Bombing Busters arrives on PS Vita this week

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Old-school arcade action from Sanuk Games goes portable on 28th October

Are you craving for some old-school bombing arena action? After landing on PlayStation 4 a couple of months ago, Bombing Busters is about to rock the PlayStation Vita!

The game lets you to bomb swarms of critters in a series of 30 wicked mazes, and defeat hellish bosses in heroic fights.


True to old school standards, its difficulty ranges from hard to harder, hardest and then extreme as you progress in the campaign! But fear not: you may easily restart from the latest completed level, and skip bosses if they’re too tough for you to handle!

The game features five picturesque worlds with multiple environmental gimmicks to keep you challenged, and lots of items and power ups to collect.

A multiplayer mode allows you to play with multiple consoles (a PS4 is required to host the game).

Bombing Busters will land in PlayStation Store for PS Vita on 28th October, and as you might expect, it’s a cross-buy: buy it once and play it on both systems!


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5 Author Replies

  • I did love me some Bomberman back on PS1, the multiplayer was superb.

  • I’ve asked a couple of times already but keep getting fobbed off with the usual vague answer.

    Yes or No : Will you be adding difficulty options to the PS4/Vita versions. As the way it is now its just not fun to play & I really wouldn’t recommend buying it.

    • Why? Too easy or too hard?

    • Hi Moriarty. It is not in our plans. The game is indeed hard, but this is intentional, as per old school standards!

    • Its far too difficult. I’m all for a challenge but the difficulty of SP mode just makes it not fun to play (Which is a bit ironic as Sanuk Games tag line is ‘We Mean Fun!)

      MP is fine if you can actually find an online game (Maybe I’m not the only one put off playing by the difficulty?)

      Shame they cant be bothered to add a easy/normal option.

      If anyone is thinking of buying it maybe try the shareplay on PS4 first & see what you think yourself. Otherwise I really wouldn’t recommend wasting your time or money on it.

  • Can you explain us how multiplayer work ?
    You can’t play local adhoc or online multiplayer on Vita without a PS4 around? If true, you have just lose my money…

    • See my answer below: we bumped into performance issues when the Vita is hosting, and the result was not really playable, therefore we made hosting only possible on PS4.

  • “Bombing Busters arrives on PS Vita this week
    A multiplayer mode allows you to play with multiple consoles (a PS4 is required to host the game).”

    Why didn’t you make local ad hoc multiplayer on PS Vita ?
    Bomberman has local multiplayer on NINTENDO DS and 3DS.
    This gameplay is very fun in local multiplayer and should be playable everywhere like on NINTENDO CONSOLES.

    I will buy this game only if its multiplayer is playable in local ad hoc.
    Can you add local ad hoc multiplayer for the PS Vita in a future update if it is not made already ?

    • We tried but we bumped into performance issues (it has more to do with how our game is coded than with the device) and the result was not really playable, so we did not include this feature.

  • Nevermind i just read the last line.

  • Thanks for censoring more titles Sony. First you ruin “Stealth [DELETED]: Tactical Espionage Arsehole” to “Stealth Inc.” and now “Bombing [DELETED]” to “Bombing Busters”…

    • I prefer the censored titles myself. Not really against a bit of bad language now and then but in titles just seems really immature and trying too hard to be clever/funny/rude.

  • If PS Vita version has not multiplayer, it should be cheaper. I do not have PS4, so cross-buy is useless for me…

    • Hi DJax, I recognize an old-timer from PSP Minis here :).

      The PS Vita version can connect to multiplayer games when a PS4 is hosting. And obviously, cross-buy means one price for both systems.


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