This week on PlayStation Store: The Talos Principle, Minecraft: Story Mode, more

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This week on PlayStation Store: The Talos Principle, Minecraft: Story Mode, more

Plus, new DLC for The Witcher 3 and Rocket League

It’s a busy week here on PlayStation Store as we welcome the beautifully crafted, mind-bending puzzler The Talos Principle to our consoles, as well as the 30th Anniversary Edition of Back to the Future and Episode 1 of the keenly awaited Minecraft: Story Mode. And if you like things fast paced then make sure you check out WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship or our deal of the week, Project Cars.

Elsewhere, if you love Rocket League as much as we do then make sure you pick up the latest DLC from the team over at Psyonix, and if you’ve managed to put down The Witcher 3 then the release of the Hearts of Stone DLC is sure to make you fire it up again!

Don’t forget, if you’re hunting for a bargain then our huge October Savings promotion is here until 21st October so head over to the store and take a look at all the savings!

PlayStation StoreOut this week







  • Extreme Exorcism
    (Out 12/10/15)
  • BANG! The Official Video Game
    (Out 16/10/15)




  • Monopoly (Out 12/10/15)
  • My Little Pony
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition Soi (Out 12/10/15)
  • Additional Scenario 4
  • Rockband 4 (12/10/15)
  • ‘Cowboys from Hell (Live from…)’ – Pantera
  • ‘Divide’ – All That Remains
  • ‘King For A Day’ – Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn
  • ‘Mona Lisa’ – Dead Sara
  • The Witcher 3(13/10/15)

  • Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone
  • Rocket League (Out 13/10/15)
  • Revenge of the Battle-Cars
  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighter (Out 13/10/15)
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Minecraft: Story Mode (Out 13/10/15)
  • Season Pass
  • RockSmith 2014 (Out 13/10/15)
  • Kiss Song Pack 2
  • TALES OF ZESTIRIA (Out 13/10/15)
  • Various pieces of additional content
    From €0.49/£0.39/AU$0.75

Deal of the Week (14/10/15-21/10/15)

  • Project Cars
    Was €69.99/£44.99/AU$99.95 Now €34.99/£29.99/AU$47.95

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  • Rocket League DLC!

    ….isn’t up yet. Booo

  • Please look at the missing Rayman / Rayman 2 titles on the Store in Belgium.

    Also, Rocket League’s new DLC isn’t showing up on the webstore.

    • Dragon’s Quest Heroes and Tales of Zestiria are out on Friday. Maybe this is an incomplete list of items updated on the store. You know the scavenger hunt game for the store..that replaced Home on the PS3

    • Yeah. The list is also missing Dungeon Travelers 2, out this friday as well

    • I was looking for that too, sort of a moot point anyway as I’ve preordered a hard copy and it should be with me on Friday (Day One Slime Edition – £38 on Amazon UK). If SCEE would like to match or beat that price then I’ve still got a few days to cancel and would MUCH prefer the convenience of the digital version ;)

    • might get game next year dragon quest heroes.

    • @Izorpo An incomplete list, you say? Let’s be honest, what list on this blog ISN’T incomplete?

    • I’m really looking forwarding to Dragon Quest Heroes, just very disappointed about how this has all been run and handled by Square Enix and Sony EU. I’m rather nervous as to ‘what’ exactly will be launched in the EU/AU store. The launch in the US has been terrible with people who pre-ordered getting done over and finding out that a Digital Slime Edition was shortly released afterwards – hopefully the option to upgrade has been fixed. It would be really good to know what we will see in the EU/AU PSN store as options – hoping for a Digital Slime version for us folks too?

    • @Lathiel

      That was kind of the point…I was being incredibly facetious

  • Where is the COD BO3 Zombies theme for those who played the beta. Its out in NA, not in EU store?

  • “Don’t forget, if you’re hunting for a bargain then our huge October Savings promotion is here until 21st September…” :)

  • Also it says the October Savings ends 21 September. May wanna change to 21st October.
    Picking up minecraft story mode and rocket league dlc this week.

  • “Goosebumps: The Game
    (Out: 25/08/15)


    • Just asked WayForward on twitter for price confirmation, as i think £54.99 is wildly wrong! it’s priced £12.74 on steam :)

  • Can you confirm that the price for Goosebumps: The Game is really €69.99?

    • And also that it’s definitely been out since 25th August? Both seem equally likely

    • Seeing the US price is $14,99 and it being €16,99 on steam, this is most definitly a pricing error. Knowing the store team, we might be lucky if the price gets adjusted this year.

  • Chris or Fred, i have some questions:

    1) Last week you guys posted new sales on the Store. However, some games have either vanished from the post, or just give the full price when put in the cart. Some examples include:

    – Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS3/Vita)
    – Sonic Unleashed (PS3)
    – Virtue’s Last Reward (Vita, not the Complete Edition)
    – The Last of Us GOTY (PS3, which was eventually fixed)

    I hope there’s a fix coming for these three games before the end of the sale.

    2) Any news regarding that faulty/missing Ridge Racer 7 DLC that i kept asking for until a couple of weeks ago?

    3) Where’s the Phantom Pain DLC which was supposed to be released last week?

    Thank you.

  • How about The Talos Principle? Standard edition or with Road to Gehenna expansion?

  • Onigiri?? When is that going to be released in Europe?

    Thank you btw with the sales on Mana Khemia, Undead Knights, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 and Amnesia.

  • Hello! Any chance of an ETA for all legacy Rock Band DLC to be available? 617 out of ~1500 songs so far. Also I can’t download single songs from packs I’ve bought when Harmonix said we would be able to. Thanks for any help.

    • There’s far more than 617 available. Don’t bother using the in game store or the ps4 stores as they are a mess right now, use the web store.

      Songs are being categorised under different games on the webstore if you do a search – “Rock Band”, “Rock Band 3” “Rock Band 3 (HMX)” and “Rock Band 4”, the last of which has the Rock Band 4 only dlc. When you go to the add ons sections of the games mentioned, you can filter by ps4 dlc.

    • There’s far more than 617 available. Don’t bother using the in game store or the ps4 stores as they are a mess right now, use the web store.

      Songs are being categorised under different games on the webstore if you do a search – “Rock Band”, “Rock Band 3″ “Rock Band 3 (HMX)” and “Rock Band 4″, the last of which has the Rock Band 4 only dlc. When you go to the add ons sections of the games mentioned, you can filter by ps4 dlc.

    • Also, you cant download singles from packs you bought. You will have to wait until the pack you bought is added to the store, same for albums.

    • There is about 1000 pieces of content available. That means A LOT of content is missing. Even one of the new Rock Band 4 DLC songs is missing. It’s pathetic, really

  • Is there any DLC for other consoles? There hasn’t been anything listed for the PS3/PS Vita for weeks!

    • They silently release Samurai News for Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 on Vita, every week, and it’s been 15 weeks, i think :P it’s a shame they keep not listing most of the new free content, i have to search for it manually every single time. Last week there was a free song for Rock Band (on PS4 though) which wasn’t even listed here, they said they were all priced, false.

  • Hey. Where’s the missing 1000 Rock Band songs?

  • 70 EUROS for a point and click game ( Goosebumps ) ? Seems legit

  • Wow, I’m really disappointed with the pricing of Telltale Minecraft’s season pass. It”s 22.99€ on PC while it is 29.99€ on PS4. It’s even more expensive to buy the season pass (29.99€) than to get the 5 episodes separately (5×5.99€ =29.95€)…
    I’ll wait for a sale then….

    • Is it definitely just 5 episodes? Might be 6 like Game of Thrones.

    • The store listing mentions “episodes 2-5” and “five part game series” several times. So yeah, buying the season pass makes even less sense than usual (just wait until it’s on sale, usually a couple of weeks after episode 2 is released)

    • I noticed this, really disappointing, it might be an error though since the description of the season pass does say that the season pass gives a discount.

    • Playstation Europe’s prices are a disgrace. On usa store they’re $5 an episode yet over here we’re paying around $8 an episode. Yet again we’re getting ripped off.

  • why is WRC 5 on PS4 almost double the price of the ps3 version it’s the same game just with better graphics who bloody prices these games cause it’s a damn rip off.

  • Soooo…dlc for Tales of Zestiria is out today (13th) and the game is out on the 16th. I thought day 1 dlc was bad but now its days before dlc.

  • My copy was shipped today so I should have it by tomorrow. I’m happy the DLC is already out before the 16th

  • 06.12.12 Release Yakuza 5 in Japan.
    06.12.14 Announcement Yakuza 5 release in West.
    13.10.15 Still no Yakuza 5 release date.
    06.12.20 (✖╭╮✖)


    PD. Why got UK some themes the last week and the rest of europe no? And the rest of avatars? ¬¬

  • IS Back To The Future worth picking up? (I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead / Wolf Among Us – though they’re the only TT games I’ve played)

    What is different in the “30th Anniversary Edition” ?

    • yes i had ps3 vision of game and i will get ps4 vision yes worth buy if like back to the future . i dont know about 30th anniversay edtition but worth buy .

    • There is a reason (in my opinion) no one had heard of telltale before walking dead. Personally i didnt even like walking dead. Borderlands and wolf amongst us are great. These guys keep getting better which means if you go back into their catalog they get worse. Given their trajectory get minecraft.

    • Monkey Island and Back to the Future are the only Telltale games I actually enjoyed. Everything afterwards has bored me all to heck.

    • It’s a good game like all TT’s games but you must know that Back to the Future isn’t like newest series like Walking Dead etc…it’s like TT before Walking Dead when they made their games with riddles and stuff! Again it’s a good game especially if you are a fan of the movies but if you don’t like riddles you may want to think about it.

    • It’s probably not worth a rebuy if you already played it on another platform, unless you are a huge fan (I’ll probably get it myself).

      If however you have never played it before and are fond of BTTF, then it’s nearly essential. The gameplay is not very special, but the atmosphere is brilliantly accurate.

  • Any news when all the Rock band DLC will be up? Ive still got lots of songs i’ve purchased on the in game store which i cant download as its not on the store.

  • ‘Project Cars: Now £29.99’

    yet it’s still (slightly) cheaper to buy off Amazon brand new.


  • great update getting back to future this friday on disc . aslo did know they finally put 101spikes on store since was 1 year late and im glad manger left sony because to me he wasnt doing great job on store.

  • Ah lads where the heck is the Jackbox?

    Please don’t delay this one for ages as well..
    Also where is Dragon Quest?

  • Busy on Uncharted Trilogy HD, and still waiting for Game Of Wieners Episode 6.

  • Anyone know that link that shows you all of the discount etc. for each system?

  • Woohoo, Project Cars is a lot cheaper! Oh wait, I’m poor.

  • So will dragon quest heroes not be on the store then as if not I need to order a physical copy it seems.

  • On the store the witcher dlc said £6.29 initially. Now it’s £7.99. What gives?

  • Cowboys from hell, mona lisa and king for a day are 1.99 on the store despite being listed here for 1.50

  • SCEE, their store management, their pricing… The joke that keeps on giving :(

  • Tales of Zestiria preorder, finally. So…no free DLCs on the first week like in Japan? v_v

  • I was just wondering if anybody would be able to clear up a query that’s been left over from last week’s PlayStation Store discounts post? It’s to do with the LittleBigPlanet Marvel Edition on Vita and whether or not the 18 Marvel characters can be used on PS3 and PS4 versions of the games such as LittleBigPlanet 3. If anybody could address this, it would be greatly appreciated. It was the 9th comment on that post from last Wednesday. Thank you in advance. :D

  • is there gonna be a eu halloween sale as well.would love to pick up soma or alien for a reduced price.

  • I really like that these sales last 13 mths ,”21st September ” in fact .

  • Wait, so SCEE forgot to mention a vita-release from NISA A-G-A-I-N? Just how much do you hate vita, guys?

  • Oh, and for the love of God, PLEASE hire a decent translator for the Dutch language. You desperately need one.

  • 1001 spikes was not available in a couple of regions last week. Is it going to be available now? (A couple of examples: UAE Store, Norwegian store and Swedish store)

    • Same goes for VVVVVV. Both games don´t appear in the Dutch store. No mention of regions was made in the post.

    • I just noticed that Curses ‘N Chaos is also missing from the UAE store. again there was no mention of this title not being released on this region! What is going on?

  • Anyone else having problems viewing this page on a mobile device? I can’t use my phone (Android) or iPad to get on here, I just get the “Be Back Soon” page. Tried clearing cookies, but no better. I can force it to a sub page (i.e., but then clicking on the PlayStation.Blog logo in the corner simply kicks me back to the Back Soon message.

    • That happens a lot on mobile. It seems to sort itself out after a day or two. Clearing cookies/cache makes no difference.

  • “Don’t forget, if you’re hunting for a bargain then our huge October Savings promotion is here until 21st September so head over to the store and take a look at all the savings!”

    You’d have to be Doctor Who to be able to take advantage of this….

  • Disgaea 5 season pass or even the week 1 DLC? Just curious because the blog post from like a month ago stated they would be available starting on the 16th.

  • LOL, Back to the Future is $19.99 in the US Store, €24.99/£19.99 for the EU… -.-“

  • MC: Story Mode: episode 1 is €5.99, Season Pass is €29.99 … unless future episodes are more expensive promoting the season pass as money-saver is false advertising.

    • Well, haha, there are going to be 5 episodes… so yeah, the Season Pass will literally cost 4 cents more than getting the game separately :P

    • Those 4 cents aren’t the issue of course, but it’s silly at best and illegal at worst to advertise “save money on content by buying the season pass” where that appears to not be true. (Although it might very well be so that episodes 2 and beyond will be €6.99, in which case I’ve said nothing.)

  • Pretty sure Squ-enix mentioned the FF7 steam version would be released today (this was a few moths ago) any idea when it will be available? :)

  • the joke that gets me – looked at the US sales this week:

    Lego Marvel PS4 -$6.60

    We had that on sale for £19.99… not I’m no mathmatical genius but £20 doesn’t equal $6 in conversions so… either their calculator is broke or they (and the developers) like to rip off their EU customers.

  • So update on availability of 1001 spikes on other regions?! It is still not up on the UAE store and the original post from last week didn’t mention anything about it not being available in UAE!

  • Where is “BANG! The Official Video”? It’s not in the Norwegian Store. It was supposed to be released on 16.10.2015, and I can see that it seems to be available in some other stores.

  • Why is it more expensive to buy a digital version of a game from the PlayStation store than it is to buy a disc of the game, surely it should be cheaper to buy a digital version.

  • No Wasteland 2 in russian store. Why?

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