Vector, from house superstar Avicii, announced for PS4

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Vector, from house superstar Avicii, announced for PS4

The Swedish producer teams with Hello There on a new kind of music game

Hello there, it’s nice to be back on PlayStation Blog! We just announced Vector at the Paris Game Show and it was a blast. Now, we finally get to tell you a bit about the game as well.

Vector is a multiplayer music game, offering a seamless fusion between gameplay, graphics and music. The idea is a responsive experience, where you and your friends’ performance not only affect the race and final rankings, but will also bring dynamic changes to the music and environment, which will make each race feel like your own little remixed version of that particular track.

One really fun thing is Tim’s (Avicii) genuine interest in the development of the game. Just like us at Hello There, he grew up with PlayStation. Apart from creating exclusive remixes for the game, he’s been spending hours playtesting it, offering feedback and contributing valuable ideas for multiplayer. It’s really important to him that we capture the feeling of having fun together with your friends – just like during his huge concerts.

And so far, we really feel like we’re getting there! Whenever the core team tests the game and the music hits the speakers, the rest of the studio joins in (mostly subconsciously), by stomping their feet, whistling the melodies or just singing, more or less off-key… kind of like your average home party.

To all of you preferring single-player mode, don’t worry. There will be a bunch of songs and levels to play through, achievements to clear and leaderboards to rule.

Finally, we’re exploring ways to channel the EDM-scene’s spirit of collaboration and remixing into the game – and turn it into cool features and game mechanics. There are several ideas on the table at the moment…

But for now, we’re hoping you’ll find this announcement as exciting as we do, and we’ll be back with more news in a future blog post.

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