Sandbox town-building game Astraea announced for PS4

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Sandbox town-building game Astraea announced for PS4

A bucolic change of pace from the team at Norwind Interactive

Hello everyone, my name is Brandyn, and I’m the lead developer of Astraea. Astraea is an open-ended multiplayer sandbox game that allows you to build a town, run a farm, and make lots of friends!

We will be showing off Astraea on the PS4 for the first time ever at the Central Canada Comic Con this October. Our booth will feature exclusive PS4 gameplay with split screen co-op mode! We are very excited to announce that Astraea will be coming to the PS4 in early 2016!

Astraea is all about giving players the freedom to design their own towns by allowing buildings/structures/objects to be constructed wherever the player would like. When you’re not constructing your town, interact with the villagers to see their energy level and overall happiness, decorate your home, or even go shopping in the capital!

In Astraea, both you and the villagers will be able to plant/harvest crops, raise farm animals, and participate in activities and more. Relax in your town by spending the day fishing on a boat or docks, riding around on horseback, etc.


Another unique feature of Astraea is the ability to create and play mini-games in your town. Some examples of mini-games are: archery, racing, fishing tournaments, and more. You can invite your friends via PSN to enter your town to compete and play these mini-games. Astraea was designed to be an open ended game, so do not feel rushed when creating your town and let your imagination soar!

We are very excited to have the opportunity to show off Astraea at the 2015 Central Canada Comic Con! This will be the first time that Astraea has been displayed publicly on the PS4. The Central Canada Comic Con event runs from 30th October, 2015 to 1st November, 2015. The table for Astraea will be located at Indie Gamer Alley in the BaseLAN section. Be sure to come visit our table as we will be showing off new exclusive gameplay for the PS4 as well as split-screen multiplayer! Also, do not forget to fill out and drop off your ballot at our table as we will be raffling off some prizes!

We hope that you are excited about Astraea coming to the PS4. Astraea is a unique experience where not only can you invite your friends to visit your town but you can develop it together! Enjoy building your town, raising farm animals, planting crops, fishing, and other fun adventures with friends or by yourself!

Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you in Astraea in the future! Thanks for reading and feel free to post questions and thoughts in the comments below!


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