New Hitman trailer shows off Sapienza location

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Agent 47 gets back to work in the latest from Io-Interactive

Hi, I’m Travis the Community Manager at Io-Interactive and today I’m very excited to share our brand new Hitman trailer on behalf of the entire development team.

The trailer introduces you to a new location in the game, the sunny coastal town of Sapienza in Italy. It’s a large location that is packed full of buildings and streets for you to explore as Agent 47 and there are plenty of things to do whilst you’re there.

The trailer is titled ‘Welcome to Sapienza’ and gives you a glimpse of what the location has to offer. Enjoy!

In Hitman, Agent 47 is at the peak of his career, travelling around the world to exotic locations to perform contract hits on powerful, high-profile targets. These are the sorts of people that are unreachable to anyone other than 47.

Our aim is to put the power that Agent 47 has at your fingertips and give you the freedom to choose how, when and where to pull off the perfect hit – or the bloodiest of murders. We give you the tools, what you do with them is up to you.


The trailer shows you some of these options in action. Agent 47 can use a large variety of disguises to infiltrate and approach his targets. Choose hand-to-hand combat or wait for the perfect moment and take them down with a long-range sniper rifle shot. We’re giving you the creative freedom to do all of this, and a whole lot more, in the high definition sandboxes that we’re building.


Hitman is releasing digitally on 11th March 2016 – and PlayStation 4 will be the only console where you can experience the Hitman beta. All pre-orders through PlayStation Store are guaranteed beta access and we’ll be sharing more details about it soon. Until then, check out our official website for more details on Hitman.

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5 Author Replies

  • Please don’t say peak.. I hope this isn’t the end :(

    But, incredible presentation, IOI. Loved the detail and the Twitch hangout! Can’t wait for a PHYSICAL COPY of the game, as opposed to the Digital Download. Hope you can provide a word on when that is available :)

    • Hoping so too. Otherwise, an “Absolution” will happen again. :D Or something like the Tomb Raider Fu-Boot.

      However, this looks absolutely amazing and I’m already feeling the Hitman 1-4 spirit again!

    • When we say peak, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. Don’t worry!
      This is Agent 47 in his prime. At the top of his career. That’s what we mean by peak.

      The physical disc release will be later in 2016, after the digital launch. Exact details on that to come.

  • Please play like blood money and not abomination, sorry absolution

    • My favorite is still Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, but still: I’m having really big hopes that this IS Hitman. Absolution actually wasn’t really.

    • Our aim is to draw inspiration from the past games, like Blood Money, and use the best parts from Absolution to make the best possible game. It’s easier said than done but you can check out the gameplay video we’ve released from the Showstopper level to get a sense of the game for yourself.

  • So my favorite gaming series has found back it’s spirit. Thank you. I’ve got a see-gasm, hehe.

  • Looks nice but not interested because of the business model.

  • Hitman needs to returns to its roots. The previous title, Absolution, was a total fiasco, IMHO.

    • To each his own, I personally quite enjoyed Absolution felt fresh new take on Hitman, and most importantly i felt it played and controlled well. Having played them all i remember having to fight the controls in a lot of them in the past.

      Also those rose tinted glasses, may be smudged a bit. Going back to the “roots” of Hitman probably isn’t the best thing for the series. I think you should go back and play the first Hitman again, great in its time but time isn’t kind to some older video games.

  • Never could get into this series even when the HD set was free on PS Plus.
    I actually clicked cos I was thought that was Professor Xavier in the pitcture. :P

    • The games in the HD Trilogy are notoriously tough. Blood Money is the most recent of those three, so might be a little more forgiving.
      I can also confirm that Professor Xavier won’t be starring in HITMAN. Sorry to bring you the bad news.

    • Ah okeedokee. I mean I was sorta enjoying it but I found it all a bit frustrating and not enough rewarding. Maybe I’ll redownload them onto my PS3 and give them another go.

  • I love open world games and although I’ve never played any hitman games this one looks excellent I think I’ll definitely be getting this one, few questions though!

    The obvious one how big is the world?

    Nothing gives freedom like flight,… any planes?

    Don’t mean to be rude but why does the gaming industry these days announce (in my humble opinion) games far to early? I mean common this is just short of half a year

  • Not a fan of the business model either but hey, as long as it gets a physical release.. I can see this is going back to the structure of the first three games, which I love, but I hope you guys don’t go overboard on scale. Bigger isn’t always better, afterall.. Blood Money is still my favorite altogether. Every environment in it was interesting, beautiful and invited me to explore and wasn’t either too small or too big. For me, it still is the perfect Hitman.

  • Hi Travis. Just wondering does the £44.99 digital pre-order on PSN include all the extra content planned? I noticed that the US have the option to buy an Intro Pack which has just six missions, but there is an option to buy an Upgrade Pack at $29.99, or the Full Experience for $59.99, which includes all the extra content. Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi I pre orded the disc copy of the game and as I seen on a reply it’s not comming till after digital I would rather go spend a extra 5pound on disc but how long will I have to wait I’m a huge fan of hitman and I just wanna play it now it looks awesome and I’m really excited

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