has shot straight up into my top 5 most anticipated games of next year (please be next year!).

  • Even though I have never played the previous Nier, I am sold on this

  • Please, Please, Please let there be a physical version for EU.

    I still don’t know what is the best bit of Nier…I would wake up humming Hills of Radiant Winds and no OST has ever had me do that. The fuzzy like graphics..almost dream like, or that it’s the only game that ever made me feel like I was punched repeatedly in the stomach every time I finished a sub-quest. Or Weiss, what a fantastic character to hurl sarcasm and abuse at the protagonist. (Liam O’Brien will return??? maybe?).

    Nier is the only game I have never wanted to finish, even having multiple endings isn’t enough. Nier is… to me like the best tasting chocolate or rather the last bar of the best tasting chocolate that you hide, unwrap, take the tiniest bite, wrap and hide again.

    • Liam O’Brien & Laura Bailey really stood out for me, but all the cast were excellent, not even sure who played Devola & Popola but without spoiling anything those two characters have an interesting link to B2, or similarity if you like.

      Nice to see the game appreciated like that though Izorpo, can’t recommend the game enough to those that haven’t played it, although it does have its flaws it’s quite an experience if you let it be!

    • I didn’ realise until much later in the game that the trophies had glitched on me (most JRPG’s are a bit stingy with trophies early in the game). That’s probably the biggest fault well outside of achieving certain flower cultivation and fishing (good distractions in between being gutted from side quests and story).

      The thing about Nier is when I was paying attention to monster drops and I started to question who was the real monster. The two boys who were looking for their mother subquest, that set the tone for the rest of the game. It’s been a few years since I played it so I’m thinking starting it over from the beginning. Now that most mates are on PS4 I won’t be getting random messages from mates asking wth I am playing as it states things like I’m exploring in underwear girl’s village (which it obviously did on PS3 heh)

    • I remember messing with the PS3 clock to get that certain flower. Lol I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone that is maybe thinking of picking the game up, but suffice to say in all my years gaming I’ve played a lot of great games but never have I been so attached to a set of characters as those in Nier, and not only the main cast, the ‘king’ and his girl, the old fella on the dock that teaches you to fish…the lighthouse lady?!! The entire story made a point of tugging at your emotions and they did it so well…

      The monster drops were somewhat curious, even early in the game, yeah definitely. :)

      Like has been mentioned, I’d like to see the game get a remaster for PS4, would love to play it again with a bit of polish! That 4th wall break at the end, the final, proper end, was brilliant, so apt too. Brilliant gaming experience, unforgettable!

  • Taro-san and Bayonetta devs. Repeat that to yourself a few times over and realise how awesome that is :D

    Really looking forward to it. Square Enix I love you just now <3

  • My GOD, this is awesome!!

  • Buying this. Looks proper bo.

  • Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see more :D

  • Please, make a bundle with this game and PS4!!! A lot of people will buy a PS4 for this game.
    And make it sure that it will come on MULTI5!!!!!

  • This is great news. Nier was a great game and getting PG to work on this one is awesome.

    Really should go back and grow that special flower and unlock the final ending, but had trouble getting some material to drop.

  • I still can’t receive messages on the PlayStation app and I can’t receive newsletters from PlayStation to my email Sony please fix this its been going on for months now

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