Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back expansion launches today

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Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back expansion launches today

New mission, ranks and specialists for Arrowhead’s multiplayer bug hunt

Citizens of Super-Earth, we are excited to announce Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back, the latest free content expansion for Helldivers, available today on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita systems.


Our third expansion Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back adds the Retaliatory Strike Mission. Drop down into the enemy strongholds and liberate! Expect wave after wave of enemies to resist your presence.

Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back also adds 20 new ranks raising the MAX to 50, and will be accompanied by the release of additional DLC reinforcements; the Terrain Specialist and the Precision Expert, available for purchase tomorrow.

Helldivers Terrain Specialist

When you need to move fast through difficult terrain, the Terrain Specialist is the Helldiver to call upon. Equipped with all weather gear and boots capable of compensating for difficult terrain, they feel at home in any environment.


The Terrain Specialist Pack contains:

  • All Terrain Boots Perk – The Helldiver All Terrain Boots allows you to power through difficult terrain. Great for snow planets or when you need to cross a swamp.
  • Missile Barrage Stratagem – A portable missile battery fires a salvo at the targeted location, pretty much obliterating anything in the targeted area.
  • The Terrain Specialist Uniform, a cosmetic helmet, armor, and cape.

Helldivers Precision Expert

Equipped with specialized measuring gear, these Helldivers excel at landing precision strikes in a shorter time than other Helldivers. When you absolutely must hit with your stratagem, and in a timely manner, this is your Helldiver.


The Precision Expert Pack contains:

  • Precision Call In Perk – Better targeting data when calling in Stratagems allows them to be delivered faster. Stratagem call in time is lowered by 1 second.
  • Precision Artillery Strike Stratagem – An artillery strike fired in a tight cluster with top modern homing rounds able to alter their trajectory. It uses the same targeting algorithm as the Railcannon strike.
  • The Precision Expert Uniform, a cosmetic helmet, armor, and cape.

It is time to liberate once more…

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  • I really enjoyed Helldivers until one of the free expansions totally unbalanced it and it became a chore, after which all of my mates moved on to other games. Good game, what a shame.

    • Care to elaborate? I was thinking of getting this on disc, the threat of even more DLC and a grind for upgrades ala Payday has me veering away from it.

  • More paid DLC? In other words, the Super-Earth Ultimate Edition is going to be renamed Super-Earth Not-so-Ultimate Edition?

    • Oh quit your moaning for once.
      More content means more interest from players and more support for the devs.
      This is one of the better titles on the Vita and actually has an active online community.

      People with you like attitudes like that are the reason there are so many dead games on systems.

    • … just try harder next time.

  • It does say that it’s free.

  • Just had a look and the new content is on the store to buy and the description of the ultimate edition still says

    “Download HELLDIVERS™: Super-Earth Ultimate Edition to get HELLDIVERS and every single piece of DLC – every reinforcement class, weapon, Stratagem and vehicle – plus a HELLDIVERS theme for your PlayStation®4 home screen.”

    Says you get every single piece of DLC, no mention of dstes, time limits etc.

    Wondering if the digital version has been updated to include all the new stuff for free?

  • Ah Helldivers, such a wonderfull game and we almost fell for it but the DLC “freemium” scheme turned us away instantly.

    Total shame of a otherwise great game :(

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