Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – All the new features and modes detailed

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – All the new features and modes detailed

Everything you need to know about Naughty Dog’s latest, out now on PS4

Following launch in some territories earlier this week, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is now available across the SCEE region. You can now experience the single player campaigns for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, one of the most revered game series of all time. Within Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, follow the perilous journey of Nathan Drake across the globe, from his humble beginnings to extraordinary discoveries.


We’re extremely proud of the work Bluepoint Games has done to make this the definitive edition of the Uncharted series. We’re looking forward to reading and watching your reactions, whether you’re experiencing the games for the first time or revisiting the trilogy to relive your favourite Uncharted moments. Here is a brief look at what we’ve packed into this collection:

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta: Purchasers of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection will receive exclusive access to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta while the beta is available. PlayStation Plus membership required to access the beta.
  • Faster frame rate: All three games were pushed towards being locked at 60 FPS where possible.
  • Camera, movement and aim: In order to unify all three games, we adjusted the speed of camera movement, the stickiness of aim assist, and how the camera handled diagonal movement in Uncharted 3 and rebuilt the aim assist in Drake’s Fortune.


  • Controller layout: We remapped buttons to ensure players did not have to switch between different control schemes with each game. We also tweaked some of the controller layout decisions based on player’s familiarity with The Last of Us Remastered.
  • Uncharted Drake’s Fortune grenade gameplay: We’ve brought the grenade gameplay in Drake’s Fortune in line with the other two games. Players no longer need to equip a grenade to throw one and can also throw grenades in various ways while hanging or while in cover.


  • Trophy tuning and additions: We added in over 3,500 new trophy points and three new platinum trophies.
  • Languages: All three games now support 22 languages!
  • Music enhancements: Music was upgraded across all three games to support surround sound systems for a better overall audio experience.


  • Three new gameplay modes:
    • explorer – An “as easy as possible” mode to let new players enjoy exploring as they follow along with the narrative.
    • brutal – A new “as hard as possible” mode called Brutal, an intense challenge, but not a torturous experience.
    • speed Run – Players can practice with Chapter Select and set best times for each chapter or play continuous runs from a New Game to set their best overall scores.
  • Photo Mode: Players can now capture their favourite moments and most breathtaking scenes via Photo Mode.


  • Enhanced statistics and friends leaderboards: We added support for tracking player statistics across the three games.
  • Enhanced visuals: Visual improvements include enhancements to lighting and shadows, materials, shaders, and visual effects. The models and textures are improved and we’ve added ambient occlusion and motion blur where such rendering features weren’t originally supported.
  • Better movies: All of the movies were re-rendered to include all the visual improvements made to the games themselves, such as better lighting, improved models and textures – and to display at 1080p, 60 FPS.

If you’re new to the Uncharted franchise, welcome! We recommend playing the games in order, starting with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. If you’re one of the many who has “charted” their adventures on the PS3 versions, welcome back! We’re looking forward to seeing your speed run times and Photo Mode shots!

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  • I cannot wait to play these games, as I never played them on my PS3. I’ll have to wait though, as I’m embargoed from buying anything until my birthday in less than a month! Aargh!!

  • 22 language ? Audio included ? Or just subtitles ?

    • All three games now support 22 languages?? LMAO!!!! I can Only choose 5 languages Voice !!!!! why!!!! ???

    • I’m fairly certain they didn’t write “included on disc”, and you have to download them. Anyway the language packs in the PS3 digital versions were between 700 and 900MB each. But they weren’t “22” for the audio” :/

    • pretty sure they only mean subtitles

  • That List is well impressive :P Wish all PS3(& PS2 & PS1 games could come to the PS4 like that) :P Impossible task i know :D

  • no multiplayer no buy.

  • This is a sublime collection!! All 3 games were superb on PS3 but now get to play them again on PS4 lovely thanks!! Let’s have more Remasters along with new games !

  • Got to admit. Blue point have done a fantastic job

  • they really did a awesome job on 1st part…just played

  • Love Naughty Dog, own all three Uncharted Games and I’ve beaten them several times. WISH I could buy The Last Of Us right now… if the discount on the playstation store weren’t screwed up….

  • Played it today and love it. Hours of fun and still at part 1

  • Love the sound in my headset, but would be better at 7.1 not 5.1

  • Mine only shipped today. I will have to wait until Tuesday to play it. Then I have Dragon Quest next Friday.

  • Any plans to release the games separately on PSN? Every other HD Remaster bundle I can think of had the games available individually on the store.

  • I’m one of the maniac fans to whom Naughty Dog should give a medal.

  • There needs to be a discount for current owners, retail and digital (Steam/Valve can do it), maybe 80% of PS4 players didn’t play the PS3, but it would be nice if there was some appreciation for the original 20%.

  • Played Drake’s Fortune all yesteday to completion and I think I love it even more now than when I first played it back when I got my first PS3 in 2008 and hadn’t even heard of Uncharted then (after being disappointed with GTAIV and Assassin’s Creed that also came with my machine I gave this relatively unknown game a try and fell in love with it instantly). Have already sampled the remastered Uncharted 2 and 3 as well before I give them a proper playthrough and they’re looking fantastic too. These PS3 classics deserved a high quality remastering and they got it. This is one of the best remaster collections ever. Well done to Naughty Dog and Blue Point Games. Very, very happy with my purchase and looking forward to the Multiplayer Beta, and of course Uncharted 4!

  • good news uncharted is my favorite game and i hope to put the uncharted the nathan drake collection dynamic theme for all because other gamers will get the retail version

  • Bravo Blueprint, you’ve done a fantastic job. Played some of Uncharted 1 earlier and it’s buttery smooth, looks great and I oogled at the water effects (like I did when it first came out). The gameplay and script have aged so well. I don’t care if it’s linear because it just flows. The aiming is also miles better than last time I played it so kudos. When I first installed it (off disc) I kept getting kicked out with an error. If this happens to anyone try letting each of the three games install and then start it. It could be a memory issue. The photo mode is also fab, reminds me a bit of instagram with all the filters and borders. This truly is fantastic value. Bring on December for the Uncharted 4 BETA!

  • Never played any of the titles on PS3, only abyss on Vita, and am looking forward to giving the collection a go. It is sat waiting for me at home, just a shame I am not back there for 7 days!!

  • You’re in for a treat. Abyss was a great game but nowhere near as good as the main trilogy. I think that’s why it got a hard time (dizzyingly high standard to achieve)

    • If anything, Abyss was better (and more original) than 2 & 3. Bend Studio demonstrated how to take a franchise and give it a fresher direction than the original devs ever envisaged.

      They deserve way more credit than most devs on the planet for what they created. Geniuses at work.

  • Just tried the demo and while you can definitely see the age of the game in some areas, it was still instantly enjoyable and I could tell that I’d have happily carried on playing and playing. Sorely tempted to get this, the only question is whether I really want to put myself through 3x crushing playthroughs again as I would have to get all three platinum trophies ;}

  • Love it so far, just finished the 1st game, the game looked a lot better than what i remember, will start number 2 tonight.

  • Anyone else here beat any of the three games on Crushing on PS3 and PS4? I’m playing on Crushing on PS4 and it feels a lot easier compared to the PS3 version. On the PS3 I had to get headshots to beat it easy but on PS4 that isn’t even needed now. The enemy has a bit of a delay and opportunities to kill me but failed to do so. Even a mission in Drake’s Fortune, when we use the M79, on PS3 being too close to walls leads to getting myself killed but on PS4 it goes through the corner of the walls while the enemy can’t see us.

    I have a feeling the difficulty has been tweaked so that it makes brutal feel more challenging. Haven’t tried brutal yet so I’m sure it will need the headshots, just like the PS3 version of Crushing.

  • Wasn’t planning on getting this as I have already played the crap out of the trilogy and am still trying to get all the MP trophies in U3… But apparently U3 now supports TWEAKS!!! I heard they even carried over stuff like infinite ammo into the fray! That might just be enough reason to check this out. Might wait for a price drop, but I’m still excited!

  • Why can’t you disable aim assist? I would love to play without that.

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