New LEGO Marvel’s Avengers trailer makes its debut

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New LEGO Marvel’s Avengers trailer makes its debut

Check out Thor, Iron Man, Captain America et al in action

It’s New York Comic Con week, which is always an exciting time of the year. However, this year it’s especially exciting for us as we finally get to reveal a little bit more about LEGO Marvel’s Avengers on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. We’ve been busy in the studio working hard on the game, but NYCC is our time to assemble (see what I did there) and Hulk Smash!

From the very start of the project, we wanted the game to be more than just the two amazing Avengers movies featuring our favourite Marvel Super Heroes. As such, we not only focused on retelling the fantastic story of The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, but went deeper into everything related to the Avengers past and present.

We’re now able to reveal that we have playable content in the game that focuses on Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, which allows us to squeeze all sorts of fun gameplay, jokes, and characters into a terrific package of a videogame.

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We’re all huge fans of the Marvel Universe here at TT Games, so we’ve definitely gone to town with what we’re putting into the game on the Marvel Cinematic and Comic side.

We want to make sure that LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is a videogame that appeals to anyone who has the slightest attraction to Marvel and their amazing characters, so we’ve made sure that our roster is second to none. We’re including all of the characters from both Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, of course, and then delving into the comic books for our fun free play. Players will be able to enjoy the main story, explore our reimagination of LEGO Manhattan, experience places like Asgaard, Washington DC, Malibu, Barton Farm, and much more.

The entire development team at TT and our inspirational partners at Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Marvel, and LEGO, are really trying to outdo ourselves with this game. We’re crafting the most authentic and fun Avengers experience possible while ensuring that there are surprises around every corner… and we mean every corner. Hold on tight, January 26th, 2016 can’t come soon enough!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)


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  • What’s the Vita version going to be like?
    Every time a new Lego game comes out on Vita there are rumblings that It will be the fabled console port, but every time It’s some slightly disappointing handheld effort…

    • The PSVita was a great wee system, but come on people!… It’s DEAD! Move on.

    • How about we let Sony do the same to the PS4 in a few years should they decide it’s not profitable any longer in the West? If you don’t care about Vita move on, don’t tell others to ignore it though.

    • @Bobsam cool story bro, but as you can quite plainly see, the game Is coming to Vita.
      Not sure on your definition of dead, but It sure as heck Isn’t the same as mine…

    • Last week the best selling game in Japan was Tokyo Xanadu for Vita at 93,288 copies sold.. with PES2016 for PS3 at 57,048 and PES2016 for PS4 at 39,549 in 2nd and 3rd. 15,681 Vita consoles were sold. Compared to 32,372 PS4s (clearly the best seller) but 1,881 PS3s and 218 Xbox Ones. Vita’s doing plenty fine in it’s own country at least.

    • LEGO Jurassic World was a full-scale console port on Vita, so have hope!

  • Calling it now. This will be pushed back to spring 2016.

  • I’m nearly 42 but gotta admit I absolutely love the lego games!currently playing Lego Lord Of The Rings on ps3 which I bought in a sale but Lego Marvel heroes was my fave so really looking forward to this!:)

  • Lego Marvel Super heroes is my favourite Lego game to date so this can’t come soon enough.

  • Hurry up already :P I tend to platinum these games in a week and Jurassic World was released Eon’s ago!

  • On a Lego related note I have 2 questions,

    1, can you please reverse the stupid decision made on Lego Hobbit and release the battle of 5 armies.

    2, Lego Ghostbusters. . . . This needs to happen.

  • I can’t agree with you MaxDiehard, There is a rich universe that could cover both films, RGB and The turtles crossover.

    • I like the idea! Also would be fun to do more adult themed games for a laugh, Lego Mad Max, Lego 300, Lego Die Hard lol

  • Can’t stand the Avengers. Awful movies. I was interested in Lego Dimensions until I realised you had to buy a ton of toys for it and even the initial pack is £100. I just wanted the gaaaame. I care not for extra toys and accessories cluttering up my home for use with just one game (or any at all).

    • The starter pack is close to £70 on Amazon. Still a bit much but not £100. I think the mentality with games these days is that the game itself is an empty house, you can either leave it like that or fill it full of furniture. It’s crazy. Imagine buying Bubble Bobble with only 20 levels. Then the other 80 were Add ons. We’re open to robbery with writable media. The hard drive has basically enabled companies to sell half a game then rip us off by dribbling the rest out like a dealer getting someone hooked.

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