21 must­-watch trailers from Paris Games Week 2015

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21 must­-watch trailers from Paris Games Week 2015

Detroit, Gran Turismo Sport, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Dreams, more

So, we’ve just wrapped up the Paris Games Week 2015 PlayStation Press Conference. If you were watching our livestream, you’ll have seen a host of exciting new titles unveiled, alongside new trailers and gameplay footage from a number previously announced games.

For those of you who didn’t catch it, here’s a quick summary of everything that you missed. Click through to read more information and see the trailers:

  1. Detroit: Your very first look at the stunning new PS4 exclusive from Heavy Rain/Beyond: Two Souls studio Quantic Dream. Find out more…
  2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: Naughty Dog took to the stage to detail its plans for Uncharted 4’s multiplayer component. Find out more…
  3. Gran Turismo Sports: Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi unveils the first PS4 entry in the iconic PlayStation racing franchise. Find out more…
  4. Tekken 7: On a great night for fighting fans, Katushiro Harada announced a keenly­awaited new entry in the long running series. Find out more…
  5. Street Fighter V: Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono reveals a new addition to the roster and a release date for the upcoming PS4 sequel. Find out more…
  6. Dreams: Media Molecule followed through on its E3 promise to delve into the details of its tantalising new PS4 game with a fascinating on­stage gameplay demonstration. Find out more…
  7. Until Dawn: A Rush of Blood: Just one of a number of big PlayStation VR titles on show, the team behind the hit PS4 horror take the wraps off its upcoming ghost train arcade shooter, set in the Until Dawn universe. Find out more…
  8. Robinson: The Journey: Crysis studio Crytek presents its own VR project; an immersive adventure set on a mysterious – and treacherous – alien planet. Find out more…
  9. MatterFall: Resogun studio Housemarque returns in glorious fashion, with a brand new action title for PS4. Find out more…
  10. Driveclub Bikes: Surprise! Evolution Studios unveils a brand new superbike expansion for its hit racer – and it’s available right now on PlayStation Store. Find out more…
  11. WiLD: At Gamescom 2014 you got your first glimpse of WiLD – a PS4 exclusive from Wild Sheep, the new team started by Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel. And at PGW this year, Michel debuted gameplay footage for the first time. Find out more…
  12. No Man’s Sky: Hello Games’ feverishly anticipated space exploration epic now has a release date – and a fantastic new trailer. Find out more…
  13. Boundless: And if exploring enormous open worlds is your thing, this hugely ambitious project from Wonderstruck is another one to keep an eye on. Find out more…
  14. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League: Guerrilla Cambridge showcases a brand new stage from its breathlessly exciting new VR team shooter. Find out more…
  15. Horizon Zero Dawn: And parent studio Guerrilla Games talks us through a new chunk of gameplay from its open word adventure, following a great reception at E3. Find out more…
  16. Avicii: Vector: The superstar EDM icon used our stage at Paris Games Week to unveil his first foray into videogames, with an fresh new take on the music game genre. Check it out. Find out more…
  17. Ratchet & Clank: Time for a new trailer for Insomniac Games’ return to its platforming series’ roots ­ and what a feast for the eyes it is. Find out more…
  18. Gravity Rush 2: It was an absolute pleasure to see creator Toyama­san debut new gameplay footage from the upcoming sequel to Kat’s memorable 2012 adventure. Find out more…
  19. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: Your first look at The Giant map in this year’s ever­popular Zombies mode.
  20. Star Wars: Battlefront: Is it possible to be any more excited for this game. As it turns out, yes. Check out the magnificent new trailer that debuted at PGW.
  21. Battleborn: PlayStation gamers will be the first to gain access to the upcoming beta for the new shooter from the team behind Borderlands. Whet your appetite with a new trailer. Find out more…

As above, check out the individual guest posts for more detail and exclusive video. Beyond that, keep your eyes on PlayStation Blog over the coming days for posts on additional titles you might have glimpsed during the livestream, including Battlezone and Megaton Rainfall, alongside updates on upcoming digital exclusives, Shadow of the Beast and Alienation.

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  • @Fred
    Big favor! Would you be so kind to tell me what song was used in GT Sport trailer? Maybe you have some way to find out.

  • Detroit: Techno City :D Saying that some good old late 1980’s/1990’s Detroit Techno would go well with that game. So HAPPY a game about KARA is being made by QD :P + GT:Sports i need NOW! :P + WiLD looked COOL + Dreams to. LOADS of cool stuff really. Well done SONY & All ;)

  • when is heavy rain and beyond coming out on ps4?

  • Was a good show overall but I’m disappointed there was nothing on PS2 & PS1 compatibility on PS4

    • A survey recently went out to select people asking about features they’d like to see in future updates, and PS1/2 Classics were on the list, so they’re definitely considering it.

    • Yeah I heard about that. That survey had a lot of good suggestions so hopefully something comes of it.

    • If they are planning it then they will save that announcement for PSX.

  • Highlights for me were definitely Horizon, Wild, Gravity Rush 2 and Uncharted 4 multiplayer. A pretty weak conference on the whole in my opinion though. Not even the usual (totally not) trademarked Indie Sizzle Reel of Doom!

  • Was a good show but I was left a little unexcited because I know a majority of these projects won’t even make it into 2016…..

  • i refuse to pay for online multiplayer so i am not interested in multiplayer games. That being said, games like call of duty or uncharted singleplayer should be sold separately.

    • So pay for the many free games, discounts, online saving and other such and get the online multiplaying as a bonus? There’s no good reason not to have PS Plus. It’s saved me far, far more money than I spent renewing it.

    • Whilst paying for online might seem annoying to you. Don’t forget that PS+ also gives you tonne of “free” games to play, discounts, access to betas and other free content. The amount of money you technically save by getting a subscription is ridiculous.

      As for selling singleplayer separately. No, just buy the games and don’t play online since you refuse to.

  • so basicly 90% we knew.
    and we are still waiting for 100% of information
    release price for Morpheus/VR
    release date for Morpheus/VR
    Release date for Playstation Now for the rest of the EU
    release date for Playstation video for the rest of the EU (waiting since 2010)

    • Expect a release price of around £200-£300 whatever that is in your money.
      Morpheus could well cost as much as the PS4 itself.
      So don’t be surprised…..its a new new thing, no one knows if this is going to work or not and early adopters are going to get hit hard.

  • Where was EVERYBODYS GOLF (or Hot Shots World Tour) ….

  • PS1/2 backwards compatibility will never come will it…? :(

    Anyway, liked the show. A bit weak on new information but I reckon you’re saving it for PSX.

  • No matter how good gt sport looks, i still feel another dissapointment coming.
    I’ll wait a while after the release and read the reviews.
    Its just not as it was anymore

  • Still just looking forward to Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V and Ratchet & Clank. Nothing else really appeals to me.

  • Have to say I enjoyed the conference some incredible looking titles coming!! Detroit for me being the pinacle

  • Wasn’t bloodborne’s expansion supposed to be 15€?? The pre-order says 20€!

    What the hell Sony?

    • Yeah I second this. It was announced as £11.99 and everyone said it’s it seemed a reasonable price, and now it’s £15.99.

      This is such BS

    • Oh and it gets worse. They changed the old post to remove pricing. You can even see it in the comments


    • Day one buy is now a no buy from me. Stop this nonsense. Not available for pre-order on the US store, so can’t see if they have had a price increase too. Guessing not as Sony use $ = €, so it will still be $20 for them no doubt.

    • I completely agree Tee_Doff. I too checked the US store and couldn’t find anything, but I’ll bet it’s still $20

    • Thank god im not the only one that saw this problem. Its really shady by Sony to make this (if not illegal).
      Almost all expansions of soul games were 15€ and they advertise the bloodborne one with also 15€, but now they ninja edited everything to charge us more.

      I love this game, but asking 5€ more is to much… im not buying.

    • Also: From Software’s first Bloodborne expansion has been announced: The Old Hunters, which expands on story elements from the main game. It will be available on November 24. On December 3, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Edition is coming to retail. The expansion costs $20 / €14.99 / £11.99.

      From IGN. Sony can be shady but cant edit this. ^

  • I can honestly say that there wasn’t much in this that got me excited.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn was nothing we haven’t seen before, same with Gravity Rush 2. No JRPGs or slow-paced turn based or tactical strategy titles, and No Man’s Sky put back to June 2016. Detroit was the only one that really piqued my curiosity, and that was through the character and story.

    I want to be excited for PlayStation VR, but I just can’t. There is not ONE single game on there that appeals to me – they’re either nothing more than tech demos or they are fully competitive multiplayer, and that doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I’d love to have a VR mech game, but RIGS just isn’t it for me – far too fast and it’s a multiplayer arena game.

    Give me No Man’s Sky, Elite: Dangerous, Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls, Sword Art Online, Ace Combat, Armored Core, and I will snap up one of these headsets no matter what the price, but this set of games holds no interest for me.

  • For sure
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Uncharted 4 Single Player
    Ratchet & Clank

    Not sure
    Gravity Rush 2

  • So, I watched as much of the presentation as possible but missed loads as I was at work for most of it. So, I was pleased to see Housemarque return with something new but didnt see any actual game play. So, I will be looking forward to No Mans Sky as its looks interesting and Ratchet and Clank as I have enjoyed the past games. So, Uncharted is a must but of course.


  • I really hope the VR isn’t a gimmick like .. 3D TV / Playstation TV / PS Vita (yeah it was good hardware but very little support now) to name a few.

  • Detroit

  • I would like know abaut “The last of us” Will have continuation of this history.

  • The last of us and The evil within

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