Mix, match and mutate in Rocket League!

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Mix, match and mutate in Rocket League!

Pre-sets and custom settings inbound in new update

Longtime Psyonix fans already know that Rocket League‘s origins are firmly rooted in the modes and mods of Unreal Tournament and its beloved sequels, and we’ve never forgotten that; Which is why we’re celebrating our UT heritage by unleashing a new, 100% FREE, update this November that allows players to “Mutate” their matches with a multitude of cool presets and custom settings!

Want to play low-gravity “Moonball” with extra boost? It’s possible! Want to relive classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars game modes like “Cubic” and “Time Warp?” You can!

Whatever your preference, you’ll be able to find your favorite gameplay combinations in just a few short weeks from now when Mutators invade Rocket League! Once they arrive, you’ll be able to create new Custom Matches with the rules and settings made especially from your tastes, while our sweet “Mutator Mashup” playlist allows you to enjoy pre-determined weirdo matches in public games like you’ve never seen them before.

Want even more details about how Mutators work? Tune into our official Twitch channel — http://www.twitch.tv/RocketLeague, tomorrow, 29th October, at 9.00pm GMT/10.00pm CET, as we go in-depth with our new Mutator modes, or check back with us on again on Reddit, 3rd November at 8pm GMT/9pm CET for an AMA you won’t soon forget!

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Don’t miss the broadcast, AMA, and the FREE update itself in the next couple of weeks.

Looking forward to the reactions!

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  • Sweet! The game keeps getting better, which is no tall order

  • Just recognise what you have and don’t feel like it needs to be changed a whole lot.
    I can see these modes splitting the fan base and just making the entire game a little more less focuses.

    • And also more complex and confusing especially in a game with such deep mechanics. This update seems a very bad idea to me. Let’s just hope I’m totally wrong :-D

    • You could be right, but aren’t the different sized games already splitting the fanbase? I play 2v2 but rarely play 3v3 or chaos.

      It might fracture those groups further but anyone looking for a good honest game of Rocket League knows the vanilla game is where its at.

      This might even bring more people in because of how much fun the new modifiers could be.

    • jamie-sixtyfour

      No, that’s not what I meant.


      In my opinion, this DLC is like adding power-ups in a simulation game like iRacing or “Assetto corsa”. It means shifting the focus of the game from a purely competitive game to something more casual, probably even more fun to play, but anyway something different from what it is today. And it’s not what I was looking for into this game.

    • Reply on the US blog: “We’re going to have a public playlist called “Mutator Mashup” that cycles through various pre-selected game-types (like the ones you see in the trailer — Moonball, Beach Ball, etc.), but if you want to fine-tune the specifics behind one of your games — that would be handled via custom private matches”

      It’s not going to affect the ranked side of things at all, it just provides more options for people who want them. Can’t see how that’s a bad thing?

  • Looks absolutely incredible, the ice hockey mode especially

  • The game of the year just keeps getting better. Great job, folks!

  • GOTY 2015 keeps getting better.

    Careful Psyonix, you’re not giving anyone else a chance :)

  • Amazing update! You’re spoiling us now, let me give you my money!

  • You guys are the best!!

  • Very cool. Nice to add a bit of variety to things and I remember enjoying the mentioned modes on SARPBC on my PS3 years ago. :)

  • Can’t wait for this! <3

  • no issues trying these modes out, plus did I see car ice hockey coming in dec ?

  • Any plans to fix the crappy ranked system? If a teammate drops out you shouldn’t lose any points for finishing the match, even if you lose (which you likely will when it is 2v3 or 1v3).

    Also when you get a troll teammate who scores own goals and such on purpose, the forfeit should be majority vote 2/3, because the troll isn’t gonna vote yes.

    Is easilly bad at lower ranks, to the point you cannot get higher ranked due to leavers/trolls being so common.

  • I would like to see more levels tho tbh just like the old ps3 version of this game it used to have a few different shaped levels! I personally think levels with obstacles and ramps would be alot better hopefully to cut out the centre ball scrap to lob keeper from every kick off! If you concede you should get kick off just like football

  • As long as you keep the free content coming I will keep buying the cosmetic stuff. This is free to play done the right way. Awesome stuff.

  • It’s already highly addictive as it is and then they bringing all these amazing updates! I can’t wait to try this! Thank you Psyonix. We love you.

  • Rocket League is my GOTY 2015.

  • YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! :D Now we just need some more varied arenas (in terms of actual shapes and such – not visual variety) and then Rocket League has everything I’ve ever wanted out of a sequel to SARPBC :D

  • If you got bored after about an hour of Rocket League, will this “debore” you?

    Haven’t touched it, since.

    Speaking of fun times, I wonder what 2D puzzletwitchretro-platformer will be on the IGC next week.

  • This is going to be a GREAT update!!! So excited to play this! Mainly the Ice Hockey mode. Such an addictive game and you’re going to make it even more addictive!

  • Well well, you’ve just made my day. Congrats!

  • Lately I’ve been using my PS4 for nothing more than playing Rocket League. It was so cool of Sony to put you among the this year’s best games on the floor last night. You guys deserve it. Still waiting for that Mudokon antenna though ;)

  • Nice. Looking foward to this update.

  • shut up and take my money!
    Adds yet more great features to GOTY2015. All we need now are the non standard maps and this game is complete.
    Keep brining great free content in updates, and fans will pay for the cosmetics and cars etc.


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